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Let's Pretend We're Strangers Recap

Cultists drag a demon to the altar in the Purgatory fire station. The leader declares that the beast shall be slaughtered, and the demon snarls that his brothers will avenge him. Unimpressed, they decapitate the demon with an ax and the leader says that one remains to be cleaved from the world. He then removes his mask and asks the others who wants nachos.

The possessed Wyonna makes a dead rat smoothie and then glances over at the tied-up Waverly. Waverly realizes that she was collecting spoons for the demon, and the creature says that there's still some work to be done. When Waverly appeals to Wynonna, the demon asks her how many of their friends she thinks will survive the day. She then grabs a hacksaw and prepares to kill Waverly. Wynonna fighs for control and tells Waverly that she's trying. The demon reasserts control and gags Wverly, and says that it will have to wait.

Doc arrives with a new sports car, and the demon claims that Waverly is sick. It flirts with Doc, who wonders if she's feeling okay. It claims that Waverly is hung over, and Waverly tried to make noise for Doc to hear. He doesn't and drives off with the demon.

Doc and the demon arrive at the Black Badge office and Doc shows Jeremy the ancient plate. It's from the Purgatory fair, 1952, Jeremy tastes the paint and determines that it doesn't taste from the lead from 1952, and runs a scan on it. There's an obscured etching underneath the paint, and the demon points out that it's on the Purgatory Voluntary Fire Hall. Jeremy wants to take it back to the Black Badge HQ and check it against the archives. Doc points out that the marshal who was transporting it was killed, and Jeremy agrees to take a photo. The demon isn't interested in checking out the fire hall, but plays along when Doc points out that Waverly died almost getting it.

Waverly manages to knock over her chair and the gag falls out. She screams for help and hears someone come in. It's Dolls, who figures that Waverly is a demon. Waverly explains thatWynonna is possessed, and Dolls asks her several questions that only Waverly would know. He points out that the demon could be reading Waverly's brain, and she describes how he could have died. He figures that her apologies mean that it's her and frees her.He figures the demon will do whatever it wants.

The demon goes into Nicole's office and complains about Wynonna's underwire bra. When Nicole wonders why Waverly hasn't come to see her, the demon claims that Waverly is faking and needs space. It claims that Waverly won't settle down, and Nicole tells it that wynonna is mean when she drinks before noon. Once Nicole leaves, Wynonna fights for control but the demon easly subdues her and realizes that Wynonna is trying to write out a warning. It stabs Wynonna's hand with a pen and warns Wynonna not to do it again or it will bleed all of her friends. Doc comes in behind Wynonna's body but doesn't see the pen, and the demon says that it's coming. It pulls Wynonna's hand free of the pen, heals the wound, and goes with Doc.

At the homestead, Waverly describes how the demon felt inside of her trying to take control. She didn't remember anything when the demon took over, All Waverly can remember that is that it felt like the demon was multiplying inside of her. Dolls says that the creature inside of him is just him and not a "passenger" like the demon, and Waverly explains that the demon jumped into Wynonna because she wouldn't do what it said. Dolls prepares to free her, and Lucado comes I her and aims a gun at his head.

Doc and the passenger stoop at a diner and the passenger eats lots of sugar. The passenger dismisses Doc's concerns and suggests that they blow off their mission and spend the day enjoying themselves. The waitress comes over and says that there's no refill on pancakes, and the passenger angrily says that's bullshit. It then suggest sthat they go to the station and Doc agree.

Dolls figures that Lucado is fired, and Waverly distracts Lucado long enough for Dolls to grab he gun and eject the magainze. They fight, smashing through the house, and Waverly manages to pull free. Ludo grabs a knife and prepares to stab Dolls, but Waverly grabs a shotgun, fires a warning shot, and says that they don't have time for them to fight when Wynonna's possessed. Her warning gets Lucado's possession, and Waverly finds Peacemaker.

Doc and the passenger go to the fire station and confirm that the etching is a match for the one on the station wall. They go inside and the passenger realizes that demons have been killed there. The sacrifice leader, Captain Ewan Allenbach, greets them and Doc asks about the symbol. Ewan says that they're always looking for volunteers, and the passenger asks if the name Wynonna Earp means anything to her. It says that horrible deeds have been committed there, and Ewan explains that the station was built on the site of an old church. He notices that the demon is reacting poorly and points out that sinners have a bad reaction to it, and the passenger pulls out a steak knife. Doc quickly stops her and excuses both of them, and Ewan figures that Juan Carlos will want to hear about who paid them a visit. Outside, the passenger asks for some water, and Doc wonders where Peacemaker is. He realizes that Wynonna is possessed because she's been drinking coffee with lots of sugar, and shoves the demon in the trunk.

Doc drives to the sheriff's station, and he and Dolls drag Wynonna into the Black Badge office. Waverly tells Doc what is happening, and they figure that the passenger can't touch Peacemaker because it's a demon. Lucado says that BBD isn't returning her calls since they didn't receive the briefcase with the plate. She suggests that they get a sample of the tentacle goo, and Doc agrees to go to the arch with Waverly to get some. Lucado tells them not to touch the goo, and then tells Dolls that searching for the non-existent residue wll keep them busy. The report said that the passenger was defeated in Budapest, and the BBD office went dark shortly thereafter. Dolls has been tracking the passenger, Mikshun, and Lucado warns that under the right circumstances Mikshun could spread through an entire population. Dolls figures that he'll have to deal with it.

Juan Carlos arrives at the station, and Ewan says that Wynonna is infected by the last one. The older man says that Wynonna could be an ally, but Ewan isn't interested in giving Mikshun a chance to multiple. He asks what Juan knows about the seal being broken, and warns that the Order follows his word... and they end Mikshun tonight.

Dolls visits Mikshun in the cell, and it asks if they're going to talk demon to demon. It offers to have sex with Dolls for a price, and says that it can be anything he wants to be. Dolls leans in and tells it to be quiet, grabs her hand, and takes out a pair of cutters. Mikshun figures that he won't manipulate wynonna, and then switches to her voice and begs him to find another way. She then tells him to do it, and Dolls apologies and cuts off Wynonna's thumb. He leaves and the demon stops screaming and regrows the thumb.

In the office, Dolls gives Lucado the thumb. Lucado says that they should deliver Wynonna to BBD and it will restore their reputation. Dolls figures that they'll dissect her, draws his gun, and tells Lucado that they're staying there.

Waverly and Doc examine the arch, and a car pulls up. It's Juan, and Doc introduces him to Waverly. He says that they're wasting their time because the Order cleaned up the demon residue. Juan explains that Doc met the Order that morning, and Wynonna is in mortal danger. He suggests that they give the Order something that they want more, and disappears.

Dolls tries to find a ritual that will unbind Mkshun from the host. Lucado hears the thumb whispering to her, and touches it. Mikshun possess her and says that they are legion once more. The agent fights for control, telling Dolls not to let it touch him, and then her head explodes in a burst of black goo.

Waverly and doc return and find Dolls cleaning up the place and wearing hazmat gear. He tells them what happened and explains that he found a compound that makes the demon think the body that it's in and evacuates it. Waverly points out that Wynonna won't be able to shoot it with Pecemaker, but Dolls figures that they have to use the formula and get it out of Waverly. Once Waverly walks out, Dolls tells Doc that they have all the ingredients, and Doc empties out his flask to provide a place to put them.

Waverly goes to the cells and tells Mikshun that they're running out of time. It taunts her, saying that Waverly has dark corners that she hasn't explored yet, and Waverly says that she isn't strong enough to save her. She grabs Mikshun through the bars and hits him with Peacemaker, and tells ikshun that there's only one way to make the pain stop. Mikshun jumps into her body, and Doc and Dolls arrives. Mikshun walks out past them, and Wynonna tells them that they need to get to the homestead. Mikshun is going to build an army, staring with Waverly, and reveals that Waverly gave her Peacemaker before Mikshun took Waverly over.

That night, Mikshun drives to the homestead. Ewan is watching the place, and realizes that Mikshun is inside of her. Inside the barn, Nicole is waiting for Waverly.

Ewan tells his men that they have lost too many brothers, and they will eliminate one more demon. The others swear their allegiance to sacrifice one for the good of the many, and advance on the homestead.

Nicole says that she got worried and found the signs of a struggle. There's a lightning rod and a storm is coming, and Nicole warns that it will attract the lightning.

The Order members pour holy water on the homestead.

Doc, Dolls, and Wynonna arrives and explains that if the lightning hits it, it will fuse Mkshun to Waverly's body forever. Ewan and the others step out, and Wynonna tells them to get out of their way. He explains that they're consecrating the ground.

Inside, Mikshun winces in pain and Nicole asks what's wrong. It tells Nicole that Wyonna is possessed and it hurt her.

Wynonna and her allies draw their guns and promise to shoot every Order member.

Waverly tells Nicole that Wynonna is there.

Dolls says that they have the emollient that works and all they need to

is let them through. Ewan figures that Wynonna is possessed and so is Waverly, and promises to kill them both.

Nicole draws her gun and turns her back on Mikshun, who grasps the lightning rod.

Wynonna pistol whips an Order member with Peacemaker and drinks some of the emollient to prove that she's not possessed. Ewan concedes that she's not possessed, but admits that Waverly will die as collateral damage. Doc holsters his guns and runs to his car, and comes back with the plate. He offers it to Ewan if he lets them through, and says that he will only let Wynonna in for 15 minutes.

Wynonna goes inside and tells Mikshun to step away from the rod. Nicole figures that she's possessed, and Mikshun tells Nicole not to trust Wynonna. Wynonna concedes that she knows Nicole loves Waverly, and Mikshun tells Nicole to shoot wynonna. Nicole realizes that Wynonna would never say that, and Mikshun slams her unconscioius. Wynonna tries to get through to Waverly, and points out what she did to the woman she loves. Mikshun laughs and says that it's time, and Wynonna tells her to give it one more psh. Waverly struggles but warns that Mikshun won't let her.

Waverly reminds Wynonna of the time that she forced her to drink grape soda, and Wynonna slams her to the floor and forces her to drink the emollient. Mikshun leaves Waverly's body, transforming into its original form of a black serpent-like creature. Wynonna sends it back to hell with Peacemaker.

Ewan realizes that it's done, takes the case, and leaves with his men.

Waverly wakes up back to normal, and Nicole tells her that she would shoot anyone for her. they kiss until Wynonna interrupts, and they take Waverly to the house. She points out that all she did was get Waverly to drink from a flask: standard Earp operating procedure. As they go into the homestead.

Doc returns to the BBD office and tells Jeremy that Lucado is dead. He figures that they have to formulate a strategy, and Jeremy tells him that BBD is gone from the Triangle.

Wynonna goes to the fire station and Ewan says that he was just doing his job. She wonders what his job is, and Ewan says that they've lost a lot of good men since Willa opened the gateway to the Sanctuary. Wynonna points out that she shot Willa to make sure that it's over, and Ewan tells her that it's not over. He says that his colleague could be allies, and Wynonna says that she has enough friend. He points out that he wasn't asking to be friends, and Wynonna tells him to take care of th case for now.

When Wnnonna goes back to the homestead, she finds Waverly sitting alone. Waverly says that when Mikshun jumped back into her, it told her things about Wynonna. She shows Wynonna a bag and says that she's not sure if Wynonna knows it yet. Wynonna goes into her room and shuts the door, and Waverly calls through it saying that she's there for her. She explains that Mikshun said that Wynonna's body wasn't an ideal fit because it was too crowded, and warns that she's not alone. Wynonna looks at the positive pregnancy stick that was in the bag.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 8, 2017

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