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The Louisiana Dude Recap

On the Sultana, Yancy is playing poker and winning. His opponent Henry Duval tells Yancy that he's now one-half owner in the Little Bonanza Silver Mine near Virginia City. Duval insists that it possesses vast wealth. Yancy asks about the other owner, Bulette, and Duval merely says that Bulette is easy to get along with. Captain Tom reports that the safety valve is stuck. When he and Yancy go to check it out, they get the crewman out just in time as the boiler explodes. Tom warns that it will take $6,000 to replace the boiler, and Yancy figures that he can get it in Virginia City.

Soon, Yancy and Pahoo take a train and stage to Virginia City. The locals come over and their leader, Nat Greer, says that Yancy is a dude and Pahoo is Yancy's nurse. Greer yanks Yancy out of the carriage, and Yancy spins him around and Pahoo trains his shotgun on him. Yancy drags Greer inside for a drink. Greer goes for his gun but the hostess, Julia, tells him to put it away. She tells Yancy that it's a raw town and the "boys" like to play. Yancy introduces himself and says that he's there from New Orleans on business. Julia invites him to play three-card monte, and Yancy wins the first round. She suggests that they play for $100 a round, and Yancy agrees. He wins again and Julia raises the stakes to $500. Yancy proposes $1,000, and Julia agrees, betting her diamond ring. This time she palms the ace but Yancy reveals the other two cards and collects his winnings.

Julia walks off, disgusted, and Greer ties to throw a punch at Yancy. Yancy kicks him away and Pahoo draws his shotgun on the crowd. A man, Big Jim Ogden, tells them all to back off and figures that Julia got what was coming to her. He orders a round of drinks on the house and tells Yancy that no one else has ever gotten the best of Julia before. Big Jim offers $1,000 for the ring, but Yancy refuses. When Yancy says why he's there, Big Jim asks what he plans to do with the Little bonanza. Yancy says that he plans to work it to see if it has any value, and asks where Bulette is.

Big Jim says that Bulette is at the top of the stairs, and Yancy goes up to the room. It's Julia, and Yancy explains that Bulette is his partner in the Little Bonanza. She tells him that Yancy has been swindled, and admits that she's Bulette. Julia explains that the Little Bonanza made $17 before expenses the previous year, She pours drinks and admit that she's notorious and needy. The saloon is mortgaged to the hilt, and she deals from the bottom to keep up appearances. Julia advises Yancy to go back to New Orleans, but he wants to look at the mine first. Amuses, she admits that she likes him and promises to never cheat again if the mine pays off. Julia gives Yancy her good luck charm and they kiss to "seal the bargain." Yancy gives her the diamond ring back and leaves with her good luck charm.

When Yancy returns downstairs, Big Jim explains that his mine is next to the Little Bonanza. Once Yancy and Pahoo leave, Greer and his man Fitch come over and Big Jim tells them that they have work to do.

Julia is in her room when someone throws a scarf around her neck and strangles her.

Yancy and Pahoo arrive at the Little Bonanza and look around. The mine entrance is marked "keep out," and the two men go inside. Loose rock falls constantly, and there's no sign of silver veins. Outside Big Jim and Greer ride up and Greer tosses in a lit stick of dynamite. It blows up, sealing off the entrance.

Inside, Pahoo produces some dynamite and Yancy tells him to save it for later. They continue looking for silver and find a boarded-off tunnel. Yancy uses the dynamite to blow open the wall and the two men find silver veins inside. Yancy realizes that the tunnel leads to Big Jim's claim, and he dug in to get the silver. They smell fresh air and figure that they can get out the same way that Big Jim gets in.

Once they escape, Yancy and Pahoo ride back to Virginia City. They go in and find everyone in town waiting. Greer points Yancy out to the sheriff, Anderson, and Anderson accuses Yancy of murdering Julia. Greer says that Yancy was Julia's last visitor, and Anderson arrests him. He has Yancy's bag and Julia's jewelry is inside. Big Jim has brought Judge Harper with him, and explains that Harper helped them search Yancy's room. Yancy asks Big Jim if he did it, but Big Jim denies it. The gambler then says that Big Jim has been looting Julia's mine, and he murdered Julia and tried to murder him because he knew Yancy would find out. Greer punches Yancy and Yancy punches him back.

Anderson draws his gun and tells them both to stop. Greer wants to hang Yancy now, and cold-cocks Anderson. Fitch brings a lynch rope and Big Jim leads the mob. Yancy grabs Big Jim's hand and then asks where he got the ring on it. When Big Jim claims that it's his, Yancy says that he won it from Julia and gave it back to her, and she was wearing it when he left. Big Jim claims that he took the ring when they searched Yancy's room, but Harper remembers that Big Jim had it on before then. When Big Jim claims Greer took it, Greer shoots his boss and makes a run for it. Yancy shoots him dead with Pahoo's shotgun.

Later, Yancy and Pahoo prepare to go after Harper advances them $6,000 for the silver. The judge assures Yancy that he'll keep the mine going for himself... and his new partner, Yancy.

Written by Gadfly on May 23, 2017

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