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Dirt Nap Time Recap

Major tells Liv and the others that he gave the cure to Natalie. Liv assures him that it's Blaine fault for faking his memory loss, and figures that he's now stolen the remaining cures. Ravi warns that Don E might have stolen the cures, but Liv is sure that it's Blaine. She promises to beat a confession out of him, and assures Ravi that it's her rather than her hot mess brain.

A drunken Blaine is performing at the piano lounge and a few people applaud. He staggers out and Liv punches him in the face. Ravi comes up and warns Liv that it's the anger controlling her. When she demands the truth, Blaine insists that she has the wrong guy. Liv starts to revert to full-on zombie, but gets control of herself. Blaine admits that he's many things, including a murderer, but he didn't take the cure. He doesn't know where Don E is, and Liv and Ravi walk away.

The next day, a teacher, Jamie Brennan, is playing the guitar for his preschool class. Jamie then uses a dragon puppet to talk about feelings, and Eleanor McKenna brings in the children's milk. Afterward, Jamie is talking to one of his parents when Piper comes up and accuses them Jamie and the mother Macy Stonem of screwing. She says that she found the mother's panties underneath a bed. Another child and her mother walk by, and the child says that the panties are her mother's. The principal, Mrs. Zelinsky, comes over and tells them that it's not a discussion for a school yard. She tells them all to move along and calls Jamie into his office.

Later, the police are securing Jamie's house. Clive arrives, and Ravi and Liv arrive late. Liv is clearly in a foul mood, and Clive notices that she's still a zombie. Liv tells him that the cure was stolen and they check the corpse. Thirteen nails were driven into Jamie's head, and Clive figures that it's a homicide. There's no signs of forced entry, and sheets were stolen from his bed. Clive figures that it's a crime of passion. The construction workers across the street are missing a nail gun, and Clive figures that the killer had an argument with Jamie, went across the street, got the nail gun, and came back to kill Jamie when he answered the door. Clive then asks Ravi about STD 36. Ravi and Clive don't know about it, and Clive points out that it's spelled out in magnetic letters on Jamie's refrigerator.

Back at the morgue, Liv consumes Jamie's brain and then goes with Clive to Jamie's classroom. Zelinsky teacher is there looking for an escaped guinea pig, and a perky Liv immediately volunteers to help. The principal says that the kids are still reeling from Jamie's death. As Liv looks for the guinea pig, Clive questions Zelinsky about Jamie. She says that he's the best teacher that she ever said, but admits that Jamie had affairs with the mothers in his class. Jamie was seeing three mothers, and Clive gets their names. When she swears, Liv gives her a time-out. Clive overrules her and Piper admits that the panties might belong to Eleanor but she figures that it's Macy. She says that she was at home with her sick son and there's no adult that can confirm her alibi. Pipe thought that she was finally dating a nice guy, and she told Macy that she was falling in love with him. She figures that Macy screwed Jamie because she was bored.

At the funeral home, Candy tells Blaine that Peyton wasn't so great. Blaine continues staring out the window, and Candy tells him that they have orders stacking up. he asks her what it's all about, and she figures it's about doing the job and collecting the money. A depressed Blaine chops up brains and Candy makes up pre-packaged salads with them. As Blaine goes, Candy asks for the day off and he tells her that he's never cared what she does.

Peyton meets with Weckler's public defender, Harry, who points out that his client has no history of violence. He insists that the details don't add up, and notices that Peyton is distracted. Peyton points out Weckler's confession, and Harry figures that he can get it tossed out. She notes that he committed pre-meditated murder and might consider reducing the charges if Weckler provides the stolen memory card. Harry tells her that Weckler has been fighting her on it and Peyton agrees to help him.

Major and Justin go to Baracus' place to give him a report. Baracus comes in and tells them that he's down 15 points in his mayoral campaign. Major tells him that the survivalists are still armed and still ready to rescue anyone from Max Rager's basement. Once Baracus leaves, Justin squeezes some brain paste out onto bread and asks if he's hear rumors about a zombie club. Major has and says that one of the soldiers is going there and want them to go with him. Justin eats his sandwich and then admits that he took Major to Liv and Ravi, and they talked about giving Major a cure. Major admits that he's now human, but he doesn't want it to change anything. He warns Justin that the cure was stolen, and figures that there's no other jobs for him after he's been accused of being a serial killer. Major insists that he'd rather be at Fillmore Graves, and doesn't plan to tell anyone because they'd kick him out. Justin assures Major that his secret is safe with him.

Clive and Liv bring in Macy and she says that she had already been sleeping with Jamie when Piper told her she was involved with him. Macy says that nobody listened like Jamie, and says that she was at home with her husband Will when Jamie was murdered. Clive warns that they'll have to let Will know about her relationship with Jamie, and Macy invites them to talk to him. They bring him in and Will explains that he and Macy have an open relationship. He often watched Macy and Jamie from the closet right next to the bed.

Peyton questions Weckler with Harry present and says that as long as the memory card is out there and potential blackmail material. Weckler says that the memory card is the only thing keeping him alive. A lawyer, Donald Thorne, comes in and says that Weckler is now his quiet. He whispers in Weckler's ear, and Weckler says that Thorne is his lawyer now. Thorne talks to Peyton privately and takes her charges, and insists that the memory card doesn't exist.

Clive and Liv go to the preschool to talk to Eleanor. She explains that her father Greg travels for months at a time and doesn't have time to hear her problems. Eleanor says that Jamie always listened to her, and she was with Greg when Jamie was murdered. She asks them not to tell him about the affair, but Clive says that they need to clear Greg as a suspect. Liv picks up one of Jamie's puppets and assures Eleanor that Greg loves him.

At the station, Clive and Liv call in Greg and tell him that Eleanor and Jamie were having an affair. Greg breaks into tears and Clive stops Liv from showing Greg the puppet.

Major and the other soldiers find the Scratching Post but discover that the door is locked. The lead soldier, Zack, knocks on the door and Dino tells them to eat ghost peppers to prove that they're zombies. Zack and the other soldiers eat them, and finally it's Major's turn. Before he bites into it, Don E comes in and recognizes Major, and tells Dino to let him in because they go way back.

As the soldiers drink and party, they notice that there are a lot of zombies there that don't work for Fillmore Graves. Tanner serves Blooming Brain, and several of them go off to check out the zombie girls. Justin stays with Major and starts to ask Major about Liv. Don E gets up on the bar and asks everyone if they're having fun.

The next day, Major goes to the morgue and tells Liv and Ravi about Don E's zombie bar. They wonder where the new zombies came from and where Don E is getting all of the brains, and Liv plans to go there to question him. Major warns that Liv isn't at full badass potential on preschool brain. He suggests that she take Justin, and explains that Justin asked permission from Major to court Liv. Liv points out that her boyfriend history hasn't been good and will go on her own, but Major and Ravi start singing about teamwork. It triggers a vision of Liv talking to Piper at his door and her asking him to let her in so that they can talk. She tells them that they Justin can come with her but she needs to find Clive.

Clive calls Piper back in, and he and Liv say that they've placed her at Jamie's front door at the night of the murder. Piper says that she dropped by for a minute but he had someone there, and she saw what she claims is Eleanor's Civic parked nearby. Her sitter calls and she steps aside to take it. Liv tells Clive that in her vision, Piper wanted to continue the affair. Clive suggests that she came back and killed Jamie, and Liv figures they should see if Eleanor really drives a Civic.

Harry visits Peyton and says that he's planning to report Thorne to the Office of Disciplinary counsel and would like Peyton to join him. Peyton wonders why Harry is taking it so hard, and Harry tells her that Weckler hung himself in his cell that morning.

As Clive and Liv check the DMV records, Liv sets up a star system of rewards. Clive is more interested in the case, and discovers that Eleanor owns a Camry, not a Civic. Liv gets a vision of Macy telling Jamie that a guy in a Civic is following them. Jamie goes over to confront the man, who drives off before Jamie can get there. Liv tells Clive what they saw, and Clive realizes that she's written down the Civic's license plate in his notepad along with her cars. He runs the plates and discovers that it belongs to a private investigator. Liv figure that it wasn't Piper or Macy, and Clive says that they'll question the PI the next morning.

That night, Liv and Justin go to the bar and Tanner recognizes Liv from when they met. She tells him to tell Don E that she's there when he gets back, and orders a spicy Bloody Mary. Justin realizes that Liv is on a preschool brain, and talks about his traumatic preschool experience. They chat while waiting for Don E, and Don E comes in and Liv says that she's there to talk to him about buying a dose of the cure from Ravi. She figures that he knows that Don E knows all the doses were stolen, but Don E says that if he had the doses then he'd be rich. Tanner tells Don E that they have a call from their last holdout and walks away.

Blaine returns to the funeral home basement and hears someone playing the organ upstairs. He goes up and finds Don E, Tanner, and Dino with Candy. Don E is playing the organ, and says that all of Blaine's clients now belong to him. He offers to buy the rest of Blaine's product for under-market value. Don E hands Blaine the money and goes downstairs to get the brains. Candy goes with them and asks Blaine if he cares now. Dino comes back and tells Blaine that Angus wanted him to deliver a message. He takes out a silenced gun and shoots Blaine in the gut, takes the money, and explains that Angus wanted Blaine to suffer first. Blaine tells Dino that he has money and offers it to Dino.

Liv and Clive go to the PI's office and talk to him as he arrives. The PI, Coleman Baker, admits that he thought that they'd show up. He invites them in and admits that he was working on behalf of a client. Coleman refuses to tell them who their client is, but Clive notices photos of Macy on the wall.

Back at the station, Clive calls Macy in and says that she's not in an open relationship. Will hired Coleman to follow her and find out what she was up to. Clive explains that Will hired Coleman, and followed Macy the night of the murder. He called and told Will where Macy was, went to Jamie's house, found the nail gun, and killed Jamie. Macy helped cover up the crime by getting rid of the sheets, making her an accomplice. She admits that she saw Will kill Jamie and writes out a confession.

Peyton visits Ravi in the morgue and asks if he's done an autopsy on Weckler. She wonders if there was any foul play, and Ravi says that he didn't find any. Peyton suggests that Liv consume Weckler's brain, but admits that it's not pressing. Ravi soaks Weckler's brain in his memory-restoration serum, and says that it will take 10 days.

As they drink on guard duty, Major asks Justin how it went with Liv. He says that they got along but she bolted for the door when he took her home. Major gives Justin a note from Liv, saying that she had fun. He gives it back to Major and asks him to pass it to her. Justin gets a call and then tells Major that they've picked up Harley's tracker heading their way.

Harley and his friend are driving down the road when they hit a tire trap. They grind to a stop, and a masked Major comes out and says that it's a private road. Harley claims that they heard there's a party there, but Major sees the shotguns and blood pressure cuff in the back. When Harley sees Justin sneaking up on them, he backs over him and they realize that they run over him. Justin gets up and snaps his arm into place, and runs after them. Harley backs the truck away and Harley leaps on the hood, snarling. The truck swings around, knocking Justin off, and the men drive away. down the road, they park and look at the video they took of Justin turning full-zombie on the hood of their truck.

Written by Gadfly on May 17, 2017

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