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Out of the Shadows Recap

In the lab, the team watches the mission clock as Cameron hovers over Kirsten in the tank. Ayo says that Kirsten is ready, and they prepare to reboot all systems. Mitchell asks Maggie how much longer Kirsten can last lost inside of her own mind. She figures that Cameron's plan to reboot the lab and bounce Kirsten is the best that they can do. Mitchell warns that they're all in enough trouble as it is, and asks how Maggie's son is doing. She tells him that he's recovering in Germany in the army medical center, and hopes that she can see him before Mitchell sends them off.

Camille warns Cameron that they'll disappear them once it's over, but he doesn't care if Kirsten is dead. They shut down the system and Kirsten crashes. Cameron tells them to wait until the last moment, and then orders them to bring it back up. Kirsten doesn't respond and her BP doesn't come back up at first. It finally comes up, but Linus confirms that she's still trapped in the memory. Mitchell asks if that's it, and Cameron looks helplessly at Kirsten.

As Maggie sits in her office looking at a photo of her son, Linus comes in and says that he needs to find out if his father Samir made it through surgery. Maggie warns that Mitchell won't let them call out, but Linus insists that he can feel that something went wrong.. When she mentions that the bond between parent and child is like entanglement, Linus gets an idea. He calls everyone to the conference room and suggests that they try quantum disentanglement. Their quantum computer is entangled with Daniel's quantum computer. If they can figure out how to disentangle them despite the lack of physical contact, they can regain control of the Stitch. Linus figures that they need to know how Daniel did it, not where he is. he suggests that Ivy knows something, andMitchell says that Quincy is in interrogation room because he's dangerous. Maggie insists that they need him because he was there when they questioned Ivy, and the alternative is that they lose Kirsten.

Mitchell reluctantly agrees and has his men bring Quincy in. Maggie asks him if anyone asked Ivy about his methods, and Quincy confirms that they didn't. She says that they need to bring Ivy in and asks the right questions, and puts Linus in charge.

When they bring Ivy in, Linus questions Ivy and asks how he manipulated his quantum computer to trigger entanglement. Ivy doesn't know what he's talking about, and Linus snaps at her and says that the sooner he figures out how Daniel did it, the sooner he can find out how Samir is doing. He explains that Samir had surgery and he can't call out while they're locked out. Ivy says that her smart watch has a cellular connection and lets Linus call to find out how Samir is doing. She then asks what it's really all about, and Linus tells her that it's about Kirsten.

Cameron tells Maggie that he figures that they can trust Ivy. He suggests that Daniel hijacked Kirsten's memory of her mother Jacqueline, and if they can isolate it then they can manipulate it. Mitchell isn't convinced, but Cameron points out that it's the only gamble that he's got. Meanwhile, Linus comes in and he tells Camille that Samir died two days ago and the funeral was yesterday. She hugs him and asks how his mother is, and Linus says that she's holding up. When Linus called her, she said that Samir would have approved and it doesn't matter why Linus didn't call.

They prepare to isolate the memory and Cameron says that the Stitch is still active. He has Camille and Linus isolate the memory, and asks if Linus is okay. Camille says that he's good, and they go to work. Cameron gets the memory and goes after it, and talks to Kirsten through the Jacqueline memory. He tells her that it's time to go, and warns that if Kirsten stays there then she'll die. Kirsten doesn't care, and Linus reports that the entanglement is holding. Camille whispers something to Linus and tells him to say it.

In the Stitch, "Jacqueline" says that she doesn't want to be with Kirsten and orders her to leave.

Linus reports that the entanglement is weakening. Cameron has him isolate the mother memory.

"Jacqueline" tells Kirsten that she's never done anything for her. Everything else fades as Cameron speaks through the memory, saying that her life is because of what Kirsten has done. Camille tells Cameron to push Kirsten harder, and he says that Jacqueline had her work and her life before Kirsten ruined everything. Kirsten breaks into tears and begs her mother not to say it, but Cameron keeps pushing her. The entanglement finally breaks and Kirsten bounces out, sobbing. She climbs out of the tank and Cameron hugs her. He says that it wasn't her mother and he's the one who said the things. Shocked, Kirsten slaps him and then collapses. Mitchell tells his men to arrest them all.

Later at home, Kirsten wakes up and then wavers. Ivy coms in and tells her that she's been asleep for 18 hours, and Cameron saved her. Kirsten wonders why her sister is there, and Ivy tells her that she was just mad at her but it's all in the past. She explains that Mitchell arrested the team, and Kirsten realizes that Ivy knows all about the Stitcher program. When Ivy says that Daniel is their father, Kirsten points out that he trapped her in her memory and he isn't her father. Ivy doesn't know where the team is, and Mitchell didn't put any guards on Kirsten because he figured she wasn't going anywhere.

Kirsten tracks down Mitchell and demands to know where her team is. He says that they're being detained pending relocation, and goes to meet with his boss, Admiral Decker. Mitchell explains that he's preparing a new more trustworthy team so the Stitcher program can continue, and Kirsten says that she won't cooperate. When he realizes that he's serious, Mitchell takes Kirsten to his office and points out that he thought she'd be ready for a change given how Cameron used her mother's memory against her. He asks how she'll react to Jacqueline when Kirsten is reunited with her, and admits that he knows where she is. The NSA needs her safe and healthy, and he explains that Jacqueline was working on Project Grasshopper to speed up the evolution of the human brain. They could use it to mentally tie world leaders together, putting an end to conflict. The lab accident accelerated Jacqueline's brain, an d she evolved in ways that they don't understand. They tried to recreate Project Grasshopper and failed, so they're keeping Jacqueline safe because after they perfect Stitching technology, they can Stitch into her brain and map it completely so that they can understand what happened. The Stitching cases are training missions, and when they have perfected the technology, Kirsten can pull her mother out of her endless sleep. Kirsten insists that she needs her team or she'll quit, but Mitchell tells her that she'll have to stay with the program if she wants to be reunited with her mother.

Later, Kirsten takes with her to the Stitcher lab. Tim drops down from the catwalk and shows them the tracking bracelet on his wrist,and says that he had to 3d print some spare parts for the new team before he's shipped off. Ivy figures that Linus still has the smart phone she gave him. Using the computers, Kirsten tracks the smart phone and realizes that he's at a NSA facility. Tim warns that it's impossible to break in, but Kirsten says that she's going to get them out through the front door.

Kirsten hacks the records of Nora Dublin, the highest-ranking woman in the NSA hierarchy. She's currently stationed in Cairo, and Kirsten substitutes her own photo for Nora's. Tim prints Nora's fingerprints on a thin sheet of plastic on the 3d printer, and warns that he doesn't know how long it will last.

That night, Kirsten goes to the NSA facility and presents her fake ID. She tells the guards that she's there to transfer the prisoners, The guard calls Mitchell's office, and Ivy intercepts the call. Tm poses as Mitchell and confirms the prison transfer. Kirsten puts her hand on the biometric scanner, and it registers a misreading. The guard checks her credentials again, and Kirsten cleans off the scanner with her sleeves. It confirms her identity the second time and the guard lets her through.

The guard takes her to the detention cells and Kirsten says that she'll handle them on her own. She goes inside while the guard waits out, and she discovers that they have comfortable clothing. Kirsten tells them what Mitchell told her, and explains her plan to transfer them. Once they get out, they'll find Jacqueline and use that as leverage to force Mitchell to let them continue with the program. Maggie warns that a prison transfer requires an armed guard, and they knock out the guard and have Cameron put on his uniform.

As they leave, Kirsten offers her condolences to Linus about Samir. Cameron apologizes to Kirsten about what he did with the Stitch, and Kirsten says that she understands but now she's stuck with that memory of her mother.

A guard finds the front door guard tied up in the detention cell.

Kirsten leads the team out the front door and they get out just as the alarms go off. NSA agents surround them at gunpoint and order them to freeze.

Back in the detention cell, Kirsten checks the door and Cameron tells her that there's no way out. He says that they'll all be fine, and figures that if he plays nice for a while then he'll be reinstated. Cameron wants to be there because Kirsten will be there, and tells her that she needs to continue Stitching so that she can save her mother and make new memories. Maggie comes in and says that they need to go to the lab because something has happened and they're needed.

When the team arrives at the lab, Mitchell says that a new case has come in. A 27-year-old man was in a hit-and-run: his son Nathan. Mitchell needs to know if someone killed Nathan to get at him. Maggie warns him that it's not good for Mitchell, but he insists that it was his son. Maggie agrees bur Kirsten says that they have Mitchell where they want him. Linus agrees with her, pointing out that Mitchell kept him from finding out that his father died for three days. Maggie says that they're better than Mitchell and tells Kirsten to suit up, and she agrees.

After Kirsten has suited up, Cameron worries that she's not ready so soon. He tells her to bounce at the first sign of something going wrong. They begin the Stitch and Kirsten enters Nathan's memories. She sees Nathan as a 7-year-old, Mitchell reading to him. Linus locates a memory hotspot and Cameron moves her to where Nathan is arguing with Mitchell about his girlfriend. Nathan insists that Mitchell doesn't know her, but Mitchell says that the NSA knows her parents. In the memory, Mitchell admits that the girl might be using Nathan to get to him,the real Mitchell says that it was the last time he saw Nathan alive. As they talk, Kirsten sees a photo and recognizes all three people in it.

They approach the death memory and Kirsten sees Nathan jogging when he's hit by a car. She then sees Daniel telling her that Mitchell wants to kill Jacqueline and that she shouldn't trust him. Daniel tells her to find out where Jacqueline is and find a way to tell him, and then they'll save her together. He says that he doesn't think Kristen is a bad person for calling the NSA on him, and assures her that he loves her.

Cameron tells Kirsten to make the bounce, and she does so. Mitchell asks what she saw, and Kirsten tells him that she nothing. Unconvinced, Mitchell takes a sidearm from one of his men and says that he'll shoot Camille unless Kirsten tells him the truth. Kirsten says that she saw Daniel kill Nathan because Daniel knew that Mitchell would order a Stitch and gave him a warning. She repeats what Daniel said about Mitchell killing Jacqueline, and Mitchell promises that he'll kill Daniel when he finds him.

Mitchell tells the team that vans are waiting to take everyone to their new assignment except Kirsten. When she wonders why she should continue working for him, he looks at Ivy and says that he hasn't taken everyone from her... yet.

As they shut down the lab, Kirsten talks to ivy. Ivy realizes that Mitchell is using her as leverage, and Kirsten admits that the others are so much smarter than her. But she's smarter than one person: Mitchell. Ivy realizes that Kirsten got something on Mitchell from the Stitch.

Later, Kirsten goes to a stretch of road and lures Admiral Decker there claiming to be Nora. When he arrives, Kirsten tells him that someone is threatening to go about the Stitchers program and Decker's personal knowledge: her. She saw Decker in the photo in the Stitch, and figures that he knows about the program. Kirsten wants her team back, Maggie in charge of the program, and Mitchell gone. She also figures that Decker knows where Jacqueline is.

Soon, the team are back at the lab and Maggie congratulates Kirsten on whatever she did. Maggie has been offered Mitchell's job, and Kirsten figures that Maggie wants it.

Later, Kirsten visits Cameron and asks if Nina is there. Cameron explains that Nina left him a note saying that she couldn't wait for him anymore. Kirsten asks if he's okay, and Cameron says that he loved her but he wasn't in love with her. He tells Kirsten that he would have waited forever for Kirsten when she was trapped in the Stitch, and she tells him that everything makes sense when she's with him. They kiss and Kirsten says that it's a brand new emotion. She then asks Cameron what he meant when he said that she couldn't help her mother if she didn't bounce. Cameron tells her that she never said that, and Kirsten wonders who did.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 6, 2017

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