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Steel Bars and Stone Walls Recap

Waverly and Doc run through the forest , and a demonic creature catches up to them and grabs Doc's hat. As it charges again, Wynonna knocks it down and sends it to Hell with the Peacemaker. She says that Juan Carlo was right and more than remnants are coming through the Triangle, and that they can use it to rescue Dolls.

At the Black Badge holding facility, Dolls tells Lucado that the demon is dead and the missile strike has been called off. She tells him that his transfer to Black Rock prison is set for 0600 hours, and tases Dolls, and then orders the guards to take him away.

Wynonna goes to the sheriff's office and hears Neadley telling people thatWynonna's ex-boyfriend was the one who poisoned the townspeople. Once they're alone, Neadley says that Wynonna may be the hero of Purgatory but she's not the one he needs. However, he admits that he knows what Wynonna sacrificed for the town. Wynonna notices that Neadley smells, and he says that "they" found a dead possum in the walls. Wynonna goes to the Black Badge area and finds the agency "cleaners" taking all of Dolls ' stuff. Neadley figures that Dolls didn't keep anything valuable there, and figure that it's at his motel room.

Later, Wynonna breaks into Dolls' motel room and calls Waverly, saying that she'll see her back at the Homestead,. She hears someone moving around and draws the Peacemaker, and someone leaps out and attacks her. After a fight, Wynonna discovers that she's fighting a woman in her underwear. The womangrabs the Peaceamaker, and pulls the trigger, but it only works for Wynonna. They continue fighting and the woman grabs a hidden gun. She and Wynonna aim at each other, and the woman says that it's her motel room. Wynonna, surprised, introduces herself and the woman, Eliza Sbapiro, says that Dolls never mentioned Wynonna.

At the homestead, Waverly is tending to Nicole's injuries. They kiss, and Nicole says that Waverly tastes difference. Doc announces himself and comes in, and Nicole goes to feed the cat. Once they're alone, Waverly says that she's worried about Wynonna. Doc asks how she's doing, and Waverly admits that she feels strong. He says that they both know Wynonna can handle herself.

Eliza gets dressed and says that she's been staying there for a few weeks. Wynonna explains that she's cursed, and tells Eliza that Back Badge is taking Dolls to prison to help her. Eliza says that she should burn Dolls' files if he hasn't checked in for 24 hours, but she didn't do it. She explains that disavowed Black Badge agents go to Black Rock in the Baltic see. Wynonna insists that she's not giving up on him, and Eliza says that she has clearance to get inside any safehouse that they'll hold Dolls at before they transfer him. She agrees to help Wynonna and her team recue Dolls, but warns that he could be worse than dead.

In his cage, Dolls goes berserk, his eyes glowing red, and then collapses in agony.

Wynonna and Eliza go to the Homestead, and Wynonna explains about Black Badge security systems to the others. Waverly is surprised to learn that Dolls has a friend, and realizes that she's his "friend". Eliza warns that guns aren't allowed on-site by anyone, Wynonna asks Waverly check on the revenants now that Bobo is gone, and Nicole insists on going with her. She points out that Dolls deputized her before he went, and Wynonna complains that it's hot.

Waverly asks to talk to her sister privately. Once they're alone, Waverly complains that Wynonna needs sleep. Wynonna wonders if Bobo did something to her, but Waverly accuses her of deflecting and points out that Wynonna had to shoot their sister less than 24 hours. She says that Dolls is her friend as well, and tells Wynonna to hit her.

At the sheriff's station, Wynonna knocks out the guards and Doc gives Eliza the safe combination. She opens the safe and discovers that Dolls' ran out of doses. They figure that Black Badge didn't provide medication, which means that Dolls is devolving. Wynonna demands to know what they're doing, and Doc explains that Doll is not a man. Wynonna grabs Doc's knife and questions one of the cleaners, and she quickly says that Dolls is at the old bread factor. Satisfied, Wynonna knocks her out and tells Doc that he's going to play possum.

Later at the factory, Wynonna and Doc go in posing as cleaners. They present the techs' IDs and say that they're transporting the last of the shit from Purgatory. The officer checks them for metal and complains about the stench. She doesn't find any metal and the officer tells them to move on.They remove their masks and Eliza jumps down from a vent and reports that she cut the alarm.

At the Homestead, Waverly and Nicole prepare to head out for the trailer park. Nicole wonders if Waverly will be okay with them working together in Black Badge. Waverly says that she's fine, and says that she needs to protect Wynonna as well as Nicole. Nicole says that she needs to know that Waverly is still her Waverly, and Waverly says that she is... and then asks for her help disguising herself.

Doc, Wynonna, and Eliza head down to the basement. When Eliza accesses the key pad, the door slams shut behind her. Wynonna figures that Eliza betrayed them, but Eliza says that they revoked her security clearance and she's just as screwed as they are. Unimpressed, Wynonna says that they have a Plan B.

Waverly goes to the Black Badge office disguised as an agent from Scotland Yard. London. She claims that she's delivering a demon head, and the agent in charge points out that they're not expecting anyone from Scotland Yard. Waverly bluffs her way on and gets the directions to the lab, and Nicole listens over the earbud and tells Waverly that it's the worse British agent that she's ever heard.

Lucado watches Dolls and says that she wants to be the last thing. Her tablet shows that Eliza has entered the facility, and points out that Dolls saved Eliza to leave her husband Greg behind him. Dolls says that Greg told him to leave him behind, and Lucado says that her friends are going to pay for it and shows him surveillance footage of Wynonna and Doc in the facility. She tells Dolls that he's not going anywhere and leaves.

Waverly goes to the lab and finds imprisoned monsters. Some are humanoid, some are not. Wynonna calls and tells her that she needs to become Plan C. Once she keeps her instructions, Wynonna waits with Doc and Eliza in the stairwell. Eliza says that she and Dolls are close, but she had her own room. She only claimed otherwise to see Wynonna squirm. Wynonna asks her Dolls is, and Eliza says that he's what Black Badge made him but they lied about it to him, too. She came to Purgatory to find out what Black Badge did to both of them. Eliza wars that even if they rescue Dolls, he may not be able to control himself. Wynonna says that she has a plan, and Doc asks what Waverly is doing.

Waverly flirts with a technician and says that their system gives them problems when they open security doors. The tech is glad to demonstrate, and confirms that he can open every door in the facility from his computer. Satisfied, Waverly hits him in the head but fails to knock him out. He tells her that they can't bleed in there or "it" will get out, and one of the creatures breaks out of its cell.

The tech explains that it's a Hala, a Bulgarian devourer of souls. It comes after them and they hide in the next room. Waverly drops the accent and says that she's there with Wynonna and Doc to rescue Dolls. She asks the tech, Jeremy Chetri, for help, and he agrees.

The stairwell door opens and the alarms go off. Eliza tells Wynonna that she should move on, but Waverly refuses to go on. Doc goes through the door and seals it behind him, and tells Wynonna that he will get Dolls out and kill him if necessary. He figures thatWynonna has been through enough, and tells her to go save the sister that she has left. After a moment, Wynonna goes with Eliza to find Waverly.

Jeremy warns Waverly that "devourer of souls" isn't a nickname.

Wynonna and Eliza find some guards and knock them out.

Doc finds an imprisoned Dolls and Lucado, and Lucado knows who Doc is. She draws a gun on him as he takes out a cigarette, and he points out that he's wearing dynamite that isn't detectable as metal. Lucado figures that he's bluffing, but Doc says that it's unstable and will go off even without a fuse.

Wynonna and Eliza keep fighting their way through the facility.

Lucado assures Doc that she'll shoot him, but he calls her bluff. He tells her to say that she's sorry, and Dolls grabs Lucado through the bars. Doc tells him not to kill her, and Dolls gets control of himself and drops the unconscious Lucado. Once Doc frees him, Dolls wonders what happened to his hat.

Waverly says that she'll take her chances, and she and Jeremy move into the lab. The Hala comes at them, and Waverly says that no one is being devoured. The creature sniffs at Waverly and then backs away, and Waverly smiles. Wynonna arrives, takes the Peacemaker out of the demon head that Waverly brought in, and kills the Hala, The sisters hug and says that they have to go, and Doc is getting Dolls.

Doc helps Doll up through the facility, but Dolls finally can't go any further. When Doc gives him the last vial that Dolls was saving, Dollsdrinks part of it. He whispers something to Doc, and Doc tells Dolls to go. The Black Badge agents arrive and Doc prepares to fight.

Wynonna, Waverly, and Jeremy get to the freight elevator where Eliza is finishing off the guards. He goes with them, and they run into Lucado and her men. Lucado says that Wynonna failed and prepares to kill her, Wynonna says that she blackmailed them into helping her and has no idea who Jeremy is. Lucado says that she'll kill the others first, and Lucado's superior Moody steps out with a gun and tells Lucado to stand down. The agents with Moody drag Doc forward, and Moody says that Dolls has gone AWOL and they'll find him eventually. He explains that Dolls used his one freebie to save Purgatory from a nuclear missile, and points out that Lucado is holding a gun. Lucado sets it down and Moody tells Wynonna to hand Peacemaker over. Wynonna refuses, and reminds them that she's the only who can send the revenants back to Hell. Moody points out that there are more creatures than revenants in the Triangle now, and they'll continue to patrol it on behalf of Black Badge.

Doc refuses, saying that he tried being a lawman and it didn't take. Lucado insists that someone has to pay, and Moody tells her that someone will. He picks up the gun and kills Eliza, and says that he can't kill the Heir but the rest of them are expendable. Moody has Lucado get out the contracts, and Wynonna and then the others have no choice but to sign in blood. Waverly wonders who they are, and Moody asks if it matters. As they sign in blood, Moody tells Wynonna that if she helps then he'll show her how to break the curse. He warns that the remaining revenants have scattered and she'll never find and kill them all. If Wynonna deals with the dozen or so demonic horrors that got into the Triangle when her sister opened the border, then they can help lift the Earp curse. As the agents take Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc out, Moody asks if anyone else knows about Black Moody. Waverly claims that there isn't,.

Nicole waits in the car.

As Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc head for the exit and discover that Wynonna has left, Wynonna asks if Dolls told him to pass on anything. Doc claims that he didn't.

Later at the Homestead, Wynonna thanks Doc for his help. She invites Doc in, and he says that he'll leave her to taking a shower and walks away. Meanwhile, Nicole apologizes to Waverly for leaving. Waverly says that she didn't have a choice but to lie because Moody would have killed her, and Nicole points out that Moody might have made her official with Black Badge. She says that she has to head back to the station, and Waverly kisses her on the cheek before she goes.

Wynonna sits down on her childhood bed and hugs an old teddy bear. She finally breaks into tears, dealing with the fact that she killed her sister. Something reflects light on her face through the window. Wynonna goes out and finds a key hanging on a chain from a tree. She looks up and sees Dolls on a hill, staring down at her. He smiles and walks away, and Wynonna goes back to the Homestead. She finds Waverly waiting for her on the porch, and says that they're going to track down every monster in the Triangle and kill it. Waverly wonders about Black Badge, and Wynonna tells her to remember who they're really fighting: demons. When Waverly tells her that she doesn't have to do it alone, Wynonna says that her only job is to keep her baby sister safe. Together they head out to break the curse... and Waverly's eyes briefly turn black and then revert to normal before Wynonna can see them.

In the Black Badge facility, a creature reaches out of a box and strokes Doc's discarded sticks of dynamite. They explode.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 10, 2017

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