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Episode CI Recap

One of the Scotsman's daughters rides to her father's castle to report the situation with Aku. The Scotsman's ghost and his other daughters tell her that the entire world knows, and watch the televised combat.

The former Children of Aku interrupt their rave to watch. All of Jacks' friends gather at their TVs to watch as well.

The Scotsman yells at Aku to get on without it. Aku finally announces how Jack opposed him, and he sent Jack into the future where his evil is law. He then reveals that he and Ashi have captured Jack and the sword. Aku tells his opposition that their hero and their home is dead, and he is the one true master. However, he admits that he's not sure how he wants to do it.

Jack whispers to the transformed Ashi, telling her to fight. Inside, Ashi's spirit tries to break free of Aku's oppressive force without success. Meanwhile, Aku finally tells Ashi to kill jack. Jack begs Ashi not to, but she advances on him and forms one hand into a simple spike. She draws back to strike... and the armies of the land blast the wall open. They call to Jack that they're there to rescue him, who was freed by the blast.

Aku easily shrugs off their attack, while Jack runs for the sword. Ashi intercepts him and attacks, and Jack avoids her blows. He parries her strikes as best he can, but she smashes him back.

Outside, Aku dismisses the armies as insects and Aku creates an army of miniature Akus to fight. They strike without remorse, killing everything in their path. The Scotsman leads his daughters into battle, smashing through Aku's lines. They charge into the castle and the Scotsman blows his phantom bagpipes, knocking Ashi back. He tells Jack that Celtic magic has brought him back, and introduces his many daughters. The Scotsman invites Jack to pick one as his wife, and Jack says that he met someone: Ashi.

Ashi knocks the Scotsman's daughters back, and the giant stone samurai robot arrives to punch Aku. A lot. Meanwhile, Ashi sweeps over Jack, and Ashi's spirit calls to him as she is swallowed up.

The stone samurai rips off Aku's antlers and draws its sword. he grows his antlers back and screams enough. His troops merge into him and Aku fires thousands of spear-selves into the ground beneath him. They kill the robot crew and overwhelm the armies. The Scotsman blows his bagpipes and flies into the air toward Aku.

Jack tells Ashi that she must fight, and she says that she can't. He says that he loves her, and the black material casts him out. Ashi strangles him but then withdraws as the real Ashi takes control. Aku arrives and Ashi tells him that Jack isn't dead and never will be. He insists that he's Ashi's father and strikes at her, but she deflects his blow with the abilities that Aku gave her. She grabs the sword, gives it to Jack, and teleports them both into the past before Aku can strike.

In the vortex, Jack takes Ashi's hand.

In the past, Jack prepares to deliver the final blow. Aku tells him that he will destroy him in the future, and Jack tells him that there is no future. His opponent teleports him into the past... and the future Jack and Ashi arrive. Jack charges forward and strikes the surprised Aku, and then cuts him to pieces. The last piece tries to escape, and Jack destroys it. Aku is trapped in the blade, and Jack drives it into the ground. The darkness spreads through the castle and it explodes as Jack and Ashi escape just in time.

Once the blast ends, Jack says that it is done. Ashi collapses and says that she felt Aku leave her.

Soon, the people of the world learn of Aku's destruction and rejoice. Jack returns home and his parents greet him. The palace servants make up Ashi and take her to where she and jack are to be married. However, she collapses and Jack runs to her side. Ashi tells him that without Aku, she would never have existed. With that, she fades away. Jack holds her empty robes and cries.

later, Jack rides across the land. He stops and sits--alone--and a ladybug lands on his finger. He looks at it and smiles, and then releases it as the sun shines on a new day.

Written by Gadfly on May 21, 2017

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