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Zombie Bro Recap

Major wakes up for breakfast and watches a newscast about the children of the zombie that he killed. Their father has been missing for two days and they beg anyone who knows anything to call the police.

At Zeta Beta Theta fraternity, the members are partying and a figure in a blue furry animal costume walks up to one of the brothers, pledge captain Chad Wolcoff, and stabs him repeatedly with an ice pick. Once the brother is dead, the killer calmly walks out, and it takes a few minutes for the others to realize that Chad is dead.

Later, Liv and Ravi arrive at the crime scene and Ravi finds an empty Utopium vial nearby. Clive checks around and confirms that no one saw anything useful. Back at the morgue, Liv eats Chad's brain and then meets Clive upstairs.

At the funeral home, Blaine talks to his new thugs and says that they have to move in on Mr. Boss' ecstasy prices. By the time Boss knows what they're doing, it will be too late. Blaine tells his men that he doesn't want to know anything about the rich kids that they're going to sell drugs to. He then tells one of his thugs, Speedy Pete, that he needs him to find the guy who cut the Utopium that was served at the boat party.

At Zeta Beta Theta, Clive interviews the frat brothers while Liv tries to get beer from a keg. The brothers insistthat everyone loved Chat, and Liv starts talking to them like Chad. The brothers assure Clive that Chad was there for his brothers no matter what. Liv gets a vision of a man telling Chad that Chad ruined his life. The frat brother, Austin, is sitting there and Clive asks how Chad ruined his life.

Clive and Liv talk to Austin in his room and he explains that Chad made him streak past an elementary school during Pledge Week. He had to register as a sex offender, and Chad convinced him to stay in the fraternity. Austin says that during the murder he was talking to a sexy girl in a unicorn costume, and brings up photos from the party. As Austin goes to get someone who can confirm he was wearing the costume in the photos, Clive goes over the photos and points out that the photos were taken from the top of the staircase. He spots the costumed killer after Chad disappeared, just as Austin comes back with Brody. Neither one of them knows who was wearing the blue furry costume, and neither do any of the other brothers. As Liv and Clive leave, Brody hits on Liv and Clive cuts him off. They leave and Clive goes to check costume shops that might have rented the costume.

Liv goes back to the morgue and suggests that they install a foosball table. When she finds Ravi sleeping on the couch, Liv writes "fart" on his forehead in ink. As they talk, Liv gets a vision of the dean giving Chad a suspension. Another student is there and insists that the prank he played wasn't a vision. She calls Clive and describes the discipline hearing in her vision. Liv joins Clive at his desk and admits that he hasn't found a shop that carried the costume. He's talked to the dean, who gave him the name of the student who filed the grievance: Chad Wolcoff.

When the new Chad arrives, he explains that the two of them kept getting each other's mail. His invitation to talk against drunk driving went to dead Chad, and he thought it was funny to give a tutorial on how to drink and drive. New Chad doesn't have an alibi for the time of Dead Chad's death, and says that he didn't think Chad deserved to die. Once New Chad leaves, Clive doesn't figure him as a premeditated killer.

In the morgue, Ravi checks Major, who asks how the cure development is working. Ravi admits that he doesn't have tainted Utopium and suggests that he try some himself. He asks Major to come to a club with him to keep an eye on him while he's on the drug, and Major reluctantly gives in. Liv comes in and insists that they talk. Major doesn't want to talk about it at the moment, and says that he can't look past the fact that she's a zombie

At home, Liv drinks beer from the can and tells her roommate Gilda that someone she was tight with rejected her. Gilda suggests that they go out drinking, just as Brody calls and invites her to their memorial for Chad. Liv invites Gilda and she agrees, and Brody tells her that there's a frat party and it's work-related.

At the party, Brody says that Chad wanted his death to be like his life: anything goes. Liv joins in and Gilda doesn't, and Brody comes over to greet them. Gilda excuses herself and Liv goes on a vision quest to find Chad's killer... until she spots the beer pong table.

Ravi goes to the Billy Club and tries to find a drug dealer without success. A dealer approaches him and they argue about which one of them is a cop, and Ravi finally purchases some Utopium.

Liv is busy drinking as Gilda stares on in surprise.

Ravi gets very loudly high while Major watches him and finds a Utopium vial in a couch.

Gilda finally interrupts Liv to ask how she's there for a work thing. Liv says that she has to focus and wanders off.

Ravi and Major are soon dancing.

Liv walks around the frat house and finds a trophy upstairs that Chad won dogfighting. Brody comes in and explains that a dog fight is when the brothers invite the ugliest girls they can find to the party. Liv confirms that Chad brought a girl, Paulette Mosley, and gets a call from Major's phone. The man on the other end says that he found Major's phone and Liv is listed as In Case of Emergency. Liv goes to the club and finds Major passed out in a bathroom stall. She carries him out and sees Ravi dancing on the stage, and gets both of them into a taxi. Ravi rambles on about the zombie thing, confusing the driver. Gilda texts Liv to say that she got home, and Major throws her phone out onto the street and says that "they" are always listening.

At home, Liv gets Major some hangover remedies and advises him to drink lots of fluid. As she goes, Major asks her to stay. After a moment, Liv sits down next to him, keeping a distance between them. Major puts his head in her lap and promises that she won't let anything happen to him.

The next day at the station, Clive tells Liv that he's called Paulette in. Liv warns that they can't tell Paulette about the Dog Fight because she might not know about it, and Clive points out that the photos show the killer to be over 6' tall. Paulette arrives... and is over 6' tall. :Liv watches as Clive breaks the news to her about the Dog Fight party, and comes out to get some tissues.

At the morgue, Ravi listens to his verbal notes and tries to work out what he was babbling about. An EMT brings in a corpse and shows him the corpse of Blaine's thug, his throat cut... and there are three more just like it. Ravi recognizes him as the man who sold him drugs at Billy Club.

Speedy calls Blaine to tell him that Boss tortured and killed all four dealers. Blaine tells him to lie low while he handles it, and then hangs up and destroys the phone.

Ravi calls Liv to the morgue and explains about the dead man. Clive comes in and says that he found the shop in Tacoma that rented the costume. The girl who rented it, Becky, got it for her boyfriend, and they're coming in. They talk to the couple and the boy, Sonny, explains that they just moved to Spokane a few nights ago. They admit that they were at home tonight and using the costume privately. Becky admits that she's a furry and Liv wants details and photos. Clive cuts her off and they go outside to discuss the case. The detective points out that Sonny doesn't have any connection to Chad or the college, and he hasn't been able to find another copy of the costume.

Blaine makes himself up as a zombie and goes to see one of his former customers, D.A. Floyd Baracus. Blaine wants Floyd to declare Boss a public enemy and use the campaign against him to get promoted. Floyd warns that Boss is a tradition but Blaine points out that the dead dealers are rich white kids. He warns that Floyd has no choice, and Floyd warns that he'll need money to get any movement on the case. As Blaine leaves, Floyd asks if he knows what he's starting and Blaine assures him that he does.

Speedy wakes up and finds two of Boss' men waiting with a tire iron.

Blaine meets with his father, Angus, a businessman who let his wife commit suicide. He reminds Angus that he was his first zombie, and Angus figures that he's there for more money. Blaine reminds Angus that he had his father institutionalized and took over the company, and Angus points out that Blaine had ambitions but no talent. His son says that he's going to take the entire company and then fire him, and then institutionalize him in the same hellhole that Angus locked his father up in. Blaine then tosses Angus his checkbook and tells him to make it out for $500,000.

Cleve returns to the morgue and tells Liv and Ravi that the costume was laundered. They realize that the wrong guy got killed, and call Sonny in. Clive explains that the Chad that ran over Sonny's father was New Chad, not Dead Chad. They figure that New Chad was speaking against drunk driving, trying to make amends for what he did to Sonny's father. Sonny breaks into tears and explains that his father was a road worker when New Chad skidded into him. He knew the killer's name and Googled, and finally got a hit on Dead Chad. Sonny put on the costume and confronted Dead Chad at the party, and thought he was a drunk idiot without a care in the world. Clive reads him his rights and Liv realize that she made a bad choice just like Sonny did.

That night, Liv goes to Major's apartment and Ravi gives her the replacement cell phone that Major bought her. She knocks on his door but Major refuses to open it, saying that he's busy. Liv walks off, heartbroken, and Major takes some more Utopium.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 14, 2015

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