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World's End Recap

Robbie starts up his Charger at a S.H.I.E.L.D. impound lot and pulls out.

The Zephyr takes evasive action to avoid Aida from homing on them. Melinda warns Coulson that once it's over, they're going to work out why he drank the bottle of Haig.

In the medbay, Fitz tells Jemma that Aida was created from the Darkhold. He devices the procedure to let her extract dormant DNA from Inhumans pre-Terrigenesis and graft them on herself. Fitz admits that he performed lethal experiments on innocent individuals in the Framework, and Jemma says that it wasn't him. He insists that it was him, but Jemma says that he's still the man he knew and they need to find a solution. When Fitz says that his solution kills people, Jemma tells him that's what they need to kill Aida. Fitz admits that he doesn't know how to kill her, and Jemma asks him if he wants to kill her. A message comes in on Jemma's tablet.

Coulson and Daisy check on the comatose Mack and Yo-Yo. Daisy blames herself for letting Yo-Yo go into the Framework, and Coulson tells Daisy that it wasn't her call. She discovers that something is happening to the Framework as Jemma comes in.

At the Hydra Triskelion in the Framework, Yo-Yo is strapped to a gurney and yells for help. After a moment a Hydra agent finds her and prepares to shoot her... and Holden kills him from behind. As Holden frees her, Yo-Yo explains that she came in to find Mack. Holden explains that he kept discovering finding clues to her location in his pockets, and they realize that Daisy left them. he warns that Aida is shutting down the Framework and it's collapsing on itself.

At their warehouse lair, Aida asks the Superior if he's laughing at her. He says that it' sweet to see her consumed with humans, and she threatens to destroy them all. The Superior LMDs wonder why she's so upset, and Aida says that she wants to burn the world to the ground because of her regret. The Darkhold has shown her what to do, but she wants to make S.H.I.E.L.D. suffer... particularly Fitz.

Robbie drives into the warehouse and tells Aida and the LMDs that he's come for the Darkhold. He smashes the LMDs aside and whips Aida with his hell chain as she goes for the Darkhold. He realizes that she's not a machine anymore, and Aida blasts him with Lincoln's power. Robbie transforms into Ghost Rider and attacks her, and Aida teleports away.

On the Zephyr, Jemma warns Coulson that the Framework will collapse in 12 to 20 hours. She points out that the code--and each individual they represent--are blinking out of existence forever. Jemma tells Coulson that Fitz and Daisy are trying to find an exit for Mack and Yo-Yo, and Talbot calls Coulson. Coulson takes the call and Talbot says that three of his men are dead. When Coulson tells him that Aida killed them, Coulson warns that there won't be a S.H.I.E.L.D. since Jeffrey's autopsy report was leaked. A dozen agencies now know that Jeffrey wasn't an Inhuman and S.H.I.E.L.D. lied about it. there's an international intelligence inquiry the next morning and Talbot needs Coulson or one of his right people there to defend S.H.I.E.L.D.. Coulson warns him that they're Aida's primary target and their presence could endanger everyone there. Once he hangs up, Daisy tells him that Robbie stole his Charger.

Robbie is sitting among the ruined LMDs when Daisy comes in. He admits that he's surprised that he made it back to Earth, and he came back due to the Darkhold.

Aida's burnt arm doesn't heal, and the Superior tells her that Ghost Rider was created by the Darkhold same as her, and she will have to be careful.

Robbie goes to the Zephyr with Daisy and tells them that there was a tear in the dark world where she was created. He escaped through it, and Ghost Rider is drawn to dark matter. Aida is made of the same material as the Darkhold and Ghost Rider wants to send them both back to the dark world. Robbie admits that he doesn't know if he can beat Aida, and Daisy offers to run facial recognition on one of the LMDs that Robbie defeated.

Aida and the Superior examine the LMD of the man, and the Superior assures her that they're going to recreate the Framework... to please her.

In the Framework, Holden takes Yo-Yo to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters where Mack is overseeing the evacuation. Yo-Yo wants to go to Mack, but Holden reminds her that Mack doesn't know her. Holden talks to Mack and says that he was at the steel mill when the others jumped through. Hope comes over and asks Yo-Yo who she is, and Mack looks over. Cavanaugh arrives and says that the armory has disappeared, and Mack notes that half the people there have disappeared without a trace. They haven't heard from their other bases, and Mack orders everyone out. He grabs Hope and walks past Yo-Yo without a word. Yo-Yo tells Holden that the next time she talks to Mack, he'll remember her.

Daisy identifies the head as a Russian senior analyst invited to the S.H.I.E.L.D. inquiry. He's bringing the Superior with him. Talbot isn't answering his phone, and Coulson figure that Aida plans to wipe out S.H.I.E.L.D. once and for all.

At the inquiry, the Superior says that S.H.I.E.L.D. behaves like a secret police and their secret program of weaponizing Inhumans that threatens them all. He says that they offer a solution to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. once and for all, and shows everyone the Darkhold. The Superior claims that it contains a plan to defeat the Inhumans once and for all. Gunshots ring out outside and Daisy walks in and shoots Talbot dead.

Coulson and the others arrive and find the dead guards in the inquiry building. Robbie goes to the conference room and goes after Daisy. The Superior and the analyst, Sergei, insist that everyone should read the Darkhold and see the answer. Coulson and Melinda arrive and open fire, exposing the LMDs. Talbot's aide Evans confirms that Talbot is still alive, and Coulson calls for medical help. Melinda finds the Darkhold and figures the LMDs will be back for it.

Daisy finds Aida in the basement with several Daisy LMDs. She says that she wants to see Daisy kill herself. Robbie arrives and incinerates the LMDs, and tells Daisy that it's time to take her home. She teleports away and a guard and the Sergei LMD arrive.

Evans tells Coulson and Melinda that the world is going to see the truth via the surveillance footage. Coulson insists that "Daisy" was a LMD, the same as the Russians. When Evans orders her airmen to arrest them, Coulson draws his gun and holds them at bay.

Sergei grabs a pipe and attacks Robbie, while the guard attacks daisy. She uses a metal plate as a shield to get close enough to kill him. Meanwhile, Robbie grabs a drill and drives it into the LMDs head. As they take out the guard, the Superior LMDs arrives and throws a knife into Daisy's arm. He tells her that even if she defeats that body, he will build more. Robbie cuts the LMD in half with his hell chain, just as Coulson and Melinda arrive and says that they have to go.

Once the team returns to the Zephyr, Daisy figures that Aida will keep sending Daisy LMDs to assassinate people. Melinda figure that once the video gets out, S.H.I.E.L.D. is dead. Coulson points out that Daisy is an Inhuman, and Aida will use Daisy to unite people against the Inhumans and recreate the Framework. Coulson figures that they can stop her and tells Robbie that he wants to use the Darkhold as bait to bring her in. Robbie refuses, but admits that he can destroy Aida if he can get close enough. Coulson confirms that Ghost Rider is just as desperate to destroy Aida, and says that he has a solution.

Fitz and Jemma arrive and tell the others that they don't have enough power to protect Mack and Yo-Yo. Coulson says that they should go back to the base and take the fight back home. He asks Jemma and Fitz to work together despite their recent issues, and they head back to S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ.

In the Framework, the S.H.I.E.L.D. refugees on their bus are caught in traffic. Burrows is unable to raise any stations. Yo-Yo goes up to convince Mack to leave. She introduces herself and explains that Mack gave her a nickname, and Mack remembers Daisy mentioning her name. Yo-Yo says that the others are safe on the other side, and Mack tells her that he's just trying to keep Hope safe. When he says that there isn't any time, Yo-Yo tells him that he knows the truth about the Framework and they're facing the end. She explains that she was hurt when Daisy told him that he wouldn't leave the Framework, and Mack realizes that they're romantically involved in the real world. Yo-Yo hopes that Mack would remember the love that they have. The bus shakes and when Mack looks out, he discovers that the bridge ahead has disappeared.

Hope screams and when Mack runs back onto the bus, he discovers that everyone is gone except Holden, Yo-Yo, and Hope. Holden tells Yo-Yo that the others are protecting them. Hope wonders what happens next, and Mack says that they're going home.

Back at the base, Coulson mentions the LMD Melinda and Melinda says that they should talk about what happened. Meanwhile, Robbie and Daisy check Mack and Yo-Yo, and Daisy explains about the other world. Robbie says that I the other world, he's just a passenger while Ghost rider fights and kills. He admits that it's painful and lonely, but he's back in the real world now and that's good. Fitz and Jemma go to the server room, and Daisy tells Robbie that she can't make them use the backdoor that she built into the Framework.

Aida teleports into the server room and tells Jemma that she's dead

Back at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, Yo-Yo tells Holden that she understands why Mack stayed but Hope isn't real. Holden tells her to leave and save herself, and warns that if she somehow forces Mack to the other side then he'll never forgive her... or himself for abandoning his daughter. He tells Yo-Yo that she has to come to the reality that Mack is willing to die with his daughter. Yo-Yo admits that it's killing her, then turns to see Hope behind her.

Aida says that she's realized why humans write sad songs. She likes bashing heads on the floor as an outlet for her sadness, and advances on Jemma. Fitz offers to go with her as long as she doesn't hurt anyone, and Jemma reminds Aida that she's an artificial being. When Fitz says that her feelings must be overwhelming, Aida turns back to Fitz and says that she's decided to only feel one emotion, vengeance. Jemma tries to stab her but Aida easily catches her and stabs her in the chest. She then tells Fitz to beg her to let Jemma leave.

Coulson tells Melinda that he and LMD drank the bottle to celebrate a new beginning. They both admit that part of it may have been real, and Coulson suggests that they start again once they get out of the current mess, and maybe open another bottle. Melinda agrees, and they split up.

Fitz tells Aida that he'll do whatever she wants. Aida says that it's too late and killing Jemma is making her feel better. When she wonders why they feel better when they make someone else suffer, Jemma tells her that there's something wrong with her. Aida twists the knife and Fitz begs her to spare Jemma. Jemma begs Fitz to make Aida stop, and Fitz offers to get the Darkhold. After a moment, Aida tells Fitz that he did it to her. He says that Coulson is reading the Darkhold and powering up the gateway. He offers to take Aida there, but she electrocutes Fitz, slams Fitz into the wall, and tells him that she's going to kill everyone he loves and there's nothing that he can do. With that, she teleports away.

Aida teleports into the gateway world and asks him if he thinks he can stop her from taking the Darkhold. She says that only ghost Rider could stop her, and he isn't there. Coulson tells her that she's missing the point, and she needs to learn the concept of teamwork. Jemma steps out and shoots Aida with a submachinegun.

Fitz glances briefly at the Jemma LMD and leaves.

Aida heals the injuries, and Jemma admits that she knew the gun wouldn't stop her. Coulson grabs Aida, and transforms into Ghost Rider. Aida electrocutes him but fails to break Ghost Rider's grip, and she teleports away with him still holding her.

As Daisy tries to build a backdoor into the Framework, Fitz calls to warn her that he can't protect them much longer.

Aida and Ghost Rider teleport out of the base and then back in. Ghost Rider burns Aida, picks up her flaming corpse, and throws it to the ground. Coulson reverts to his normal form and they figure that Aida is dead.

Mack comes into the office, and Hope tells him that Yo-Yo said that Mack will die and she isn't real. When Mack insists that Hope is the most real thing in the whole world, Yo-Yo apologizes for Hope overhearing her. Mack asks why she's doing it, and Yo-Yo says that she doesn't want Mack to die in the Framework. He refuses to live in a world without Hope, and the office starts vanishing. Holden tells them that the office door is the only way out, and time is running out. Yo-Yo begs Mack to come with them, but Mack says that the only person he cares about is there. Yo-Yo sits down next to him and tells Holden that she's staying is okay because the only person she cares about is there. The office keeps vanishing, and Hope wonders if they're going to die. She says that she wants to be real and begs Mack not to leave him, and he promises that he will never leave her. Hope disappears from his arms, and Yo-Yo takes his hand as he breaks into tears.

Daisy realizes that Mack is gone. Yo-Yo opens her eyes and she calls to Mack. After a moment, he wakes up and Yo-Yo sobs in relief.

Later, Coulson talks to Robbie alone. Robbie says that Coulson knows why Ghost Rider made the deal, and Coulson says that he'll tell the others when it's time.

Yo-Yo tells Mack that she understood why he didn't want to come back. She apologizes for not being able to save Hope, and asks if Mack can forgive her. Mack says that there's nothing to forgive, and his years of his father will always be with him... and gave him a glimpse of the life he could have in the real world with Yo-Yo. They kiss.

Coulson and Robbie go to the gateway and Robbie prepares to go through with the Darkhold. He explains that he has to take it somewhere safe, and asks Daisy to watch over his brother. He creates a portal with his chain and tells Coulson that he doesn't envy him. Coulson admits that he was going to say the same to him. Robbie nods once to Daisy and goes through the portal.

Melinda wonders what Robbie meant, but is interrupted when Mack and Yo-Yo arrive. Mack says that they've received word that Talbot is in a coma but alive, and they're heading to the base to get them. Fitz says that he's going to stay because it's all his fault, and he'll take the blame. Daisy tells him that they're all in it together, and she thought separating herself from the team would protect it. She just lost herself, and Fitz was the one who pulled her back in. Daisy says that it might take Fitz a long time to forgive himself, but he has nothing to apologize for. The others agree that they'll pay any price together, and Coulson suggests that they get a bite to eat first.

Holden sits down on a beach and pours himself a drink. He figures that losing immortality is worth it when he lost Agnes. He starts to toast to the end of the world... and disappears.

The team goes to a diner and Coulson points out that it's the first time they've been together in a long time. The lights go out and when they come up, airman come in and arrest them. A silhouetted man turns on a device, says that the window closes in less than two minutes, and tells his men to take the team.

Later, Coulson wakes up on a bunk. He opens a viewing port revealing deep space below. He looks at it for a moment and then walks out and goes back to work.

Written by Gadfly on May 17, 2017

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