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From Beyond the Grave Recap

At the cemetery, Jim and Tressa look at Savanna's grave and Jim wonders how long it takes to stop missing someone. Tressa tells her that people never do, and they just get used to it. The next morning at the house, Tressa finds a man at her doorstep. He introduces himself as Everett Baxter and asks to come in. Once she lets him in, Everett reminds Tressa that they went to high school together. He gives her papers informing that she's been left out of Savanna's will. Everett also has a notice of eviction saying that she has to be out of the house by the end of the month.

Jim is playing in the swamp and Swamp Thing asks what's troubling him. The boy explains that Savanna left her house to the country and they'll have to move back to Philadelphia. Swamp Thing says that Savanna loved the town and hated what had happened to it recently.

That night, Jim dreams of Savanna. She walks away, ignoring him, and then turns and smiles maniacally. Jim wakes up from his nightmare. He goes to Tressa's room, where she's having a nightmare about Savanna. Jim wakes her up, but after Tressa goes back to sleep, she dreams of herself as a girl with a young Savanna. Savanna falls into the water, and when Tressa grabs her hand, she discovers that something has severed Savanna's arm. She hears Savanna singing abut a ship and chases after her, and her mother motions her on. Savanna disappears as fire consumes the swamp, and Tressa wakes up.

The next day, Tressa goes out in the swamp and sits down. Swamp Thing watches her as she sees the emerald heart necklace hanging from a nearby branch, and walks to a pond. Savanna's reflection looks up at her, singing, and then disappears. Swamp Thing wonders what he can do to help Tressa with her grief, and walks off. He talks to himself, telling her not to give up.

When she returns home, Tressa calls Arcane there while Jim watches from inside. He says that he knew about Savanna leaving the house to the county, and Tressa brings him inside. She asks him for advice, and Arcane advises her not to contest the will. According to his sources, everything is airtight. The will is dated a week before Savanna died, and Tressa says that someone broke in a year ago and stole Savanna's strongbox. Her will was in it, and Savanna had it redrawn from memory. Tressa offers to get Arcane a copy, and tells him that Savanna wasn't happy with how the town was growing so fast. Arcane wonders why Tressa called him there and leaves.

That night, Everett is working in his office when Arcane comes in and tells the lawyer to get rid of Tressa before she finds the original will. He figures that he and Tressa will never end up in bed, and Everett says that he's never killed someone before. Arcane subtly threatens Everett's wife and children, and Everett quickly gives in.

Jim runs out into the swamp and finally stops to catch his breath. Swamp Thing asks what he's running from, and Jim says that some guy was following him. He tells Swamp Thing about his dreams, and Swamp Thing suggests that she's trying to tell him something, and asks if Savanna ever mentioned anything about a ship. Jim doesn't remember her doing so, but sings the song from his nightmare. Swamp Thing assures him that he'll be watching and it's safe for Jim to go home.

That night at the house, Tressa looks through the attic for the original will. She finds a rose in a vase, still alive, and then trips over Jim as he comes in. Tressa explains what she's looking for , and Jim sees an old ship's net. He tells his mother that he thought it was the ship Savanna sang in his nightmare, and Tressa has him sing it. She hugs Jim and says that she's been having the same dream about the same song.

Everett approaches the house, carrying a bow and arrows, unaware that Swamp Thing is watching.

Jiu dreams of the model ship, finding it in a bottle. Swamp Thing contacts him telepathically and tells him to wake up, and Tressa comes into his bedroom. They both had the same dream of the model ship in the swamp. The next day, they go out and leads her away from Swamp Thing's location. Everett follows them and they finally located a ruined ship, long covered over by moss. Tressa finds the will in an old timber inside a plastic bag, and Jim says that he saw Savanna take it into the swamp on the night before she died and she looked mad.

As they go back to the house, Jim runs ahead and then turns to see Everett aiming his bow at Tressa. The boy throws a branch, knocking the lawyer down, and then runs off into the swamp with Tressa. The arrow hits Swamp Thing and he pulls it out. Meanwhile, Everett chases the Kipps but is unable to get a clear shot. He runs into the water to get at them, and a crocodile attacks and kills him.

Later in his lair, Arcane rants and raves at his mutants when he learns that Everett failed.

At the cemetery, Jim and Tressa put flowers on Savanna's grave. They thank her for her help and leave.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 29, 2017

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