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Lemon Scented You Recap

In the distant past, the Asians who have traveled across the land bridge to what would be the United States. Atsula buries her dead daughter. Their god Nunyunnini travels with them, but they find no food in the new lands. Atsula communicates with Nunyunnini, who shows her what to do as he had showed her ancestors. He tells her that the escape from the starvation and cold would come at a terrible price. Atsula dies facing a great beast, They then kill one of their own and feast upon her. Eventually Nunyunnini is forgotten.


Shadow enters the motel room and Laura greets him. He wonders what she's doing there, and Laura says that she's cold. He tosses a pillow at her and says that he was just seeing if she was real. Laura throws it back at him and says that she is, and invites him to sit next to her on the bed. Shadow points out that they have some unresolved matters to discuss, and points out that she was having an affair with Robbie. Laura agrees, but notes that there's also the miracle of her sitting there when she's dead. He sits down and tells her to start talking and he'll tell her when to stop.

Laura says that she wasn't lying to him when she said that she could wait for him. She explains that she waited thirteen months and she turned to Robbie after her cat died. Laura assures Shadow that she wouldn't have left him for Robbie, and gave Robbie a goodbye blowjob on the night he died. Robbie swerved and the car crashed. After that she died, came back, and found herself in a box. Laura asks for a cigarette and as Shadow leaves Laura still sees him in a golden light.

Outside, Shadow gets a pack of cigarettes from the machine. He goes back inside, and notices someone across the street watching him. When he goes into the motel room, there's no sign of Laura. She calls to him from the bathroom, and she soaks in hot water and says that she thought she would warm herself in case he was considering touching or kissing he. Shadow points out that people who die to stay in their graves, but Laura notes that may not be the case.

A crow flies to Wednesday's room. He opens the door and the crow caws at him.

Laura smokes the cigarette but says that she can't taste it. Shadow puts his wedding ring on the counter and sits down, and says that the last time he called her, he had a feeling that he would never see her again. When he says that nothing feels okay, Laura tells him that the two of them feel okay. She gets out of the tub and says that there are some things that they'll have to work on with their marriage, and kisses Shadow. A light fills her chest and her heart beats for a moment. Laura says that she felt alive for a moment, and Shadow tells her that she feels alive. Satisfied, Laura goes to the mirror and assures Shadow that she knows that loves him. She tells him that he's mixed up in some weird shit and she wants to help him. Laura thanks him for the coin and says that Mad Sweeney can't have it because it's hers now. She asks if Shadow is still her Puppy, and Shadow tells her that he's not.

Wednesday knocks at the door and Shadow opens it. The older man says that he needs a drink and insists that Shadow come with him. Shadow tells him that it isn't the time, and notices a rotting smell. When Wednesday tries to go in, Shadow blocks him and steps out, and says that he's trying to wrap his head around what he's seen.

Police cars pull up to the motel, lights flashing, and the detective in charge—Buffer-- arrests them. Her partner Cambro says that they're under arrest for bank robbery.

Laura submerges herself completely in the tub. She sees Shadow's light disappear.

Technical Boy walks through a parking lot to his limo. The streetlights go out around him, and a virtual helmet jumps onto his head. Media is there, posing as David Bowie, and tells him that Technical Boy has an image problem and he has to ask how he wants the world--and Mr. World--to see him. She points out that Technical Boy lynched a black man, and Technical Boy insists that Shadow was fucking with him. Media tells him to apologize, and Mr. World wants to regift Technical Boy's apology to Shadow and Wednesday. Technical Boy insists that Wednesday is recruiting, and Media warns that martyrdom is a popular recruiting tool and they have to stop Wednesday before it all blows up in their faces. When Technical Boy refuses to apologize, Media says that Wednesday doesn't need everyone to believe: just enough. Maybe just one.

Buffer points out to Shadow that Wednesday doesn't have an ID but Shadow does. He demands a lawyer, and Buffer ignores his request

Cambro questions Wednesday and asks if Shadow took him from the retirement home where he lives. Wednesday rants about how he lives on a beach and fishes.

Buffer says that Wednesday pissed off someone and Shadow is about to hit by the shrapnel. Shadow demands his lawyer.

Wednesday tells Cambro that he was recruiting a tired but vital old god into a war against the New Gods who fear him as much as they should fear Wednesday but don't... yet.

Buffer warns him that it isn't the average case, and advises him to consider before answering her next question. She asks if Wednesday has enemies, and Shadow asks for a lawyer. Buffer tells him that they got an anonymous tip via a fax that has never been turned on, and it gave the police GPS coordinates. Shadow tells her that she has his attention.

Wednesday talks about Mad Sweeney and Nancy.

Buffer explains that they received surveillance footage about Shadow and Wednesday, and wants to know what Shadow knows. He warns hr that she doesn't, and says that he wants to walk out if he talks. She suggests that the DA might look sympathetically at Shadow since he lost his wife recently, and he chuckles.

Laura finally gets out of the tub and puts on her clothes. Mad Sweeney breaks into the room and demands Laura's coin. He sees it through her mouth, deep in her stomach. Laura flicks him across the room with one finger and says that it's her coin. Mad Sweeney insists that it's his, and Laura breaks his hand and says that Shadow gave it to her. The leprechaun says that he gave the wrong coin to Shadow, and Laura breaks his finger and steps on his hand. She then demands honest answers and asks how Mad Sweeney met Shadow. Mad Sweeney says that Wednesday told him to go to a bar and pick a fight with Shadow to see what he was made of. Laura lets Mad Sweeney up, and he says that Wednesday is a god. He tells Laura that Shadow shouldn't trust Wednesday, and offers her hundreds of coins just as good for the one he has. Laura doesn't believe him, and figures that she has to give it to him freely. She tells Mad Sweeney that he's fucked and he's never going to get his coin back.

Mad Sweeney tells her that eventually her body will liquefy. When she does, he'll pluck the coin out of her. he grabs her and tries to drown her in the tub. The police come in and arrest him, and Mad Sweeney insists that Laura is dead. She feigns being dead, and the police cuff Mad Sweeney.

Buffer brings Shadow into Wednesday's interrogation room and admits that Shadow is loyal. She tells them to talk about what they need to talk about and then she wants to hear about it. Wednesday says that he has nothing to talk about, and she shows him the satellite photographs. They still don't talk, and Buffer leaves. A spider picks Wednesday's handcuffs, and Wednesday tells Shadow that the photographs are a particular god's eye view of the world. The spider opens the handcuffs, and Wednesday tells Shadow that it's a friend of his. Shadow grabs him and realizes that someone big is after Wednesday and he's afraid of them.

As Shadow demands to know who Wednesday is, they hear screaming outside. Wednesday tells him that Shadow doesn't want to let them see his face until he's ready to be seen. Media floats in, posing as Marilyn Monroe, and Shadow realizes that it's the same entity that he saw as Lucy in the department store. Wednesday says that they have no business with her, and Media tells him that they want to change that.

Shadow tells Wednesday to tell him that it isn't real, and Mr. World enters the interrogation room. He apologizes for not reaching out to Wednesday long ago, but admits that he didn't see him clearly. World says that it's a pleasure to meet Wednesday, and stares at Shadow. Wednesday tells Shadow not to tell World anything, but World frees Shadow's hands with a gesture and says that he already opens him. World knows all about Shadow, and his face twists and mutates as he says that everything is recorded.

World whistles Technical Boy ion, and he apologizes to Shadow for lynching him. Angry, World slams Technical Boy down and asks if Shadow wants to hit him. Shadow refuses, and World absolves Technical Boy. On World's command, Technical Boy then tells Wednesday that technology is evolving and it would be an honor to evolve with Wednesday. Media agrees, and World says that they're not there to fight. He insists that they were never at war, and proposes a merger.

Wednesday says that he's getting better every year on his own, and World agrees that he deserves to be seen and incorporated. The older man asks what happens if they don't agree, and World figures that he's an individualist. He says that it doesn't exist, and everything is ultimately a single product manufactured by a single company for a single world. He tells Media to show them, and Media takes out a remote and plays a video of an Odin satellite that will be launched over Korea and rain down guided missiles.

Wednesday slams his hand on the table, ending the vision, and says that he's an irritant. If he wasn't, then they wouldn't be there. Wednesday figures that they're trying to cover him over with something smooth, and they want to exile him. He says that he and his kind gave people meaning while the New Gods just occupy people. World says that Wednesday can give it to them again. He says that he should leave on a good line, and Media agrees. Technical Boy points out that World has Wednesday but keeps letting him go, and World insists that he's giving Wednesday opportunity to consider. He says that Wednesday has knowledge and wisdom that Technical Boy will never have, and deserves respect. Technical Boy laughs and says to fuck respect. Media blows him a kiss and knocks out two of his teeth, and tells Shadow to tell the story however he likes, or not to tell it at all. World says that he's not their enemy and leaves.

Once the lights come back up, Shadow asks Wednesday if it happened. He says that it still is, and they walk through the squad room. The detectives are all dead, covered in blood, and Wednesday says that the New Gods will tell whatever story they want. When they get to the front door, they see a police car approaching. The officers with Mad Sweeney are there.

A branch impales Shadow as a tree rises out of a corpse. He pulls free and runs.

the officers enter the station, guns drawn. They fire and Mad Sweeney kicks the window out. He crawls out but drops onto the window, hitting his groin. Moaning in pain, he runs away.

In the morgue, a coroner is in his office looking at photos of cows when he hears something moving in the lab. He goes to investigate and hears something coming from a closed drawer. Something inside smashes out, slamming the lid into the doctor and across the room. Laura sits up and looks at her reflection in the window. She tries to blow on the glass but has no breath, and then dresses herself with her clothing from her belongings possession bag before walking out.

Written by Gadfly on May 28, 2017