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License to Drill Recap

Jay is at the station when someone knocks on the door. He lets the woman in and she asks for Jay by name. She introduces herself as Laura Ashley and says that her husband is cheating on her. when he points out that she's looking for a private detective rather than a police detective, Laura breaks into tears. Jay agrees to take her case, and Laura warns that her husband, Councilman Steve, is a powerful man. She's going to file for divorce, and figures that if she prove he's having an affair then she can avoid a prolonged court case. Laura gives Jay a photo of Steve and her email address to reach her, and kisses him on the cheek.

Angie and the other officers come in, and Jay explains that he took Ashley's case. She points out the lipstick on his cheek and he wipes it off. Jay asks about Peter being alive, and Jay says that her stepmother Connie is in the area and she's going to look her up. Jay realizes that his gun is missing and Angie offers him one of her extras from Costco.

Later, Angie has Connie brought in. Angie says that she knows that Peter is still alive, and wonders why Connie lied to her. Connie says that Peter didn't want to be around Angie, and she lost Peter because he didn't want to be around Peter. She admits that she doesn't know where Peter is, and Angie walks out.

Jay goes to Steve's house and discovers that the front door is open. He goes inside and hears a woman moaning. Checking upstairs, Jay finds Steve's corpse on the bedroom and a radio playing lovemaking sounds. There's a gun on the bed, and Jay realizes that it's his gun. Danny and several officers break in, and Danny says that they just got a call about a shooting. They share a laugh over the fact that it looks like Jay killed him, and Danny handcuffs him and takes him away.

Later at the station, Angie and Danny tell Pritkin what happened. Pritkin figures that Abigail will get involved, and discovers that Abigail is sitting in his chair. Angie explains that some woman hired Jay to take photos of Steve cheating on his wife, and Abigail tells them that Steve was a bachelor. She tells them that it's over for Jay.

Angie and Danny bring in Nathan, a kid who was selling lemonade when he saw Jay go into the house and then gunshots. They confront Nathan with the fact he was doing cartwheels 30 minutes later, and Angie figures that Nathan is a liar. Danny takes over and shows Nathan a photo of Jay. Nathan recognizes jay as the man who went in and then heard gunshots afterward. The boy's mother calls him to dinner and he runs off. They figure that Nathan is lying.

Pritkin calls Danny and Angie in to meet with Mr. X, another member of the LA City Council. Mr. X says that Steve was the deciding vote on a ban against oil drilling inside city limits. There are dark forces that would do anything to stop the ban from passing, and steps out of the shadows to reveal his nametag: Gary Ecks.

Gary takes the officers to backyard where they're pumping oil. The councilman insists that the CEO of Westernish Energy, Mortimer Begoyle, was the loudest voice against the ban.

Hoffman goes to question Mortimer, who says that he runs a legitimate business. However, he insists that he's not a murderer and had nothing to do with Steve's murder. Mortimer soon breaks and says that he cries himself to sleep, and asks Hoffman to put him out of his misery.

Angie checks with Monica, who reports that all of the evidence shows that Jay is the killer. However, there were other fingerprints and footprints at the scene. Jay comes in with the other prisoners that he's chained to, and explains that they were picking up trash when the guard took a phone call. He tells Angie and Monica that the woman who hired him had a tattoo of a dipping bird toy on her left breast. Jay figures that if they can locate the tattoo artist then they can find her, and admits that he got the death penalty. Monica tells Jay that she loves him and they kiss, and Jay knows all about the ban. She has the killer stats from the footprints, and Angie promises to find her.

Later, Angie goes to a stable where Abigail is working. The officer insists that Jay didn't do it and asks for her help to clear Jay's name. Abigail finally agrees to some digging and rides out to joust.

Later, Abigail and her men go to Nathan's lemonade stand and arrest him for selling lemonade without a license. She checks his records and discovers that he made $11 million. They check the footage on the phone belonging to Nathan's friend Kyle, and it shows Jay going into the house and no gunshots. Danny hasn't turned up any tattoo artists who make bird dipper tattoos, and Angie realizes that it's an oil derrick. The prison calls to tell Pritkin that they moved Jay's execution u to that day.

In prison, Jay refuses to eat his last meal because he figures that he's not going to be executed because Angie will come through.

Danny makes some calls and discovers that Mortimer's daughter Stephanie got an oil derrick tattoo six months ago. She's the heir to the Westernish Energy fortune, and Pritkin tells them to take her down. Angie and Abigail go to Mortimer's office and discover that he's dead. Stephanie comes in behind them and has them drop their guns. She insists that oil is the future and headache and nausea are a small price to pay. Mortimer was going to quit and hand out pretzel samples, and Angie says that her father faked his death when she was 12 and would give up everything to hear his voice. Stephanie has no idea why Angie is telling her that, and prepares to shoot. Danny comes in and slams the doors into Stephanie, and wonders what's going on. Angie remembers Jay and drives to the prison.

The guards conduct a practice run on Jay. As they prepare to do the same thing, Angie bursts in and tells them to stop the execution. She frees Jay and says that they cleared her name, and they hug.

At the council meeting, the ban is passed. Angie and Abigail are there, and Angie thanks Abigail for her help. Abigail has dug up information on Peter, explains that they've been spying on Angie for the last year and knew all about it.

Written by Gadfly on May 23, 2017

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