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Heroes Rise: Heavydirtysoul Recap

Bruce stares at Alfred and remembers what Ra's told him. Shocked, he pulls out the sword and goes to Alfred's corpse, sobbing. Ra's laughs and says that Bruce has broken through his conditioning. Bruce yells that Ra's will never be his heir, but Ra's speaks from the shadows, saying that the prophecy is foretold and Bruce will serve as his knight in the darkness. Ra's tells him to use the waters and their time will come, and he disappears into the shadows. Bruce goes to the pool and scoops out a bowl of the water, and pours it onto Alfred's sword wound. Alfred comes back to life and Bruce hugs him.

The news reports about the citywide lockdown. Jim looks over the now-empty precinct house, and turns to his ringing phone. It's Lee, and Jim tells her that the city isn't safe. She says that she's leaving Gotham and wants Jim to come with her. Jim warns her that there are checkpoints all over the city, but Lee figures that he wants to go with her. She says that they can be together without secrets or jealousy, and tells Jim that she's leaving on the afternoon train and wants the real Jim with her. Lee asks Jim to tell her that he'll be there, and he says that he will.

As Jim hangs up, Harvey comes up and says that Barbara has given the mayor's office a list of her demands. Jim looks at Oswald in the holding cell and tells Harvey that Oswald is the only thing that Edward cares about. Harvey warns that he doesn't have the authority to release Oswald, but Jim figures that Edward would betray Barbara and give the antidote given half a chance. He grabs Harvey by the jacket lapels, then controls himself and says that he's running out of time.

Jim calls Edward and asks if they can talk privately. Meanwhile, Butch tells Tabitha that they need to kill Barbara. Tabitha insists that they need to let the extortion play out, but Butch tells her that Barbara treats them both like dirt now and she doesn't deserve Tabitha's loyalty. Barbara comes over and assures them that soon they'll own Gotham... and realizes that Edward is gone. She goes to Tetch's cell and realizes that Edward took him. Furious, Barbara blames Tabitha and Butch, calling them idiots, and storms off.

Jim and Harvey take Oswald out, and he realizes that they're going to turn him over to Edward. Oswald insists that Edward can't be trusted, and Harvey figures that the whole thing is going to blow up. They drive to an abandoned factory to make the exchange, and figures that they won't kill him until they have Tetch. They go inside and find Edward waiting for them with Jarvis. Edward says that Oswald's death at his hands was inevitable, and explains that the grenade around Jarvis' neck is a precaution. Jarvis realizes that Jim is infected, just as Barbara , Butch, and Tabitha come in. Barbara located Edward thanks to her cops on the payroll, and orders Edward to hand Jarvis over.

Edward grabs the grenade and tosses it at Barbara and the others. They take cover and fire as the grenade explodes, and Oswald runs off. Edward goes after him and Barbara yells at Tabitha to get Jarvis. Meanwhile, Oswald hits Edward over the head with a pipe when Edward comes out after him.

Harvey provides cover fire and he and Jim take Jarvis to their car. However, Oswald drives off in their car before they can get in.

Jim takes Alfred to the ER and the doctor discovers that the wound is cauterized. He asks what Bruce's relationship to the patient is, and Bruce says that they're family.

Jim and Harvey take Jarvis down the street, and the others open fire on them. Jim rips open the lock on a gate and they go inside. The three criminals split up to search the place, and Barbara calls to Jim. Jim hides with Jarvis and hears her, and says that she knows Lee is infected. Meanwhile, Jarvis tells Jim that the next time he gives in, the virus will have him. Harvey confirms that there's no back door, and Jarvis tells Jim that he should give in so that they can escape. Jim threatens to kill Jarvis, and then says that they don't need all of him.

Barbara hears Jarvis' scream, and runs to find him. She discovers that Jim has cut Jarvis' throat and took a jar of his blood.

Jim and Harvey get to the precinct house and give the lab tech the blood. Harvey turns to Jim, who has fully succumbed to the virus.

Edward wakes up in the back of the police car. Oswald explains that he's hunkered down to avoid a police blockade, and Edward works at the handcuffs that Oswald has put on him. Meanwhile, Oswald admits that he's gloating and figures that it's killing Edward to know he's not as smart as he thinks he is. Edward insists that his plan was perfect, but Oswald tells him that he failed and he'll never be able to correct his mistake.

At Sirens, Barbara packs up her money and tells Tabitha and Butch that the police have better things to do then come after him. She tells them to go to the safehouses and regroup. When Butch wonders why they should regroup, Barbara tells him to wait for her to give them orders and leaves. Butch tells Tabitha that Barbara has broken every promise to them and says that he'll take care of everything. Tabitha says that they'll do it together and kisses him on the cheek.

In the locker room, Jim pounds on the doors. Harvey comes in and says that Jarvis' blood is good and the antidote is ready. Jim goes to the lab and tells the tech to give him two doses. The tech says that they could only make one dose so quickly, but Jim says that there isn't enough time, rips the syringe out of the techs hand, walks out, and locks the door behind him, trapping Harvey.

At the hospital, Selina approaches Bruce and asks if Alfred is going to be okay. Bruce tells her that she doesn't get to walk back into his life, and he doesn't need her pity. He says that she wouldn't understand because she doesn't believe in anything or anyone but herself. Selina says that it's surviving and she knows who she is. As she walks away, Bruce asks why she's there when she doesn't are about him or Alfred. Selina says that she thought he knew her better than that and leaves.

James goes to Lee's townhouse and finds her there. She realizes that he's still fighting the virus, and offers to help him. He tries to inject her, but she grabs his hand and says that she wants Jim and his darkness, not the antidote. Lee tells Jim to give in to his darkness and kisses him, and Jim drops the syringe on the floor and crushes it.

Oswald drives on and Edward manages to get his handcuffs open. He points out that Oswald is feeding his ego rather than killing him, and says that Oswald will always fail because he lets his base emotions drive him. Oswald tells him to shut up, but Edward says that he can't love him because he's a spoiled child who throws a tantrum when he can't get what he wants, particularly when what he wants doesn't want him back. Oswald slams on the brakes and tells Edward that he can rectify his mistake. He picks up gun and Edward kicks the back door open. The impact knocks the gun out of Oswald's hand, and Edward picks it up and aims it at Oswald. Oswald tells him that it is his turn to kill him, but Edward tells him that he will always fail because he'll never change. Defiant, Oswald says that Edward was reborn at the river the day he shot him, and that was a lie. Edward smiles and says that maybe there is.

At the rail station, Jim and Lee knock out a guard and go through. Meanwhile, Harvey shoves his way through the crowd. The couple hears him and Lee tells Jim to stop him, and she'll meet him on the train. Harvey draws his gun and aims it at Jim, who asks if he's going to shoot him. Jim insists that it's him and walks towards his friend, saying that he and Lee belong together. Harvey tells him that it's not real, and Jim slaps the gun out of his hand, slams Harvey into the train, and says that it's who he's always been. Harvey tells him that who he is a choice and shows him a badge, saying that's who Jim is. He says that if Jim loves Lee, he should save her. Jim slams his fist into the train and then leaves.

Jim boards the train and sits down next to Lee. She kisses him and goes to give the conductor their tickets. Jim looks at the badge Harvey gave him... and finds two syringes of the antidote attached to the back. When Lee comes back, Jim tells her that he loves her and injects her with the antidote. She asks what he's done and passes out. Jim sets her down and takes her hand, and then injects himself with the second syringe.

Barbara confronts Butch and says that she figured out a long time ago that he and Tabitha were going to betray her. She aims a gun at him, and Butch says that if it wasn't for Tabitha, he would have killed Barbara a long time ago. When Barbara calls him dumb, Butch tells her that for all of her tough talk, she misses Tabitha's strength and loyalty. Barbara sacrificed that to be queen for a day, and Butch says that she never deserved Tabitha in the first place. As he draws a razor from his sleeve, Barbara shoots him dead and says that they'll see.

Bruce tells the unconscious Alfred to fight. He says that he doesn't know what he would do without him.

Edward takes Oswald to the waterfront and the spot where he shot him before. Oswald turns to face him as Edward says that it feels great. Edward asks if he has any last words, and Oswald says that he'll wait until later. His captor says goodbye and pulls the trigger... and nothing happens. Oswald takes the bullets out of his pocket and says that removed the bullets when Edward was knocked out, right before he called Ivy and Freeze. He admits that he set the entire thing up to make Edward think that he had the upper hand.

Shocked, Edward realizes that Oswald knew that he'd bring him there. Oswald says that he knows that Edward is driven by a compulsive need to complete what he start in exacting fashion. When Edward wonders why Oswald didn't kill him right away, Oswald says that he wants him around to never make the mistake of letting love weaken him again. He walks away and Freeze freezes Edward solid.

Tabitha goes to the safehouse and finds a box on the table and no one there. Inside the case is Butch's severed hand. Barbara comes in and asks if killing Edward was really that important to her. She asks if Butch was telling the truth about Tabitha having nothing to do with killing her. When Tabitha wonders what difference it makes, Barbara admits that she might not have been the best friend and asks if they can move forward. Tabitha asks her if she killed Butch, and Barbara admits that she did but insists that they didn't give her a choice.

Tabitha throws the hand at her and then whips the gun out of Barbara's hand. Barbara kisses her and then head-butts her. Tabitha strangles her but Barbara yanks out her earring and slashes Tabitha across the cheek, breaking her grip. She grabs a board and attacks, and Tabitha slams her back. Barbara manages to grab her gun, but Tabitha whips a light and pulls it down into the puddle that Barbara is standing in. the shock kills her, and Tabitha says that now they can move forward.

Bruce sits in the hospital room as the news reports that the antidote has been released over the city with a 90% cure rate. Alfred wakes up and Bruce briefly hugs him. He apologizes and Alfred assures him that it wasn't his fault. Bruce says that he lost his way and he doesn't know who he is. He asks who he's supposed to be, and Alfred tells him that he can't help him. Alfred says that Bruce is a man and has to find his own path, He tells Bruce that he has to find his true north and let him guide him, and Bruce has been his.

Selina goes to Sirens and asks about Barbara. Tabitha tells her that Barbara isn't there and isn't coming back, and asks what Selina wants. Selina says that she wants to move up and figured Sirens was a good place to start. Tabitha admits that she's at a bit of crossroads herself, and suggests that they get something to eat. Selina sees Tabitha's whip and Tabitha invites her to try it out. The girl picks it up and easily shatters a bottle.

Oswald shows Ivy the logo for his new club: the Iceberg Lounge. It will be named for the piece of ice in the center.

Jim goes to Lee's townhouse and finds an envelope on the table. She says that she understands that Gotham is now a place where the strongest and most cunning rule, and the cost of survival is paid for by others... and everyone feels alone.

Oswald looks at the frozen Edward.

Tabitha and Selina leave Sirens together.

Butch lies in a hospital bed on life support. The doctor checks his records and discover that Butch's birth name was Cyrus Gold.

Lee says that the virus showed her as she truly is, and made her feel reborn. She figures that the only person who can save Gotham is Jim. In return she believes that it can save Jim as well. And then it will send Jim back to her.

Lee boards the train and leaves Gotham.

Jim pockets the letter and leaves.

In his office, Harvey takes a pill. Jim comes in and Harvey points out that he threw him against a train car. He then asks if Jim saw Lee, and Jim tells his friend that Lee left Gotham. Harvey invites him to have a drink, and says that Jarvis made it to a hospital. They patched it up and send him to Arkham. Jim says that he wants to go back to being a normal detective, and Harvey suggests that they hit the streets and see if they can stir up some trouble. The two of them leave, joking back and forth.

That night, a father, mother, and daughter are walking down the street. Mugger draws a gun on them and tells them to hand over their belongings. Bruce drops down, knocks the mugger out, and vanishes into the shadows. He goes to a nearby rooftop and looks across the city.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 6, 2017

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