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Eat a Knievel Recap

Blaine goes to the home of Jeremy Chu, puts his gun to his head, and tells him to first show him where his brain supply is. Jeremy wonders what his next request is.

The next day at Fillmore Graves, Liv, Clive, Vivian, and Vivian's team watch the video that Harley posted online of Justin going full zombie. Justin says that it's his fault for letting himself get run over, and Zack warns that the enemy now has proof that zombies exist. Carey points out that the online comments so far suggest that most people don't worry about it. Clive warns that they don't have enough solid evidence to tie Harley and his brothers to the murders. Zack wants to handle it in-house, but Vivian tells him to calm down. She figures that Clive and Liv will capture the bad guys and adjourns the meeting.

After the meeting, Vivian talks to Major privately and congratulates him about his action in Qamar. She figures that he's the same Major that went to Qamar, and Major tells her that he came back more committed than ever. Vivian shakes his hand and points out that he apparently has a human pulse. Her assistant tells her that her chopper is ready, and Vivian warns Major that he did well in Qamar but screwed up when he let Harley and Bo escape. She asks how he's no longer a zombie.

A few minutes later, Major joins Liv and Clive outside. He tells them that Vivian knows that he's human and has taken him off of active duty, and she and Fortesan are heading to the zombie island. The helicopter explodes in mid-air and crashes to earth.

Later, Liv and her friends are at home watching the news. The reporter says that the crash was caused by mechanical failure. Liv figures that it was another zombie attack, but Clive points out that mechanical sabotage is a little beyond Harley. Ravi checks the anti-zombie message board and confirms that no one is taking credit for it. Major tells the others that Vivian's brother-in-law Chase Graves is flying back from Tripoli to take the reins. The zombie truthers are gathering at Harley's gun range the upcoming Saturday, and Ravi and Liv offer to go because Harley hasn’t met them. Clive warns that it could be dangerous, but Ravi insists that he's up for it.

Finn Vincible films a video of his newest stunt. He goes up to the front door of a woman, Taryn Phillips, with his camera crew in tow. Finn says that she dumped him but he's there to win her back. Taryn points out that her husband is with her, but Finn has his crew light up a fire ring, puts on a coat made out of hay to recreate they hay ride where Taryn dumped him, puts on goggles, and prepares to ride a bike through the ring. When he goes through it, the hay is set on fire and Finn collapses, screaming.

The next day, the police arrive and Clive pushes through the crowd of Finn's fans. Ravi explains that Finn has a web show, Stunted Growth, where Finn and his crew play pranks. The coroner shows Clive and Liv the original hay suit, which is treated to be fireproof. Ravi figures that someone switched suits, giving Finn a flammable suit. Finn's friend Rudy Bachman, aka "Rudy Pooh", arrives and demands to see the suit's liner. They show it to him and Rudy explains that it's the suit he made with a fireproof material. Rudy only made the one suit, and he insists that Finn would have been fine if he wore it. He says that Finn would have sprayed it with fire retardant himself, and Ravi explains that Rudy is technically crew. Rudy admits that Finn pissed off a lot of people, but everyone on the show loved him. Finn built himself up from nothing and built an empire. Rudy goes off to cry, and Clive figures that they should bring Finn's co-stars in for interviews.

At the morgue, Liv consumes Finn's brain/

Don E and Tanner are unloading brains from India while Blaine watches them from down the alley. Inside, Don E points out the mercenary regulars to Angus and explains that they're from Fillmore Graves. angus is impressed that the company has zombies working for it, and tells Don E that he's seen the future and the future is brains. Don E points out that they're only doing so-so, and Angus says Don E is someone who will serve the great men.

When Liv arrives at the squad room, Clive tells her that the Stunted Growth guys are there and one of them shot another with a stolen taser gun. Liv dismisses it as lame and Clive tells her that they came straight from Winn's wake. One of them is pounding a stapler into the others' arms, and Liv goes in to stop them... and drives the staples into her forehead and high-fives the guys.

In the interrogation room, Clive and Liv question the three guys, rooster, Alpha Dale, and Bruise. They explain that they're laughing their pain away, and Clive asks them if anyone had it out for Finn. One of them mentions Kong, and explains that Kong Hoshi is their cameraman. Rooster insists that Kong loved Finn. When Alpha Dale mentions the "one time," Rooster tells Clive that they all signed NDA and can't talk about it.

Baracus is making a commercial in the park and Kong is filming it. Clive and Liv arrive and tell Kong that they think the accident that killed Finn was rigged. Liv bluffs that Rooster and the others told them "super gnarly stuff," but Kong figures that they didn't say anything and he can't either because of the NDA. Clive complains that Liv didn't follow the plan to imply that Finn's buddies were talking.

Blaine goes to the funeral home and the painter comes in and interrupts him. Spinning, Blaine draws a gun and the man tells him that they're done with the trim.

At the Scratching Post, Don E shows Tanner a gift basket that they got from the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. Don E goes in the back and finds Angus meeting with some investors in his office. Angus explains that if they invest enough capital they can expand to a worldwide distribution. Disgusted, Don E leaves.

Clive goes to the morgue and finds Ravi and Liv watching Stunted Growth and laughing. Liv has a vision of a crying Rudy screaming at Finn about how he wants everything, and loses it when he realizes Finn is filming him. She tells Clive and Ravi what she saw, and Clive figures that there must be footage.

Rooster and the others come in, and Clive describes Liv's visions without saying where it came from. Rooster says that they weren't there and Finn didn't use the footage because it was "too raw." Clive asks them to help him find Finn's helper, but the three men say that they can't help and leave. As Liv and Clive come out, Alpha Dale comes back and tells them that their editor sent them a link to the footage. He shows them the footage, which has Rudy coming in on his girlfriend with Finn. The girl, Stasha, is surprised that Finn is filming but Finn says that she was in on it. Alpha Dale admits that he doesn't know if Finn actually slept with Stasha or not.

Clive calls Rudy in and asks if he and Finn were really buddies. Rudy tells him to punch him in the nuts to prove a point. Clive refuses but Liv is glad to do it. Rudy shrugs it off and says that he's always wearing a cup. Liv gives Rudy a cup of coffee and they ask if the footage was part of the show. Rudy insists that Finn really didn't do it, and Stasha is his wife of five months. Clive asks him about Kong, and Rudy says that he wasn't there and didn't sign any NDAs. Kong's son Lee tried to skateboard off of a roof into a pool and missed, and ended up crippled for life. Finn was Lee's hero, and Finn might have provided some tips to Lee. The show coughed up settlement money to Kong's family. Once Rudy leaves, Liv starts to leave. Clive asks why he can't let go of the cup, and Liv goes berserk.

Later, Liv shows Ravi the prank. He says that they've got an invite to the zombie truthers meeting, and Liv figures that it's a great dare. Ravi wants to practice their fake accents, but Liv says that she has plans. Justin meets her at her home, and Liv suggests that they eat the same brain. She dares Justin to eat it and he finally does. Liv says that they're going to take things to the next level and asks where they can get some Super Max.

Liv and Justin go out, drink Super Max, crush cans on their heads, and throw lawn darts as high as they can. They lay down and the arts fall into them, and Justin admits that it's the best date later. Liv pulls a dart out of Justin's chest and then kisses him. She has a vision of Finn in bed with Stasha in his trailer. Alpha Dale comes in with the hay suit and a can of flame retardant, and says that Rudy bought it and it's better than the usual stuff.

At the Scratching Post, Don E and Tanner bring in a crate and Angus tells Don E to bring him another drink. Don E glares at him and goes to get his drink. Blaine calls him and says that he's coming for him and Angus. Don E hangs up and tells Angus that Blaine called and he's not dead. Dino insists that he took care of Blaine, and Angus tells Don E, Dino, and Tanner to find Blaine and bring in his head.

Clive and Liv go to Rudy's home. Stasha's aunt Essi answers the door and says that Stasha is napping. Clive asks to see Rudy's workshop and Essi lets them. Liv and Clive go in and she Liv knocks a box of fake bugs on Clive. As she laughs, Clive finds a can of flame retardant and wonders if Rudy changed the label. Liv sprays her arm with it and puts a lighter to it, and confirms that it's flame retardant. Stasha comes in and says that they have no right to be there. As they go, Essi comes out holding Stasha's baby. She says that the baby is four days old, and the baby is clearly Finn's child.

Back at the station, Liv calls Rudy in again and says that they met his son. Stasha testified that Rudy stormed out of the delivery room when he saw "his" son. The baby was born 39 weeks after the incident where Finn supposedly slept with Stasha. He really did, and when Rudy out, he switched in the flammable hay suit. Rudy bursts into laughter and says that Finn was evil, and that he posted the video of Finn's death online. He tells Clive that he's legally changing his name to Rudy Pooh, and Clive arrests him.

Angus has one of his thugs unpack the crate Don E and Tanner deliver. The thug says that there's cerement inside, and Blaine shoots him, pops out, and kills Angus' remaining thug. Angus tries to run and Blaine shoots him in the hand. Blaine shoots his other hand and Angus admits that he's impressed that he's turned a spoiled brat into a man with initiative. He says that they should focus on the future and start a father and son business. Blaine kicks a tub out of the crate and tells Angus to step in.

Later, Blaine pours concrete into the tub around Angus' feet, gags him, and takes him to their family estate. He hangs Angus over a wishing well and talks about how Angus beat him and psychologically tortured his wife. Blaine yanks the tape off of Angus' mouth, and Angus says that he beat Blaine because he was miserable. He tells Blaine that they could have made millions together but Blaine has hurt feelings and is no businessman. Blaine drops him into the well and then goes back over, tells Angus to bribe his way out with the pennies he dropped in, and walks away.

Don E returns to the bar and finds Blaine at his desk. Blaine says that Angus is well, and Don E admits that he doesn't care. He asks how Blaine wants to do it, and Blaine tells him that he needs him. He explains that Angus planned to make millions, and Blaine wants Don E to manage the bar while he handles the brain business. Don E immediately agrees.

The mercenaries drink at the wake for Vivian. Chase arrives, turns off the music, and says that they've gotten lazy and they're supposed to be protecting the zombies that came out of the Super Max basement. When they say that Carey gave them the night off, Chase tells them that they answer to him now. He points out that they're missing six cans of Super Max, and Justin admits that he took them. Chase shoots him in the chest and tells him not to do it again, and tells them to be online the next day.

Liv uses spray-on tan and a wig to look human, and she and Ravi go into the zombie truther meeting. They're checking people's blood pressure with a cuff, and Ravi wants to leave. Liv figures that she can past the test if she gets her adrenaline up. Harley sees her and comes over and thinks that she looks familiar, and Ravi says that one of them has to go home and check on the baby. Liv agrees but insists that are zombies are real and walks out while Harley tests Ravi.

Written by Gadfly on May 24, 2017

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