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In the Crimson Halls of Kane Hill Recap

Caution: Red Rapture is an addictive substance and might cause permanent physical & psychological damage. Midnight Grindhouse, Universal Cable Productions, and Syfy do not done its use.

An advertisement shows a suburban neighborhood and a man buying Smax candy from a truck vendor. When the seller runs out, the man grabs him and kills him. At Kane Hall, a nurse brings in medicine to the patients and wishes them a happy Halloween. They eat the Smax candy that she serves them.

Arthur and Grace drive away from the mayhem party for Kane Hill, figuring no one will notice that they're gone. When Arthur wonders what will happen when they rescue Karma, race says that she hasn't thought that far ahead. Arthur says that it won't matter if their heads explode, and Grace figures that there's only one way to figure out if the Scholar was right.

A dentist is operating on Julian's mouth, but doesn't do a good job so Julian starts to do it himself. An alarm goes off and he goes to the monitors and discovers that Arthur and Grace are sneaking off. He takes out the implant controller but discovers that it's been deactivated. Julian asks the dentist where Rib Bone is, and the dentist says that he doesn't know. The MC tosses him the controller and tells him to have the Scholar fix it.

Grace and Arthur pull up to Kane Hall and Arthur wonders what Heart wants with a mental hospital. She loads up with weapons, figuring that they won't let Karma go. Arthur says that they should try the peaceful way first, and Grace reluctantly agrees. They go inside, unaware that someone is watching them from above.

The receptionist wishes Arthur and Grace a happy Halloween even though it's June. The man says that Karma was transferred and eats his candy. Arthur asks him to call Dr. Kleinfeld, Karma's physician, and the man agrees to draw them a map to Kleinfeld's office. Once he does, Arthur quickly gets Grace out.

Julian tells Rib Bone that he'll give him a free pass to go after Arthur. The MC insists that he wants Grace alive, and Rib Bone promises that Arthur is a dead man... if his new dog Calligula gets her own masseuse. Julian agrees and Rib Bone leaves.

Arthur and Grace try to follow the map through the hallways, and Grace insists that something is different. Behind them, one of the doctors yells for help from a sealed room until some pulls him back. Meanwhile, Grace says that they should split off.

Chris dreams of running naked through a field. He wakes up in the lab, and Aki says that they need samples of his bodily fluids. She pulls out some tools to milken him.

Grace asks a room of patients if they've seen Kleinfeld. They ignore her and dance, and Grace remembers going to a club with karma. They go in to meet with Primo, and go into the restroom and Grace strips down so she can catch Primo's eye and get into Blood Drive. Back out on the dance floor, Grace suggests that Karma go back out to the car because she's clearly uncomfortable. Karma says that she can handle it and promises not to take red, and GRACE goes off to find Primo.

Rib Bone tells Caligula to wait while he goes to cut up Arthur. He then goes into Kane Hill and the receptionist is too busy eating Smax. Rib Bone looks around the counter and sees the candy scattered around, and figures that the patients are running the place. The patient laughs and Rib Bone joins in.

Arthur finds an office and checks the computer files. While he waits for the computer to bring up the records, Arthur opens a door and a nurse--Anne-- leaps out and hugs him, wondering if he's real. She's surprised that they didn't attack Arthur when he's dressed as a cop, and she explains that the patients rioted on Halloween and took over the entire place. Rib Bone calls over the intercom, telling Arthur that he's locked in with the psychopaths. He hits the alarm and says that the only way out is through him, and the doors shut.

The nurse says that the patients hate the emergency lights and it makes them violent. Arthur offers her food if she helps him find Grace, and they open the door to see a patient coming with a knife. Arthur closes the door and Anne tells him that he'll have to go native.

Grace finds a doctor tied up and hooked up to pumps putting Red into the air.

Karma bumps into a guy who says that she could have fun with him. She tries to shove past him, and karma comes over and shoves the guy away. Karma says that they should just go home, while a man goes to Julian at the DJ booth and points Grace out. Meanwhile, Karma figures that Grace will sleep with anyone to get to the top and storms off. As Grace goes after her, Primo comes in Julian watches as Grace comes face to face with Primo.

A patient dressed as a dog sniffs at Arthur when he comes out dressed as a patient, and Anne yells at him until he moves on. Some of the doctors are scrubbing the blood off the floor, and Anne explains that the patients sacrifice a doctor every week in remembrance of the original slaughter. She tells Arthur that they're beyond help but she's not. They come to a room where the patients have strung up Anne's friend and are playing her like a puppet. She sees Anne and begs her to help, but Anne moves on with Arthur. Anne says that the hospital hasn't been an actual hospital for years. When the government cut mental facility funding, Heart needed lab rats and the hospital needed money. Heart wanted to reengineer sugar so it wouldn't make people fat, but it makes them insane. Red makes people feel euphoric, but Smax makes the eater feel like a hunter... and the hunter never ends.

Aki finishes milkening Chris and says that Heart picks up where the government leaves off. The company gives the homeless a purpose and a destiny, and in return they get heaven. Chris figures that they're so addicted that they can't have normal lives, and Aki says that it's better than a life of homelessness. She tells Chris that he deserves all the pleasure in the world and kisses him. When Chris tells her that he doesn't do drugs, she says that there are other forms of pleasure and continues kissing him. She then extends a tube from her mouth and jams it down Chris' throat. Once she's extracted what she needs, Aki tells Chris that they're halfway there and he should drink up because it will make what's coming a lot easier.

Rib Bone has the receptionist act like a dog

Grace finds Kleinfeld unconscious and tries to wake him up. He finally ells her that Grace has to stop them, as a patient shoves her aside and electrocutes Kleinfeld with defib paddles. Grace shoves him aside but it's too late for Kleinfeld. The patient attacks Grace and finally throws her to the floor. She manages to grab the paddles and electrocutes her attacker

Fire spreads from the circuit box, and Grace staggers down the hall. She finds Arthur and Anne, and Grace tells him that Kleinfeld is dead. Grace asks if Anne has seen Karma, and Anne says that she was a trauma nurse and didn't deal with admin. Rib Bone calls over the intercom says that he has a bag of Smax candy for the first lunatic that brings him Arthur, and says that the cop is good looking.

Arthur puts on his uniform and the trio head to the gate. The patients attack them and Arthur and Grace fight back. Anne motions for them to follow her, and they go through a door and lock it behind them. Arthur says that they need a plan. Grace notices that Anne is wearing Karma's locket.

Karma staggers onto the dance floor, and Grace sees her and tells her to go outside and get some fresh air. She goes back to dancing with Primo, and Karma comes to a man who offers her a pipe of Red. The girl smokes It and grabs her locket.

Grace grabs Anne and demands to know where she got the locket. She tells Arthur that Karma would never have removed it, and he convinces Anne to loosen her grip. Anne says that karma left it behind when they checked her out months ago. The nurse doesn't know where they took Karma, and tells them that the outtake paperwork is in the storage closet by reception. Reception is where Rib Bone is, and they figure that they can take him out at the same time.

Aki tell Chris that he was free, but he had to come back and save her. She explains that she gave him dysentery and puts on rubber gloves, and goes to work. As they get to reception, Rib Bone knocks Arthur out and Anne says that she wants her candy. He tosses the candy onto the floor and Anne grabs it, and the receptionist struggles with Arthur while Rib Bone gives Grace Red.

Grace checks Karma into Kane Hill and Kleinfeld assures Grace that she's doing the right thing. He warns that he's never seen a case of psychosis, and the state will only cover two weeks of treatment. Grace says that she'll figure something out, and the orderlies take Karma away as Grace goes outside, gasping. Julian is waiting for her and he's switched her car for the Camaro. He figures that Grace is a firecracker and devoted to her family, and asks if she wants to be the new Primo. Grace tells him that she isn't interested, and Julian points out that there's a big cash prize. He tosses her the car keys and she grabs them.

Arthur knocks out the receptionist, while Anne leaps on Rib Bone's back. He breaks her neck and Arthur challenges him. Rib Bone knocks Arthur flying and beats him, and Arthur hits him with a fire extinguisher. That just ticks off rib Bone, who throws Arthur through a window and beats him. Arthur grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays Rib Bone in the face, and Rib Bone slams him into the wall. Arthur sees a golden light, and then turns and insults Caligula. Furious, Rib Bone throws him through a door, and the patients attack rib Bone. By the time he knocks him off, Arthur has a grabbed a can of powdered Smax chocolate. He dumps it on Rib Bone, and the patients leap on Rib Bone and chew him to death.

Grace staggers in and the alarms go off. The gas spreads to the tanks, and Grace sees a photo on the wall and grabs it before going after Arthur.

Chris wonders why Aki doesn't just kill him, and she says that they wanted to put him in a blood fracking suit but she didn't want to waste Chris. He realizes that they're taking the people's blood, and Aki says that Chris has spunk and she's there to get it out of him. She sits on his chest and asks if he wants the hand or the probe. Chris chooses the hand, and Aki moves her hand faster and faster.

Arthur and Grace get out of the hospital just as it explodes. Rib Bone's hand lands near Caligula, and the dog chews on it.

Once Aki has finished the extraction, she tells Chris that there's one fluid left. He wonders why she needs it all, and she says that he doesn't. She takes a sample of his sweat and says that was all she needed, and walks out as Chris breaks into tears.

Arthur and Grace return to the mayhem party, and Julian triggers the implant and welcomes them home. They collapse in pain, and Julian says that their leashes are back on. Once he leaves, Arthur apologizes for not finding Karma. Grace shows him the photo she took of the staff in 1957... and Julian as one of the doctors, looking just like he does in the present. She figures that he knows where Karma is... and they'll get the information out of him.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 6, 2017

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