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Germs of Endearment Recap

Lydia Curtis is having dinner with Conrad Stone and his wife Carol, and Lydia's husband Frederick hasn't arrived. Frederick finally comes in and says that his lunch didn't agree with him, and Lydia whispers to Frederick to be charming and stop sweating. Frederick starts retching and coughs up an organ, and says that they should leave. He vomits all over everyone and Lydia complains that he's selfish as he collapses.

Pete comes to the door and Angie tells him who he is. He invites her in and they have coffee. Angie asks why he left her alone when she was 12, and he says that he needs to go to the restroom first. As Angie waits, she sees a board Pete has been keeping of her exploits. She finally checks on Pete and discovers that he snuck out the bathroom window.

Later at the station, Jay goes to the morgue and finds Monica and Danny wearing hazmat suits and examining a pile of organs. Monica explains that the organs are the remains of Dr. Frederick Curtis. He died of hemorrhagic fever , and he was with the bioweapons division of the Defense Department. Monica warns that the virus is 100% lethal, and the entire city is in danger.

Once Pritkin receives word of the potential outbreak, he tells the mayor that they have to order a quarantine. The mayor warns that it's Avocado Fest and they can't risk a decrease in tourism. The CDC called them to say there was a break-in at the bioweapons division where Frederick worked. Someone stole multiple viral samples, and Jay figures that they should investigate. The mayor spells out that the quarantine isn't going to happen and leaves.

Angie is driving back and passes fathers playing with their daughters. Jay calls and tells her about the outbreak, and Angie figures that Sniglet is behind it. Sniglet calls and says that he figured out how to save all the animals: by killing all the people. Angie says that she understands about his traumatic childhood but killing half the population won't make things better for him. Sniglet figures rigging a sneeze guard and leaves, and the next person who sneezes spreads the virus.

Word of the outbreak gets out when two people die. The mayor gives a statement from an isolation cell that there's no cause for alarm. He insists that the situation is under control and tells everyone not to have physical contact with their loved ones.

At the lab, Angie puts on a hazmat suit, and Jay says that he's good without one. She has Jay zip her up and they start to kiss. They pull away and Angie says that she's lost faith in humanity after what happened with her father. Dr. Clive Mister comes in and takes them inside so that he can explain it, even though they won't get it. They enter the lab and Calvin shows them where Frederick worked. He explains that whoever got in used a key card and it wasn't Frederick's. Sniglet had his own card, let himself in, and knew exactly what he was looking for. When Sniglet transferred the virus to a separate container, he spilled some on Frederick's salad. The virus originated in penguins, and they weaponized the penguin flu. Jay figures that if they can cure a penguin, they can apply it to infected humans. Curtis looks at him in disgust and leaves.

Back at the station, Jay and Angie tell the others what happened. Monica warns that if the virus becomes airborne then its' game over. It would take her a week to develop an antidote. Angie wonders if humanity is worth saving. Sniglet calls Angie and says that soon everyone will be dead except him, because he's transfusing himself with penguin blood. He tells them that his favorite thing about spray is opening day and hangs up. They're giving out nasal spray to the first 10,000 fans at Dodger Stadium for opening day, and Pritkin sends Danny and Jay to confiscate the nasal spray. Meanwhile, Angie should search for Sniglet and Pritkin asks Beth if the wedding planner if he had any suggestions for the wedding food.

As Angie leaves, Sniglet calls her and Angie says that she'd like to join him. Monica calls and traces Sniglet's call, and Angie switches back to Sniglet and says that if he tells her where he is then she'll pick him up. He asks Angie about her childhood, and Monica calls on the other line to say that she has him... and warns Angie that she won't like it. Angie turns and sees Sniglet, and chases him into a mirror shop. He shows up in the dozens of reflections, but Angie picks him out and hits him. Sniglet runs out and Angie goes after him but loses him in the crowd.

Jay and Danny arrive at the stadium and discover that they've already given out the nasal sprays. Danny gets sprayed with the last one and realizes that he's going to die. They take Danny to the hospital and put him in a quarantine tent, and he starts vomiting. Jay and Hoffman visit him and jay assures Danny that he can beat it.

At the police lab, Monica grafts on penguin DNA to create an antidote. Pritkin drinks the first 4,000 doses, and Monica warns that it will take her 24 hours to brew the next batch. She says that if she has more penguin blood, she can work faster. The police collect every penguin in the city but Sniglet sneaks into the lab posing as a WSAT trooper;.

The mayor rehearses his speech in Pritkin's office telling everyone the flu is over. Danny isn't there to hear it, so they call him in. He says that Monica is the real hero, and they realize that Monica isn't there.

Monica wakes up in a cage and promises that they'll find her.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 6, 2017

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