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Gonna Getcha Good Recap

Waverly puts on a cheerleader outfit and performs a routine for Nicole. Nicole assures her that the people at homecoming will love it, and Waverly tells Nicole that it's a private performance for Nicole. Waverly kisses her ad then does another cheer just as Wynonna comes in. Nicole takes advantage of the interruption to excuse herself, and quickly goes. Waverly realizes that her sister has had a rough night, and Wynonna admits that she keeps imagining the broken seals at the site. She polishes Peacemaker and says that she doesn't expect any sign of Dolls. Wynonna polishes Peacemaker's barre and says that she might have to protect the people who tortured her in high school.

At the high school, Bryce Cooper walks down the hall and stops at the trophy case. He says that he was an idiot for doing what he had to do to get it, just as a demonic figure appears and says that he's come to claim what is his. He gestures at Bryce, who is compelled to reach into his chest and pull out his liver.

The next day, Nicole and Neadley find Bryce's corpse. Neadley recognizes Bryce and says that he's going to pass it off to Black Badge. He orders Nicole to scrub the scene and cover it up. Wynonna is there taking photos and whispers something to her, and the two of them walk off.

At Shorty's, Doc and Rosita are dealing with the homecoming crowd. Rosita says that reverse-engineering the serum isn't going well, and she needs something pure. Wynonna comes in looking for Doc, and Madison waves to her. She invites Wynonna to join her drinking, and talks about her brother and sister. Madison sees a man, Perry Crofts, and asks Wynonna how long it's been. Wynonna remembers that Perry knew Bryce and asks Madison, and she immediately calls over Perry. Perry knows all about Wynonna's breakdown, and asks how long Wynonna is in Purgatory. Wynonna quickly excuses herself, and Perry sits down with Madison and asks her what Wynonna is doing. Madison says that she's a special detective, and Perry asks if she could get her number.

Wynonna finally locates Doc and shows him a photo of Bryce's corpse. She explains what happened to Bryce and wonders if it's connected to the symbol smasher. Rosita comes by and Doc tells Wynonna that Rosita is the best mixologist around. Wynonna tells him not to get distracted, and Doc assures her that if she needs him for a case then he's there. She goes to the lab to find out if Jeremy has found anything, and tells Doc to worry about the bar.

At the lab, Jeremy says that the broken seal was some kind of ancient symbols. Wynonna asks him about Bryce, and Jeremy asks if Nicole is usually so passive-aggressive about handing off cases. He figures that Bryce let someone rip out his liver, and Wynonna suggests that he might have done it to himself. Jeremy asks if Dolls has reached out to her, but Wynonna refuses to say anything about him. Before he goes, Jeremy points out that in the photo, Bryce is staring at the trophy case. Perry calls and asks Wynonna out. When she agrees, he says that he'll pick her up at the Homestead. Once Perry hangs up, he squeezes the blood out of a dead animal into a bronze bowl.

Later at the Homestead, Wynonna is making up for her date. Waverly figures that she's going out on a date, and Wynonna insists that Perry might know something about what happened to Bryce. Perry pulls up outside and Wynonna goes out to greet him. Waverly's eyes turn black and she eats some lipstick.

At the first high school, Madison says that it's their first homecoming and promises that they'll turn the town around. Everyone cheers and Madison says that in the spring they'll break grounds on the new community center. She says that her parents left their fortune to the town, and tells everyone to enjoy the game. Perry quickly leaves and Wynonna catches up to him. He apologizes for being tense, and says that it's pathetic how people are still celebrating the last game the high school team won in 2007. Perry suggests that they leave, and Wynonna starts to ask him about Bryce. Another former hockey player, Skip Morgan, runs up and tells Perry that it's happening. Bryce is dead and Perry said that he'd fix it. Perry claims that his friend is drunk and takes him out.

Wynonna goes after them and sees them drive away in Perry's truck. Waverly arrives and Wynonna says that they need to go to Skip 's house. Waverly says that she plans to meet Nicole and asks Waverly to come along, but Waverly irritably tells Wynonna that she's not one to be giving her dating advice and goes inside. She finds Nicole and sees the trophy case. Her eyes briefly turn black, and then she kisses Nicole. Shocked, Nicole pushes he away and says not while she's in uniform. Nicole finds a teenager, Tucker Gardner, taking video, and yanks it away from him. It falls on the floor and breaks, and Nicole arrests him. When Waverly objects, Nicole angrily tells her not to do her job and leaves.

Wynonna goes to Skip's house and finds him on the porch. There's a blood insignia on the door and another on Skip's forehead, and Skip says that Perry put them there. Wynonna figures that Perry crawled out of the broken seal. The demonic djinn arrives and says that he'll claim what is his, and Wynonna draws Peacemaker. The djinn gestures and Skip tells Wynonna that it'll go through her to get what it wants. Wynonna turns and fires, but the djinn has disappeared. Skip runs off while Wynonna is distracted.

That night at the station, Tucker's sister Beth picks him up. Neadley tells Nicole that they're not holding the prisoner because he's not being charged. He reminds Nicole that the Gardiners were an important party in Purgatory and dismisses what Tucker was doing. Tucker and Beth come by and Tucker says that he wants Nicole charged with harassment. Beth leads him out, and Neadley puts Nicole on paperwork and tells her to keep her head in the game until she learns how the town works.

Nicole goes to the lab and finds Wynonna trying to work the coffee machine. Wynonna says that she came to get some books for Waverly, and Nicole figures that Waverly is avoiding her. As Wynonna says that she has to go, Nicole asks if she's noticed any changes in Waverly recently. She says that Waverly has become hard, almost cruel, and Wynonna wonders if Nicole is reacting because Waverly kept Nicole out of Black Badge. She refuses to discuss it further and leaves.

At the Homestead, Wynonna shows Waverly and Doc photos of the blood symbols and figures that Perry summoned the djinn, a Marzanlok. She snaps, complaining that they're just working for Lucado. As Waverly tries to calm her down, there's a knock at the door. It's Perry, who realizes that it's true Wynonna is some kind of immortal warrior. Doc knocks him out from behind, and Waverly says that the Symbol is an Algiz. Perry wasn't trying to summon the Marzanlok, he was protecting Skip.

The trio ties up Perry and wake him up, and Wynonna demands an explanation. Perry says that the team, the Blue Devils, kept loosing. Coach Moore gave him, Bryce, Skip and Cam a spell. They didn't take it seriously but cast it anyway, and the Marzanlok appeared out of the trophy case. They understood that they'd have ten amazing years of whatever they wished for. They didn't realize that they'd die. All of them did okay, and Perry came back figuring that it didn't get what it wanted from them the Marzanlok might target their families. Moore died so Perry did research but is no expert on breaking a deal with the devil. Waverly confirms that the Marzanlok emerged from the trophy, and says that it could be a bringer of good and bad luck. They split up to find Cam and Skip and bring them in, and Wynonna will kill the Marzanlok.

As Wynonna goes, Doc goes after her and says that if they can return the Marzanlok to the vessel then it can be kept alive and use it to save Dolls. Wynonna realizes that Doc bought Shorty's to try and create a cure for Dolls. He says that they shouldn't waste time to discuss it, and Wynonna agrees to try and capture the demon

Perry and Doc go looking for Cam and find him dead on the sidewalk. Neadley is there and explains that Cam tore out his own eyes. Perry realizes that Skip is the only one left, and Doc assures her that Wynonna has it.

Waverly goes to Skip's house and tells his wife that she'll have Skip back. Tucker approaches her outside and says that he never wants to cause her distress, and then asks her to get Nicole to treat her with respect. When Waverly says that Nicole is her good friend, Tucker tells her that she's confused and it would be wrong. Waverly's eyes turn black and she grabs Tucker by the throat and lifts him into the air. She rips a set of dog tags off of his neck, drops him, reverts back to normal, calls Doc, and says that she knows where Skip is.

Wynonna goes to the high school and finds the current Blue Devils taking the trophy in the hopes that the luck will rub off on them. She tells them to hand it over, and when he refuses Wynonna slaps him on the forehead. One of the players, Charlie comes over, and Wynonna punches him. She takes the trophy and walks out, giving them the finger. Doc and Perry pull off and Doc tells her that Cam is dead and they've located Skip.

Nicole arrests Skip and throws him in jail, and he warns that Marzanlok will hurt his wife. The Marzanlok comes in and Skip sees it and says that he's sorry. It forces him to reach into his stomach and says that it's come for what's his. Nicole draws a gun on it and tells it to surrender, and the Marzanlok magically slams her aside. As it advances on her, Doc shoots it in the shoulder and it runs off. Perry and Wynonna follow him in, and Perry follows it. He closes and locks the door behind him, and yells to Wynonna that he's got it. Wynonna and the others come in as Perry casts a spell in Old High German. It shrugs it off and compels Perry to pull out his heart.

Wynonna draws Peacemaker and tells him that the deal is off. The Marzanlok offers her whatever she desires most, and Wynonna hesitates. Doc warns that Perry is running out of time, and Wynonna wishes for the Marzanlok to get back in the trophy. It does so, breaking its spell on Perry.

As they take Perry out, Wynonna admits that he was brave but stupid. He says that it's not fair that he's alive but his teammates were dead, and Wynonna tells him that sometimes all they can do is try and save lives. They kiss and Perry admits that he's not broken enough for her. Wynonna tells him to go have a safe life, and Perry walks off.

Neadley comes in and finds Nicole cleaning up the mess. He offers her coffee and tells her that the people who live in Purgatory just want a normal life, and they ignore the occasional demon attack. He says that he needs someone smart to take over when he retires, and figures that Nicole is his replacement. Neadley says that Black Badge is impressive but someone needs to handle the normal things. Nicole tells him that they need more manpower, and he tells her that she has permission to deal with the supernatural stuff. Neadley tells her that what they do matters, and gives her a confidential file. He says that it's the long game and he's been playing it for a while.

At the Gardiner house, Tucker tells his sisters about Waverly attacking him. He wants charges filed against her and Nicole, and Beth tells Madison that they have to stick up for each other. Madison says that things are going to change, and she watched the people that made Wynonna's life miserable get their asses kicked. She tells her siblings that they're not going to sue Nicole or Waverly. Beth storms off, and Tucker tells Madison that if she dies then he doesn't have to wait until he's 21 to get his money. Mercedes tells him that he's cut off, and tucker storms out as well. Once she's alone, Madison pours herself a drink and figures that it's time for her to pull a Wynonna. Two of the black sprits come in and one breaks her neck.

At Shorty's, Wynonna tells Waverly what happened. She says that Nicole was brave taking a beating to protect Skip, and asks if Waverly and Nicole are okay. Waverly insists that they are, and Wynonna tells her that she wants Nicole to remember that Waverly is the best. When Waverly asks for her lipstick back, Wynonna says that she did and Waverly doesn't remember eating it. She stares at the trophy briefly and then tells Wynonna that she'd better put it somewhere safe. Once she's alone, Wynonna puts a thermos in her bag and smiles.

In the basement lab, Rosita prepares to release the Marzanlok so that they can harvest what they need from it. She insists that she has it under control, and walks out as Wynonna comes down with the trophy. Doc tells her what they're doing and that Rosita has a degree in biochemistry. Wynonna realizes that Dolls made Doc promise not to tell her what's going on, and wonders why he didn't tell her. He says that he didn't promise for Dolls' sake, and admits that he thought that Wynonna might with the Earp curse away. Doc admits that he knows from personal experience not to make deals with devils and figures that Dolls isn't coming back.

Waverly goes to the barn where Dolls is hiding. As he moans in pain, Waverly sets down the thermos and her eyes turn black.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 24, 2017

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