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Spirit of the Swamp Recap

Two of Arcane's mutants go through the swamp searching for Swamp Thing. They find and try to capture him, but he easily shrugs off their attacks, tells them to get out of the swamp, and walks away.

Later, the mutants return to Arcane's lair and tell him what happened. One of them half-seriously suggests that Arcane needs magic to destroy Swamp Thing, and Arcane agrees.

A voudon priest, Duchamp, is walking through the swamp and comes to a deadly coral snake. Duchamp drops some powder on it and it turns into a stick. Chuckling, Duchamp collets some of Swamp Thing's body, well aware of what it is, and places it in a bottle before sitting down to wait.

In his laboratory, Arcane is mixing a serum when Duchamp appears. He says that the cave isn't impenetrable to him, and insists that voudon is no trick. Arcane explains that he summoned Duchamp to deal with Swamp Thing, and Duchamp assures Arcane that while Swamp Thing is a powerful bokor, he is not as powerful as Duchamp. The priest demands to see his payment, and Arcane takes him to a black rose growing in an underwater pond of water. Duchamp says that he will get anything to obtain the black rose, and discovers that there's a laser grid protecting it. Arcane assures Duchamp that it will be his once he delivers Swamp Thing. He asks Duchamp to teach him his black magic, but Duchamp says that it will be too dangerous. He asks how Arcane obtained the rose, and Arcane says that it would be too dangerous for Duchamp to know. When Arcane asks what magic the rose has, Duchamp says that it is the magic used only in the White Darkness. Arcane wonders if it involves zombies, and Duchamp tells him to be careful with his curiosity. He says that he has already begun and holds up the bottle, and goes on his way.

Duchamp goes out into the swamp and finds one of Swamp Thing's transformed victims. He then promises to find Swamp Thing and rid the swamp of him, and begins his ritual. Nothing happens, and Duchamp demands that Swamp Thing show himself. Swamp Thing steps out and Duchamp explains that he's a priest of black magic. He says that he will use his powers to bring Swamp Thing down, and disappears.

Later, Duchamp is at his campfire when Arcane visits him to see how he's going to capture Swamp Thing. Duchamp lets him stay to see how powerful he is, and begins by enraging Swamp Thing's spirit.

Swamp Thing clutches at his head and moans in pain.

Duchamp takes out a frog and explains that it is part of the swamp and thus part of Swamp Thing. He burns it, and an enraged Swamp Thing charges the camp. As the frog is consumed by the flames, fire surrounds Swamp Thing. Duchamp tells Arcane that when he stops the fire, Swamp Thing will be in a trance and Arcane can do with him whatever he wants.

Once Duchamp extinguishes the flames, he discovers that Swamp Thing is gone. He tells Arcane that Swamp Thing has power over the elements and fire can't destroy him when he is fire. The ground shakes and the men return to Arcane's cave. Arcane suggests that Duchamp take advantage of Swamp Thing's emotions, and gives Duchamp a photo of Tressa. Duchamp says that he will use it to lure Swamp Thing to them.

The illusion of Tressa walks through the swamp. Swamp Thing sees it and follows it into the cave. Arcane binds him and Duchamp places a talisman around his neck to keep him weak. Swamp Thing warns Duchamp that Arcane has tricked others, but Duchamp assures him that Arcane won't succeed. Arcane comes in and leads Duchamp to the rose. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing tries to break free but is too weak.

In his lab, Arcane tells Duchamp that he will dissect Swamp Thing and acquire the secret to the biorestorative formula.

Swamp Thing manages to touch a plant growing out of the wall. Its roots start growing out of the rock walls.

Arcane explains that he will transform Swamp Thing back into a man, and then he can torture him as long as he wants. He tries to inject Duchamp with a chemical, but Duchamp easily teleports away and tells Arcane that he is a fool. Arcane says that he wants Duchamp's voudon secrets and will turn him into a mutant to get them.

Once the roots have grown large enough to fill the cave and shatter the walls, Swamp Thing breaks free. The cave shakes and Swamp Thing leaves. Duchamp departs as well as Arcane takes shelter under a table. The voudon priest finds the black rose--destroyed--and the discarded necklace, and realizes not even his power could hold Swamp Thing. He goes outside and finds Swamp Thing waiting. Duchamp concedes that Swamp Thing is more powerful than he anticipated. He asks if Swamp Thing would have wanted to become a man again, and Swamp Thing tells him that if Duchamp's magic was true magic then he'd know the answer to that. Duchamp calls him "loa" and explains that Swamp Thing is the spirit of the swamp. He says that one day they will meet again and he'll be read for Swamp Thing, and disappears.

In the underground pond, the black rose grows back and waits.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 5, 2017

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