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Toss Up Recap

Naomi Wallace enters the sheriff's office and introduces herself to Hoby. She asks for his help and asks if he knows Billy McCall. Hoby knows that he's a gunman, and Nomi tells him that her husband Paul hired Billy to come to Porter to protect him. The sheriff knows that Billy is a hired killer, and Naomi admits that the man who wants to kill Paul is her brother Gary Whitfield.

Later, Hoby goes to the Wallace ranch. Paul isn't surprised to see him, and the serving girl Teresa summons Naomi. The man says that Naomi resents him hiring bodyguards, and explains that Billy is bring Larson and Reynolds with him. Hoby points out that their killers, and Naomi says that Naomi's brother Gary Whitfield won't stand a chance. Paul tells her to have Gary call the whole thing off, and explains that he killed Gary' father so he figures the townspeople would side with Gary. Naomi has shown Hoby Gary' letter, saying that he's been discharged from the Army, is coming to Porter, and will shoot Paul on sight. His wife insists that it isn't what it says, and Paul tells her that they've told Gary that he's offered him the 50% of the ranch that Gary is entitled to.

Naomi storms out and Hoby asks if Gary was at the ranch when he was died. Scott claims that he didn't kill his father-in-law, and admits that he and Naomi once loved each other. Gary' letters came and they chiseled away at the love, and Paul figures that she has to choose between him and Gary. Hoby warns that it's his business now, and advises Paul to pay Billy off and tell him to stay where he is because he'll protect Paul. Once Hoby leaves, Paul takes a revolver out of his desk drawer.

Hoby returns to the sheriff's office and finds Gary's friend Tris Corey waiting for him. He wants Hoby to take Paul in for Tom Whitfield's murder. Tom claimed that Paul was innocent on his deathbed, but Tris figures that he was delirious. Hoby insists that Paul was found innocent, but Tris says that Paul is a drifter and a killer. He gunned down Tom, married Naomi, and got the ranch. Hoby figures that Tris is sore that Naomi picked Paul over him, and Tris insists that he's going to stick with Gary. The sheriff tells him to stay out of it, and when Tris grabs his arm, Hoby punches him in the gut and throws him out of his office. Tris promises him that the next time it will be his turn and walks off.

Billy and his men ride into Porter and hail Hoby. The lead gunmen insists that he's not there looking for trouble and explains that Paul hired them for protection. Billy tells Hoby that if they can't handle the job, they might call Hoby in. Hoby asks for his gun, and Billy refuses to hand it over. Billy insists that they're on the same side and glances at the lock, which shows an hour forty until Gary's stage arrives. He says that the killer arrives in town at 4 and they ride out to the Wallace ranch.

Naomi rides her carriage into town, and Tris tells her that they're going to see Gary gets his rights. Naomi tells him to stay out of it, and Tris angrily tells her that she should have married someone her kind. Hoby goes over and tells Tris to butt out of it, just as the stage arrives. Gary isn't aboard, and the driver says that Gary got off 12 miles out at a water stop. Naomi leaves and Tris and his men figure that they can beat Gary there. Hoby blocks him and when Tris goes for his gun, Hoby pistol-whips him. He draws on Tris' friends and they quickly back down.

After locking Tris up, Hoby rides out to the ranch. Billy and his men step out and Billy points out that they have a clear shot fifteen minutes out and orders to shoot first. Hoby goes inside and asks if it's Paul's orders for them to shoot first. Paul confirms those are his orders, and Naomi says that Gary won't listen to her. Hoby asks if Paul will call off his "bodyguards" if he orders them to, and Paul refuses. He asks Paul to hold them off until he can talk to Gary, but Paul figures that it'll do no good. Naomi warns that neither one of them will listen.

Billy comes in and says that Gary is coming. Hoby tells Naomi that Gary is going to die so they might as well have the truth. Paul admits that Naomi has a hard choice, and she can ride out and turn Gary back and then he'll cut Paul down from ambush. He opens the door for her, and Naomi finally goes out.

Hoby points out that Paul did everything but push Naomi out of the car, and Paul explains that Tom hated her because he's English and a failure everywhere else. Tom despised Naomi for marrying Paul, and beat her for it. Naomi refused to leave, and the day Tom found out they were going to have a baby he went crazy. He went for his shotgun, Paul fought him for it, and Tom was accidentally killed when it went off. Nobody in town would have believed him, and Paul admits that he didn't know if he intended to kill Tom. Paul figures that Naomi and Gary figure that he's guilty, and maybe she stayed with him to save the ranch.

Naomi comes in and hugs Paul, and Hoby tells them that Gary is almost in range. Paul pays off Billy to leave, and then tells Naomi that he'll have to face Gary. He straps on his gun and tells Hoby that it's up to him to settle it. Paul goes out and Hoby follows him as Gary rides up. The Englishman insists that it happened the way Naomi wrote in her letters, but Gary doesn't believe him. He prepares to draw, and Hoby takes Paul's gun and tosses Gary the gun, while pointing out that it's unloaded. Gary confirms that the gun is empty, and Hoby says that Paul would rather die than kill Gary and face Naomi. Realizing the truth, Gary drops the revolver, mounts up, and rides away. Paul figures that Gary will come back once he's had a chance to think it over.

Hoby picks up the revolver and gives it back to Paul. Paul figures that he won't need protection, and Naomi thanks Hoby for saving her brother and her husband.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2017

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