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She Ain't Right Recap

The possessed Waverly walks out of the homestead wearing just her nightgown and carrying a knife. She picks up a set of dog tags belonging to Dolls from the ground and looks at them. Wynonna comes out and gives her sister her coat, and Waverly says that she must have been sleeping. She and Waverly go back inside, unaware that Dolls is lying in the nearby barn. He mutters Wynonna's name.

In Purgatory, a Black Badge marshal carrying a briefcase walks into a diner, grabs a doughnut, and goes the restroom. A man and woman come in and tell the hostess that she knows what they want. They walk to the rear room, and the marshal first hits the woman with a pool cue. He says that he's not handing over the case and reveals that it's handcuffed to his wrist. The two newcomers--demons-- attack and take him down, and the woman holds him down on a pool table as the male demon Jaxon stabs him in the gut. The hostess listens as the man dies, and the two people leaving carrying the case with the Black Badge agent's hand still attached to it.

At the police station, Wynonna and Waverly look on as Jeremy studies the symbols from the school. Lucado comes in and tells them about the stolen case. Wynonna figures that if she gets it back then she can use it as leverage to convince Moody to transfer her out of Purgatory. She wants Wynonna's help, and Waverly volunteers. Lucado concedes that it would be a good case for Waverly, and promises Wynonna that they'll have backup. Wynonna reluctantly agrees and Lucado briefs Waverly.

At Shorty's, Doc and Rosita are working on reverse-engineering the cure for Dolls when a steam pipe goes off. Doc grabs it and burns his hand. Rosita grabs a valve and closes the vale, and takes a look at it. They look at each for a moment and then Doc says that he might have time but Dolls doesn't.

Wynonna joins Nicole in the station kitchen and apologizes. She says that she's noticed the weirdness in Waverly that Nicole saw, and explains that Waverly is going undercover for Lucado. Wynonna describes the sleepwalking, and finds the station silverware in Waverly's coat pockets. She also finds the dog tags, which belongs to Dolls, and realizes that he's at the barn.

When she arrives at the barn, Wynonna looks for Dolls and finds him in his transformed state. He finally grabs her and slams her down, and she draws Peacemaker. She tells Dolls to focus on her, and he gets control of himself enough to back off. Dolls says that he doesn't want her to see him the way he is, and then loses control again. Wynonna pistol-whips him unconscious and drags him to the truck.

Waverly sneaks into a bar, Ba-ding Ba-Ding, as Lucado monitors her from outside. The woman finds her and says that the VIPs are there. Outside, two Mob cars pull up and Lucado spots them. Waverly's eyes turn black and the woman tells Waverly to be onstage in five minutes. Waverly reverts to normal and wonders what she should do, and Lucado tells her to sing. Rosita says that she needs someone from Black Badge to provide the information she needs to cure Dolls. Wynonna suggests that they call Jeremy, but Doc isn't convinced that the tech can be trusted. Dolls tells Wynonna that earlier, Waverly got a look in her eyes but is unable to finish his explanation.

At the Gardiner house, Madison is eating bacon when tucker comes out. He asks where Beth is, and tells his older sister that he was up last the night. He asks why Madison didn't stand up to him with Nicole,, insisting that he wanted to give her a lesson, and Madison tells him that maybe he should. Tucker assumes that she's playing games, and Madison tells him to go pay somewhere else. After he leaves, Beth starts screaming from the other room.

Wynonna goes to the Black Badge offices and asks Jeremy where Waverly is. Jeremy explains that Lucado is screwing up reports and making inappropriate calls. As he walks near Wynonna, he smells ammonia and yanks it off, and it bursts into fire. He realizes that she has been near Dolls, and says that he was the only Marshal who understood what happened to his mother. Jeremy sniffs the coat and figures that Rosita is using too much ammonia. He tells Wynonna where Waverly is, and Wynonna tells him to go to Shorty's ad help Doc.

At the bar, Waverly goes up on stage singing. Jaxon comes in with the case and sits at a table, and Waverly spots him. He chats with another man, and when they get up Waverly goes over to Jaxon, shoves him down, and sits on his lap. The man shoves Waverly away and leaves with the other man, his buyer. Once she finishes singing, Waverly tells Lucado what happened and Lucado tells him to find out who the buyer is.

Jaxon and Cujo meet with the buyer and Jaxon says that he needs to know what he's selling because nasty stuff is coming. When the buyer offers him four times as much. Jaxon realizes that it's a big weapon and shoots him dead. Waverly calls Lucado for help, and Wynonna grabs Lucado and yanks her outside of the car. She realizes that there's no backup, and Lucado explains that Black Badge HQ is blackballing her. Wynonna promises to shoot her dead if anything happens to Waverly and goes in.

Wynonna finds Waverly and tells to go. Waverly says that she can't go, and Jaxon and his female assistant Cujo come out and aim guns at them. Another man with a gun cuts off their escape, and they tie up the sisters to chairs. Waverly complains that Wynonna blew her cover, and Waverly is disappointed that Lucado doesn't have faith in her. Jaxon comes over and Waverly warns that there's a Black Badge backup team on the way. He knows about Lucado and tells them that she fled. Jaxon demands to know what's in the case, and Waverly asks why he stole it if he doesn't know what it is. He says that he sells to the highest bidder and figures that it's valuable. The letters "EE" are embedded by the lock, and Jaxon asks what it means. Waverly says nothing, and Jaxon tells his people to close the club because they're going to have a long "chat."

As Doc and Rosita prepare to administer the cure that they've created, Jeremy arrives and tells them to stop. He explains that Dolls will probably die if they give him the dosage they intend, and admires the lab. Jeremy tells them that Wynonna decided to trust them, and if Dolls is going to live then they'll have to work together.

As they sit and try to work free of their bonds. Waverly blames what happened on her and says that she wanted to go all Wynonna for once. She admits that there's something wrong with her, and figures that Wynonna thinks so, too. It all started at the arch where Willa tried to cross the boundary, and remembers the puddle of shiny black goo. Wynonna tells her that she'll break free and attack their captors, Waverly can call for backup, and they'll figure out Waverly's problem afterward. She manages to toss her phone to Waverly and hits the button for Siri. Waverly tells it to call Doc Holliday, and gets Holiday Inn instead later.

Doc ties up Dolls, who says that he took out Lucado's mercenaries. They talk about Wynonna, who says that she'd prefer Dolls human. Dolls says that Juan Carlo find him and took him back to the homestead and says Dolls job wasn't done. Juan also said that something had been broken but didn't know what he meant. Rosita gives Doc his phone, and realizes that the Earps are trying to reach him.

Tucker visits Nicole at the sister and says that Madison is acting weird. He apologizes for what he did to Nicole earlier, and tells Nicole how Waverly has been acting strange. Tucker figures that's why Nicole has been hostile, and it concerns the entire town. Nicole tells him to get out, and Tucker says that he's not a bad person and Nicole will regret it if she keeps treating him like he is.

Jaxon comes back into the room and finds the phone. He tells Cujo to check them for anything else, and says that the case is made out of a metal he can't cut. Jaxon grabs Waverly and puts her arm in a clamp, and removes his left glove. A bone claw grows out of his hand, and Waverly says that EE stands for Edwin Earp. Wynonna explains that Edwin was a one-year wonder in 1967, and Wynonna says that she'll get Jaxon the combination if he lets Waverly goes. She rips free and Cujo slams her back. Jaxon cuts off Waverly's hand.

Doc enters the club and guns down Jaxon's men. More men come out and Doc takes cover and opens fire, grabbing a guard's hat. Jaxon hears the shots and heads out, and Wynonna breaks free of Cujo and frees Waverly, then helps her out. Jaxon confronts them and then shoots Cujo when she comes at them. He says that he's not leaving until they open the case, and Wynonna kicks him in the groin and leaves with Waverly.

Jeremy prepares the antidote and Rosita says that he's a genus. He admits that he shouldn't be talking to a civilian, and Rosita flirts with him. Jeremy says that she's gorgeous for a girl, and makes it clear that he's not into girls. Rosita says that she was trying to seduce him into getting lattes. Jeremy quickly agrees and goes.

Jaxon comes after the sisters and prepares to skewer Wynonna, but Doc tosses a knife into him. After Jaxon goes down, Wynonna tells doc what happened.

Rosita picks up the syringe with the cure, and tells Doll that it might cure him or kill him. Doc breaks free, grabs the syringe, and injects himself with it. He convulses and tells Rosita to run. As she leaves, Dolls breaks free, his forehead glowing red as his face transforms into a dragon-like visage.

Doc tries to staunch Waverly's bleeding, and Wynonna goes to get Waverly's hand. Before she can go, Waverly wakes up and realizes that her hand has grown back. Wynonna insists that she saw it get cut off, but Waverly says that she turned away and Doc suggests that it was the power of suggestion. Doc figures that they have work to attend to and asks if the case is theirs.

The trio returns to the bar and finds Rosita barricading the basement door. Wynonna moves the barricade, saying that she's talked Dolls down before and can do it again. Jaxon bursts in with Jeremy as his hostage, and says that his guys have the place surrounded. He demands the case or he kills Jeremy, and Wynonna refuses to hand it over, saying that it belongs to the Earps. After a moment, Wynonna caves and puts the case and Peacemaker on a pool table. Jaxon releases Jeremy and goes over to get the case. Dolls bursts through the basement door and breathes fire, incinerating Jaxon.

Wynonna comes over and tries to get through to Dolls. He reverts to human as the cure kicks in, and bursts into laughter, and asks for some water. Wynonna hugs him and he asks how work was. As he lies burning, Jaxon says that something is coming and Wynonna isn't ready. Laughing, he says that she'll never be ready and Wynonna sends him back to hell with Peacemaker.

Tucker returns to the family house and Madison says that all of them have been waiting for him. She says that he needs space to let his darkness grow, and "they" plan to nurture his prowess. There are bloody men in the closet, moaning in agony, and Beth comes in. Tucker realizes that both of his sisters are possessed. They tell him that Tucker is the reason that they chose Madison and Beth, and they'll give him whatever he wants because they need him. Tucker says that he wants a girl.

At the homestead, Wynonna and Waverly try to figure out what the five numbers are teat open the briefcase lock. Wynonna enters the combination and it works. Inside is a plate , and Wynonna figures that they should talk about the demon goo at the arch. She insists that she wants to help Waverly, and the creature possessing her says that she's sick of fighting Waverly. Wynonna draws Peacemaker and it glows, but Waverly figures that Wynonna won't kill another sister. The creature admits that she's exhausted after regrowing Waverly's hand, and complains that it's not having any fun. However, it figures that Wynonna likes to have fun and she'd be so easy. It transfers itself into Wynonna's body, and Peacemaker burns her hand. She drops it and then chuckles as the creature takes control and says that it's so much better. Waverly collapses, and the creature wonders what it's going to do with her.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 1, 2017

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