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The Good, the Bad and the Crispy Recap

As she sits next to Chet's charred corpse, Charlotte staples the wound in her stomach together and hen drags the body to the phone. She calls someone and asks for a favor, then kicks the corpse aside and walks out.

At the penthouse, Amenadiel tests the necklace against the other two pieces of the Sword. Lucifer pours himself a drink and figures that God hid the final piece under their noses. When Lucifer points out that it's God's ultimate insult, Amenadiel wonders what he means. He says that it means that he's the favorite sun, and Lucifer says that it means God is still manipulating them and asks for the necklace. Amenadiel refuses, insisting that he's the favorite, and Lucifer tries to grab it. When he reminds Amenadiel that he's not the angel he once was, Amenadiel agrees but says that he needs time to process what happened and walks out.

The next morning, Linda arrives at her office and finds Charlotte there. Charlotte says that she has a non-human injury and asks Linda to patch her up. Linda says that patching people up isn't her thing, and Charlotte tells her that it is now. Cowed, Linda agrees and Charlotte opens the wound to reveal the blast of light, just missing Linda. The therapist wonders what is going on and if Lucifer did it, but Charlotte doesn't answer and Linda gets out some duct tape.

As they go to a crime scene, Lucifer asks Chloe how to stop emotionally fragile men from overthinking everything. He explains that he's talking about Amenadiel and figures that he should be happy that he's their father's favorite. Ella explains that it was a body dump and someone shaved the corpse's entire body. She figures that the body got a bath and bleach so whoever dumped him is a pro. Lucifer tries to call Amenadiel and doesn't get an answer, and says that he has some personal business to tend to.

Lucifer goes to Linda's office and discovers that the door is locked. Linda finally opens the door and says that she hasn't seen Amenadiel. Lucifer realizes that something is going on and barges in, and finds Charlotte there. He assumes that they were having sex at first, but notices a char spot on the wall and demands answers. Charlotte explains that Chet stabbed her and she's bleeding light, and Lucifer warns that the energy will burst Charlotte's human body open it. He goes to find Amenadiel, and explains that he has the missing piece of the sword. Charlotte figures that they can cut through the gates of Heaven, and Lucifer agrees but says that he needs to find Amenadiel while she stays away from humans. She says that she already harmed a human, and Lucifer realizes that the corpse he saw is Chet and Chloe is on the case. He warns her that Chloe figure it out, and if they don’t get Charlotte back to Heaven before Chloe ties her to the case, Chloe is literally toast.

Later, Lucifer goes to Chloe's home. Trixie is pretending to be a doctor and has already bandaged up Maze. Lucifer asks her to find Amenadiel, and Trixie assumes that they're speaking in code. Maze wonders why she should care, and Lucifer points out that many humans will get hurt if Charlotte explodes. She finally agrees to do it for her standard fee.

At the station, Chloe calls in Chet's brother Hector, who has been living in Mexico. She says that they identified the body as Chet's from the fingerprints, and asks if anyone wanted Chet dead. Hector says that Chet had many enemies and he left to get away from the Ruiz empire. He knows that Chloe put his mother in prison and was after Chet, and insists that he loved Chet and he didn't deserve to die like he did. Chloe assures him that she's going to work the case just like any other and will find Chet's killer.

Lucifer goes into Ella's lab and "accidentally" breaks a plaster mold she made. She assures him that she made a backup but it's from a different crime scene, and got nothing from Chet's crime scene. Chloe comes in and Ella tells her that someone had to drive there so the tech team is checking for cameras but it was unlikely to have any since it was so remote. When Lucifer says that only God might have seen it, Ella suggests that they use satellite imaging to see if there was someone going into the warehouse.

Amenadiel goes to Dan's improve case and talks about how he's God's favorite now, and losing his powers was a test. Dan tells him that Amenadiel did a good job by they try to avoid religion. Amenadiel says that he has it, and they try it again but Amenadiel returns to the topic of killing his own father. Dan warns him that it's a little dark.

Chloe and Lucifer get a hit on a van that was spotted near the crime scene. Lucifer tries to discourage her without much success, and they find the van. Two women are carrying away a rotting corpse on a stretcher, and Chloe draws her gun and tells them to freeze. The women, Kathleen and Ava Lyon, explain that they take care of crime scene cleanup. The corpse they're carrying died of a heart attack two weeks ago. Chloe asks why they're van was outside the abandoned warehouse at 3 am, and Kathleen claims that she was meeting her boyfriend Brad. Lucifer immediately says that they're in the clear and tries to get Chloe away. She asks if he's still upset and wonders why he's still keeping secrets, and says that going backwards isn't good for anyone.

After the improve class, Dan tells Amenadiel that he'll get him through it. Amenadiel hugs him and Dan quickly pulls himself free. After he leaves, Maze comes in and tells him that it's time to assemble the Sword. Amenadiel figures that God trusting him with the final piece changes things, and Maze tasers him unconscious and drags him away.

At the station, Chloe is looking at video of the Paris Hotel in Vegas. Kathleen's ex Brad did, and he's been partying there all weekend. Ella wonders if the cleaners are up to something not so legit.

Maze takes Amenadiel to the penthouse where Lucifer is waiting. When Lucifer wakes up, Amenadiel says that he put the necklace in a safe place. Lucifer tells Amenadiel to bring Charlotte in, and Amenadiel tells Lucifer that the necklace was a gift and he's supposed to guard the necklace. Lucifer tells him that he wants to get into Heaven, kick Charlotte into Heaven, and let her and her ex fight it out. Amendiel refuses to let Charlotte loose on God, and plans to be the loyal soldier that God intended him to be. Lucifer explains about how Charlotte is leaking energy and has killed someone, and says that Charlotte has to go. Maze comes in and says that Charlotte has gone.

Charlotte goes to Linda's office and gives her a bottle of wine from Lucifer's wine cellar. She walks in and asks what Linda meant by asking if Lucifer did it. Linda claims that it was nothing, but Charlotte figures that it was something, grabs her, and says that she's running out of time and needs an explanation over a glass of wine... or over Linda's charboroiled corpse.

Dan and Chloe go to the Lyons' office and find Ava's charred corpse at the desk. Chloe figures that whoever hired the Lyons to clean up Chet's corpse is covering their tracks. Kathleen comes in, sees her sister's corpse, and breaks into tears. At the station, Chloe questions Kathleen who says Ava knew nothing about the business she was running on the side. She got back together with Brad, but he gambles and needs money. Kathleen got a call offering her a hundred grand, and wonders if Ava's death was a warning to keep her mouth shut.

At Lux, Lucifer sends Maze to find Charlotte. Chloe calls and says that they found Ava's burned corpse. She wants Lucifer to do his "mojo thing" on Kathleen, and Lucifer says that he wants to find the killer... just as Charlotte comes in. Chloe tells Ella that Lucifer is hiding something from her, and Ella suggests that it's embarrassing family stuff. She figures that Lucifer is hiding someone from her that knew Chet: Charlotte.

Charlotte claims that she just needed to get some air. She figures that they have the pieces of the Sword, and Amenadiel insists that Lucifer explain. Lucifer tells Charlotte that the Flaming Sword plan is crap, and suggests that she go back to Hell. He finally says that she should rule Hell, and Amenadiel agrees. Charlotte figures that they're working against her and never planned on going to Heaven, and admits that she persuaded Linda to tell her the truth. She grabs Lucifer and Amenadiel, says that she's disappointed, and throws them across Lux. Charlotte then tells Amenadiel to give him the piece, and he says that she'll have to kill him. She refuses, says that she'll have to find another way, and walks out.

Lucifer and Amenadiel blame each other for what happened. They finally agree that Charlotte is coming apart and Amenadiel goes to check on Linda while Lucifer tracks down Charlotte. However, Amenadiel insists that he won't give her the final piece.

Charlotte goes to a merry-go-round on the Santa Monica pier, Dan and Chloe find her there and Dan explains that they tracked her phone. She offers to tell them everything they want to know, but has one request.

As Lucifer goes to his car, Charlotte calls him and says that Chloe caught her and she's at the pier... with lots of people. Chloe takes the phone and charlotte says that she'd rather talk to Chloe alone outside. The detective agrees, and Charlotte kisses Dan and says that she'll miss him because he was her favorite human.

Lucifer calls Amenadiel that they need to give Charlotte the piece because she has Chloe.

Maze goes to Linda's office and finds her office torn up and Linda bleeding out on the floor. Linda tells Maze that she tried to resist when Charlotte demanded to know what Lucifer's plans were, and Maze tells her that she's going to fix her. Amenadiel comes in and Maze begs him to help her.

Lucifer goes to the merry-go-round, holds up the two pieces of the Sword, and says that he's looking for something. The necklace is in Dan's pocket and drawn to the other pieces, and Lucifer takes it and tells Dan that Amenadiel left it for safekeeping. With that, he runs out.

Charlotte finally admits that she was involved with Chet's death, but has no idea that Ava was dead. She insists that she had nothing to do with that, just as Lucifer runs out with the Sword and tells Charlotte that he has it. He insists that he's trying to save Charlotte. Hector arrives with a gun and is furious that Charlotte killed Chet. They realize that he used Chloe to lead him to his brother's killer, and now he's going to make things right for his family. Lucifer says that if Hector shoots charlotte then they're all dead.

Amenadiel warns Maze that Linda won't make it to a hospital. Maze figures that they need more time, and Amenadiel concentrates.

Lucifer insists that there are many lives at stake but can't explain. As hector lowers his gun, Dan comes out and goes for his gun. Hector shoots Charlotte and time freezes for everyone but Lucifer. He realizes that Amenadiel is responsible.

Amenadiel stops time, preserving Linda. Straining, he tells Maze to go with Linda.

Lucifer grabs Charlotte and throws both of them off the pier into the sand below. He assembles the Sword, apologizes to Charlotte, and says that it ends now. He prepares to kill her, and Charlotte insists that everything that she's done has been for her family. She reminds Lucifer that God created Chloe to manipulate Lucifer, and they can get revenge with the Sword. Lucifer says that he's not leaving, and Charlotte tells him that she'll do it all once he gives her the Sword. She says that she just wants to go home, and Lucifer echoes Chloe's words about how it's going backwards and it's not good for anyone. He tells Charlotte that it's time for her to move forward and cuts open a rift in space.

Lucifer explains that she can create her own world without God. If they go back to Heaven, there will be a war... and causalities. Charlotte doesn't want to hurt her children, and Lucifer tells her to let there be light. Charlotte tells Lucifer that she will miss him. Her essence then goes through the rift and the human Charlotte's body drops to the sand. Lucifer detaches the necklace and tosses it into the rift, and time starts up again.

Chloe kills Hector, and she and Dan look down to see Lucifer standing over Charlotte's body.

Amenadiel collapses from the strain and laughs.

Maze watches as the EMTs take Linda away.

Dan runs to Charlotte, who gasps and sits up. She doesn't remember any of what happened since "Mom" took her body... including who Dan is.

That night, the EMTs take Charlotte away. Chloe figures that Hector killed both victims, and Ella found a blowtorch in Hector's car. She wonders why Lucifer didn't let her in on what he suspected, and says that she'd forgive him for mistakes and flaws and knows who he really is. With that, Chloe walks away.

Lucifer goes to Linda's hospital room, and she says that she's okay. He says that it's his fault, but Linda tells him that she knew what she was getting into and chose to be his friend with all that came with it. Lucifer tells her that he just realized something that he needs to do, and puts her glasses on.

Outside, Lucifer calls Chloe and apologizes for being so elusive. He tells her that he's coming over to tell the truth about her and no more going backwards. Once he hangs up, someone knocks him out from behind.

Later, Lucifer wakes up in the desert, wearing nothing but his pants... and his wings.

Written by Gadfly on May 30, 2017

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