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Some Like It Hot Mess Recap

A girl, Yvonne Fallon, is in her car drinking and making herself up while listening to music. She finally gets out and goes inside to the grocery store where she works, and her boss Ron complains that she was lost. Ron doesn't care and tells her that if she keeps showing up then she's fired. Her co-worker Joel comes over and says that he'll handle it. as they walk away, Yvonne offers to take Joel to a rave. He tells her to keep a low profile and Yvonne apparently agrees. As Yvonne goes to the register, a woman walks up, confirms who Yvonne is, slaps her, and walks away without a word.

At home, Major is enjoying ice cream and confirming with Ravi that he still has all of his memories. Liv comes in and Major assures her that he still has all of his memories, including the night before. She points out that the whole thing is awkward, and then heads for her house. Peyton is cooking breakfast and Liv tells her what happened. Blaine comes in and kisses Peyton, and Liv suggests that they keep the kissing down in communal spaces. She stares off into space and Peyton explains that it's zombie visions. The trance finally ends and Liv explains about how the brain she's on is oaked in Ravi's memory restoration serum. Clive calls Liv and she leaves for work.

Clive, Liv, and Ravi go to Yvonne's apartment. She's in the bathtub dead, and a hairdryer is in the water. However, there are signs that someone threw the hair dryer in. The unis find an autographed baseball in the trash and argue about whether it's evidence. Clive talks to Yvonne's roommate, Barb Gant, who says that she inherited the house from her grandfather and rented out the spare room to Yvonne. The roommate says that Yvonne partied all night and she rarely saw her. They check out Yvonne's room, which is a mess, and Barb says that Yvonne was a hot mess.

At the morgue, Liv consumes Yvonne's brain and is soon listening to music and dancing around under the brain's influence as she works. Ravi tells her that he's reworking the serum and is sending Liv a list of the ingredients that he needs her to bring in. Liv says that she can't find her cell phone and asks Ravi to call it in, but he dials her number and they hear her phone ring in the drawer that she just closed... inside the body. Liv apologizes for misplacing it and Ravi asks for a scalpel.

Liv and Clive go to the grocery store, and Joel shows them the video of the woman who slapped Yvonne. Liv giggles and sees a flyer for a bar, Ice Chip. Joel explains that Yvonne DJs there and figures she would have been a star if she hadn't been murdered. Liv suggests that they go to Ice Chip.

That night, Major and Ravi are playing video games and Major says that he and Liv are back to square now that he's human again. Major asks about Peyton, and Ravi admits that he probably drove her into Blaine's arms. Major spaces off briefly and they go back to playing. Ravi notices and when Liv gets there, she says that Yvonne was murdered by haters. She asks Ravi to get her some enhanced water, and Ravi tells her that Major is slipping. Liv is worried that Major forgot her, and goes over to talk to him. Major remembers their relationship, but Ravi points out that he's forgetting other things. Liv didn't get the ingredients, and says that she'll get it the next day.

At Scratching Post, Don E notices a depressed man sitting at the bar. The man, Xxx, says that he wants to be human again. He explains that his father owns an airline and his trust fund came in. Xxx offers Don E $1 million for a cure.

Liv and Clive go to Ice Chip, and Clive reminds her that they're police on a job. They talk to the owner, Seth Denning, who has heard that Yvonne is dead. He calls over his wife Trish, who handled the hiring, but she doesn't respond. As Seth texts her, Liv sees the head bartender, Nels. She goes over to question Nels behind the bar. Nels says that Yvonne was annoying and always flirting, and Liv asks him to do a shot of pepper vodka with her. She asks Nels if he sensed anything about Yvonne, and he says that Yvonne was a crap DJ and he knows because he's one as well.

As Seth gives Clive Yvonne's check stubs, Liv starts DJing and dedicates it to Clive. Clive goes over and discovers that Liv is drinking. She claims that she's loosening Nels up and insists that she's loosing Nels up. Nels has already left and Liv goes after him. She goes into the storage room and finds Trish in the back texting. Trish is the woman in the grocery store video.

Liv brings Trish out front, and Clive points out that she's hiding from police questioning. Trish explains that Yvonne slept with Seth, and Seth admits that it's true. Liv says that men are pigs and sits down with Trish, and Seth tells Clive that he was at the club when Yvonne was killed and the waitress Jen Portling can confirm his alibi. Trish figures that Seth and Jen were having an affair, and he insists that he wasn't. She says that she was at Tyler Mitterland's having an affair with him.

Liv goes to Major's place and he feigns amnesia as a joke. Once Liv catches on, Major explains that he's writing out letters to the people he cares about. There's no letter for Sue and Dalia, and Major says that he couldn't. Sue writes their names on an envelope so he'll remember, and sees one envelope to her with not much in. Liv blames herself for putting him through so much, and Major assures her that the letter says that he loved her. She tells him to just let it be rather than ruin it with speaking, takes a selfie of herself, sends it to him so he'll have something to remember, and leaves.

The next day, Major gets on a bus to Walla Walla.

Blaine is making breakfast for Peyton when Liv comes down and complains that life is unfair. She notices that Peyton is working on the Weckler case, and insists that she solved it single-handedly. Peyton points out that Clive can't put what Liv does in the police report, and that Weckler confessed even though there wasn't much evidence. Liv sees the email from Ravi and prints out the list of ingredients, and Blaine mentions that he needs safe. Triggered, Liv has a vision of a drunken Joel complaining to Yvonne that she screwed Sage. Liv leaves and Blaine comes in with the list of ingredients.

Once Liv tells Clive what she saw, they call Joel in. Joel admits that Yvonne told him she was having an affair with Seth, and he saw her the night that she died. He explains that he was going to loan Yvonne $1,000 because she said she needed it. Yvonne admitted to the affair when Joel asked who Trish was. Liv figures that Joel was expecting something extra for his effort, and that Yvonne had friend-zoned Joel. Joel says that Yvonne told him that she didn't need the money or him.

In the morgue, Ravi calls Liv and asks who the spleen at her work station belongs to. Don E comes in and explains that he has a rich client who wants the cure for $100,000. Ravi isn't interested, and reminds Don E that the cure has serious side effects. Don E tells him that Blaine is faking and he knows it because his "amnesia" is too convenient. He says that he heard Blaine on the phone remembering a man who was killed a year ago. Ravi still isn't convinced, and Don E lives.

When Ravi calls Liv again, he discovers that her voice mail is full. Peyton comes in and asks for a full report of the autopsy in the dominatrix case. He gets it and tells her what Don E said about Blaine. Ravi figures that if it's true, then the cure works and it could help Liv. Peyton doesn't believe that Don E wasn't telling the truth, and tells Ravi that he shouldn't have said anything.

In the squad room, Clive confirms that Sage was with Jen until 2 am. Liv is complaining about creepy guys and asks for a wipe. As she dumps out her purse, she gets a memory flash of Yvonne at the Happy Days Pawn Shop selling the owner an autographed baseball for $1,000. Clive points out that it was the same amount of money that Yvonne asked Jen for.

Later, Liv goes to the morgue and shows Ravi everything that she bought. She forgot the ingredients, and Liv claims that Clive is needy on the case. Ravi reminds her that it's her shift monitoring Major, and she points out that she left Major a note with her name and number. Her boss tells her that her voice mail is full, and they go home and discover that Major is gone. Ravi figures that Major's memory could be completely gone by now, and tires to work out where Major would have gone.

A patrolman, Bill, goes to Dalia's house and says that they found a man with amnesia at the bus depot. It's Major, and Dalia recognizes him.

Peyton brings Thai takeout to the funeral home and tells Blaine that she talked to Ravi earlier. She shares Ravi's theory and explains that it came from one of Blaine's old group, and Blaine points out that he didn't run with a very trustworthy group. Peyton says that it's absurd and Major took the cure and lost his memories, and Blaine pours some wine and says that it's heartbreaking. She asks if Blaine did get his memories back, and he acts surprised. Peyton says that it doesn't matter and she' happy with the Blaine she has. Blaine tells her that Major is going to get his memories back after a couple of days just like it happened to him. He explains that he hoped to change his life and who he was, and Peyton says that he made a fool of her. Major could have been cured and Liv could have been human for months. Furious, Peyton tells Blaine that he's a selfish greedy man. When Blaine points out what she just said, Peyton tells him that she's a lawyer and shouldn't be trusted, and walks out.

Major wakes up in his childhood bed and goes downstairs to the kitchen. Major's mother and sister Sue and Dalia are there, and Sue breaks into tears and hugs him. They talk privately and he explains that in high school he chose to stay with his father instead of her. Sue asks about his life, and Major says that the timing might be right for him to get back together with Lily.

When Liv and Ravi return home, Peyton tells them that Major should be getting his memory soon. She explains that Blaine told her and that he's been lying the entire time. Peyton apologizes to Ravi, who says that it's fast. Major calls from Sue's phone and tells Liv that he's fine and his memories are back. He assures Liv that he's coming back and hangs up, and tells Ravi and Peyton that Sue is driving Major back. Ravi asks Liv if she's ready to be human again.

When trio reach the morgue, they discover that someone has stolen the syringes with the cure.

Clive questions Tim, who says that Beth was at his place. As Tim walks out, an officer brings Beth into the interrogation room. Clive points out that Beth let Tim's house before Yvonne's death and doesn't have an alibi, and shows her the baseball. He explains that a similar ball sold on eBay for $10,000, and knows that it's a counterfeit. Clive accuses Beth of killing Yvonne, and explains that Yvonne pawned Beth's baseball and replaced it with a counterfeit hoping Beth wouldn't notice. Beth noticed and went berserk, confronted Yvonne, and killed her. He invites Beth to confess, noting that if it was already plugged in then it's manslaughter but if she plugged it in then it's murder. Beth starts writing.

Peyton suggests that Blaine took the cure, while Ravi figures that it's Don E. Liv lies on the slab and mourns losing her chance to be human. Ravi remembers that there's one dose left: the one he gave to Major several weeks ago. Clive comes in and tells them that he has a signed confession and Liv's vision was the key. Liv tells him that the cure works and she will soon be human. Liv hugs him and thanks him for giving her life meaning, and Clive tells her that she did that herself and he just took advantage of it.

In the funeral home basement, Blaine drinks a martini and looks at the list of Ravi's ingredients, then starts mixing the serum.

Major returns home and finds the others waiting for him. He kisses Liv and says that it's good to be home, and they explain what happened. Ravi asks him for the syringe of the cure, and Major explains that he gave it to someone.

Written by Gadfly on May 10, 2017

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