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City of Lost Children Recap

On a city street, a woman is walking down the street when two muggers approach her. Guardian arrives and takes them down, and the woman backs away in horror, begging Guardian not to hurt him. as she runs off, Winn calls Guardian and warns him that the police are on the way.

The next day at CatCo, Kara meets with Lena for lunch and they discuss boy band reunions. Kara wonders what's keeping Lena so busy, and Lena says that she'll tell Kara when she can. She soon cracks and tells Kara that she's working with a new partner and they're like a mentor. Lena tries to explain what they're working on and Kara doesn't get it, and Lena assures her that it will blow her away when she sees it. Once Kara is satisfied for the moment, Lena goes to conduct their first trial run.

Winn "accidentally" bumps into James and asks what happened the night before. James explains that the woman was more afraid of Guardian than the attacks, and he says that it's been happening a lot. He admits that Guardian isn't the beacon of hope that he thought it would be. Winn insists that they're making a difference, but James points out that Guardian just inspires fear.

An alien humanoid woman walks over and her eyes glow purple. The ground shakes and James sees the woman. When a policeman approaches her, she blasts him back telekinetically and James gets people moving while Winn calls the DEO. Carts fly through the air and James gets a couple out of the way just in time. Supergirl arrives and catches a car, and everyone applauds while the alien disappears.

Later at the DEO, the team watches a newscast about the apparent alien attack. Hank warns that there's going to be a witch hunt, and Winn announce that the alien is a Phorian. The Martian says that historically Phorians are peaceful, and James notices when Alex says that it was lucky Supergirl was there. The Phorians are telekinetic and telepathic, and Hank tells the others that Supergirl and Mon-El are out patrolling the city. When James offers his help, Hank tells him that it's a DEO matter and they'll call him if they need it.

Lena and Rhea have supper, and Lena wonders why their experiment didn't work. Rhea assures her that it will work eventually, and tells Lena that she's making advancements that no one on Earth can. Lena worries that she won't get Rhea through the portal they're making, and Rhea assures her that she will. She assures Lena that she'll make it work and goes to the test facility.

As a Mon-El walks home, he sees Rhea on the street. A man bumps into him and when Mon-El turns back around,t he man has gone.

Guardian swings down and takes out an alien and his drug dealer. The alien says that he was kidnapped recently and is tense,, and tells Guardian that he knows where the Phorian lives. Guardian goes to the address and finds a normal home. There are children's drawings on the kitchen table, and a boy, Marcus, tries to get out the door. Guardian approaches him and assures the boy he won't hurt him, and removes his helmet. Reassured, Marcus touches James' face.

James takes Marcus to the DEO and Alex offers him some food. He refuses to say anything, and Alex promises that she's trying to help him and his mother. She asks if she knows where his mother is, but the boy still doesn't talk. Meanwhile, Winn, James, and Hank monitor the interrogation. James suggests that treating Marcus like a criminal won't get him to open up, and Hank questions James' advice. Undeterred, James says that he wouldn't trust anyone if he was Marcus. Alex joins them and agrees with James, and realizes that he's looking at James through the wall. She figures that Marcus identified with James and suggests that James question the boy in a more conducive environment. Hank reluctantly agrees and says that he'll check in with him later.

Winn goes to his console and Mon-El finds him there. He asks Winn to scan Earth's orbit for his parents' shirt, and Winn shows him that the skies are clear.

Lena and Rhea are working on the portal with the L-Corp technicians, and Lena sarcastically suggests that they should break Lex out. She explains that she thought that if she could make it work then she'd prove to herself that she was as good as her brother Lex. Rhea assures Lena that she's smarter than Lex, and tells her to stop thinking like Lex. She figures that Lena should focus on what she would do rather than Lex would do, and Lena comes up with a new approach involving balance.

James takes Marcus to CatCo and introduces him to Kara. The boy just stares at her, and James tells Kara that he's good. Once Kara leaves, Eve comes over and James asks her to clear his afternoon. James claims that Marcus is his nephew and asks Eve to get some curly fries and milk shakes. He takes Marcus to his office and the boy looks around. James shows him his desktop roller maze, and the boy manipulates it telekinetically. He then shows Marcus the cameras that he owns, including the one his father gave him before he died. When James says that his father was a soldier, Marcus says that his father was also a soldier and died when they were escaping their planet.

Mon-El comes in to surprise Kara with Chinese takeout. He explains that he thought he saw rhea the previous night, but Winn checked and confirmed that his parents' ship left for Daxam weeks ago. Mon-el tells Kara that he still cares for her, and they drugged themselves on Daxam so they wouldn't feel things. Kara assures him that he's allowed since she's his mother.

At the L-Corp facility, Lena thanks Rhea for giving her a pep talk like her mother never did. They test the portal again.

James shows Marcus how to use one of his cameras, and the boy takes a photo of James. Marcus sees his mother on one of the newscasts, and James turns off the TV. The boy insists that his mother would never hurt anyone on purpose. As he starts to tell James where she is, Eve comes in with tkeout.

Lena activates the portal.

Marcus' eyes glow purple and the tray Eve is holding shakes. The entire building shakes, and they realize that Marcus is responsible. He walks out, staring into space, Eve takes cover under a table, and Marcus telekinetically knocks James aside when he tries to approach the boy. The boy floats into the island, and Kara and Mon-El arrive Kara changes to Supergirl while mon-El helps the people to get to safety. Supergirl flies in and carries Marcus outside.

Lena and Rhea confirm that the portal is working, and shut it down.

Marcus reverts to normal and Supergirl tells him that he'll be okay. She takes him to the DEO and put him in a cell with a telekinetic damper. Kara figures that something was controlling him, and suggests that Marcus' mother was controlled the same way. Hank concedes that the best way to get Marcus to talk is to send James in. James points out that he didn't have much success, and admits that Hak was right and he shouldn't have gotten involved.

Hank goes after James and says that they really need his stuff. James wonders if it's because he's black like Marcus, and points out that Hank is at well. Hank figures that Marcus sees something in James, but James points ou that he took the boy to CatCo and risked everyone's safety. He had no idea what to do, and Hank says that he felt the same way on Mars when he didn't want to know what to do with his future. His first daughter came along and Hank realized that his future was keeping people safe and joined the law enforcement. Hank figures that James sees a reflection of himself in Mars, and it's a good time for James to see what kind of hero he can be.

When the team gathers, Alex and Winn report that a change in atmospheric energy can cause a change in their mental state. Winn has detected a large spike in electromagnetic energy during both spikes, but the second spike was five times the strength of the first one. When Winn describes what caused the spike, Kara remembers Lena mentioning the same thing and figures that it's no coincidence. She calls Lena, but Rhea picks up the phone well aware of who Kara really is. Alex starts tracing the call, and Rhea tells Kara that she has no idea what she's doing or where she is. The Daxamite insists that everything she's doing is for her people while Kara does what she does to bolster her broken ego. Rhea says that everything that has happened is because of Kara's righteousness. When Mon-El speaks up in Kara's defense, Rhea dismisses him as bewitched. He tells her not take her anger out on Earth, and Rhea says that she's there to wake him up and hangs up before they can trace the call.

Lena notices Rhea on her phone, and Rhea says that it was a telemarketer.

James talks to Marcus and says that he knows he didn't intend to attack anyone. Marcus says that every planet they go to, the residents try to hurt them. He thought that it would be different on Earth, and James tells him that when he was a kid, he got bullied. When his father died, it got worse because his father was his guardian and made James feel safe. Once he was gone, James didn't let anyone in until he moved to Metropolis and made a new friend. He trusted his new friend and eventually let him in, and his emotional walls came down. James tells Marcus that by trusting someone, everything in their life can change. Marcus says that he can see his mother and knows where she is, and offers to take James there if he'll protect her. James promises that he'll protect them both.

Alex and Winn monitor the city for electromagnetic spikes. James says that Marcus can take them to Marcus' mother, but Hank warns that it's not safe for Marcus outside of containment. Winn offers to go and take a mobile version of the telekinetic dampener, but Hank refuses to take the risk until James says that it's his mission. Understanding, Hank agrees to let them go.

That night, Marcus leads James and Winn to a warehouse where his mother is hiding. He says that James and Winn are his friends, and Winn explains that they know she didn't attack on purpose. He shows her the telekinetic dampener, and more Phorians step out.

Lena tells Rhea tht they can begin the material trials the next day, and Rhea assures her that whatever happens next, Lena should never forget that she's a marvel. She then activates the portal.

Alex detects the spike and pinpoints the location. Mon-el insists on going but tells Kara that he has to grab something first.

Winn sets up the dampener as the Phorians go into a trance. The dampener shorts out and Winn realizes that there's too many Phorians to protect. James refuses to leave Marcus, and suggests that if they can break through to Marcus then he's telepathically linked to his people and they can get through to them as well.

Lena is unable to shut down the portal, and Rhea says that she's doing what she did for her people. Supergirl, Mon-El, and J'onn arrive and Lena says that Threa made the portal self-sustaining.

James tells Marcus to focus on him, and promises that he will keep him safe.

Mon-El realizes that Rhea is bringing something there. Supergirl and J'onn attack Rhea, who knocks J'onn away. Lena is hit and knocked out.

Winn warns James that his attempt isn't working.

Supergirl tries to heat vision the portal but the energy bounces back. Meanwhile, Rhea uses a device on J'onn to paralyze him and explains that she got it from a white Martian. It traps a Martian in his own mind, and J'onn collapses. Mon-El tells his mother that they're not bulletproof and aims a gun at her.

James tells Marcus to find the strength and courage in himself that James sees. He yells that Marcus isn't alone, and after a moment, Marcus comes out of the trance. The other Phorians do as well, and Winn congratulates James.

Rhea tells Mon-El that he doesn't want to hurt her, and points out that he's a hero of Earth. She asks if a hero would kill his own mother, and reminds him that he used to tell her that she would always love her. Rhea says that she knows that Mon-El still loves her, and he asks where Lar is. She claims that Lar took his own life because he was so hurt, and puts her hand on the gun. After a moment, Mon-El lowers the gun and Rhea turns to the portal. She says that thousands of Daxamites survived the destruction of their planet and they just needed a way to get their. The Daxamite ships fly through the portal. Supergirl wakes up and sees the ships coming through.

At the DEO, Demos reports to Alex that they have spotted over a hunred targets over National city.

As the Florians go outside, they see the Daxamite ships flying overhead.

Rhea welcomes her people to New Daxam and they teleport up to the command ship.

Supergirl flies up and watches as the Daxamite ships surround the city.

Written by Gadfly on May 15, 2017

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