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Show and Tell Recap

Come morning at the church, Nathalie sees Romanov comforting a weeping woman. The others wake up, and Kevin goes to Romanov's office to rinse off. When he goes back to Adrian, the teenager says that Kevin looks like shit. Kevin asks him what he's thinking about, and Adrian wonder if they're all dead. She says that Alex is the only friend he has, and Kevin insists that she's fine. They go to the bell tower and Kevin points out a car outside. He figures that Mia can hotwire it, and says that he'll talk to Connor to get him to release her.

At the Mall, Alex is sitting and staring out at the mist. Eve joins her and talks about how she used to bring Alex there when she was a baby to get her to sleep. When she came there as a child, Kevin always bought her a balloon. Alex says that there are a lot of things to be scared of: the mist or the people who hung themselves or Jay. Eve says that she's working on the last part, and wishes that Alex would tell her what she's thinking. Alex gets up, suggests that she's not feeling anything, and walks away.

Gus , Kyle, and Jay cut down the hanging corpses Kyle points out the Army dog tags that they're wearing, and they wonder why the military is there. They wheel the corpses out to the atrium and shows the dog tags to the others. Gus figures that they can put them in the freezer at the supermarket, and says that they'll have to search everybody for dog tags. The third soldier, Wes Foster, starts to walk away, and Kyle grabs him. They confirm that he has dog tags, and Wes says that he doesn't know anything. Je says that he's just a private. Gus wonders why the other two killed themselves, and Kyle figures that they know what's happening.

Nathalie looks out the window and Mikhail joins her. She tells the man that when she was working in the garden, nature seemed to come alive and a toad ate off of her hand. Nathalie says that a Black Spring happened in 1860, and Mikhail tells her that it's a local bedtime story. His mother said that it was a curse on the town, and if kids don't behave then they'll be torn apart. Nathalie figures that it's another Black Spring, and Mikhail says that he spent six years in jail for doing awful things. He figures that he'd be the first one gone, and Nathalie tells Mikhail that she was looking at her husband's corpse on the sidewalk.

Kevin talks to Connor and says that he and Adrian are going to mall. He wants Connor to release Bryan and Mia to him, but Connor refuses and points out that Mia is wanted for murder. Kevin points out that Mia saved his life, and Mia overhears them and says that she won't hurt anyone. Connor tells her to shut up, and Kevin figure that he became a cop to be an asshole. The sheriff gets up and says that he's locking Kevin and Mia up in the basement.

Once they're locked up, Connor leaves and Bryan goes through boxes of books. When Mia complains that she's cold, Bryan gives her his jacket and she says that she wants her jacket because it's a security blanket. The soldier hands it over and then shows her the bottle of pills that he took out of the pockets. He gives them to her and picks the lock on her handcuffs, and suggests that they choose to trust each other because he really needs somebody to trust. Mia agrees to do so.

Eve approaches Alex in the atrium and says that they need to find someplace away from Jay,

In one of the department stores, the two video store owners Ted and Link play mock video games and talk about death. Link suggests that they put the bodies outside as bait and see what show up, and Ted agrees.

Mia takes the pills and tells Bryan that she's feeling better. She's surprised that Bryan isn't looking for something in return, and he figures that he's not gay. Bryan explains that he doesn't remember of his past life Mia starts crying and says that makes Bryan the lucky one. Bryan goes over and puts an arm around her, and holds her as she cries.

Kevin fills water bottles and says that he'll get Mia and Bryan out somehow. Adrian points out that she's a murderer, and Kevin says that someone willing to do a bad thing is not the worst person to have around. He has Adrian stand watch while he calls down through the basement door. Kevin tells Mia that he's going to get them out, and she admits that she knows how to hotwire a car.

Adrian is watching Connor when Romanov comes by. The teenager says that he's scared and the priest tells Adrian that he's scared as well. Romanov sits down and says that he's known Adrian's mother for a very long time. She came to church often to escape from her husband, and Romanov figures that she was looking for someone to love her unconditionally... like God. Adrian figures that God doesn't love him, but Romanov says that God's love is everywhere and the first step is baptism and admitting one's sin. Connor, listening, says that Adrian lied about Jay. He asks why Adrian didn't do someone to stop it, and Adrian says that Jay's friends held him back

Kevin comes out and tells Connor to leave Adrian alone. Connor blames Alex for getting drunk and screwing around, and says that she's like Eve. Kevin takes offense and goes for Connor, who draws his gun and arrests him for assaulting an officer. He shoves Kevin into the basement and locks the door behind him.

Ted and Link go to the freezer and wheel the two corpses to a side door. They shove the corpses out into the parking lot and lock the door, then watch. Nothing happens.

Eve tells Alex that they'll find another place to camp out, and they split up to get supplies. As Alex looks in a shop, Jay approaches her and says that he just wants to talk. He tells her that he'll let her go as soon as she lets him talk, and says that he didn't touch her at the party. Jay insists that he stood up for Alex and Adrian, and Adrian never saw him with Alex. He took Alex upstairs and put her to bed to sleep it off alone. He asks to touch her hand to show that nothing happens, and Alex lets him. Once Jay does so, he says that he's not going to hurt Alex and leaves.

Nathalie tells Mikhail that she's going to go home, and says goodbye to him. Mikhail warns her that it's too dangerous, and Nathalie says that she has no business being alive. She walks outside and Mikhail goes after her. Connor and the others see her and run to the door, and a bug flies into his packet. Mikhail pulls off his shirt, revealing a deaths head moth, and Nathalie says that it's beautiful. the skin splits open and Mikhail screams in agony. Connor and Romanov run out as wings sprout from Mikhail's back and moths fly out of his mouth.

Back inside the church, Connor wonders why Nathalie went outside. She says that she wanted to die, but now she doesn't because she's happy that she's seen God. Romanov says that it wasn't God, and Nathalie tells him that it wasn't his God.

Alex rejoins Eve and tells her that Jay approached her and says that he wasn't going to hurt her. Eve tells her that she won't have to worry about Jay much longer.

Ted and Link continue watching the corpses. Wes comes in and tries to get to his friends. The others hear the commotion and come in, and Gus says that they can't fight each other. After looking outside, Gus figures that they can't bring the corpses in now, and tells Ted and Link to stop acting like kids. The manager tells everyone that they need to establish a set of rules.

Eve and Alex find a store room and Eve figures that they can set up there.

Adrian kneels in prayer, and Romanov says that he believes that God is asking them to believe in Him. he talks about Job in the Bible and how God took everything away from him. The priest figures that even then, Job never doubted God's existence. Adrian asks if Romanov was serious when he said God loves him, and the priest says that it's God begging Adrian to accept his love. After a moment, Adrian says that he'd like to be baptized.

Gus gathers everyone in the atrium and says that he won't let the place sink into chaos. He says that anyone can suggest rules and they'll vote, and has Jay write down suggestions. Kyle says that anyone who endangers the mall should be thrown out of the mall. Eve and Alex return, and Eve says that she won't follow any rules that Jay comes up with. The shoe store owner, Raj, tells Eve that if they're leaving then he wants to go with them because he doesn't think it's going to end well for people like him.

As other people join them, Gus objects and Kyle says that the rules have to apply to everyone. Jay asks Alex to tell Eve that he didn't do anything, and Eve grabs Kyle's gun and aims it at Jay. Gus tells her to do what she wants but don't come running to them when it falls apart. Eve backs off and takes the others with her.

In his office, Romanov baptizes Adrian. Adrian thanks the priest for doing it and repents his sins. Romanov asks repeatedly why he wants to be baptized, and Adrian shouts that he is a sinner. He hugs Romanov, and secretly takes his keys.

Eve and her group set up in the storeroom.

Adrian uses the keys to unlock the basement door and the others leave with him. They sneak to the doors just as Connor comes out. When the sheriff goes for his gun, Kevin punches him. Romanov comes over and sees Adrian, who stares at him for a moment and then leaves with the others.

Eve finds Alex writing out notes requesting help. She offers to help, and Alex agrees. They then attach the notes to balloons and all of the group members release them into the sky. When they wonder where Alex got the idea, she says that she misses her dad.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 24, 2017

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