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Finish Line Recap

Flash holds Iris' body in his arms. On the nearby rooftops, Joe drops his gun and sits down, crying. H.R. runs up and aims the gun, but Savitar. He realizes that Iris is dead. "Iris" suddenly gasps and turns off the transmorgifier, revealing that it's H.R.

On the rooftop, "H.R." removes his hat and calls Joe "Dad". She turns off the transmorgifier that H.R. gave her and father and daughter hug. Iris explains that H.R. took he place.

Earlier, H.R. goes to Savitar's lab and frees Iris. Future-Barry and Killer Frost see them, and H.R. and Iris runs outside. He uses the transmorgifiers so that he and Iris can switch places, and H.R. explains that he's the reason that Savitar found her. Killer Frost arrives and blasts "H.R.", and "Iris" surrenders to the villainess.

Tracy runs to H.R., who says that it's okay. He tells her that he couldn't be a coward, and says that Tracy will be glorious. H.R. says that he loves her and whispers to Flash to tell Cisco. Flash agrees and H.R. tells him with his dying breath to stop Savitar. Iris runs up, and she and Flash hug. Joe arrives and tells them that Savitar took the bazooka.

Killer Frost prepares to kill Vibe, but Savitar arrives and tells her to keep Vibe alive because he needs vibe to build something for him.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Flash, Iris, and Joe check the future newspaper and discover that the byline has changed back to Iris' name. Relieved, they all hug.

Savitar remembers what happened and realizes what H.R did. Vibe realizes that the future is changing, and Savitar tells Vibe that his future is changing as well.

When Julian arrives, the team tells him what happened. Barry says that they need to figure out their next move. Joe wonders what happens to Savitar since Iris lived, and they figure that once the time paradox catches up with Savitar, he'll be wiped out from existence. They don't know how long it will take, and Joe points out that Savitar can do a lot of damage in a few hours. Barry figures that Savitar stole the bazooka for a reason, and needs it and Caitlin to complete his plans. Julian shows them a cure that he and Caitlin's mother created for Caitlin. It's an experimental gene therapy that will rewrite Caitlin's DNA and bring her back.

Kid Flash arrives and reports that Savitar has both Killer Frost and Vibe.

Savitar takes the two of them to his lair and Cisco points out that Savitar will soon be wiped from existence. Future-Barry tells Cisco to fix the bazooka. Cisco points out that he didn't make it and doesn't know what it does, and Future-Barry tells him to fix it so it's an interdimensional quantum-splicer. He plans to open a time portal and when Cisco shoots him with it, it fragments him throughout all of time. After that, the paradox can't reach him. All of his fragments will be connected and Future-Barry will rule from the Big Bang until the end of the world. His plan was to have Tracy build the bazooka a little earlier and have Cisco make the adjustments. When Cisco refuses, Future-Barry says that he'll kill Killer Frost. Future-Barry remembers Julian getting to S.T.A.R. Labs with the cure to restore Caitlin.

Iris finds Barry in the time vault looking at Reverse Flash's costume. Barry tells her that he's hated Savitar for threatening to take her away from him, and explains that he's used anger before. However, he doesn't think that hate is going to get it done. Barry says that Len told him that he should be a hero, and is going to do the last thing Savitar expects.

Later, Barry meets privately with Future-Barry, who remembers meeting with him. Future-Barry says that Cisco and Caitlin are still alive, and Barry tells him that he wants to help him. He suggests that he come back to S.T.A.R. Labs and they'll find a way to help him. Barry tells Future-Barry to check his memories and know that he hasn't set a trap, and tells Future-Barry that he must be there inside of him. He offers him everything back that he wants, and describes how he begged his parents to let him go to the science expo. They were towed to a tiny town and got ice cream and French fries, and that night they watched the local fireworks show. It turned out to be a great day, and it's Barry's favorite memory of his parents. Barry asks Future-Barry what the name of the town was, and Future-Barry remembers. Realizing that he's still inside of Future-Barry, Barry tells his future self to come home.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team waits. The two Barrys come in and Barry tells them that Future-Barry won't kill Iris because it won't save him. Julian asks Future-Barry where Caitlin is, and Future-Barry says that he'll tell them once they prove that they can help him. When the others object, Barry tells them to calm down. Iris tells Future-Barry to look at her, and she gently strokes the scars on his face. She says that they're going to help him, and Future-Barry thanks her. Wally suggests that Tracy might have an idea of how to save Future-Barry, just as Tracy comes in. She's happy to let Future-Barry die, saying that he stole her future, and walks out. Future-Barry says that he shouldn't have come there, and Barry tells him that they'll get her to help them. Iris figures that there's someone who can get through to Tracy.

Later, Harry enters Tracy's labs and explains that he's from a different Earth. He says that the team are good people and they need her help, but Tracy says that she only helped because of H.R. Harry tells her that H.R. paid the price he did because he loved the team and he loved Tracy. When the moment came, H.R., didn't run.

Future-Barry looks around the lab and tells Iris that he remembers everything. He mentions events in Barry's future, and asks where he'll live. Barry admits that they don’t have all answer, but they'll figure it out together. Future-Barry says that they won't be together, and it's easy to mistake love and hate because they're so close. Iris will spend the rest of her life with Barry, but he remembers asking Iris to marry him. Future-Barry starts to leave, but Iris says that she will be there for him. When he says that he tried to kill her and killed H.R., Iris tells him that he'll have to live with that but they won't give up on him. She asks where Cisco and Caitlin are, and Future-Barry says that he'll bring them home.

After Future-Barry speeds off, an alarm goes off. The Philosopher's Stone in the breach room is releasing all of its energy. Barry and Wally get everyone out as the Stone explodes, releasing a burst of energy into the sky

Cisco tells Killer Frost that the bazooka is finished, and warns that Savitar will turn on her one day. She doesn't believe it, but Cisco says that once Savitar gets what he wanted he'll dispose of her. Future-Barry returns and says that it went expected and he was a fool to think otherwise. He explains that he got rid of a few problems and now he can fix his. Killer Frost says that they're ready, and Future-Barry tells her to do it. She prepares to kill Vibe, but Gypsy arrives, breaches away the ice, and breaches off with Cisco. Future-Barry says that it doesn't matter that they escaped because it's time.

Gypsy and Cisco arrive at the West home, and Cisco says that he was getting through to Killer Frost. She explains that they're connected and she knew that Cisco was in danger. The others greet Cisco, and Cisco says that he knows what Savitar is up to.

Savitar takes Killer Frost to the forest and says he will become a god. He opens a wormhole and tells Killer Frost that he needs her. Black Flash comes out of the portal and Killer Frost freezes him solid. She uses the bazooka on Savitar and he starts to fragment. However, the process stops. Jay Garrick speeds out of the wormhole, and Cisco arrives and says that he changed the polarity of the bazooka so that it would free Jay. The others are with him, and Flash speeds after Savitar while Killer Frost attacks the others.

Vibe and Gypsy blast Killer Frost down, and Vibe moves in on her. Killer Frost tells him to go bad, but after a moment he lowers his hand, takes out the vial with the cure, and says that she can be Caitlin again if she wants. He tosses the vial on the ground in front of her and starts to walk away... and Savitar runs up and prepares to kill Vibe for what he did. Killer Frost blasts Savitar away and helps Vibe up, and Savitar says that he knew Caitlin didn't have it in her. Flash speeds up and Savitar slams him down. He says that he's going to kill all of Barry's friends before he dies. As he turns to go, Flash speeds into the armor, knocking Future-Barry out of it. Future-Barry says that it's written and attacks, but Barry easily fights him off and prepares to spear him. The remnant tells him to do it, because he'll either become him or he'll live. After a moment, Flash shatters the armor from within and tells Future-Barry that he'll never let the pain and darkness determine who he is. He punches Future-Barry unconscious and walks to the others. Future-Barry gets up and speeds toward him... and Iris shoots him in the back. The remnant disappears as the paradox catches up to him, and Iris tells Flash that she saved him.

Later, the team gathers for H.R.'s funeral. Iris says the eulogy She talks about H.R. understood life and he was her hero. Tracy walks away as Cisco puts H.R. drumsticks on the grave. The others say their goodbyes, and Barry tells Cisco that H.R. told him that Cisco gave him strength. Cisco admits that he had a connection to H.R. but doesn't go into detail. Caitlin arrives and Barry, Cisco, and Julian go over to greet her. She says that she doesn't have a home to come back to, and gives Julian the cure back. Caitlin says that she's not Killer Frost and she's not Caitlin, and she needs to figure out who she is on her own. Cisco tries to stop her, but Caitlin tells him to let her go and walks away.

That night, Barry and Iris go home and burst into laughter. Barry figures that H.R. would have approved, and asks if Iris is okay with killing Future-Barry. She says that she'll be okay with it some day in her future now that she has a future, and takes out the date cards for their weddings that she filled out. She didn't mail them because she didn't know if she'd live the ceremony. Barry delivers them at superspeed and gives her the engagement ring.

The building shakes, and Barry and Iris look out the window. Lightning is slamming down around S.T.A.R. Labs. They go to the building and the others arrive. Harry figures that it was something other than an earthquake. Another quake strikes, getting stronger, and Barry and Jay realize that the Speed Force prison needs an occupant. Without a prisoner, it goes unstable. Barry says that they have to give it what it needs.

Everyone runs outside and Barry says that he has to stabilize it by running into it. Iris insists that Central City needs a Flash, and Barry says that it will have one. He hugs Wally and shakes hands with Julian and Harry. Iris reminds Barry that Jay and Wally said that they were in Hell. A wormhole opens and Nora steps out. Barry realizes that it's a manifestation of the Speed Force, and she says that Barry's race is over. When Iris objects, Barry says that he has to go. He explains that everything started with his mistake with Flashpoint, and going to the Speed Force is his penance and his redemption. Nora tells him that it's time to rest, and Barry tells Cisco that everyone will look to him and Cisco has always been his hero.

Barry tells Joe that he saved him, giving him love and hope. Joe says that no father has ever been more proud of a son. Iris says that they were supposed to have a happy ending, and Barry tells her to keep loving and running for him. She promises that she will and they kiss. Barry then takes Nora's hand and they go into the Speed Force together. The portal closes and the energy dies away.

Written by Gadfly on May 24, 2017

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