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Mumbai Sky Tower Recap

Ignoring Genesis, the Cowboy fires at Jesse... just as a van goes between them. The bullet hits the driver, killing him, and the van swerves around and hits the Cowboy. Jesse walks away as the members of the Gun Association convention run out. Cassidy comes out to find Jesse as the Cowboy shoves the van back and calmly steps out. He advances on Jesse, who uses Genesis to make the gun aficionados open fire on the Cowboy. He shrugs off the hail of bullets, and they hit the van and it explodes. They figure that the Cowboy is dead and cheer, but the Cowboy rises out of the smoke and lets the bullets drop to the ground. He draws his guns, and opens fire on the aficionados as Jesse yells at them to run. Jesse and Cassidy take cover as the cowboy guns down the aficionados. Jesse wonders where tulip is.

Tulip is in the motel room watching TV when Jesse runs in and yells that they have to go. She's watching a newscast about the destruction of Annville, and Jesse sits down with her to watch. A bullet finally hits the TV, destroying it, and the trio hides in the vending machine area.. The Cowboy walks past them, gunning everyone in his path down, and Jesse tells Tulip that Genesis doesn't work on him. Cassidy lifts Tulip up to pry pries open a window and man comes in and buys a can of pop. Jesse motions at him to be quiet, and the man complains that he got the wrong pop. The Cowboy hears the man and walks toward them, and enters the room just in time to discover that they've fled. He knocks out the man as they drive away, and screams in frustration.

The next morning, the trio stops at a gas station and Cassidy tries to work out what happened. Mike isn't answering the phone, and Cassidy offers his condolences about Annville. Jesse figures that they'll never find God while the Cowboy is after them, and Cassidy sees a family wearing Amazing Ganesh t-shirts. He tells Jesse that Ganesh might know what to do about the Cowboy.

A Couple of Days Ago

A shuttle finally comes for Fiore and takes him to Las Vegas. He enters a casino, the Mumbai Sky Tower, and gets a hotel room, and then hangs himself. Fiore is then reborn in a new body , comes out of the bathroom, puts a plastic bag over his head, and suffocates himself. He then hires a prostitute, pays her after sex, and shoots himself, and is reborn yet again. The angel then goes down to the casino and electrocutes himself with the singer's microphone, and comes back. Everyone applauds, figuring that it's an act, and Fiore soon becomes a magician, the Amazing Ganesh, killing himself and coming back to standing ovations.

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy arrive in Las Vegas and visit "Ganesh". They realize that Ganesh is Fiore, and Tulip tells them that they've got it and goes to get a drink. Cassidy asks how they left things with Fiore, and Jesse claims that it was good. In Fiore's dressing room, the angel glares at them. His assistant Frank tells him that he has a visitor show, and after he leaves Fiore tells Jesse and Cassidy that DeBlanc is dead. Jesse explains that the Cowboy is after them and asks fore for information. Fiore tells them that the Cowboy, the Saint of Killers, is a beast straight of hell and he wants to kill Genesis… and Jesse. Fiore is the only one who can stop him, because he hired him.

A handicapped boy arrives and Fiore brightens up and takes photos with him. The boy asks how "Ganesh" dies and comes back and life, and Fiore refuses to tell him. Once they wheel the boy out, Jesse asks what he offered the Cowboy in return for killing him. Fiore refuses to say, and tells him to use Genesis and see what happens. Jesse realizes that the Cowboy is tracking Genesis' use, and explains that God has gone missing. He realizes that Fiore doesn't know, and says that things have changed. They're on the same side now, and if the Cowboy isn't stopped and Genesis is destroyed, then they'll never find God. Fiore says that he understands that it's serious, and admits that he doesn't know what happened to him. He used to be happy until he got to Earth, but now he doesn't give a shit. Frank comes in to get Fiore for his next show, and Fiore goes with him.

Jesse prepares to go out and beat Fiore, and then use Genesis to bring the Cowboy there and make Fiore call him off. Cassidy warns that the Cowboy will shoot up the casino, and suggests that he have a crack at him. He admits that he screwed up before, but insists that he has a skill set and says that it will take him two hours and forty-five minutes. Cassidy walks out as Jesse wonders what he's going to do.

Tulip is sitting in a lounge and Jesse sits down with her. She explains that Walter was the only family she had left, and he was always drunk and falling off things. But he wore a suit when he came to her school, and he did it for her. Jesse tells her that Cassidy is working on things and asks if she wants to hit the tables. Tulip points out that their town blew up, and suggests that they get a room. They make love and Tulip wonders if they're still looking for God. Jesse tells her that if Cassidy gets the Cowboy off their backs, they'll continue the search. Tulip wonders why it matters since their hometown is gone Jesse says that it's more important to get answers from God than ever, but he doesn't know where to look. Tulip assures him that he'll figure something out, and Jesse suggests that they get married. They're all that are left of Annville, and he spotted a wedding chapel in the lobby.

Fiore returns to his dressing room, and finds Cassidy waiting with a table full of drugs.

Tulip slaps Jesse and points out that he hates marriage. He reminds her that she's the one who thought that, and admits that it was just a thought. Tulip tells him that it was the worst marriage proposal that she's ever heard.

Cassidy explains how he plans to torture Fiore, and Fiore insists that he's not going to change his mind about helping. The vampire says that he just wants to cheer Fiore up, and assures him that he'll make his next show. Fiore agrees and Cassidy shoots him up. Fiore dies and comes back, and Cassidy figures that he should use next heroin next time.

Cassidy and Fiore are soon chasing around Fiore's suite kicking beach balls. Fiore rants about how he and DeBlanc had a legendary friendship, and Cassidy offers him another speedball. The angel discusses theology with Cassidy as they throw a Frisbee, pillow-fight, and discuss foreskins in face cream.

Jesse and Tulip go to the temple and take a pager, and wait at the bar. They agree that it's good crazy, and Tulip sees a man across the bar looking at her. He turns and walks away, and Tulip tells Jesse that she's going to change her shirt. She goes after the man as he goes into an elevator, and she runs up the stairs after him. She loses him and goes to her room, and the man--Gary--arrives at her door and greets Tulip by name.

At the bar, a customer talks to Jesse about how Sinatra compares to the current crop of singers. Ganesh and Cassidy comes in and Jesse tells Cassidy that he's figured out where to go next. Cassidy says that he's convinced Fiore to call off the Cowboy. Jesse tells Cassidy that he and Tulip are getting married, and Cassidy says that it was meant to be.

In the motel room, tulip asks how Gary is. He says that he's extremely well, and Tulip invites him in. Gary explains that Victor sends him from Louisiana to Las Vegas to check on things. He asks what's up with Jesse, and Tulip says that Jesse is just someone she's working with Gary looks around and notices the messed-up bed, and tells Tulip to get in touch with Victor because he's looking for her. Tulip says that she's been meaning to do it, and Gary holds out his cell phone and suggests that she do it now. She angrily says that she has a thing and can't do it, and asks Gary to give her a break. He warns that Victor wouldn't understand, and tells her to make the call.

Tulip refuses, and Gary says that he will. She knocks the phone out of his hand, and Gary picks it up and she tries to knock it out of his hand. He grabs her by the throat and discovers that there's no reception, and walks around the room trying to get some bars. Gary drags Tulip around the room, and she finally grabs the pager and hits him over the head, breaking free. Tulip says that she can't do it today, and Gary tells her that he's going to kill her. They fight and Tulip smashes the phone, and then beats Gary unconscious. Cassidy comes in and wonders what happened, and Tulip tells him not to tell Jesse as the pager goes off.

In the wedding chapel, a Hindu priest performs the beginning of the wedding ceremony, with Fiore as the best man. Fiore assures him that Jesse that he can call the Cowboy off, but insists that he can't use Genesis again. The angel reminds Jesse that Jesse sent Eugene to Hell, and insists that he's never going down there again to get the boy. Jesse admits that Genesis isn't a toy, but says that if he can use the word to find God then he'll use it. Fiore warns that it would be a big mistake, and Jesse figures that Genesis was meant for him.

Tulip comes in and says that she's fine, and tells Jesse that she's changed her mind about getting married. She says that the fact that they love each other is all that matters, and Jesse wonders what they do now. Tulip tells him that they should continue looking for God, and confirms that Fiore is going to help them. She goes to get Cassidy so that they can leave.

Later, Cassidy thanks Fiore for getting them a car and says that he'll call him later. They hug and Fiore leaves. Jesse comes out and asks Cassidy if something happened with Fiore. Cassidy insists that nothing happened and gets in the car. Fiore wishes Jesse good luck finding God, and asks where he'll go next. Jesse says that they're going to follow the music, because all they know is that he likes jazz. He figures the best place to find God is in New Orleans.

Jesse gets in the car and uses Genesis to tell Fiore to find peace. They drive off, and Fiore goes to his suite. He looks around at everything that he and Cassidy did, and then goes to his dressing room. The Cowboy comes in and asks if they're deal still holds. Fiore tells him that if he kills Genesis then he'll see his family again. He figure that Jesse will keep using Genesis, and says that he's heading to New Orleans. As the Cowboy turns to go, Fiore tells him that he has another job for him because he has to get out.

The show begins and Fiore goes out on stage. The Cowboy shoots him, killing him for real, and leaves. Everyone boos when Fiore doesn't come back.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 27, 2017

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