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Grotesquery Recap

Swamp Thing finds several barrels of toxic chemicals in the swamp, leaking out into the soil. He examines one and is overcome by the fumes.

At the Kipp house, Jim answers the phone and calls Tressa down, saying that he's going out for a while. It's Arcane, who tells Tressa that he's been out of town for four weeks and hasn't been able to look into her complaints about toxic waste. He assures Tressa that the dumping will be stopped and the area restored.

Two toxic waste workers are cleaning up the waste and find the unconscious Swamp Thing. Since Arcane has said that he doesn't care what they do with the waste, the workers figure a way to make some money.

Jim discovers that Simon's Grotesqueries--a freak show--has arrived in Houma. He sneaks up and peers in the tent, and Simon catches him. Jim asks to buy a ticket, and amuses his knowledge of Simon with "human anomalies." Simon offers Jim a job, suggesting that Jim's stomach can't take it.

Later, Jim brings the grotesqueries food. One of them grabs Jim's hand and strokes it, and Jim moves on. Simon comes in and complains that Jim is taking too long, and yells at the grotesqueries to eat. Swamp Thing moans in his cage, and Jim realizes who it is. Simon leaves and Swamp Thing begs Jim for help, One grotesquerie, Amos, says that Swamp Thing needs good swamp water and algae. Amos explains that he was once a scientist, and says that Jim must take Swamp Thing to the cure. Swamp Thing begs Jim to hurry, and Jim promises to get him back to the swamp somehow.

Jim goes out and Simon prepares to leave. He tells Jim to do his work and mind his own business. Once he goes, Jim goes back to the tent and then goes to Simon's trailer to get the cage keys. Simon brings in a homeless girl, Clare, with an offer of a hot meal. When he tells Clare to clean up his trailer, she sees Jim hiding but doesn't say anything. Simon tells her that she can scream all she wants but there's no one to hear her except the grotesqueries, and drags her to see them. Jim then grabs the keys and watches through the window as Simon slaps Clare and then drags her into the tent.

Inside the tent, Simon rattles the cages and shows Clare around. Meanwhile, Jim sneaks in the back but Simon sees his silhouette on the tent wall. Before Simon can investigate, Arcane and his henchman Kid Brother arrive and tells him that he has another glorious failure for him. Simon says that he has no more room, and Arcane hasn't paid him for taking Amos. Arcane hands over the money and Simon goes out with Kid Brother to bring in the newest grotesquerie.

Jim slips around the truck and goes to an empty ticket booth as Simon and Kid Brother come out. Meanwhile, Arcane sees Clare and says that she's pretty, and hypnotically seduces her.

Kid Brother and Simon carry the cage past Jim and set it down. When Simon peers in the tent and sees Arcane with Clare, Kid Brother knocks Simon out, takes the money back. Meanwhile, Arcane renders Clare unconscious and carries her to Simon's trailer for a "diversion." Jim hides behind the cage until they pass, and then crawls into the tent. He frees Swamp Thing but can't drag him. The grotesqueries offer to help in return for their freedom. However, Kid Brother comes in and Jim quickly hides. He sees Swamp Thing and recognizes him as treeing his brother, and promises that he'll pay.

Kid Brother goes out to call Arcane, and Simon wakes up and attacks him. Arcane hears Kid Brother and goes back to the tent, while Jim frees Amos. Arcane comes in just after Jim and Amos get Swamp Thing out the back and into the truck. Amos goes back to free the others, as they surround Arcane.

Swamp Thing starts the truck with Jim's help, and Jim is forced to drive. Meanwhile, Simon manages to knock out Kid Brother and hears the truck start. Swamp Thing stomps on the gas pedal and they drive off before Simon can stop them. Meanwhile, Amos enters the tape and helps his fellow grotesqueries grab Arcane. Simon comes in and Amos knocks him unconscious, and the grotesqueries shove Arcane around. They stuff his money in his mouth and toss him out of the tent.

The truck runs out of gas, and Swamp Thing staggers out and regains his strength as he enters the mud and water. Jim watches him as he submerges into the water.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 12, 2017

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