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There's Something About Mary Recap

Eileen runs through the forest, a hellhound pursuing her. She finally turns and shoots, but it takes her down and kills her. Ketch calls it back with a dog whistle, and then goes over and makes sure that Eileen is dead.

Sam and Dean arrive at Mary's motel room and confirm that she's been gone for a while. Dean hasn't been able to reach Mick, and calls Ketch to ask to speak to Mary. Ketch claims that he hasn't seen her in over a week, and Sam points out that Mary said two days ago that she was working a case with Ketch. As they figure that he's lying, Jody calls Sam and tells him that Eileen is dead. She was supposedly mauled by a wild animal in South Carolina. Sam points out that it's the second Hunter death in two weeks, and suggests that Mary's disappearance is related.

The Winchesters drive to South Carolina and check Eileen's body. Examining her wounds, the brothers realize that a hellhound killed her. Seven Hunters that they know of have died in the last three weeks of monster-related deaths. Dean figures that they have to deal with the hellhound first, and need to call in an expert.

Crowley tells his minion to find Kelly. The minion says that they know Dagon is dead and can't protect Kelly, and Lucifer's son is almost due. Crowley takes the minion to the rest of his team to properly motivate them.

A Hunter, Rick, returns home. Mary is waiting for him, and she says that there's a vamp nest nearby and asks if Rick wants in. He agrees to go with her, and says that he's been taking a lot of heat from the Brits to join them. Rick gets a beer from the refrigerator, and sees Mary's reflection behind him drawing a knife. He breaks a bottle and attacks her, but slips on a beer bottle, trips, and the woman cuts his throat.

At the Brit's HQ, Mary sits in a cell and remembers killing rick. Toni comes in to check on her, and Mary asks if she was out of the building the night before. Her captor suggests that Mary is having trouble distinguishing fact from fiction, and Mary insists that she's fine. However, she remembers injections and electroshock, and realizes that Toni is brainwashing her. Toni says that Mary is being "realigned." Soon all of Mary's thoughts and actions will come from them, and Toni tells Mary that they know that she invited Azazel in when he spared John's life. After Mary died, John went mad and searched for revenge, abandoning his sons. Toni then tells Mary that they're returning her to her original self: a pure killer. They're eliminating the American Hunters and Mary plays a key role in that. When Mary refuses, Toni says that she may have already helped them. Mary attacks her but Toni easily knocks her back and tells her that soon she won't be making any choices.

Once Mary is alone, she sees a cut on her palm and remembers Nick cutting her.

Crowley teleports into Hess' office and tells her that he knows that her people are killing the American Hunters. He explains that he provided Ketch with a hellhound, and wants to make sure that the two of them have the same arrangement in the States that they do in the UK. Hess tells him that they do, and asks about the Nephilim. Crowley tells her that his demons are searching for it, and Hess tells him that she won't spare the Winchesters.

Drexel checks on Lucifer in his cell, scans him, and says that his examination is complete. He asks Lucifer to be patient until he shuts off the security device, but Lucifer is willing to take the chance.

Sam calls Crowley and figures that a demon is involved. Crowley insists that there are no missing hellhounds, and hangs up. He then goes to Lucifer's cell and tells him that he could be useful as his slave killing his enemies... starting with Hess. Crowley advises Lucifer to give any information about Kelly to him, and says that Dagon is dead and Castiel has Kelly. He figures that he'll raise the Nephilim as his own and give him the chance to let him use his power in his service. Lucifer isn't interested in helping, and Crowley walks out. Drexel is hiding behind the door, and Lucifer tells him that he needs to get out immediately.

The Brit scientists return Mary to her cell. She remembers killing Rick.

Hess and Ketch are watching Mary on the monitor when Toni comes in. Toni tells Hess and Ketch that she has completed another session with Mary, and figures that's why Hess brought her in. Ketch asks if she was expecting a compliment, and Toni calls him a psychopath. Once she leaves, Hess points out that a few days ago Ketch was sleeping with Mary, and now he's watching her torture. She says that once the American Hunters are gone, she's considering putting Ketch in charge. However, Hess warns that Toni is also desperate for the job, and Ketch slept with her as well.

Sam and Dean go to their postal drop, and calls around and discovers that all of the Hunters had years of experience. Dean has discovered that they got a letter from Eileen, and she thought her phone and computer were hacked. She left Ireland because she was scared that the Brits were on her. Eileen asked if she could bunk with them, and the Winchesters figure that the Brits killed her.

At the bunker, Sam and Dean search for surveillance devices. They finally find the listening device under the table and shows it to Sam. They then stage a conversation, and Dean says that a Hunter named Terry Marsh wants to meet with them about what's going on. After Dean gives an address, he and Sam leave.

Drexel tells Lucifer that Crowley's hold on Lucifer could increase if the escape isn't perfectly timed. Lucifer grabs the demon and tells him that he's running out of patience, and tells Drexel to check it again. Drexel scans Lucifer's body and says that it's powering up in the opposite direction. The device is cemented into Lucifer's DNA and that of Crowley's. The ability to control is transferring from Crowley to Lucifer.

Ketch takes Toni to see the hellhound, and says that Hess has said that Toni has designs on Mick's job. He claims that she said the job was his, and Toni says that Hess told her the same thing. Ketch figures that they've been pitted against each other, and notes that they were having a lot of sex at the time. Toni tells him that she's been studying the American situation for years and the job is hers. Hess calls to say that Mary is asking for him. Once he goes, a technician comes in and says that she has news.

In the cell, Mary tells Ketch that she doesn't know if it's real or not. She asks what they want him to do, and Ketch assures her that she's doing it splendidly. Mary realizes that she killed a friend, and ketch tells her that he does it all the time. She says that she believed in what the Brits are doing, and Ketch tells her that he won't intervene because they don't have a relationship. He says that he doesn't really know her, and she doesn't know him and wouldn't want to. Mary asks for his help, and then manages to draw his gun and prepares to shoot herself. Ketch yanks it away and Mary tells him to kill her. She says that all she's had other than her family is her will, and it's going away. Mary drops to her knees and begs Ketch to kill her. Ketch promises that it will soon be over and walks out.

The Winchesters drive to the address--an abandoned ironworks--and nearby, a squad of Brits watch from their car. The two men finally go in, leaving Toni behind, and the Winchesters lock them in. As Toni sees them and draws her gun, Dean yanks open the driver's car and drags her out, and Sam trains his gun on him.

Crowley visits Lucifer and asks if the Nephilim is dead yet. Lucifer says that his son is alive, and Crowley tells him that the Winchesters will kill the Nephilim eventually. He insists that Lucifer is delusional, and Lucifer slowly takes control of him without Crowley realizing it at first. Crowley finally catches on, and Lucifer watches with amusement.

As the Winchesters drive away with Toni, she admits that her people probably killed Eileen. She points out that they'll be hunted down and killed, possibly at Mary's hand. Toni claims that Mary has joined the team, and tells them that Mary is involved with Ketch. Sam asks where Mick is, and Toni tells him that Mick is dead because he was too sentimental for the job. She assures the Winchesters that soon all of the American Hunters will be dead as well.

Once Lucifer frees himself, Crowley says that he accepts that Lucifer is in charge. He tries to run and Lucifer slams him around. Lucifer then picks up a demon blade and forces Crowley to walk forward to the tip of the blade. He drags the blade across Crowley's cheek and then punches him, and finally stabs him in the heart.

When the Winchesters return to the bunker, they discover that ketch and his men are already there, guns drawn. When Toni tries to take Sam's gun, Sam shoots one Brit and grabs Toni as a shield. Dean shoots at the others, and the run off. Dean goes after them and kills one of them.

Ketch shoots at Sam, and Dean flanks him and holds him at gunpoint. They demand to know where Mary is, and Mary arrives and tells Sam and Dean to freeze. She shoots Dean in the shoulder, and Ketch grabs his gun and assures the brothers that Mary will shoot them. Mary takes Sam's gun and Ketch says that Toni has cleared up Mary's "confusion." As Toni goes after Ketch, Ketch reminds her that they taught them that they're all expendable.

Dean tries to get through to Mary, and Ketch tells her that they've shut off the water and rerigged the locks. Once they leave, the pumps that bring in the air will reverse and they'll be dead in a few days. Mary goes out with Ketch and the bunker powers down.

Drexel tells his fellow demon to toss Crowley's body, and he drags it away.

As Ketch and Mary drive back, Ketch admits that Mary's treatment has been successful so far. He tells her that it will become easier, and Mary asks him if it will be easier to hurt people she loves. Ketch says that it will be easier to hurt people she doesn't remember loving, and asks how she feels. Mary says that she's fine.

Lucifer goes to a hillside and revels in the sunlight and his freedom.

Written by Gadfly on May 12, 2017

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