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Withdrawal Recap

At the station, Bryan and Mia look out the window into the mist and can't see anything. Kevin tries to call out but the line is dead. He asks Bryan what happened, and he says that something in the mist killed his dog. There's no sign of Connor, and Kevin figures that he has to get to his family at the mall. Adrian and Bryan both agree to go with him, and Mia agrees as well after a moment.

Connor is driving down the street when he slams into a buck. He gets out and checks it, and heads off on foot.

Romanov takes Nathalie to his office and asks whose blood is on her. One of the congregation members says that Connor is there, and Nathalie tells Romanov that there was a man in the mist who shot Benedict and then himself.

The mall manager, Gus Bradley, comes out of his office when a security guard Kyle tells him about the mist. Gus asks Eve what happened, and she says that Mrs. Carmody went outside and something dragged her into the mist. They wonder about Carmody's son Eric, and Gus and Kyle go to the doors. Gus tells the gawkers that they're not going out until they know it's safe, and locks the doors. He then tells the customers that they're staying inside where they know it's safe, and he needs help to lock all the doors. Alex glances at Jay and tells Eve that they should go because help because she can't be there right now.

Romanov tells Connor what Nathalie told him. Connor figures that they should sit tight until they know what's going on. Nathalie comes over and breaks into tears, and Romanov hugs her.

Mia searches the stations' evidence room and finds an envelope with some drugs in it. As she takes them, Bryan comes in and asks what she's doing. She claims that she's looking for car keys, but then admits that she's scared and thought the drugs might take the edge off. Mia asks Bryan not to tell Kevin, and he asks if she's an addict. She insists that it won't be a problem if he helps her, and Bryan agrees not to tell Kevin but the pills stay.

Eve and Alex go with a woman, Kimi Lucero, and they nervously approach a set of doors in one store. When Kimi hesitates, Eve takes the keys and goes to the doors. Once she locks the door, she goes back to Alex and Kimi. Kimi notices a dead man through a door to the side, the hallway filled with mist. They go back to the atrium and tell Gus and Kyle what they found. Gus confirms that the hallway is in the administrative wing. One man, Clint Spelling, says that Homeland Security issued radios to all public outlets after 9/11. Gus remembers that it's in the security office, but it's in the admin wing right where they found the body.

Gus and the others go to the hallway, and Gus wonders if it's some kind of toxic gas. The dead man is an accountant, and his arm is ripped off. Eve points out that she and Alex ran through the mist, and Gus figures that there's an open window. Alex says that the electronic score has a drone with a camera.

Kevin, Adrian, Mia, and Bryan run for the police car parked outside. They get in and drive off.

Kyle puts the drone in the hallway and quickly closes the door behind it. Jay pilots it down the hallway to the security office and confirm that the door is closed. they check the other doors and find the open window, and they find another corpse. The dead man wrote "arr" on the floor in his own blood before he died. The drone gets stuck on the edge of the desk, and no one recognizes the dead man.

Gus gathers the people and says that they need to let the authorities know that they're alive. He suggests that they send someone to the radio to call for help, and they think Gus should do it since he's the leader. Gus says that they should do a lottery, and nobody has a better idea.

Kevin directs Mia to the mall, and a man runs out of the mist and asks for their help. When they hesitate, he draws a gun and says that they need the car. Bryan pulls a gun out of his bag, and Mia hits the gas and drives on. She speeds up and the car finally flips. Everyone is okay, and the car window next to Adrian starts to crack. After a moment it shatters, and they manage to kick the doors open and get out. They hear the church bells and head in that direction, and Mia realizes that she left the guns behind. Mia's mother appears out of the mist, and Mia figures that it's a hallucination. Bryan comes back and gets her.

Kevin and Adrian reach the church and Romanov asks them what's going on. Mia and Bryan come in, and Kevin confronts Connor and asks why he abandoned them. Connor wonders who released his prisoners, and handcuffs Mia to a pew. Kevin tells him that he left a 17-year-old kid behind, and Connor tells him that something attacked and he honked the horn, and no one came. Romanov hears him and points out that he said earlier that he didn't know what it was, and asked what attacked him. Connor says that he doesn't want to start a panic and walks away.

Gus puts all of the names in the bag and draws one. It's Eve, and she tells Alex that she'll be back soon. Clint says that he'll go with her, ignoring his wife, and Gus gives Eve the keys to the security office. Eve tells Alex to stay with Kimi until she gets back, and assures her daughter that she loves her.

Kevin sits with Nathalie and offers his condolences on Benedict's death. She talks about how if the bees die, humanity will only have four years late. Kevin figures that she's rambling and suggests that Benedict is there in spirit. Nathalie tells him that there is no spirit, just nature, and Benedict isn't there.

Eve and Clint enter the hallway and run for the security office. They get in and close the door behind them, and Clint finds the emergency radio. he turns it on and they confirm that it has power.

Bryan talks to Mia, who is clearly going through withdrawal. He tells her to describe what it's like, and Mia talks about her symptoms. She tells Bryan that she hallucinated her dead mother outside and figures that it was the withdrawal.

Cliff is unable to raise anyone on the radio, and finally calls the Arrowhead Army, giving a call sign. There's no response, and Cliff insists that the radio stays there. Eve notices that he has a gun and says that she's going back. Cliff tells her to stay there for now, and Eve wonders who he is. She shoves the radio at him and runs out, and Cliff chases after her. He grabs her and the y struggle for the gun. Eve throws it down the hallway and when Cliff goes for it, Eve hits him over the head with a fire extinguisher. He starts strangling her, but something moves in the mist behind him. As Cliff turns to look, Eve grabs the gun and shoots him, and then runs out of the hallway.

In the church kitchen, teenager parishioner Mikhail Demidoff tells Romanov that he's been thinking a lot about Revelations. He says that a lot of people turn to Romanov for guidance, and Romanov thanks him for his concern but says that he needs to focus on food. Once the priest serves the food, he asks Kevin and Adrian to wait until they say grace. Adrian says that he doesn't believe in God, and Mikhail says that it's God's house and God's rules. They notice that Nathalie is gone, and Kevin figures that she needed some time alone. As Romanov says grace, Nathalie goes through his office.

Eve returns to the atrium and Alex hugs her. She claims that she and Cliff lost each other in the hallway, and the radio wasn't working. Eve talks to Gus privately and asks if he's ever seen Cliff's wife and two other men that she's talking to. Gus admits that he hasn't before that morning, and Eve claims that she's just worried about their families.

As Adrian asks Kevin if he thinks Alex is okay, Nathalie comes out with some sacramental wine. Romanov objects but Nathalie says that she wants to share a toast to her husband. Mikhail suggests that they all have a drink, and Romanov gives in. Nathalie talks about Benedict and how they met when they were teenagers. They settled in Bridgeville and still drank cheap wine like when they were young, and asks everyone to drink in his memory. Everyone joins in, and Kevin takes a bottle to Mia. Connor stops Adrian from drinking, telling Kevin that he should know what it leads to.

As night falls, everyone settles in at the mall. Eve hides the gun within easy reach.,

Nathalie looks at a photo of Benedict.

Jay can't sleep and finally goes off on his own.

Kevin repeats the words that the "hallucination" said, and tells Mia that he saw her mother as well.

Jay goes to the restroom and discovers that the water is out. He turns to see that two of the strangers have hung themselves.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 24, 2017

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