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Episode 4 Recap

Angus, Raj and their band of geeks are assembled in a bed-sit discussing what it might be like to discover a world outside of Algebra. A sign on the door reads 'All girls welcome'; unlikely to be obliged. Here enters Rosalind and her followers, eager to manipulate the ogling boys to better her election campaign by enlisting their help... in return for hollow promises that they could become her boyfriend.

The election headquarters are set up in the main University quad. A contrast between the two candidates' election tactics is obvious: exhibitionist Rosalind puts on a cheerleading display as Charlotte hands out her sober, bullet pointed flyers.

Overlooked by Edmund's study, he watches in a calculating manner. A heated exchange between he and Angela occurs about the progressive vs the traditional, i.e. Charlotte vs Rosalind. Edmunds main gripe with Charlotte is one of her policies is to abolish The Dandelion Club if she is elected.

The Marquis of Ravensbury and Edmund discuss The Dandelion Club in the half light of the Dean's private study. The Marquis is visibly enraged by the attempts of Charlotte Arc to undermine the refuge of the privileged.

Still unable to move on from the mysterious events surrounding his lover's death Jonty takes to examining a strange material that he removed from Ross's buttocks. He seems to be determining something medically significant. Using himself as the experiment he swallows a fragment of the strange material and immediately falls to the ground in agony.

Charlotte becomes hysterical about the circulation of Rosalind's latest campaign poster involving her head campaigner Theo kissing her arch enemy. The slogan reads 'He prefers Rosalind, don't you?' She delivers an ultimatum: quite her, or quit my campaign. Theo agrees to not see Rosalind until the elections are over.

The Marquis and Dorian meet for a father son discussion about how to maage Charlotte's maverick behaviour. However, the meeting soon turns sinister and Dorian's interjections result I his father hitting him across the face. Dorian is left alone and is visibly upset.

Charlotte's last attempt to curry support is met with controversy. Rosalind arrives to quash the demonstration by delivering a humiliating soaking with water pistols.

Charlotte however, fights back, knocking Rosalind unconscious much to the amusement of onlookers. Charlotte's pluck earns her a 5% lead in the polls.

Rosalind is outraged that Charlotte has overtaken her in the polls. She enlists Dorian's help and takes his advice. He suggests that she spread rumours about Charlotte to taint her appeal. She decides, unbeknownst to Dorian, to spread a rumour that Charlotte and he have slept together.

Charlotte finds out the rumour through Maddy. Believing it to be Dorian's doing she confronts him and an embarrassingly indiscreet scene unravels in the uni restaurant.

Thanks to Rosalind's rumour-mongering Charlotte is branded a hypocrite for fraternising with the enemy. Theo intervenes last minute and steals Rosalind's election speech to help Charlotte out. He writes Charlotte's speech to dispel the stereotype that she is boring.

The election takes place. Rosalind, smugly confident, takes to the stage with a serious message to try and prove she is both fun and capable. Thanks to Theo's foresight Charlotte takes to the stage with some jokes, and ends up looking the obvious winner.

Jonty has sneaked into Edmund's study and defaces the walls. He seems to be looking for something. A hooded figure appears out of the darkness and sprays a substance in Jonty's eyes. He drops to the floor, unconscious.

Aware that Rosalind's chance is slipping away Dorian and Rosalind get Raj and Angus to rig the voting system in exchange for her declarations of love. They fall for her ruse once again.

Rosalind wins the rigged election. After the party she sets Raj and Angus up to an embarrassing stunt. Edmund and Dr Cooper return to find the study defaced and graffited. The Dandelion crest is trashed.

Written by Aidan on May 13, 2017

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