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Snowball in Hell Recap

Dan picks up a briefing from a phone booth, and is informed that Boradur is for most 200 the most infamous penal colony on earth. It was run until recently by Gerard Sefra, who still remains there with a small group of former guards. Sefra has come into possession of a sample of Cesium-138 and its formula, and he memorized and destroyed the formula. He's offering the cesium for sale to the highest bidder, and it's the key to a low-cost nuclear arsenal. Dan's mission is to make sure that no one gets the cesium or leans the formula.

After assembling his team, Dan calls them. in. At the final briefing Barney demonstrates a remote controlled wheeled drone holding a canister. He tells the others that it has a refrigeration unit and explains that Cesium-138 is stable at 70 degrees or below. If it warms to that temperature or above, it explodes. The man Barney will be posing as, Jean-Paul Carre, runs a bistro on the waterfront and gave Barney everything that they need. Carre escaped three years before they closed Boradur, and he's sure the tunnel he dug is still there. Willy confirms that the magnet that they have, Little Bertha, works. Dan tells Cinnamon that she'll have to report to Kronen's hospital with the medical supplies, and Barney confirms that Sefra sent his prisoners to the hospital after "discipline". He was a "cat lover", and Barney shows the team a photo of Carre's back. The average temperature at Boradur is 103, and they figure Sefra has a place to keep the cesium cool. They don't have time to search the entire prison, so Dan plans to have Sefra bring them the cesium. As far as the formula Sefra has memorized, there's only one way to get it from him.

The team arrives near Boradur, and Rollin and Barney go in as a magazine photographer and his model, respectively. The guard takes them to Sefra, and Rollin says that they have a letter from the District Commission giving them permission to do a story on the prison and the man who made it what it was. He explains that he wants to recreate the prison as it was, and Sefra has no choice but to cooperate. He says that the outside world complained about the inhumanity of the place, and now they want to recreate it for the enjoyment of their readers. Sefra says that they can look around, and Rollin asks to take some photos of Sefra in his old uniform. Barney says that he'll need some prison clothes, and Sefra tosses him a filthy uniform.

Dan and Willy find Carre's tunnel and wait.

Cinnamon arrives at the hospital and meets with Dr. Kronen to join his staff as a nurse sent by the Americans.

Rollin and Barney go to Carre's cell and descend into it. Barney cuts open the bricks concealing the tunnel As Barney enters the tunnel, they heard Sefra approaching and Barney quickly reenters the cell and covers over the tunnel. He pulls up the ladder they used to climb down to the cell and laughs, and says that they have the real feeling of being a prisoner. Rollin has no choice but to take his picture.

Willy suggests that he start digging when his compass doesn't register the direction, and Dan points out that they have no idea which way to go.

Sefra finally lowers the rope ladder, and Rollin Barney quickly climb out. They ask to see the discipline room and Sefra is glad to show it to them.

Cinnamon supervising the unloading of the drugs supposedly sent by American donors, and Kronen talks about the evil that occurred at Boradur. She has the workers load two boxes of drugs into a supply room. Once Cinnamon is alone in the freezer room, she moves the boxes into position against the wall.,

Sefra cheerfully shows off his extreme punishments and says that the prisoners there were the worse of the worse. He poses with a whip, pretending to beat Barney, and notices the scars on his back. Sefra assumes that he's been flogged, but Barney says that it was an accident. Rollin says that they need to see the guard room, and Barney blurts out the directions. Sefra wonders how he knows, and Barney claims that they did a lot of research. The commandant goes to his office and Rollin gives Barney some tips on how to convince Sefra that he's a former prisoner.

In his office, Sefra reviews his files of the former prisoners and finds the one on Carre.

As Rollin and Barney leave, they fake leaving a strobe unit behind and Barney says that he'll get it and meet Rollin later. He goes to Carre's cell, unseals the tunnel, and plants Little Bertha. Willy's compass picks up the strong magnet, and he and Dan start digging toward it. Meanwhile, Barney crawls back out and seals the tunnel,

Sefra calls in his assistant Raff and confirms that Rollin left. He goes to Carre's cell and confronts Barney as he climbs out. Barney says that they lost a strobe but didn't find it, and Sefra "suggests" that Barney go back down into Carre's cell and look for it. He figures that Barney is Carre and asks if he put him there. Barney angrily says that he did, and Sefra gloats about his "signature" on Barney's back. he asks Barney who he is, and slaps him until Barney says that he's Carre. Satisfied, Carre calls Raff in and asks Barney why he came back, and tells Raff to take Barney to his office. Now that they have Barney back, he's going to make him feel at home.

In his office, Sefra boasts of his cat-of-nine-tails whip, Tabby. He repeats his question about why Barney is there, and when he doesn't answer the guards shove him into a chair.

Dan and Willy dig into Carre's tunnel.

Rollin drives to the hospital, and he and Cinnamon go to the supply room. Cinnamon lets him into the freezer room with the boxes from earlier. There's a cold suit in one of the boxes and Rollin puts it on.

Dan and Willy enter Carre's cell and use their own rope to climb up to the hallway. They find the generator room and Willy boosts Dan up to the window. Dan uses sticky paper to break the glass and catch the pieces.

Rollin assembles the boxes into one larger box that is open on one side. He then puts the box against the wall with himself inside..

Dan sabotages the generators running the refrigeration unit by pouring molasses into the carburetors and climbs back out the window.

Sefra beats Barney and demands answers. Barney finally says that he came back to kill Sefra, and Sefra mockingly says that he's flattered. He realizes that the power has gone out and sends a guard, Faud, to check the generator while Raff locks Barney up so that they can talk later. Sefra checks the rising temperature and leaves.

Dan and Willy climbs back into the cell and escape through the tunnel.

Faud tells Sefra that it will take at least half an hour to fix the generator. Sefra tells Raff to bring as much ice as he can find to the office. The cesium is in a refrigerator unit in Sefra's office, and Raff brings what little ice there is. Sefra realizes that it's not enough. Barney checks the time and then yells that he's sick and needs a doctor. Sefra hears him and remembers that the hospital has a freezer there.

Sefra and Raff drive to the hospital, and Dan watches them. When the two men arrive, Sefra tells Kronen that he has to use his freezer room. he finally says that if the container isn't refrigerated then the hospital will go up in a fireball. Cinnamon tells Kronen not to argue, and leads them to the freezer room. They put it inside and leave, and Sefra tells Raff to make sure no one goes in.

Rollin emerges from hiding and takes out the refrigerated drone. He puts the cesium inside and then puts the drone back into the box.

Faud calls Sefra and reports that the generator is running. Rollin hides as Sefra and Raff come in and take the container. Cinnamon argues with them a bit to keep them distracted. Once they leave, Cinnamon lets Rollin out and he removes the cold suit to reveal a doctor's coat. He then takes the drone out.

At the prison, Faud explains that the generators were sabotaged. Sefra realizes that something is wrong, checks the cesium, and discovers that it's gone. He figures that someone must have been in the freezer room and sends Raff and the other guard there to seal the area and make sure no one goes out. Sefra then grabs the whip and goes to interrogate Barney, demanding to know where Rollin is. Barney tells him that Rollin is in the tunnel with the cesium, and is waiting for Sefra to give up the search before he leaves the other end. He claims that the tunnel isn't finished, and Sefra figures that Rollin is trapped.

Rollin and Cinnamon drive to the other end of the tunnel, and Willy places the drone with the cesium into the tunnel.

Barney uses a hidden lock pick to escape his cell.

Dan spots Sefra coming, and Willy activates the drone. and turns off its refrigeration unit. Sefra checks the cell and sees the loose brick that Willy deliberately left. He jumps down and climbs into the tunnel, As he removes the bricks and crawls down the tunnel, the drone arrives and the cesium blows up as it reaches 70 degrees. The team witnesses the explosion, and Barney joins them. Together they drive off.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 8, 2017

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