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Go Get 'Em Tiger Recap

Sniglet stitches double-breasted suit for an armadillo, and an imprisoned Monica says that he'll never get away with. A fire alarm goes off, warning Sniglet that thereis someone at the front door. He tells Monica to be quiet and goes to answer the door. It's a police officer, who confirms Sninglet's identity and then tells him that he has some bad news: there have been break-ins in the area. The officer asks Sniglet to open the door so he can slip him his card, and he fails to see Monica in the cage. The man notices that the smoke detector battery light is going off, and changes it for Sniglet before leaving.

At the station, Pritkin discusses his wedding vows with Jay and Angie. He then asks about Monica's disappearance, and Angie assures him that they've got milk carton pictures out. Jay sarcastically says that Angie has a theory that Calvin took Monica to ge back at them for ruining his outbreak plan, and Angie insists that it's no theory. Pritkin wants them to check on the death of Susan Lerner, found dead in a massage parlor. It will represent the final stage of Jay's lieutenant training, and he's in charge while Pritkin is gone.

Angie and Danny go to the massage parlor and try to get used to the fact that Monica isn't there. A masseuse, Pandora, says that she found Susan on the massage table. As she gives them massages, Pandora says that she heard screaming but thought it was coming from another masseuse's room. they ask her for the names of the masseuses working that day, and Danny points out that Monica would have had them already.

Later at the morgue, Jay comes in and finds Angie and Danny slicing open a pizza. Angie's mother {eggy comes in and says that the temp agency sent her. Angie points out that Peggy knows nothing about forensics, and Peggy says that she told them that she could type and has a doctorate in forensics. She points out that the lacerations on Susan's back are consistent with the claws of a Bengal tiger, Angie figures that the Bengal Tiger got into the massage parlor by dressing as a human, and Sniglet is involved.

When Angie and Jay go to the squad room, they find Sniglet waiting for them. He threatens to unleash a bedbug on them if they shoot him, and the police drop their guns. Sniglet tells them to close the LA Zoo and set the animals free, or he'll kill Monica. After losing the bed bug, Sniglet quickly runs out. Jay calls Mayor Perry, but Angie cuts off the line and says that they can't shut down the zoo because it's Cat-astrophic! Pritkin comes in with his in-laws, and Jay says that they have no choice but to give in to Sniglet. When Mrs. Weidner comes back from the bathroom, Pritkin says that they have a rehearsal to get dinner, and tells Jay that it's his call. Jay decides to shut the zoo, and Pritkin says that it's so wrong before leaving.

Soon, the animals are released and attacks occur throughout the city. People are still being killed, and Perry tells Jay that his career is doomed. Monica arrives and explains that she used her bun to pick the cage lock and then seduced the armadillo. She and Perry have talked about Jay's inappropriate relationship with Monica and then Angie. Monica admits that she and Angie are tradin' blows, and Perry suspends Jay. Hoffman is the acting lieutenant, and Jay tells Angie that it was a mistake for them to try a relationship. Angie tells Perry that he suspended one of the best cops on the force and walks out.

Angie goes to the prison to talk to Hornbein and admits that she doesn't know how to stop Sniglet. Hornbein demands something personal, and Angie tells him that she found her father and he ran away again. The doctor wants to know how it made her feel, and Angie admits that she felt hurt. Hornbein says that Sniglet is fighting for control, and he'll help Angie under one condition.

Later, all of the officers gather at Pritkin's wedding and watch as he and Beth are married. Afterward, ay orders a Total Failure at the bar. Angie comes over and says that she's worried about him. She admits that Hornbein demanded that she bring him, and Hoffman signed off on it. Angie hits Jay over the head with a bottle and tells him to step up to the plate and stop being a pussy. She admits that she's just as bad, and she had to be her own dad when her father left her. Angie asks if Jay is ready to get to work, and he says that he is.

Monica proposes a toast to her mentor, Sniglet. Sniglet emerges from a box and they realize that Monica is with him. He welcomes them to their last day on earth, and says that humanity ends that day. Angie tells him to turn himself in, but Sniglet says that it's time for humanity's extinction. He opens a box revealing a Bengal Tiger and tells it to kill everyone.

As the guests panic, Hornbein tells Angie that he's a trained zookeeper. She frees him and Hornbein tries to calm the tiger down. It tears him apart, and then Danny and Pritkin. It then kills Sniglet and the guests. Angie tells Jay that she always planned on getting back with him when she ran out of options. Jay figures that they need a weapon, and discovers that she's run out to confront the tiger. Angie taunts the tiger and it comes after her, and Jay knocks it out and arrests it.

Angie lies bleeding on the grass, and tells Jay that she's not going to make it. He tells her that he's loved her more than anyone or anything, and she'll always be his partner. Angie congratulations him on being Lieutenant and gets up. Everyone applauds, including the "dead" people, and Pritkin gives Jay his lieutenant's badge. He explains that it was all an exam, and Sniglet was a cop from Vice and Hornbein was from the day care center. Beth was actually Pritkin's niece Natasha, and Monica was the tiger in disguise. Everyone that Sniglet killed were inmates who were going to get executed anyway. Jay points out that there were people working the case when he wasn't there, and Angie tells him that he's overthinking it. She says that the party is real and they all dance.

That night, the team shares a drink at the bar and Pritkin says that he got promoted to captain. He stays in his office, Jay stays at his desk, and everything stays exactly the same. Perry comes over and arrests Angie for the murder of Angie Tribeca. He explains that they received news that it isn't really Angie, and the police lead Angie away while Monica smiles ominously.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 13, 2017

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