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Episode 7 Recap

It's the Winter Ball and Angus and Raj take desperate measures to get a date as they look for a last chance to lose their virginity.

Meanwhile Maltravers tells Dr Cooper of the project's plans to send an Envoy to check on their progress and deal with Charlotte Arc. These revelations undoubtedly raise concerns in both of them for Charlotte's safety.

Still pining over Theo, and angered by Dorian's spiteful comments, Rosalind decides to resign as student rep. This then leaves the position open for Charlotte to finally have her chance at abolishing the Dandelion Club for good - will she go through with it now she has feelings for Dorian?

Unbeknownst to Charlotte, the shady Envoy sent from America reveals the other, more sinister reason for his arrival - to extract information from Charlotte, by force if necessary. Maltravers objects, claiming that he has sworn to protect the daughter of Richard Arc but his protestations fall on deaf ears, will the Dean take matters in to his own hands?

Maltravers pleads with Dorian to persuade Charlotte into abandoning her ambitions in abolishing The Dandelion Club and is overjoyed when she reveals that she can't go through with it because of her increasing feelings for him.

The Warden is dismayed as Charlotte looks like she may not go through with it. However, Dr Lloyd helps Charlotte make up her mind and this sparks a romance with the Warden that Dr Lloyd has so desperately yearned for.

During the ball Theo finds a new romance when he realises his feelings for Maddy but ends up protecting Rosalind. After changing her mind on calling the plebiscite, Charlotte is torn between Dorian and protecting the Dandelion Club and ends up in a tight spot as Dorian makes his move.

Written by Aidan on May 13, 2017

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