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Fire on the Frontier Recap

On the Nebraska frontier, Cheyenne warriors disguised as white men open fire on a group of Pawnee. Soon, John is reading about the incident in the newspaper. Yancy and Pahoo arrive and Yancy says that they're on their way to Nebraska. John warns that the reporter writing the story might have exaggerated the incident, and Yancy gives John a letter from Colorado Charlie warning that there's trouble on the Pawnee reservation. He points out the medal that Pahoo wears, commemorating the Table Creek Treaty signed by Buchan in '57. It guarantees the Pawnee protection against the Cheyenne and the Arapaho. John advises Pahoo to go to Washington and demand his legal rights and the protection of the U.S. government. Yancy agrees and asks for a letter of introduction from John, who readily agrees. John writes a letter to Alvin Watson, Head of the Western Frontier in the War Department.

The two men travel north to St. Louis and then west by train. They arrive in St. Joseph and meet Charlie, who has secured supplies and horses. They then ride to Pawnee country and meet with the great chiefs. They give Pahoo the peace pipe that was smoked when the treaty was signed and appoint him their spokesman. As they take a train to DC, Charlie warns Yancy that feelings are running high against Indians. The conductor collects their tickets and tells them that Pahoo isn't traveling first-class. Charlie grabs him and threatens to punch him, but Yancy stops him and points out that they're on a peace mission. All three men go to the baggage cabin where the Indians ride,

In DC, John's sister Agatha greets the three men at their hotel. She kisses Yancy long and hard, and Yancy is glad to kiss her back. Agatha explains that John wired her that they were coming and she checked with the hotel. They go in and a man sitting in the lobby takes notice of their arrival. Yancy reigisters for Pahoo, and the clerk George says that they do not serve Indians. The man, Jack Dingo, speaks up and advises George not to serve "squaw men" that run around with Indians. Yancy punches Jack across the room and leaves with his friends. Agatha gives Yancy her address and Charlie finds them lodging at a stable. Charlie explains that he's seen Jack out in Indian territory, and he sells guns and whiskey.

Jack meets with Alvin and warns that Pahoo is traveling with Yancy and Charlie. Jack warns that they have a lot of money tied up in, Yancy, Pahoo, and Charlie arrive and Jack ducks outside before they can see him. Yancy presents John's letter. Alvin admits that he used blackmail and influence to gain his position, and Pahoo signs that there's no pointing talking if no one will listen. The man says that he has to refuse to send in the Army since he's heard reports that the Pawnee broke the treaty first. Pahoo says that it's a lie, but Alvin tells them that he has to determine the truth of the reports. He invites them to a reception at his house that night, but Yancy says that they have a previous engagement. Alvin tells them that Agatha has been invited, and Yancy assures him that he'll be there. Once they leave, Jack emerges from outside where he's been listening. He asks what Alvin is going to do, and Alvin says that he's going to kill them... socially.

Back at the stable, Yancy finds a suit for Charlie. Charlie warns that they're trying to make Pahoo a laughingstock, but Yancy explains that he's going to play Alvin's game until he can prove that he's a liar. Pahoo agrees to keep his peace no matter what, and they go to the reception. The women stare at Pahoo, and Jack and his "associate Margot Chatam go over. Margot taunts Pahoo and tries to take his medal, and Yancy comes over and tells her to leave it alone. She yanks it off of Pahoo's chest, and he grabs her hand. Margot tells him to let her go and slaps him, and Agatha takes the medal and then slaps Margot. When Jack objects, Charlie knocks him out and they all leave. A Congressman, Thad Stevens, bids Alvin good night and says that he's never seen such disgraceful behavior on the part of the War Department. He promises that the matter won't end there and leave. Thad joins the others as they go and apologizes for the rudeness. Agatha asks for an appointment at his office about stopping the Indian War, and Thad agrees.

The next day, Alvin calls Jack in and tells him that Yancy got to Thad, who has arranged for Pahoo to address Congress. Jack confirms where the three men are staying and goes there that night. He sneaks into the rafters and shoots the sleeping men dead. The "men" are dummies, and Yancy kicks him to the floor below, and Pahoo and Charlie grab Jack. Pahoo draws his knife, and Jack quickly says that Alvin made him try it and he'll talk.

The next day in Congress, Pahoo comes out and signs with Yancy as translator. Charlie cheers as everyone else applauds, and Pahoo holds out the peace pipe. He then says that the Pawnee never fought the white men but offered him friendship, and have never broken their word. They fought with the white men against the Cheyenne, and signed the treaty so they could live in peace with their brothers. Now the treaty is broken and the Cheyenne have stolen their land, and the Pawnee children are dead. Pahoo asks them to send soldiers to help the Pawnee, helping as brothers. Everyone applauds and two officers take Alvin away based on Jack's confession.

Congress votes on the measure to send soldiers and everyone agrees. Thad says that they direct the President to dispatch sufficient military forces to protect the Pawnee from all invaders.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 27, 2017

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