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If You See Something, Solve Something Recap

Jay walks down the street to a back pack bag in the middle of a street, stifling in a protective anti-bomb suit. He finally gives up, takes off the helmet, and confirms that the backpack is a knockoff. A naked woman crawls out of the backpack and Jay tells her to put her hands over her head.

Later, Monica examines the woman after Angie loans her extra workout clothes from her locker. The woman doesn't remember anything, and the only word she responds to is "asylum." Angie notices a walk/don't walk sign tattooed on the woman's back, and insists to Jay that there's something wrong and they need to crack the case. Jay doesn't see it as a matter for the police, but Angie insists on taking the woman home.

As Angie sets up the bed at her apartment, the woman wonders why Angie is being so nice to her. Angie says that she can relate to a woman who doesn't know where she is, and decides to name the woman Deirdre. Angie then puts on her CPAC mask and goes to bed with Deirdre in her one-bedroom apartment.

The next morning, Pritkin asks Jay and Danny if they're familiar with Edward Stracciatelli. He's one of the Stracciatelli brothers who ran a pyramid scheme five years ago. One of the brothers ratted out Edwards for the murder, and Edwards ratted out the third brother. Edward was in maximum security prison but disappeared from his cell that morning without a trace. Jay and Danny have to find Edward and put him back before Saturday when Pritkin is planning an engagement party for him and Beth. He insists that he doesn't want to make a big deal of it.

Deirdre says that her parents left her at home and two burglars broken in and she set elaborate traps. Angie points out that they watched Home Alone the night before, and when Angie checks her head injury, Deirdre reflexively pins her. Angie tests Deirdre's reflexes and discovers that she's an expert martial artist.

The guard, Gward, take jay and Danny to Edward's prison cell. They try to work out how he escaped, and notice a bologna sandwich. Jay figures that Edward stockpiled the bologna and made a key, suit, and motorcycle out of it. There's a gas pump in the cell, and the detectives figure that Edward had help.

Angie takes Deirdre to the street where they found her. A man comes up to Deirdre and hugs her, and says that he's Scott. They had a great time on a date and Deirdre never called him. She explains that she has amnesia, and Scott figures that she's trying to blow him off. Scott goes to get his model trains repaired, and Angie assures Deirdre that she's there for her. Deirdre admits that she remembers Scott, and he picked her up at her house. She remembers her house and Angie realizes what its address is.

Ay and Danny track down the bologna motorcycle to a convenience store, and the manager says that it's been parked outside for eight hours. The manager goes through the surveillance video and Jay spots Deirdre on the tape.

Angie and Deirdre go to the house and discover that the front door is open. They go inside and find Jay and Danny. They explains that the motorcycle was registered to the house, which belongs to prison guard Christie Ripley. Deirdre says that Christie was forced to help Edward escape, and that she's Christie.

Back at the station, the officers tell Pritkin that Edward wanted to get revenge on his brother Theodore for ratting him out. Theodore was put into the Witness Protection Program, and Edward said that he had a way to find him. Christie wants to come with them, insisting that she wants to help clean it up. Angie agrees with her, pointing out that Christie is a trained prison guard and thus an invaluable asset. Jay and Danny vouch for her as well, and Pritkin clears her for the operation.

The team goes to Ratenberg where Theodore is hidden. Christie secretly calls Edward and tells him that she's there. Jay and Danny go to Theodore's house and talk to Theodore's wife. She's using the name Betty Crocker, and Theodore is using the name Joe. Betty invites them in and says that Theodore is at work, and explains that she met Theodore when he came back from Haiti after building churches. Jay explains that Edward is planning to kill Theodore, and Betty explains that she's actually Loretta Sanchez and she's a witness in Witness Protection is as well. The entire town is filled with witnesses, and she says that Theodore is down drinking at John O'Doe's.

Angie goes to the ice cream store and finds Dr. Zaius, who is in Witness Protection. He testified against Randy and they gave him a new name, Tony Fudge. He insists on giving Christie whipped cream with ice cream, and says that Angie's father is there. Jay calls Angie and tells her that Theodore is at John O'Doe's. She tells Ronald that she'll be back to find her father after she stops the murder.

Theodore is drinking at the bar when Angie finds him and says that Edward is coming to kill him. She Christie draws the gun on her and says that Angie bought the entire amnesia story. Edward arrives and he and Christie kiss. A lot. Theodore points out that Edward killed their other brother, and Ronald comes in and tells Edward to drop the gun. he's unarmed, but hits Edward in the eye with a sugar cone. Shocked, Christie drops the gun and Danny captures her. Angie thanks him for his help, and he gives her Pete's address.

Angie drives to the address and a woman answers the door and goes to get Pete.

Written by Gadfly on May 30, 2017

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