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Cause and Effect Recap

Savitar gestures to the burn scars on his face, and says that he outgrew red. Barry figures that Savitar is a temporal remnant, and Savitar explains that the duplicate died saving the multiverse. But then Barry created Flashpoint and changed everything, and Savitar explains that he killed all of the time remnants in Barry's future except him. They shunned him because he wasn't the true Barry. He was broken and alone, and realized that God feels no pain so he needs two more things. When Iris dies, Barry will be driven into the darkness so far that he'll create Savitar. Savitar refuses to say what the second thing is.

Barry asks what happens if he kills himself, and Savitar points out that Eobard is still alive even after Eddie killed himself. When Barry points out that they're changing the future just by talking, Savitar says that Barry will be abandoned and forgotten. Barry speeds forward and punches Savitar, and then prepares to break his throat. The Savitar suit moves on its own, attacking Barry. Savitar speeds into the armor and the two Flashes fight. When they collide, there's a massive explosion and Savitar escapes.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells the others what he's learned. Cisco works out how it happened and explains to the others, figuring that the remnant traveled back in time and created himself as the first God of Speed. Wally wonders why Savitar wants to kill Iris, and Barry avoids saying why. He tells H.R. to have Tracy speed up on creating the Speed Force trap. Once Barry leaves, Wally wonders how they can stop Savitar when he has all of Barry's memories of what they did.

Iris finds Barry in the acceleration lab and asks what Savitar was like. Barry says that he was broken, and Iris tells Barry that she knows Savitar isn't Barry. He says that part of Savitar is him, and he's seen the pain in Savitar's eyes in himself. Barry feels the same pain when he remembers his parents dying, and Iris assures Barry that he'll beat Savitar and that he's not him. However, Barry wonders what he'll have to become to stop Savitar. Cisco runs in and says that he came up with an idea to stop Savitar.

Back in the cortex, Cisco explains that he wants to stop Barry from making new memories. If Barry can't remember what they're doing, then Savitar won't know it either. Cisco explains that they'll block the transfer of short-term memories to the cortex with a magnetic disruption. Barry agrees but Joe points out that Caitlin was the neurological expert. Cisco concedes the point but says that they'll have to do it without him, and he and Julian perform the procedure.

Once it's over, Barry says that he feels fine but has no memory where he is or who any of them are... including himself. Cisco admits that he's miscalculated, and Barry wonders if they're experimenting on him. Barry checks his ID and decides that he'd rather go by the name Bart, and refuses to get back in the chair. Iris shows him photographs of all of them together. Barry sees her engagement ring and asks who the lucky guy is, and Iris says that it's him. Wally stays with Barry while the others go out in the hall, and Wally explains that he's Barry's brother.

In the other room, Cisco insists that there's no permanent structural damage to Barry's brain. Julian suspects that Barry's superspeed metabolism interfered with the process. They toss an object to Barry to test if he has superspeed, and discover that he doesn't. Cecile calls Joe to say that there's an emergency, and Joe hangs up and says that the DA needs Barry at the GCPD. Joe and Iris take Barry to the GCPD while Cisco and Julian try to undo the process.

Tracy is working on the Speed Force trap when H.R. comes in. She admits that she can't get it to work, and H.R. tells her to take a step back and calm down. Tracy suggests that coffee would help calm her down, and they realize that they have the same tastes in coffee. They start to kiss but then H.R. draws back and says that they're relaxed and she can go back to work.

At the GCPD, Barry introduces himself to Cecile. Cecile explains that Lucius Coolidge, aka Heatmonger, is on the loose. She says that Flash stopped him, and Barry has no idea who Flash is. Judge Hankerson has moved Coolidge's probable cause hearing up, and she needs Barry to testify. They explain that Barry has amnesia and they accidentally did it to him. Joe asks Cecile to stall Hankerson while they figure something out. After Joe goes to the courthouse to delay the hearing, Barry apologizes because he thinks everyone is upset at him. Iris assures him that they just want him to get back to normal, and Barry asks if they're planning their wedding. She says that they've been busy but doesn't tell him about Savitar or her impending death.

Killer Frost demands answers from Savitar, which is kneeling immobile on the lair floor. Savitar finally grabs her and demands to know who she is. He realizes that he doesn't know who he is.

Iris takes Barry to Jitters and tells him about his high school days. She finally says that he's lighthearted since he's not carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and it's nice to see him smiling so much. Barry is happy that he'll be with Iris for the rest of his life. Cecile sends a text calling Barry to the courthouse, and he leaves.

At the courthouse, Julian and Cisco arrive and Barry tells Cecile that he's not ready to testify. Cisco gives Barry a pair of glasses to wear, and Cecile calls Barry to the stand. She begins questioning him and Julian feeds him text messages via the glasses that only Barry can see. Julian texts him through his testimony against Coolidge. When he goes too fast, Hankerson notices and Barry says that it's getting hot in the room. As he sweats, the glasses short out and he quickly takes them off. His testimony is less than convincing, and Hankerson warns Cecile that if Barry doesn't elaborate then he'll have to dismiss. Barry can't continue, and Hankerson dismisses the case.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco and Julian tell Wally what happened. They find Killer Frost waiting for them, and Wally discovers that his speed is gone. Frost says that if they want to fix things and help Barry, then they're going to do exactly what she says.

Iris takes Barry to their apartment and Barry worries that Heatmonger is on the loose. She tells him that there's something about him that always wants to help, and Barry wonders how they afford to live there. He sees a photo of himself as a child and his parents, and Iris tells him that they died unexpectedly but peacefully. Barry kisses her and then draws back, and Iris assures him that it's okay. She kisses him back and Barry's superspeed returns. He speeds around the apartment and trips over a sofa, returning to normal time.

Barry and iris return to S.T.A.R. Labs with Joe, and find Frost and the others there. Cisco explains that she's there to help, and Iris asks Barry to step out and give them a minute. Frost explains that Savitar has lost his memories as well, and he doesn't go along with the plan to give Wally his powers. If they let Frost help them get Barry's memories back, everything goes back to the way it was. Iris wonders what's in it for Frost, and insists that Barry can become Flash again. Frost points out that there are no Flashes to protect Central City, and asks if they want to take that chance.

Tracy finds H.R. and he insists that they have to focus on the task at hand. Despite that, they end up kissing. Tracy then gets an idea about sparks and H.R. says that his job is done.

Frost tells them that they shouldn't have done it without Caitlin. Cisco points out that they didn't have a choice and that Frost is Caitlin, and she ignores him. He reminds Julian of times he and Caitlin worked together, and Frost tries to ignore him. When he mentions what Ronnie said, Frost chips in and Cisco tells Caitlin that she's in all of his best memories. After a moment, Frost says that she doesn't want to be there any longer than necessary and goes back to work.

Barry practices running in the pipeline, and Joe tells Iris that he hasn't seen him so happy in a long time ago. Iris agrees and Joe realizes that she doesn't want Barry's memories restored. She admits that she wants him happy, and Joe points out that the new Barry isn't the one Iris fell in love with. Iris isn't convinced and wonders if it was the life Barry was supposed to have.

Heatmonger goes into an office building and fires his heat gun.

Joe and Iris show Barry his costume, just as Wally and the others arrive. The newscast is running a story about Heatmonger's rampage, and Barry figures that he can stop him. He refuses to stand by and let people die, speeds off, then comes back to put on his suit.

At the office building, the fire department is dealing with the blaze. Flash arrives and slams into a car, and Cisco tells him over the cowl mask to get everyone out. Caitlin says that they need to jumpstart Barry's brain through the transmitters in the suit. If they don't, the people in the building will die. Cisco warns Flash and then triggers the device. After a moment, Flash tells them that he still doesn't remember. Frost says that Flash needs to access the memories with a visceral memory.

Iris tells Flash that she needs him to remember and describes the night that Barry's mother died. She tells him that she sat next to him and held his head as he cried, and that was the night they fell in love. Iris says that she wishes she could make his pain go away, but assures him that for every bad memory, there is a good one that will get him through it. Flash regains his memories and speeds up the building.

In his lair, Savitar remembers everything.

Flash speeds through the building, putting out the fire. Kid Flash arrives, his powers restored, and the two speedsters easily capture Heatmonger.

The next day, the team confirms that Barry has all of his memories back. Frost sarcastically wishes them luck stopping Savitar and leaves. Cisco, Barry, and Julian ask her to stay with them, and Julian says that he can fix her. Frost points out that he already tried and failed, and says that he loves Caitlin. Frost tells him that she doesn't love him or any of them, and leaves.

Iris approaches Barry and says that they'll figure a way to get Caitlin back. He wonders if Iris wants him with all of his emotional baggage, and Iris says that it was nice seeing Barry without his memories. Barry tells her that he was with his parents in Flashpoint and he could have let his memories failed. However, if he did he would have lost all of them. He explains that he needs the pain and darkness to fuel him into being a better superhero. Iris says that's the Barry that she knows and loves, and they kiss. H.R. comes in and interrupts them to call them to Tracy's lab. He and Tracy show them the "Speed Force Bazooka," but explain that they need more energy than in the sun.

At ARGUS, a Dominator power cell sits on the floor near King Shark in his cell.

Written by Gadfly on May 10, 2017

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