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Sympathy for the Goddess Recap

Lucifer is at an outdoor bar keeping an eye on Charlotte as she talks to a man, Zeke Moore, when Amenadiel arrives and warns him that Maze is mad at Lucifer. Lucifer doesn't see a cause for concern, but Amenadiel insist that it's different from usual. He figures that Zeke has found another piece of the flaming sword, but Lucifer warns him that Charlotte hasn't adopted to Earth as well as Amenadiel thinks. He prepares to go over and make sure Zeke isn't conning her, and they watch as Charlotte hands over a briefcase of money and Zeke walks off with it.

Amenadiel and Lucifer go over and tell her that she's been conned. Zeke doesn't come back, and they check to make sure that he's getting the piece. They enter the bar's back room and find Zeke dead and the briefcase gone. Lucifer figures that they can find the killer when Chloe catches the case: they just need to make sure she does so. Charlotte and Lucifer walk off, ignoring Amenadiel when he tries to speak.

Maze bursts into Linda's office and finds her with a man, Nigel. Linda assures Maze that it's all right, and Nigel tells her that he'll be in touch and leaves. Maze finally lets him out the door, and Linda explains that Nigel is the chairman of the ethics review board. He explains that she helped Lucifer break out of a mental institution using her own name, and Maze says that it's Lucifer's fault same as that he's ditching her to go to Heaven. The demon says that she's going to fix it and then she and Lucifer are having a little talk.

Lucifer goes to the station and hovers around Chloe. Charlotte finally arrives and tells Chloe that a client of hers called and he's in terrible danger. Chloe refuses to go with her to make sure that Zeke is okay, and Lucifer mimes to Charlotte to say that she heard a gunshot on the call. They go to the bar and find the man's body, and Chloe figures that he's been dead an hour. Lucifer tells Charlotte to leave, but she refuses to leave, figuring that it's too important to leave to Lucifer and Chloe.

Ella and the techs arrive to secure the crime scene, and Chloe wonders why Charlotte is still there. Lucifer tries to get Charlotte to leave but Chloe figures that she could be useful. Chloe wonders why Charlotte was representing Zeke, and Charlotte explains that he works for Bianca Ruiz, a tequila magnate who sells guns, drug, and people. Ella says that it looks like Zeke tried to defend himself and there's no indication of what was stolen. She finds a phone beneath a nearby cabinet and they figure it belonged to the killer and the pass screen saver is a pair of eye-like circles.

Back at the station, Dan is examining a file on Bianca when Charlotte comes over. She says that Bianca is her client and starts flirting with Dan, and he wonders what she wants from him. Charlotte says that she wants sex with him to pass the time until they leave. When Dan wonders what's up with her, Charlotte sheepishly admits that she likes him.

Ella identifies the symbol as a record label and calls everyone into her lab to show them the company's web page. It's a vanity label and only publishes the music of Bianca's son, Chet. Charlotte tells them that Bianca tries to keep Chet as far away from the family business as possible. Ella points out that the phone's presence doesn't tie Chet to the murder, and Chloe tells Charlotte to leave now that one of her clients is their main suspect. Charlotte tells them that Bianca is having a party to launch her new tequila, Chet will probably be there, and Charlotte is invited. Dan agrees with her, suggesting it's a good idea to go in undercover. Lucifer agrees--as long as it's he and Chloe--but Charlotte says that she'll go because the invitation was under her name. She suggests that Dan go with her, and Chloe finally says that she'll go with Charlotte.

Lucifer goes to Linda's office and finds Maze there. She explains that Linda was suspended because he's been a terrible, selfish friend, and now he's going to fix it. Maze insists that he do it and Lucifer gives in. He asks Maze what the plan is, and she glares at him and walks out.

Dan confirms that it will take two hours to scan Chet's phone, and sees Amenadiel. He goes over and Amenadiel explains that he's looking for Lucifer and Charlotte. He complains that they took off without telling him, and Dan asks what he's doing.

Charlotte and Chloe go to Bianca's party, Chloe wearing a party dress. Even Charlotte is impressed, and Chloe wonders why she's helping them against her client. Charlotte says that she's not the woman she was when Bianca hired her, and they spot Chet at the bar. Charlotte figures that Chloe is going to seduce him, and Chloe tells her that there's going to be no seducing. She figures that she can get Chet to flip on Bianca, and tells Charlotte that not all kids appreciate what their parents give them. They realize that Chet has a bodyguard and Chloe gets an idea.

Maze and Lucifer go to Nigel's office and Maze explains that Linda is amazing because she helped Lucifer despite how lousy he is. Lucifer reluctantly agrees and Nigel says that he'll include it in the notes. When Lucifer mentions that Linda is a great lover, Nigel perks up and Maze tries to get Lucifer out. Lucifer tries to explain that Linda saved his life after he asked her to kill him, and Maze gets him out the door.

Charlotte approaches Bianca and tells her that the police suspect Chet of killing Zeke. Bianca thanks her for the tip and says that she'll get to the bottom of it, and goes over to ask Chet what he did. He finally says that he took care of a problem, while Chloe listens from nearby. He explains that Zeke was selling artifacts on the side, and Bianca tells her son that she knew about it and was making 30%. Chet admits that he might have dropped his phone there, and takes him to somewhere private. He says that he saved the company's financial records on his phone, but he's already taking care of it. Bianca then goes over to talk to Chloe.

Dan and Amenadiel go to a bar and Dan explains that he performs improv to reorient himself and stop defining himself by other people. He figures that Lucifer casts a pretty big shadow and Amenadiel admits that Lucifer is always the favorite no matter how much he screws up. Dan points out that Amenadiel and Lucifer have a weird relationship with Charlotte, and Amenadiel assures him that they don't compete over her. The lab calls to tell Dan that they couldn't crack the phone, and Dan tells Amenadiel that he likes him more than Lucifer.

When Bianca says that she doesn't recognize Chloe, Chloe says that she's a fan of Chet's music. She gushes over Chet and recites the lyrics to one of his songs. The bouncers escort her away, and Chloe calls Dan and tells him that the information on the phone is more important than they thought.

Outside, Maze punches Lucifer in the gut and says that he made everything worse. She tells him to leave just like he's been planning all along, and Lucifer realizes that she knows about their plan to go back to Heaven. Maze says that he should have told him and punches him a few more times. She tells him that he hurts people and uses them like pawns... just like his parents. Lucifer warns her not to continue, but Maze tells him that he's just like his parents. She punches him and they charge at each other, yelling. They beat each other bloody until Lucifer calls a time out. He says that he wasn't going to abandon Maze, and he never said how long he was going to spend in Heaven. Maze realizes that Lucifer is playing his own angle and he needed her to be mad to sell the story. She points out that's even worse.

At the station, Ella tells Dan and Chloe that the phone is the key to taking down the Ruiz empire... but it will take a month to find the passcode. They figure Chet might run in the meantime, and check Chet's background to try and find a number combination meaningful to him.

The blood-covered Lucifer and Maze go to Linda's office, and she wonders if they killed Nigel. They admit that they did it to each other, and Maze tells Linda that Lucifer said that he and Linda used to screw. Linda figures that she's doomed, and isn't interested in leading Lucifer to realize why Maze is mad at him. She just tells him that Maze is pissed at him because he used her and Maze thought he abandoned her. Lucifer realizes that it bothers Maze now and admits that he should have realized. Linda says that her work is done--literally--and goes to get a drink. Before she goes, Maze tells Linda that she'll take care of it.

Bianca goes to Charlotte's law office and tells Charlotte that Chet killed Zeke and showed her what Zeke was smuggling and for who. She says that she has it and says that she'll give it to her if Charlotte gets Chet's phone from the police. If Charlotte doesn't do it then she'll make the object disappear forever.

Later, Charlotte goes to the station lab and introduces herself to Charlotte. She asks if she could borrow it and try some combinations, and Ella figures that she's waiting around for Dan. The tech agrees to give Charlotte the benefit of the doubt, but if she ever hurts Dan then she'll have someone break Charlotte's legs. Ella gets a call from her brother and asks Charlotte to watch the phone, and Charlotte agrees. As she grabs the phone and starts to leave, Chloe comes in and tells her to start talking.

At his penthouse, Lucifer is playing the piano when Chloe comes in. She tells him that she talked to Charlotte and Charlotte told her who she is and how they're related. Lucifer is surprised until Chloe tells him that Charlotte is his father's ex. Chloe wonders why Lucifer didn't tell her in the first place, and he asks how it came about. The detective says that Charlotte was stealing evidence, and that Charlotte told her that Bianca figures out that Chloe and Charlotte were working together, and threatened Charlotte's family if she didn't steal the phone. However, Chloe wonders if she can trust Charlotte. Lucifer tells her that Charlotte will stop at nothing to protect her children.

Charlotte brings Bianca the phone, and Bianca has a tech confirm that it wasn't cloned. She then offers Charlotte a drink and suggests that they toast to what a mother would do for her children. Chloe and Lucifer are listening in as Bianca talks about how Chet came close to destroying what she's built. The tech confirms that the phone is good, but Charlotte deliberately spills her drink on the wire. Chloe figures that either Charlotte is screwing them over or is in trouble, and she tells her men to go in.

Bianca gives Charlotte a key to a safe deposit box and says that the item is in there. She insists that she always holds up her side of the bargain, just as the police break in. Chloe arrests Bianca, and Charlotte tells Bianca that they're no longer be representing her. The detective then searches Charlotte, and Charlotte compliments her on her thoroughness. Chloe finds nothing... unaware that Charlotte slipped the key to Lucifer.

Later, Charlotte, Amenadiel, and Lucifer get the box's contents: a book. Amenadiel suggests that it's an instruction manual, and the pages are in a language Lucifer can't read because he only speaks every language. Amenadiel recognizes it as Sumerian and says that it will take him a few days to translate it. Charlotte says that she doesn't have that much time, and her sons wonder why she's in such a rush. She claims that she's just anxious and asks Amenadiel to start translating. Once she leaves, Amenadiel figures that there's something going on with her.

Maze goes to Nigel's office and shoves him back inside as he tries to leave.

At the station, Dan congratulations Chloe on arresting Bonita. They haven't found Chet yet, and Chloe admits that teaming up with Charlotte wasn't as bad as she expected. She explains that Charlotte is Lucifer's stepmother, and tells Dan to be careful with her. Dan insists that he'll be fine, and Chloe jokingly points out that if Dan married Charlotte then he'd be Lucifer's dad.

Chev visits Charlotte's office on her invitation, and she demands the real item that Zeke smuggled. He gives her a knife and stabs her in the stomach, and says that Charlotte ruined his life. Charlotte pulls the knife out and lights blasts from the wound, hits Chet, and incinerates him.

Lucifer plays the piano as Amenadiel translates, and Amenadiel says that God shattered the Flaming Sword into three pieces: the Flaming Blade, the Medallion of Life, and the Key that binds them all together. The book says that God entrusted the Key to his favorite son. Furious, Amenadiel says that it's always Lucifer. Lucifer says that he has no idea what the Key is, and Amenadiel points out that he's wearing a ring and never removed it. He tells him to attach the ring to the assembled Blade and Medallion, and Lucifer points out that the charm on the necklace he wears is attracted to the Sword. They realize that God entrusted the Key to Amenadiel.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2017

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