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Heroes Rise: Pretty Hate Machine Recap

The Shaman tells the Court council that the day of judgment has come to Gotham... and the Court. He says that the Waynes' blood is on their hand. When one member points out that Thomas threatened to expose the Court, Bruce steps out and asks why his mother was killed as well. The Shaman tells the Court that Bruce has come to pass judgment, and the Court member points out that the Shaman has absented himself form Gotham for years at a time, and decisions had to be made.

The Shaman tells Bruce that they were his parents, and to let blood avenge blood. He says that Bruce should give the order, and Bruce hesitates. The Shaman summons the Talons in, and they kill all the council members. Bruce stares at the corpses, and the Shaman points out that he hesitated. After a moment, the boy promises that the next time he won't. The Shaman says that he knows and walks out.

The police pull up to the Court's buildings a short time later. Jim tells the officers that the Court has kidnapped Bruce and they know that they're coming for them. they break in and find the ruling council's corpses. One man is still alive, and Jim identifies him as a traitor. He says that Bruce was the leader and they killed them.

At the station Alfred insists that he's being held prisoner and Bruce had nothing to do with the carnage. Jim figures that they have to assume the plan is still on until they have the bomb. He says that they track the council members' identities and holdings, but Alfred warns that it will take too long. Unimpressed with their efforts, he leaves. Campos tells Jim that the unis have reported that lee is home. Harvey figures that Lee wouldn't have injected herself with the Tech virus, but Jim isn't convinced and goes to see her.

At Sirens, Edward tells Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch that Oswald is alive. They don't believe it and Tabitha figures that it's a setup. Barbara points out that Tabitha betrayed her, and Edward says that Tabitha's backstabbing led him to the Court. He admits that he doesn't know much about them but is sure that they're not interested in the underworld. Edward warns that they should be worried about Oswald. Butch doesn't see why, and Edward points out that they conspired to kill Oswald. Barbara agrees and Edward figures that Oswald is stowed away in some safehouse... and he knows where they all are. As Edward leaves, he tells the trio that Oswald has recruited an army of freaks.

Jim enters Lee's townhouse and she steps out of the shadows to greet him. She knows about the unis watching her townhouse and figures that Jim would figure that she'd injected herself with the virus. Jim tells her that what happened to Mario wasn't her fault, but Lee disagrees. He figures that they can get her help, but she says that it's too late. Jim takes her arm and tries to lead her out, and Lee says that the virus has brought out her love for him and the darkness inside of him. He doesn't believe it, but lee tells him that she will no longer deny herself what she really wants. Lee chokes him and says that the problem is that Jim is always denying who he really is. she tosses him across the room and says that she has a secret.

At the station, Alfred and Harvey go over the map of Court black sites. Alfred explains that the Whisper Gang knew about the house where they found the first crystal owl, and figures that they can tell them where the other unmarked ones are... if there are any gang members left alive.

In Oswald's safehouse, Oswald smashes things while Ivy tells Selina about how they've gathered an army of freaks including Firefly. Oswald tells Selina that a war is coming between him and Edward, and asks if Selina can find Bridgit. As she agrees, Edward and Butch start smashing through the door. Selina leaves but Ivy refuses to go with her. The two men break in, guns drawn, and Edward realizes that something is wrong. Oswald holds up a remote and triggers it, and the shutters come down and the lights go out. After Oswald and Ivy escape through a secret passage, Edward yells that he's just delaying the inevitable.

As Selina runs across the roof, Tabitha knocks her out.

The Shaman asks Bruce what he was thinking about, and he says that he wanted justice for his parents but he feels failure because he didn't give the order. As the Shaman tells him that he'll have another chance to prove himself worthy, two Talons escort Hugo in. Hugo is intrigued that Bruce is docile and says that he'd like to hear the Shaman's techniques. The Shaman tells him to show him the weapon, and two more Talons wheel in the bomb. As Hugo opens it, the Shaman says that the one he serves believes that Bruce has a great destiny. One final step remains in Bruce's journey. Hugo hands the Shaman the detonator, and the Shaman explains that thousands will be affected by the virus and Gotham will be torn apart. A dark hero—Bruce--will rise out of the ashes. He asks if Bruce is ready to embrace his destiny, and Bruce says that Gotham must fall.

Harvey calls Jim and says that he and Alfred got a lead on a Court location and leaves a message on Jim's voicemail.

Lee dumps the unconscious Jim into the back of his trunk.

Harvey and Alfred back into the location as the Talons take the bomb out. Alfred goes after Bruce, while Hugo surrenders. The Shaman has the Talons take the bomb to the desired location, just as Alfred arrives and tells Bruce and the Shaman to stop. Bruce steps between them and says that he won't let Alfred hurt the Shaman. He says that the Shaman has revealed his true destiny, and insists that Gotham must fall by his hand. The Shaman leads Bruce away, and a Talon knocks out Alfred.

Harvey takes Hugo to the station and has the officers lock Hugo up. Alfred is there and tells Harvey that the Shaman has turned Bruce into a zealot who will detonate the bomb. Campos tells them that there is no sign of Lee, Jim, or his car. Harvey has her put a BOLO out on Jim and Lee, just as Lee comes in. She says that Jim is probably waking up as they speak.

Jim wakes up in a sealed coffin buried in a park. There's a flashlight at his side, and he turns it on to see where he is. He calls to Lee but gets no answer.

Lee tells Harvey that the virus isn't a bad thing. He asks where she is, and Lee insists that she's going to show everyone who Jim really is. She explains that Jim is in a coffin but not dead... yet. Lee takes out a radio and calls Jim. He responds and she has Harvey and Alfred listen to Jim's voice. Lee then explains that she buried Jim alive and she's the only one who knows where he is. However, she left him a way out. Jim finds a syringe with the virus in his coat pocket, and he has to inject himself. Jim refuses to do it, and Lee tells him that he can take the virus to give him the strength to escape, or he'll die.

Harvey asks Lee to tell them where Jim is and he'll let her walk out. Lee says that she doesn't intend to walk out of there and tosses Harvey the walkie-talkie, and asks for a cup of coffee while they wait. Campos and the others lead her to a cell, and Harvey continues looking for Bruce while he worries about Jim. Hugo is in the cell next to Lee, and they look at each other.

Jim tells Harvey to get the radio to Lucius so that he can track the short-range frequency. Meanwhile, he tries to conserve his oxygen.

Tabitha takes Selina to Sirens, and she says that she isn't working for Oswald. Edward tells her to tell Oswald that she knows where Bridgit is and they'll take care of the rest. Selina wants cash to get out of town and a guarantee of safety for Ivy. Barbara tells Tabitha and Butch to leave. As they go, Butch wonders how much longer they're going to put up with Barbara's treatment.

Harvey tells Jim that they've determined that he's in the park, and promises to find him. Alfred wonders if searching is the best use of his time, and Harvey tells him to question Hugo and find out everything that he knows doing whatever he has to. Lee yells to Harvey that he can't save Jim, and then she and Jim will be together they were meant to be and it will be beautiful.

Alfred takes Hugo up to the roof and dangles him over the edge by his necktie. The butler demands to know where Bruce and bomb is, but Hugo figures that he's dead whether he tells or not. Alfred pulls him in and offers him his freedom for Bruce. Hugo finally agrees and says that the Shaman has taken Bruce to Wayne Enterprises. However, he says that Alfred is too late because the Bruce he knows is gone. Alfred tells Hugo that he's wrong and tells Hugo that he can walk as soon as he wakes up... and knocks him unconscious.

As Bruce and the Shaman look out on the city from the Wayne Enterprises floor, Bruce says that he doesn't want to fail his destiny. The Shaman assures him that he won't and that everything he has done is to prepare Bruce for that moment. Afterwards, he will take Bruce to the one whose vision singled Bruce out.

Jim contemplates the syringe as his air runs out. Harvey and his men are searching the park with dogs, and Jim warns that he's running low on battery. He realizes that the search is hopeless and Harvey tells him to take the virus. Jim refuses, and Harvey warns that he'll die if he doesn't. After considering the syringe for a moment, Jim tells Harvey that he won't become a monster. Alfred calls Harvey and says that the bomb will detonate in 20 minutes, and Bruce and the Shaman are at Wayne Enterprises. Harvey tells the officers to get to Union Station across from Wayne Enterprises while the K-9s stay with him. Jim remembers that Kathryn said that Gotham will fall when the clock stops, and figures that the bomb is hidden in the lock tower at Union Station. The radio battery goes dead and Harvey doesn't kill him.

Realizing that he has no choice if he wants to stop the bomb, Jim injects himself with the virus. After a moment he smashes out of the coffin with superhuman strength and digs himself out.

At Ivy's greenhouse, Ivy tends to her plants while Oswald complains about the lack of loyalty among his enemies. When Ivy says that people can trust plants, Oswald points out that he has no monsters and no more safe houses. Ivy tells him that he has one monster: Selina called and found Bridgit, and is going to bring her by. Oswald figures that it's a trap and Ivy admits that she told her that they had no guns and they were alone. She figures that Selina would do it if they offered her money, just as Edward and the others come in.

The K-9 dogs find the hole where Jim was buried, but no sign of Jim. The empty syringe is nearby, and Harvey realizes that Jim injected himself and is heading for Union Station. He calls the officers and tells them what happened, and Lee overhears them as they leave. She sees an officer sitting nearby, grabs the keys from his belt, takes them, knocks himself out, and frees herself.

Edward tells Oswald to call him "The Riddler" before he died. Oswald refuses and Edward promises him a slow and painful death. Cars pull up outside and Fish comes in with armed men. She says that Oswald will see why she's there, and takes him with her. Fish tells Edward and the others to carry on and leaves with her men.

At Union Station, the officers are evacuating the people when Jim storms in. He tosses an officer aside and goes to the clock tower.

The Shaman tells Bruce that it's time. Alfred runs in and tells Bruce that the Shaman is lying. He promises not to let Bruce become a murderer.

Jim finds the room with the bomb. The Talon guarding it attacks him but Jim shrugs off the blows and knocks him unconscious.

Alfred tells Bruce that if he pushes the detonator then there's no coming back. The Shaman says that Alfred won't shoot Bruce because he's weak, and Alfred asks for the detonator. When Bruce hesitates, the Shaman grabs his hand and pushes the detonator as Alfred shoots him.

The bomb starts counting down from 30 seconds. Lee comes in and hits Jim with a pipe, and says that they're going to have company.

The dying Shaman tells Bruce to seek out the Yuyan Building and find the demon's head, and fulfill his destiny. Screaming, Bruce attacks Alfred and two officers arrive to subdue him.

Lee tells Jim to come and find her when he's ready and walks out. The bomb detonates and the Tetch virus spreads through Union Station.

Seeing the explosion, Bruce tells Alfred that it's too late.

Written by Gadfly on May 30, 2017

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