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Damsels Recap

A girl calls to Eugene, begging him for help.

Eugene rides down the street on his bicycle. He arrives at a house and goes inside, and Tracy tells him to lock the door. Once Eugene does so, Tracy says that Tucker cheated on her and when the word gets out, she'll be humiliated. The girl takes out a shotgun and says that she's going to kill herself and has already written her suicide note. Eugene reads it she wants her best friend Eugene to handle the letter, and prepares to kill herself. He says that he's not going to help her, and living is the answer, and God has a miracle waiting for her. Eugene tells Tracy that she has to stick away to see it.

Tracy finally agrees and sets the shotgun down, and Eugene throws the suicide note in the garbage. It bursts into flame and Tracy thanks Eugene. He kisses her, and a disgusted Tracy ewws and kills herself before Eugene can stop her. He begs her not to die and ties to scoop her brains back into her skull. Tracy's mother calls out and discovers that the door is locked. Eugene puts a hat on top of Tracy's head, says that she's taking a nap, and tries to get the window open without success. The mother says that Eugene is a mother, and Eugene picks up the shotgun and pulls the trigger. Nothing happens until he looks into the barrel.

The same thing happens over and over as Eugene suffers in Hell. Finally, he finds himself in a cell and the door opens. A guard comes in and tells Eugene not to move, and then walks out and the door closes behind her.

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy drive out of Texas and Tulip insists that New Orleans is a dumb idea. They keep listening to the song "Walk to the Peak," supposedly God's favorite song, and Jesse points out that Tulip is driving the legal speed limit. Tulip says that there's jazz in Mexico and they should go there, and Jesse says that he's got a good feeling about New Orleans.

In New Orleans, Jesse picks out the first jazz club they come across and says that he's looking for God. The bartender leads them to a back room and a bouncer takes them into the basement. An elderly man is sitting alone, and the man motions them to be silent. He then opens the curtain to reveal a woman and a man in a Dalmatian suit. The bouncer quotes he rates to watch or play, and Jesse says that they don't want it. The man growls, and the bouncer orders them out as the man in the dog suit growls.

Back on the streets, Tulip scans the crowd nervously and sees a SUV nearby. She tells the others that she isn't feeling well and has to lie down. Jesse talks to her privately and asks what's going on, but she refuses to explain. He tells her to feel better, and Tulip asks him not to get angry at him. As Jesse goes back to Cassidy, Tulip reminds him that he said that they'd be together until the end of the world. Cassidy says that he's going with Tulip because they're staying with Denis, and Denis will never forgive him if he finds out they're staying in a motel. The vampire says that he'll text Jesse with the address.

Jesse goes to another bar and asks if God is there. A couple laughs at him, and Jesse slides a glass into the man's face.

Tulip and Cassidy walk down the street and Cassidy mentions ho she killed Gary with a pager wand. Tulip tells him not to bring it up, and the SUV drives by. Cassidy figures that they're on the run, and Mrs. Barbaret comes up and addresses Tulip by name. She invites her to come home with her, but Tulip continues on.

Cassidy and Tulip arrive at Denis' place and ring the bell. Cassidy hugs Denis and explains that they'd like to sleep there. Denis lets them in.

A woman tells Jesse about the man dog, and Jesse says that he's already been there. The man from the bar staggers over and swings at Jesse, misses, and falls to the street.

Denis watches TV and Cassidy comes over to thank him for letting them stay. He says that Jesse is coming as well and they have an important mission. Denis doesn't care, and Cassidy leaves him to it. Tulip tells Cassidy that they can't be there, and he figures that Viktor is after her. She says that she screwed Viktor and now she's in his backyard, and figures that Jesse isn't going anywhere if he thinks God is there. Cassidy wonders why Jesse would make things worse if he knew, and Tulip says that she can't tell him. He offers to help but Tulip refuses, and Cassidy says that he's tired of her treating him like an idiot.

Jesse continues looking for God without success. He finally passes out in a bar, and the bartender wakes him up when they close. As Jesse goes, the bartender tells him to talk to the singer at the Chemania. Jesse goes there and listens to the singer, Lara Featherstone. When she's done, Lara goes over to the bar and a man, Lewis, hits on her. She asks what he likes the most about America, and Lewis suggests that he take her to dinner. Lara says that they could just go to her dressing, room, but says that Lewis has to answer her one question first: what's the capital of Florida? He gives the correct answer but Lara tells him that he's wrong.

Lewis leaves and Jesse points out that Lewis was correct. Lara points out that Lewis wasn't sure, and she asks Jesse what he's interested in. He says that he's interested in God and the bartender said that he should talk to her. Lara tells Jesse to clean himself up and meet her outside, then throws a drink in his face and storms off.

Jesse goes to the bathroom window and looks out, and sees Lara getting in a cab. It drives away and he hears a van slam into it. Masked men in white suits grab Lara, and Jesse orders them to stop using the Word. They stop and attack him, and he finally takes them down. He finds Lara in the back, and she wonders who he is. Jesse introduces himself and says that he's not with them, and Lara tells Jesse to come with her.

Lara takes Jesse to her apartment and starts packing. She says that she's going somewhere that she can keep her baby safe, and changes. As Jesse looks at her albums, Lara asks how he got the men to stop, and Jesse claims that he used his authority as a priest. She says that they're a super-secret crypto-religious fascist organization that want to dominate the world. A man came into the club and said they were after him, and he told Lara that God's missing and the people in white suits warned him to be quiet. The man turned up dead in a swamp, and Lara figured that it was a coincidence until the men in white suits came after her. Lara asks how he really got the men to stop, and Jesse admits that he has a power. She asks him to demonstrate, and asks if he could make her stop if she kissed him. Jesse uses the Word to tell her to stop, and Lara realizes that he's serious.

Tulip sits up after Cassidy dozes off.

After Jesse explains about his mission, Lara tells Jesse that she's going to the airport and stay with her sister. She wishes him luck and kisses him, and Jesse tells her to take care. As Jesse walks away, he sees a sign for Angelville, advertising "The Magic of the Bayou." Tulip calls him and he says that he's looking for him. He explains about the group and the possible cover-up, and Tulip explains that they're at Denis' place. Jesse asks what's going on, and Tulip doesn't say anything. He finally says that he has to go, and Tulip tells him to find God. As Tulip goes, Cassidy wakes up and asks where she's going. She says that she's getting smokes and she'll be okay on her own.

In Hell, Eugene finally checks the cell door and discovers that it's open. He walks out into the hallway and calls, and Hitler steps out of the next cell. The other cell doors open.

Jesse goes to another club and Jesse asks the band to play "A Walk to the Peak." They play the song

Lara gets into a van with the men in white suits and complains about how they set her up with a baby. She takes off her wig and tells the driver, F.J. Hoover, that what Jesse has is real. She says to kick him up to Samson Unit, and F.J. reluctantly agrees.

Herr K. Starr stares out the window of his office. On his desk is a file on Jesse.

Jesse tells the jazz cat next to him that he's been listening to the song a lot and trying to figure out what it's about. The jazz cat says that it's the end of the world.

Tulip goes to a laundromat and asks the attendant if he has change for a hundred. All he has is change for a five, and Tulip takes it and gets change from the machine. She puts the coins in a cigarette machine, and a car pulls up outside. Men come in and order everyone out. They surround Tulip, and she finally turns to face them. The leader calls Viktor and says that they have her.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 4, 2017

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