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Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling Recap

At a bank, an old woman hobbles in as people scream outside. The woman goes to a teller's window and asks for her savings. The teller informs the woman that the account was closed, and the woman removes her scarf to revel that she's infected. She slams one blood-covered hand against the teller window and demands her money, and when the security guard comes over, the woman slams him across the room. She then takes out a gun and shoots the bulletproof window, demanding her savings.

Later, the woman walks out of the bank carrying two bags full of money. Around her, Gotham descends into the virus-infected go berserk.

Throughout the station, officers and prisoners alike go berserk after exposure to the Tetch virus station. In the locker room, Jim looks at himself in the mirror and hears a voice in his head saying "killer" repeatedly. Harvey comes in and asks if he's okay, and then asks for Jim's gun.. Jim insists that he can control it, and Harvey warns him that the cops are going to be watching Jim out of concern that he goes berserk. After a moment, Jim hands over his gun and Harvey tells him that Lee has disappeared. Jim says that Lee disappeared in the chaos after the bomb went off, and Lee is expecting Jim to give into it. His friend tells him to prove her wrong, and Jim asks where Bruce is.

Jim and Harvey go to the interrogation room where Alfred is watching Bruce through the one-way mirror. Alfred admits that Bruce hasn't talked but figures that he can undo the Shaman's brainwashing. He figures that he just needs to make Bruce remember who he is. Lucius calls Jim and Harvey out, and Alfred continues watching Bruce.

In Harvey's office, Lucius says that there's an antidote I the papers that they recovered from Kathryn's house. Hugo was designing an antidote for the Court, and Harvey says that Alfred interrogated Hugo. In return for where Hugo said where the bomb was, Alfred let him go. Jim figures that Hugo will try to escape Gotham and the downtown train station is there best bet. Once Jim leaves, Lucius warns Harvey that the new virus is an accelerated version of the original. He warns that Jim won't be able to fight it for long, and Harvey says that they'll have to wait and see.

At the train station, Hugo buys a ticket and heads for the train. Fish and two of her men are waiting for him, and Fish tells Hugo that the fun has just begun as her men grab Hugo.

At Sirens, Edward and Barbara look out at the chaos as the city burns. Edward admits that the Court has style, and Barbara figures that it's the perfect opportunity to consolidate power. He says that he isn't interested in running Gotham, and Barbara points out that Oswald is with Fish. She says that Edward will need muscle to get to Oswald, and wants Edward to use his brain to help her finally get Gotham under her thumb. Afterward she'll help get Oswald away from Fish. Edward gives Barbara a day.

Hugo says that he couldn't refuse the Court's demands, and Fish tells him that she needs horror. When Hugo explains what he created, Fish figures that there's more. Hugo says that he used it all, but Fish demands the army that he promised her and says that he'll do everything that she wants. Hugo has no choice but to agree and they leave out the back.

Jim and Harvey arrive and Lee calls Jim. She says that she's somewhere familiar to him, and she knows what he's feeling. Lee tells him that he doesn't have to fight the virus, and reminds him that he wanted them to be together. Jim says that he doesn't want it that way, and Lee tells him to listen to the whispers and they'll lead him to her. She says that she's going to have some fun but they'll catch up soon, and hangs up.

Harvey comes over and says that someone spotted Hugo. He gives Jim his gun back and they go out the back. They catch up to Fish and the others, and tell Fish that they just want Hugo. Hugo realizes that Jim is infected and chuckles, and Fish asks him what it feels like. Jim says that it's taking all of his willpower not to kill her, and Fish asks Hugo if he can stop the virus. He agrees and Fish refuses to give her up, and Freeze steps out to freeze Jim's and Harvey's gun. Fish says that she brought backup, and Jim starts to lose control. Freeze prepares to shoot them, and Jim leaps up and grabs a water pipe. The ice beam hits the water and freezes it, blocking the tunnel between them. Fish looks at Jim on the other side and says that it's nice to meet the real Jim, and walks away laughing.

Alfred brings Bruce tea and offers to make him a sandwich. He suggests that they go to Switzerland, and Bruce tells him that his attempts to elicit Bruce's memories are crude and pathetic. Alfred points out that the Shaman kidnapped Bruce and tried to turn him into a mass murderer, and says that he liked to Bruce. Bruce says that the Shaman took away his pain and gave him revenge against the people who killed his parents, and that's more than Alfred did. The boy says that the Court paved the way for the one who will come, and tells Alfred that he'll see.

Fish takes Hugo to where Oswald and Firefly are hiding, and Firefly and freeze prepare to take off Hugo's foot to compare their skills. Hugo yells for Fish, and Oswald says that she's busy and he's in charge. He says that Hugo's "children" are angry because he abandoned them, and that Fish forgave him. Oswald tells Hugo that Fish has a vision for Gotham where the freaks are in charge... and Hugo is going to help them. Hugo says that he can't, and Oswald tells him that the antidote is the most valuable thing in the city. When Oswald asks where the antidote is, Hugo refuses to give up his one bargaining chip. Oswald shrugs and tells Hugo that he's going to use the same device on him that he used on Oswald at Arkham. Hugo offers to tell him where the antidote is, and Oswald puts it on his head and tells him to wait, and turns on the device.

Jim tries to call the precinct house without success, and Jim starts punching the ice. He finally breaks through and the two men go to Harvey's call. Jim rips the car door off, and Harvey suggests that he drive.

At the station, Alvarez goes berserk as the virus infects him.

Alfred asks Bruce who is coming, and says that Bruce has to remember. He tells Bruce that what the Shaman promised him isn’t real, and Bruce insists that he got vengeance for his parents. Alfred says that isn't real, and what is real is how Bruce's parents raised him. He tells Bruce that there is no life without pain, and he couldn't have touched the love Bruce has in his heart... and the love Alfred has for Bruce in his heart. Alfred insists that he would die for Bruce, and asks Bruce to come back to him. Men scream outside, and Alfred goes to investigate as Bruce sees the pen in Alfred's coat.

In the precinct room, Alfred is shooting at anything that moves. Alfred jumps Alvarez but the detective throws him across the room and prepares to shoot him. Lucius knocks him out from behind, and Alfred runs back to the interrogation room to discover that Bruce has picked his manacles and escaped.

At Sirens, Butch tells Tabitha that they should help Fish along so she takes care of Barbara and Edward for them. Tabitha says that she's not ready, just as Lee comes in. Butch goes over to her and she asks where Barbara is. She dismisses Butch as an errand boy, and he realizes that she's infected. Lee slams a glass against his head and knocks him across the room. As the crowd runs, Tabitha confronts Lee. Lee demands to see Barbara, figuring that Tabitha works for her. She gives Tabitha a message for Barbara: the next time she sees her she'll rip her head off her body. With that, Lee leaves.

Bruce heads down the street. The police gun down the infected, and Bruce stays out of sight as they pass. Alfred and Lucius secretly follow him, and Alfred realizes that Bruce is following directions. He plans to kill whoever the man is that ordered Bruce's brainwashing.

Hugo leads Oswald, Freeze, Firefly, and Fish to the antidote at a slaughterhouse. He explains that he tested early versions of the virus on livestock and set aside a successful batch. They enter a freezer and Hugo takes out the antidote, saying that there's enough to cure every infected person in Gotham. Fish tells Oswald that they'll rule the city, but Oswald insists that he has to kill Edward first. She promises that they will kill everyone who stands in their way.

As the group goes, they find Fish's two bodyguards dead on the floor. Masked swordsmen drop down from the ceiling, and their leader tells Fish to hand over the antidote. Firefly and Freeze open fire, and the swordsmen attack.

Harvey and Jim get a report of ice storms and fireballs at a slaughterhouse. Jim snarls at Harvey to drive faster.

Freeze and Firefly kill the swordsmen s they get close. Jim and Harvey arrive and Jim attacks the swordsmen. He kills several of them and then runs Fish through with a sword. She drops the antidote and it shatters on the floor. Oswald runs to Fish, and Fish tells him that she knows that she's finished. She says with her dying breath that Oswald should make the city his or burn it to the ground. Sobbing, Oswald lowers Fish's body to the floor and then turns on Jim, saying that he's a monster. Jim grabs him by the throat and admits that he's a monster... and Harvey knocks him out and orders his arriving backup to arrest them all. Hugo tells him that he can make more of the antidote, but needs one thing.

A prison guard is transferring Jarvis in a van. Tabitha and Butch intercept the van, kill the guard, and take Jarvis out. Edward and Barbara are there as well, and Edward has heard that Fish is dead and Hugo is at the GCPD setting up a lab. To create the antidote, they need Jarvis. Barbara figures that they can make Gotham beg.

Bruce goes to building the Shaman told him about and goes inside. There is a statue in the shape of a demon's head, and a secret lever opens it. Inside, Bruce walks through the stone corridors and someone moves behind him.

Alfred tells Lucius to let Harvey know where they are, and goes in on his own.

More swordsmen step out to block Bruce's path. He turns and finds another man behind him, pointing him onward. The others step aside and Bruce goes into the room at the end of the hallway. A glowing pool is inside, and Bruce approaches it. A man tells him not to touch it, and says that he told the Shaman to send Bruce there. Bruce explains that the Shaman died, and the speaker steps out of the shadows and says that the Shaman completed his task. Gotham burns, the Court is destroyed, and Bruce is there. The man steps forward and says that he is the demon's head: Ra's al Ghul.

Ra's asks why Bruce came there, and Bruce says that the Shaman sent him there to complete his training. He knows that Ra's used the Court but not why, and Ra's says that he has been alive more years than Bruce can imagine. But for all of his years, he has never found a true heir. Ra's needs to know if Bruce is ready. Bruce says that he is, and Ra's tells him that he failed to release the virus. The boy says that Alfred distracted him, and Ra's tells him that he's going to give him another chance. The guards bring Alfred in and Bruce stares at him. Ra's slaps Alfred and tells Bruce to embrace his future and kill his past… by killing Alfred.

Bruce takes the sword, and Alfred tells Bruce that Ra's is wrong. Bruce's destiny is to be Bruce Wayne, and one day he'll remember that and how much Alfred loves him. Alfred describes when he first held Bruce, and that was when he decided that he would do anything for him. If Bruce needs to kill him, then Alfred tells him to do it. Screaming, Bruce runs him through

Written by Gadfly on Jun 6, 2017

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