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Twenty-Sided, Die Recap

Harley shows the truthers the video he took of Justin going full zombie.. He says that Baracus is a secret zombie, and explains that his brother worked in the basement lab at Max Rager. Baracus and the others were down there, and Baracus had zombie guards protecting him when they visited him. Harley has Billy Cook testify that everyone at the party was a normal person until the end when they became zombies. They want volunteers to keep tabs on their suspected zombies, and hand out files to the attendees.

At the Scratching Post, Blaine tells the staff that the club is under new management. He assures them that as long as they keep the operation clean and tight then they'll be fine. Blaine tells them that don E is in charge when he's not there, and sends the staff back to work. Afterword, Blaine calls Don E over and Tanner stays with Don E. Tanner explains that he's Don E's guy, and Blaine gives Don E a burner phone to keep in touch. He then takes out a brain soaking in Ravi's memory-restoration fluid, and wants Don E to try it. Don E hesitates but Tanner immediately agrees, and Blaine explains that it makes the memory-visions longer and more intense. The brain belonged to a World War II waist gunner and ladies' man.

Harley says that they're going to capture a zombie, starve it, and broadcast it to the world when it becomes a monster. Billy objects, saying that he didn't sign on for a kidnapping, but Harley insists that they're saving the human race. Ravi stands up and introduces himself, and says that he's a medical examiner for the policer. He says that he used to work for the CDC but was fired because of his zombie theories, and zombies have existed in Seattle since the Boat Party Massacre. Ravi warns that zombie scratches are highly contagious and they could set off an apocalypse by trying to kidnap one, but he's close to developing a vaccine that will protect humans from zombie contagion. They use Google to confirm that Ravi is who he claims Harley agrees to hold off for the several weeks until Ravi finishes the vaccine.

Afterward, Ravi calls an Uber ride and a woman, Rachel Greenblatt, comes over and asks if he needs a lift. She congratulates Ravi on putting a lid on the kidnapping attempt, and says that she showed up because she's a photographer and she wants to shoot a zombie. Rachel takes him to her motorcycle and says that's his lift.

Dan Harbison is running Dungeons & Dragons in his basement and they share a toast like their characters in the game. After drinking, Dan chokes and dies. The players finally realize that Dan is dead for real.

Later, Clive, Liv, and Ravi arrive at the basement. Ravi tells his friends what happened at the truther meeting, and that they won't kidnap a zombie until he finishes his fictional vaccine. He tells Ravi that they didn't say anything about the Tuttle-Reed case. Ravi knows about Dungeons & Dragons, but insists that he's not a nerd. A uni tells Clive what happened and takes him to talk to the other players. Jimmy the sketch artist is among them, and they explain that they've been getting together weekly with Dan for the last seven years. They explain role-playing games and how Dan drank wine from a flagon and died.

At the morgue, Ravi and Liv confirm that the killer used an extremely rare poison. Dan had dice in his pockets, and Ravi offers Liv Dan's brain. She consumes it and then she and Clive to the players, starting with Vampire Steve. Liv describes Vampire Steve in game statistics and rolls a dice to go in with Clive. It turns out that Dan made a living playing online poker, and Vampire Steve says that he knows Dan bought valuable art. The artwork disappeared since Vampire Steve last saw it a week ago. He explains that their higher-level characters were killed a week ago in the game, so they started over with first-level characters. Vampire Steve explains that their group was wiped out by poison darts, and Clive points out that Dan was killed by poison as well. Liv argues with Vampire Steve about how his character shouldn't have died, and Vampire Steve insists that no one in the group hated Dan enough to kill him. As she rolls the dice, Liv has a vision of the group failing their saving throw and everyone screaming that Dan is on a power trip. Once Vampire Steve leaves, Liv tells Clive what she saw and rolls a dice to choose the next player to visit: Zoe.

Tanner writes a report of his vision for Blaine, and says that the vision was incredibly realistic. Blaine says that they're going to be real and goes to Shady Pots to see if there are any new stiffs, while they start promoting the product. Once he's alone, Don E samples some of the serum-soaked brain and has visions.

When he arrives home, Ravi finds all of the mail for Major piled up on the table. He goes to Major's room and finds him reading his hate mail. Major complains that he can't get girls and continues reading mail. He finally finds one letter from a woman, Shawna, who says that she was also accused of something horrendous and didn't do it, so she can sympathize with Major. Major figures that she was guilty, but Ravi notes that there's a phone number and a photo in the envelope, and it shows that Shawna is cute.

Peyton meets with James' prison psychiatrist, Dr. Danforth. Danforth says that James was suffering from apparitional hallucinations: he saw the ghost of his deceased wife. James lost all interest in sex after his wife died because he couldn't do anything his wife wouldn't have approved of, and Danforth insists that she never would have approved of James spending money on a dominatrix.

Liv and Clive go to the comic book store where Zoe works. The missing piece of artwork is on sale for $5,000, and Liv has a vision of Dan having sex with Zoe dressed up as a Halfling. Clive asks her about the artwork, and Zoe says that she won it off of Dan in a bet. Liv suggests that Zoe bet cosplay with her dressed up as a Halfling, and Zoe admits that she and Dan tried to keep their sex a secret, but one of the players--Jimmy--saw a naughty text that she sent to Dan. She figures that Jimmy had a crush on her.

Liv and Clive bring Jimmy in and find sketches of Zoe in costume on his sketch pad. There's also a sketch of a heroically proportioned Jimmy with Zoe. Clive asks him if he was jealous of Dan and how far he'd go to get Zoe. Jimmy tells them that they should check out the player Diego's back.

When Clive calls Diego in, he discovers that he has a Zoe tattoo on his back. He says that Steve knew about Dan and Zoe as well, and was really into Zoe. He became a goth-vampire to get with Zoe. They call Steve back in and says that he and Zoe may yet marry him. Steve insists that it's still possible but Liv warns against it. Once Steve leaves, Liv and Clive agree that none of the players could kill so they decide to do some more digging. Clive realizes that Liv wants to play the game and take them on a quest.

That night, Clive, Major, Peyton, and Ravi meet at Liv's place and Liv dungeon-masters for them. They spend the first two hours creating the characters, and Ravi figures that Liv is trying to trigger a vision. Despite his disdain for nerds, Ravi gets into it. Major, Clive, and Peyton don't. Liv begins the quest adventure and insists that they play along. Peyton suggests that their characters just tie up the little old lady giving them their mission, and the character fries Peyton's character with a lightning bolt. She wishes them luck but Ravi refuses to let his character let Peyton's character. His character revives Peyton's character, much to her disgust,.

The quest continues and everyone but Peyton get into it. Major's character throws Clive's dwarf character at the lich and the character damages it. As it flees, Liv has a vision of Zoe coming into his secret room. She tells the others about it, and Peyton figures that they're done. Clive insists on continuing play.

Later, Clive and Liv go to the apartment and Clive boasts about his character's prowess. Using her vision, Liv finds the door to the secret room. Inside are a half dozen computers and a remote access to a fuel rod override at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. She tries to use Dan's memories to access the system but it blows out.

The next day, Clive calls Zoe in and she admits that she knew about the secret room. Devore comes in and says that the FBI has taken over the case. They think that Dan was poisoned by a Russian agent to keep him from hacking into their system. Devore tells them that the Feds put Dale on it, and Clive runs out to catch her. She's waiting for him and admits that he was right about Major not being the Chaos Killer. Clive says that he left messages for her but didn't want to push it, and Dale tells him that she doesn't have anything to say to him unless Clive has something new to say. Clive finally tells her that he hasn't stopped thinking about her and he's lost without her. Dale says that she meant the case, and refuses to discuss Dan's murder with him.

That night at home, Major brings Liv brain mush so she can revert back to her normal personality for her date with Justin. Justin arrives and Liv gives Major the dice and tells him not to give them back to her even if she begs. Liv continues narrating and Major excuses himself to cover security for Baracus. Once he leaves, Liv and Justin prepare to go to Baracus' fundraising.

At the bar, Don E is reliving World War II and screaming. He finally runs out, panicked.

Liv and Justin arrive at the fundraiser, and Carey and Chase are there. Carey introduces Liv to Chase, and Chase demands to know where the police are on the Tuttle-Reed investigation. She says that they have someone on the inside of the truther group, and Chase warns that if Zombie Island isn't ready before D-Day, all of the zombies risk extinction. Liv points out that Clive is working the case and risked his life for zombies, and Chase congratulates her on her dress and then goes to see Baracus.

Peyton comes over to Liv and says that she had too much to do so she came there straight from work. Baracus comes in with his son Buck for a photo op, and Carey tells him to meet with Chase while she watches Buck. Peyton approaches Baracus and tells him that there's something odd about the Weckler case. Baracus tells her to let it go and walks off. Liv comes over and Peyton tells her what happened. When Liv points out that Baracus was one of the dominatrix's clients, Peyton demands all of the info.

Harley comes to the morgue and takes Ravi to the hospital. Bo is waiting outside, and they tell Ravi that they captured a zombie. They found one zombie near a bar where the zombies hire mercenaries for their security deal, and want Ravi to give their captive tranquilizers. Don E is in full zombie mode, locked in a cage.

Major is at home channel-surfing and finally gets up.

Justin gets off-duty and finds Liv. She says that she'd rather head home and have sex, and as they leave Liv points out Chase. Justin explains that when he met Chase, Chase shot him in the chest for stealing Max Rager cans. As Liv goes over to confront Chase, someone on the balcony shoots Baracus. Chase returns fire and the shooter runs off. Buck comes over and Baracus hugs him. Carey takes Buck away and Liv tells Baracus to focus.

Someone rings the doorbell and Major goes to answer it. It's Shawna, who he called, and he invites her in.

The next day, Blaine sits at the well where he locked up Angus and tosses him bits of brain from an impotent proctologist. He reads an article about Baracus' shooting and figures that it'll do wonders for Baracus' poll ratings.

A man, Spence, smuggles Boss into the U.S., and Boss tells him that he's going to be there long enough to get his money and settle some old debts. Boss takes the car and drives off.

Written by Gadfly on May 31, 2017

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