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On the Road Recap

On Day One of their search for God, Jesse, tulip, and Cassidy drive across the country. They're driving to see Jesse's friend Mike, because Jesse figures that he's a good place to start. He explains that Mike is a religious scholar, while Cassidy talks about circumcision foreskins in face cream. Tulip refuses to discuss it and turns on the radio. A police car drives past them and Tulip slows down, but the policeman turns around and turns on its sirens. She says that she'll just do her Afghan war vet thing, but Jesse says that she doesn't have to. Tulip speeds up and the police car chases after them. another police car comes after them and they swerve to avoid it as they sing along with the radio. They run through a construction site and the police cars wipe out behind them.

The car runs out of gas and more police cars stop them as they come to a halt. The officers drag them out of the car, and Cassidy holds up his umbrella to shade himself from the sunlight. They tell him to drop the umbrella, and refuse to let him get his sunscreen. Once they tackle him, the deputies shield him until the sheriff yanks them away. Cassidy bursts into the sun and the officers realize that he was telling the truth. The sheriff starts to drag Cassidy out, but Jesse uses Genesis Voice and tells them all to holster their guns and humiliate themselves. Tulip says that she doesn't like Genesis, and asks Jesse how he'd like it. She tells him to get Cassidy, just as someone shoots down an officer. Jesse yells at everyone to get down, and the shooter kills another officer. Jesse and tulip set a police car's tires on fire to generate smoke to cover their escape. Cassidy manages to get out of the police car and hides underneath it to avoid the sunlight. The shooter kills the other officers, and one of them gets the car moving that Cassidy is under.

The sniper continues firing, shooting through the cars. Tulip realizes to leave her car, and Jesse tells her that she needs to siphon some gas using a dead officer's intestines while he goes after Cassidy. Cassidy continues crawling to keep up with the slowly moving car, and gas pours out underneath it. The car moves away from him just as Jesse arrives with the umbrella and shields him from the sunlight. They drive off as the gasoline explodes. Jesse looks back and sees the Cowboy calmly walk through the clouds of smoke.

Tulip finally pulls over a gas station and the owner notice some intestine hanging from the gas tank. When he threatens to call the cops, Jesse tells him that they're all dead, and uses Genesis to order him to pretend they're not there. Tulip and Cassidy go in and Tulip drinks some juice to get the taste of intestines out of her mouth. A cat comes by and Cassidy smiles and picks it up.

Jesse notices a bullet in the side of Tulip's car. When he pries it out, it burns his fingers. The owner goes into the store and ignores Tulip, She takes her drinks without paying and leaves with Cassidy, and the vampire warns that lots of people will be coming after Jesse now that he has a superpower. Tulip figures that they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Jesse says that they have a job to do and if he sees the Cowboy again, he'll deal with him.

Once they drive off, the owner looks for his cat Ginger. He turns and finds the Cowboy looking down at him. The Cowboy asks where Jesse is, and the owner says that he wasn't there. When the owner insists that he wasn't there, the Cowboy tells him to open his mouth. Once the owner does, the Cowboy reaches in and pulls out his tongue. He looks at it for a moment, tosses it away, and walks off.

The trio finally pulls into a garage and Jesse tells Tulip and Cassidy to wait there. He goes inside and Tulip says that she just wants to take a shower. She notices Cassidy staring at her, and finally says that he didn't know that she and Jesse were involved when she and Cassidy were involved. Tulip tells him it's the stupidest thing that he's ever said, and invites him to tell Jesse that they had sex. Cassidy insists that Jesse tries to do the right thing more than most people, and Tulip warns him that Jesse has a deep-down side.

Tulip hears someone moving in the darkness and calls out. There's a whimpering noise, and she and Cassidy get out to investigate. A woman, Ashleigh, yells to them for help, and they find her in a cage. As she begs them to let her go, Mike and Jesse come in, and Mike tells them to ignore her and takes them inside. Tulip apologizes and covers the cage over, and goes inside with the others.

Inside, Mike says that his wife used to tidy but she died, and yells at Ashleigh to be quiet or he'll call her parents. She quickly goes quiet, and Mike says that his parishioners come to him for help. He admits that he puts them in a covered cage to curb their urges, and Cassidy wonders why he doesn't just chain her up. Mike says that the cage works best and asks Jesse why he came there, and Jesse tells him that he has some bad news about God to tell him. After a moment, Mike suggests that they have a drink.

As the trio sits down with Mike and drink, Jesse explains that God is gone. Mike admits that he's not surprised since God hasn't responded to his prayers. They ask Mike where he might have gone, and Mike explains that when he was a young man in Mesopotamia, he came across a map that claimed it would foretell God's location. He refuses and Ashleigh yells if she could have five minutes to post on Facebook. Mike tells her that no one wants to see photos of her in a cage and leaves. Tulip finds a photo album that shows Mike marrying Jesse's parents. There's a photo of the couple with Mike, and Cassidy wonders where the mother's parents were. Jesse abruptly says that they weren't invited.

Mike comes back in and asks if they're spending the nights. He puts them all in the guest room, and they end up on the bed together. Cassidy figures that Jesse and Tulip have plants of a romantic nature, and doesn't want to be a third wheel. He assures them that he won't be an issue, but Jesse figures that they're all tired and Tulip quickly agrees. Cassidy and Tulip roll over, and they're soon both snoring. Jesse can't sleep and goes outside. Mike joins him and asks if he's expecting someone. The minister suggests that God might have a reason for going missing, and Jesse says that he wants to know the reason. When he says that he might hold God to account, Mike asks him how and Jesse says that he has Genesis. Mike tells him to show him, and Jesse tells him to break something. Mike does so and realizes that Jesse is telling the truth. Jesse says that before his father died, he said that big things would be coming for him. He thought that his father meant the church, but he realizes that finding god is his call. Jesse plans to do it whether God helps him or not, and Mike takes out a card. He says that he got it from a parishioner, Tammy, who said that God had been in, and she's at a dance hall in Kimble County. Mike figures that the woman can help, Jesse figures that it can't be that easy and Mike agrees.

The next day, the trio drives off and Mike goes inside to wash the dishes. He hears a dog barking and sits down in the living room. He pours two glasses of whiskey and takes out a knife. The Cowboy kicks in the door and asks where the preacher is. Mike says that he's the only preacher there, and refuses to say where Jesse has gone. The man knows that the Cowboy is the Saint of Killers, and the Cowboy says that the knife Mike is holding won't stop him. Mike tells him that it'll stop him from saying and stabs himself in the chest. The Cowboy stares at the corpse for a moment and then walks out.

The trio arrives at the dance club--actually a strip club--and goes inside. Cassidy goes off on his own to take a look around, and Jesse looks for Tammy. Tulip finds a man watching a newscast about the town blowing up. Jesse finds tammy and gets Tulip. They go into the back where Tammy is working in her office, and Jesse explains that they're looking for God and heard that she might have seen him. Tammy denies it, but Jesse points out that her hands are shaking. She has them close the door and tells them that God was there. He came in a couple of times a few months ago, kept to himself, and had the band play his favorite song. Jesse wonders what God was doing there, and Tamm what he wants with God. When Jesse says that they want a few answers, Tammy tells them that God won't answer questions.

Jesse asks Tulip if he can use Genesis on Tammy, and Tammy calls in the bouncer. Tulip tells Jesse that he's getting lazy and should just beat the answers out of Tammy. She figures that God came back for one girl in particular, and points to the pictures of the strippers on the wall. Tammy refuses to tell them who it was, and Jesse suggests that he use Genesis on Tammy and then make her forget it. Tulip finally concedes that Tammy is irritating and says that Jesse can do it.

When Jesse starts to explain, Tammy draws a letter opener on them. As Jesse tries to calm her down, her bodyguard Doug shoots through the wall, mortally wounding Tammy. Jesse uses Genesis on her, and Tammy says that God came for the jazz, not the girls. She dies, and Cassidy arrives with Doug the bouncer. Jesse and his friends go out through the club as the jazz band plays.

The trio checks into a hotel where a gun association is holding a conference. Jesse says that they should go to bed, and Jesse tells Cassidy that they're on God's trail. The vampire apologizes for letting Jesse down, and Jesse merely says that he'll see him tomorrow. He goes into the motel room with Tulip, and Tulip says that when she's had a bad day she likes to go into the bathroom and lock the door behind her. Jesse tells her to open it, and she tells him to open it. He punches through the door and kicks it in, and he and Tulip kiss. They move to the bed and make love, while Cassidy lies in bed in the next room and watches a TV ad about the Amazing Ganash in Las Vegas.

Afterward, Jesse goes outside and sees the Cowboy walking up. He uses genesis to order him to stop, but the Cowboy keeps coming. The Cowboy draws his gun and aims.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2017

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