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Purpose in the Machine Recap

Gloucestershire, England – 1839

A group of lords meet and each of them takes a stone from a bag. They reveal what they've drawn and one of them, Lord Manzini, reveals the white stone. The leader, Lord Thornally, sends the young lord forward and hopes that their gifts will see him through the journey. They lead him to a door, tell him to be brave, and shove him through. Manzini faces the monolith and then screams. Outside, Thornally tells the others that their best minds are trying to understand the monolith. However, he admits that no one has ever returned.


Daisy and Mack discuss whether to make Joey a member of the team. She points out that their team is down to three members and they need new members. Lance and Bobbi run through and says that Fitz has broken containment. They go to the monolith cell, pull Fitz out of the containment cell, and close it just in time as the monolith turns liquid. Coulson arrives and Fitz insists that he won't give up. He notices sand on his fingers and says that it's proof.

In the conference room, Fitz explains that he's carbon-dated the sand and confirmed that it's predates Earth by a billion years. He figures that the monolith is a portal that carried Jemma away, and the team vows to find out if she's still alive. Fitz says that he needs more historical data and an expert on quantum mechanics. Coulson orders Daisy and Mack to stay with Joey and meet with Garner for his assessment. He figures that Bobbi has been covering for Fitz and tells her to stick with him, and tells Lance that he knows where he's going.

As Bobbi heads for the hangar, Lance accompanies her. Lance says that he's going after Grant and Coulson won't ask questions. She wants to go with Lance, but he reminds her that she went undercover in Hydra. Coulson greets them and says that they're going to meet with Professor Elliot Randolph, who has been around for centuries and could know about the monolith.

In a building, Grant drives a car with his aide, Kebo, as a man clings to the hood. Grant explains that the man on the hood, Carmine, bought it as a status symbol. It was greed like that which splintered the old Hydra, and now they need a new generation. Grant brakes and Carmine flies to the floor, and Grant tells Carmine to prove that he's not dead weight... and tell him where the kid is.

Coulson meets with Elliott at a Norwegian prison, and the Asgardian refuses to help him. The Asgardian says that he's staying low and points out that he's in jail after a night of public drinking and public destruction. Bobbi wonders why he doesn't break out, and Elliott says that he's keeping a low profile there. Coulson points out that they saved his life and threatens to call the various task forces looking for Asgardians. Elliott realizes that Coulson has changed and warns that they're diving into dangerous waters if the portal exists. He then casually yanks the cell door open and walks out.

Garner arrives at the base and Daisy tries to butter him up. He realizes what's going on and she points out that he hasn't approved anyone yet. When Garner asks how they're doing, Daisy refuses to let him analyze them. She asks where Melinda is, and Garner advises her to ask Melinda herself.

In Sun City, Arizona, Melinda is playing golf with her father William. She has him work reps for rehab, and William figures that there's something not right with her. Melinda refuses to answer and her father says that she'll figure it out.

At the base, Elliott watches as the monolith liquefies and resolidifies. He figures that they have no way to control it, and admits that he came there to destroy it. Elliott admits that he could escape but he doesn't know what they're capable of. However, he wants their word that they'll demolish the portal if he helps them get Jemma back. Once Coulson agrees, they show Elliott the parchment. Elliott has seen it before, and knows that it disappeared in England in 1853 because he saw the symbol there.

Grant and Kebo go to Ibiza, Spain, and watch the yacht of a man named Braun. Kebo swims out to the yacht and releases a bag of rats. Braun's women panic and run off, and Grant knocks out the guard and boards the yacht. He fights his way to Braun, shooting the last man when he manages to punch him, and then knocks Braun out.

The team flies to Gloucestershire and Elliott explains that he heard rumors of a portal. He finds the symbol on a wall, just as he saw centuries ago, and he confirmed that they were using the monolith as a sacrificial stone. Coulson finds another copy of the symbol marking a secret door. They pass through into the tunnel beyond.

At the base, Garner tells Daisy that Joey isn't ready for field action. She warns him that they're running out of time, and Garner warns that they can't be reckless about it. He figures that Coulson is desperate to win, and desperation leads to mistakes. Coulson doesn't want to hear it, and Garner points out that Daisy is turning into a leader. He wonders how she's handling it, and points out that she wants to find members for a team of "secret warriors." Daisy says that the new Inhumans need to feel that they belong and can make a difference.

Melinda is making a meal and complains to William that he let the kitchen window up again. William says that she's just like her mother, who calls him occasionally to check on him. He wonders if Melinda is hiding and she doesn't respond. William then shows her a photo of when she was 7, skating, and Melinda admits that she was obsessed with skating until she switched to martial arts. Someone runs by the window and Melinda grabs a knife and goes to the door. She yanks him inside, and realizes that it's Lance.

The group find a large chamber and Elliott realizes that it was built after he was there. Fitz gets the power on and Fitz triggers a hatch that reveals a pit designed to hold the monolith. Coulson calls Mack and tells him to bring them the monolith.

Grant and Kebo take Braun to a safehouse and tell him that they're taking everything. When Grant orders Braun to enter his banking passwords, Grant punches him and tells Kebo to remove whatever it takes to get the passwords.

Lance tells Melinda about Jemma, and explains that he's been checking with his contacts. Melinda was asking the same people, and Lance wants her help to kill Grant. When Melinda says that her father needs her and she's out, Lance figures that she suspects Grant tried to kill her father in a hit-and-run. He plans to infiltrate Hydra through the lower ranks. If Grant gets close enough to recognize him, he'll shoot him. Melinda says that she's out, and Lance tells her that he's going after some gunrunners to establish his covers. If she changes her mind, she can reach him. Before he goes, Lance warns that the next time he won't be the one who comes visiting.

Mack and Daisy deliver the monolith to Gloucestershire. Daisy gives Coulson Garner's report about Joey, and Fitz activates the machinery. The monolith liquefies and surges in the pit, and Daisy's powers start to go out of control. Fitz fires a flare into the pit, and the machinery locks. Daisy collapses and the monolith solidifies. Coulson wakes her up and she explains that the pulsing sound was killing her. The others have no idea what she means. Fitz suggests that they send a hard-wire probe through the portal and locate Gemma.

Kebo tortures Braun into giving up the password, and Braun stabs him with a pen and then beats in his head with a paperweight. Grant comes in and says that he's Werner Von Strucker. His father was Baron Wolfgang, one of Hydra's greatest leaders. He says that Braun's old man would be proud and offers him tacos.

As night falls, William asks if Melinda is hiding from unfinished business. He figures that things with her and Garner didn't work out so Melinda feels damaged. Melinda says that she wants to see if she can have a normal life, but William points out that she has a gun close at hand. He takes out the photo and remembers how quickly she would get up after falling. Melinda says that it didn't hurt as much then, and William says that his daughter always got back up. He walks out and Melinda takes out the photo.

Grant shows Werner around his new Hydra base, and points out that Wolfgang kept Werner in the dark. He promises that they will rebuild Hydra as a stronger organization, stronger than the original.

At the castle, Fitz and Mack try to work out how to reinforce the machinery. Fitz realizes that the shape of the chamber is designed to resonate with the amplified signal from the monolith. Daisy realizes where he's going and says that she can use her powers to open the portal herself.Coulson worries that it could kill her, and tells Daisy to pull back if she starts to lose control. Bobbi brings in the hard-wire probe and Daisy begins generating vibrations on the proper frequency. Fitz and Bobbi start to lower the probe into the liquefied monolith, and then Fitz grabs the cable and dives in.

Fitz finds himself on an alien planet in the middle of a sandstorm. He calls out to Jemma.

In the chamber, the cable plays out and Daisy tries to hold the portal open.

Fitz hears Jemma and follows her voice. He climbs a hill and tires to grab her. Meanwhile, the chamber collapses and Coulson hits the winch, pulling Fitz back. Jemma manages to grab her hand and they're both pulled back through just before the monolith explodes. First Fitz and then Gemma emerge from the rubble.

The jet heads back to base, and Coulson tells Elliott that Jemma saw the flare. Elliott is relieved that the portal is destroyed, and wonders what Daisy is. When Coulson explains that she's an Inhuman, Elliott recognizes the word but says that he hasn't heard it in a long time.

At the base, Garner calls Melinda and tells her that the team got Jemma back. He suggests that Melinda come back and see her friend, and Melinda hangs up and goes back to her stockpile of guns. She tells Lance that Jemma is back, and he goes to get beers.

Jemma wakes up from a nightmare, holding a pointed stick to defend herself. She sees Fitz dozing nearby and realizes that she's back, and rests her head in Fitz's lap.

Later, Garner goes back to his university. Werner approaches him and explains that he's transferring to his psych course. Garner says that most people take his class to understand their families, and Werner says that his is particularly messed up.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 7, 2015

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