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Mind Palace Recap

Kristen comes back from Cameron's apartment to her house and finds Camille waiting for her. Camille figures that Kristen and Cameron had sex, and Kristen says that they're keeping things PG. She asks about Camille's night, and Camille says that it was Hard R.

Cameron is exercising with Linus trying to release his sexual tension. Linus wants to talk about Cameron's yips, but Cameron refuses to talk about it. He agrees that Cameron should let Camille pilot the Stitches, and Cameron tells Linus to finish the oxytocin filter.

Rather than discuss her sexual relationship with Camille, Kristen discusses how they need to map the entire human brain and find out what happened to her mother. She shows Camille the progress that they've made mapping the human brain, and Camille confirms that Kristen wants her to go behind the NSA's back. Kristen says that Cameron can't know because it would freak him out, and they're breaking protocol. Camille agrees and figures that all they need is a body.

A man and woman find a dead man on their hotel patio.

Later at the lab, Quincy shows the team the body and explains that it's a John Doe. He was shot once in the chest and thrown off the hotel roof. The killer also shot off the John Doe's left index finger, and they're running ballistics on it. Cameron suggests that he should pilot it, and Kristen and Camille immediately object due to his "performance anxiety." Cameron insists that he doesn't have it but agrees to let Camille pilot. Kristen gives Camille a thumb drive with her map of the human brain, and warns her that Linus will be the first to notice that something is wrong.

The team begins the Stitch and Kristen finds herself in a brightly-lit gallery with items on pedestals. There's no sign of the victim, and Kristen senses that it isn't an art gallery. Linus reports that Kristen is in a section of the brain responsible for symbols and imagery, an area that they haven't mapped. Cameron wants to move her to another area, but Camille insists that it's her Stitch and her rules. He overrides her, and Camille tells Linus to isolate the memory image for later study. Cameron wonders if he made a mistake trusting Camille, and Camille assures him that he didn't.

Kristen sees something that looks like a doll house on a pedestal. Quincy gets a hit on the victim's tattoo, showing he's with the British Royal Marines. Kristen sees, a swan, a sword, a patch of glass, an apple tree, and four soldiers marching around a golden snake. There's a statue of a cow with another golden snake wrapped around it. Cameron realizes that it's image-based coding, and tells Camille to move her to the language center cortex. When Camille objects, Cameron tells them that the Stich is over. as the death memory approaches, the snake around the cow attacks Kristen... and she bounces. Cameron points out that they were either reckless or stupid, and Camille objects. Quincy tells them to calm down, and Kristen says that she told Camille to do it so they'd be better prepared to Stitch into her mother. She says that a golden snake killed the John Doe, and Cameron says that the victim built a mind palace to protect his secrets. They figure that John Doe was a spy.

Later, Camille and Kristen study the mapping images that Linus captured. They try to decipher the visual image, while Cameron says that he's going rogue and walks out. Kristen goes with Cameron and offers to apologize again. He points out that she went behind his back, and Kristen notes that he would have said no. Kristen wonders if worrying about someone all the time is caring about someone, and it doesn't sound right to her. Cameron tells Kristen that he has a history of watching people he cares about get into bad situations, and Kristen says that they should separate if she's causing him more pain than happiness. He concedes the point but tells her that it's the last time she goes rogue without him.

Cameron and Kristen go to the British consulate, and they explain that they think an MI6 agent was killed. They admit that they don't have a name, and the man Dexter Abbott insists that there victim isn't an agent. Dexter objects to the NSA barging in and not offering cooperation. Cameron offers him cooperation and asks what he wants, and Dexter says that Cameron doesn't have the authority to grant. He finally asks Cameron to locate Chloe Marks. The LAPD picked her up on a drunk-and-disorderly, and Dexter doesn't want to go through official changes and embarrass his agency. Quincy agrees to have his wife Stephanie, the DA, do what she can.

At the DA's office, Stephanie wonders why Quincy is interested in Chloe. He refuses to explain and Stephanie notes that Chloe punched a cop. Stephanie agrees to file the paperwork, and Quincy offers to pay her back the favor with dinner. She warns him that it goes way beyond dinner and Quincy leaves.

Once Chloe is released, Kristen and Cameron pick her up and explain that Dexter sent them. She admits that her hotel booted her, and she claims that she wants to clean up before they take her to Dexter. Cameron offers his apartment, and insists to Kristen that it's professional courtesy.

Linus and Camille go to the hotel to check the crime scene. Nothing there matches the images from the Stitch, and Linus suggests that each image is a phrase. He wants to bring Ivy in, and Camille says that she isn't impressed. Linus says that they have to get past what happened with Camille supporting Ivy. However, he says that Ivy is important to him and they should move on. Linus invites Camille to join him and Ivy after work, and Camille says that she has plans. He realizes that she's seeing someone, and Camille swears him to secrecy and then explains that she's dating Amanda. She agrees to have Linus bring Ivy to the house, and she and Amanda will cook.

At Cameron's apartment, Chloe takes a shower and comes out naked. She asks for some clothes, explaining that she washed her clothes in his sink. Cameron looks away, says that Kristen can help her, and quickly leaves.

When Cameron goes back to the consulate, Dexter confirms that the agent was John Harrington, a mid-level agent with MI6. He says that Harrington was there on a case a few months ago, and MI6 has scrubbed the file. Dexter finally says that Harrington brought his wife Belinda with him, and she was abducted from the hotel where she was going to meet Harrington. The kidnappers demanded ransom and it was paid, but they never turned Belinda over and she's presumed dead. Harrington went rogue searching for her, and that's when Dexter brought in Chloe to find him. The kidnapper who took Belinda shot off her left index finger and sent it to Harrington.

Chloe asks Kristen if she and Cameron are more than professional co-workers. Kristen refuses to answer, and Chloe explains that her family doesn't think much of her. when MI6 recruited her, she set out to make a difference. Cameron texts Harrington's name and Chloe's involvement, and Chloe explains that Harrington was her first assignment and she screwed it up. Dexter summons Chloe in, and Chloe tells Kristen that Dexter and Harrington used to be partners. She finds it interesting that Dexter didn't tell them about the partnership.

At the lab, Cameron and Linus try to work out the images in the mind palace. "Bright serpent" in Old High German is Belinda. Cameron asks how long Linus thinks it would take him to break the six-digit code on credenza in Maggie's office, figuring it has something to do with how their cases get picked. He figures that Maggie wouldn't turn him if he asked, and Linus warns that it could take weeks. Kristen comes over and Linus suggests that they take a break. Kristen suggests that they get takeout.

Kristen and Cameron go to Cameron's apartment and find a bruised Chloe waiting for them. She says that Dexter was unhappy with her performance, and he beat her. Chloe warns that Dexter is an animal, and that he went berserk when she asked him about Harrington. She doesn't think that Dexter killed Harrington, and says that it isn't her problem because she's quit MI6. Kristen tells her to take Cameron's room while she and Cameron sleep on the couch.

At the house, Amanda and Camille make dinner and they kiss. Linus and Ivy arrive and Amanda serves Mescal Mules.

As Kristen and Cameron eat their takeout, Maggie calls Cameron and says that all of Harrington's files were scrubbed the one he was working on: it never existed. They realize that Dexter lied to them.

Linus shows Ivy the images they obtained from Harrington's mind palace. Amanda and Camille serve appetizers and Camille sends Linus to help Amanda get some crackers. Once they're alone, Linus tells Amanda not to hurt Camille because he cares about her. Meanwhile, Camille tells Ivy that she doesn't trust her and asks what her game is. She figures that Ivy is out to hurt Linus.

Amanda tells Linus that she knows nine different ways to kill him and make it look like natural causes. Meanwhile, Ivy insists that she's not Daniel, but Camille figures that she has an ulterior motive for getting together with Linus. Amanda and Linus come back out with the crackers.

At dinner, Stephanie tells Quincy that her contact at the DOJ called her about a possible opening. Quincy encourages her to go for it, and they kiss.

Kristen studies the mind palace images and then tells Cameron that she thinks Dexter is way more involved than he claims. She suggests that they take Camille to her apartment because it isn't in the records. Cameron texts ahead and when they get there, Camille is ready to go. She says that Chloe isn't staying there isn't the best, just as Amanda comes out. Amanda says that it's okay if Chloe stays, and Camille assures Amanda that they won't be too long. Outside, Kristen tells Camille that she's happy for her and Amanda seems great.

At the lab, Kristen explains that a baby cow is known as a Dexter cow. It's standing on a tile in the mind palace, and the roof of the hotel has terracotta tiles. Quincy comes in and says that ballistics show that the bullet used to kill Harrington was from Dexter's weapon. They head to Dexter's office to check it out, and check his apartment to see if he's there.

At the consulate, the guard shows Cameron and Kristen Dexter's office. A wounded Dexter is in his chair, and he shoots at Kristen before dropping the gun.

Camille calls Amanda and tells her what happened. Amanda tells Chloe that Dexter was shot in his office, and he's not dead. She says that Camille wants them to stay put, and they drink some wine.

At the lab, Linus tells Cameron that he's developed a codex to unravel all of the mind palace images. Cameron insists on piloting the Stitch, and says that after Kristen was shot at, he realized that he needs to be in control of his own mind before he lets her Stitch. Camille wishes him luck, and they begin the Stitch. While Linus uploads the codex, Cameron gives Camille permission to map the unidentified pats of the brain.

A door materializes in the mind palace. It opens and is filled with white. The area is white because it isn't fully mapped, and Kristen says that she should move on. She goes through and finds herself at an outdoor wedding. Harrington and Belinda are there, as is Dexter. The images from the mind palace are already there, and the swan and sword form a family crest. Camille confirms that it belongs to Belinda's family. MI6 didn't scrub the marriage records, and they were married March 4: the four marching soldiers. Kristen realizes that Belinda and Dexter were having an affair, and Harrington found out about it. The team figures out that Belinda and Dexter killed Harrington together. Kristen sees Belinda's family wedding ring, and figures that it was stuck so that's why she shot it off of Harrington's finger.

Kristen finally gets a good look at Belinda's face without the veil. At the same time, Camille sees Belinda's photo in the file and runs out. When Kristen bounces, she says that Belinda is actually Chloe.

Camille arrives at the house and Chloe says that she and Amanda are now good friends. Chloe notices that Camille is sweating, and Camille says that it's hot outside. As she tries to get Amanda out, Chloe realizes that something is up. She and Camille grab knives and attack each other, and Amanda hits Chloe over the head. She shrugs it off and kicks Amanda back, just as Quincy and the officers arrive to arrest Chloe.

Amanda bandages up Camille's wounds, and Camille says that she was afraid of losing Amanda. She explains that she doesn't let people in, but she let Amanda in. Camille admits that she's scared but excited, and says that her life makes sense with Amanda in it as they kiss.

The next morning, Cameron is happy that they captured a murderer who slept naked in his bed. Kristen explains that Chloe is about fun, and it was more fun for her to seduce Dexter and get him to help her disappear and then kill Harrington when her first plan crashed. Kristen points out that all Harrington had to do was forget about Belinda, but Cameron points out that she loved Chloe. She thanks Cameron for saving her in Dexter's office, and they kiss. Cameron says that he heard a buzzing sound from inside the credenza, and got Harrington's Stitch alert a few days later. Linus has already opened the credenza, and they figure that if they can work out how it picks cases then they can alter it to let them Stitch Kristen's mother.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 27, 2017

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