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Look for the Woman Recap

Hoby trails an escaped convict, Bud Crome, to the hills and moves in. He spots Bud's campfire and sneaks in, but Bud hears him. Bud grabs his rifle and moves off in search of Hoby, and spots him. Hoby gets the drop on him and is forced to shoot. The wounded outlaw goes for his revolver and Hoby is forced to mortally wound him. As Bud lies dying, he asks who the two men were who robbed the bank with Bud five years ago. Bud says that he has a sister in Waco and offers to talk in return for Hoby's promise that he'll help her. Hoby promises and Bud tells him that her name is Charlotte. When the two men find out that Bud is dead, they'll kill him. Bud says that their names are Stan Roper and Charlie Hill, and admits that she's been blackmailing them. Hoby says that he'll do the best he can, and Bud dies.

Later, Hoby reports Bud's last words to Ranger HQ and rides to Waco with orders to investigate Bud's story. First , Hoby stops in to talk to Sheriff Dan Michaels, an ex-Ranger. Dan knows that Hoby is coming and Hoby finds Dan apparently sleeping at his desk. He tries to sneak up on him, but Dan is aware and warns him off. Dan says that Waco is peaceful since he took over, and says that there's no Stan or Charlie there that he knows of. Charlotte runs a dressmaking shop and Dan says that she's a nice girl who's had to live down her brother's reputation. Hoby points out that the two men and the bank money disappeared, but Dan isn't convinced.

Next, Hoby goes to Charlotte's shop and she figures that Hoby is a prison acquaintance. He identifies himself as a Ranger and says that he's there to arrest two men on the names Bud gave him. Charlotte realizes that Bud is dead and Hoby killed him. He explains about Bud's concerns, and Charlotte says that she's never heard of Stan and Charlie. Hoby warns that they'll try to kill her, and promises to avenger her death. Charlotte asks him to come back the next morning after she's thought it over, and Hoby agrees.

That night, Charlotte goes to the home of Stan Roper, who is using the name "Lee Caldwell" he tells her that her payday isn't until the 15th, and Charlotte says that she's leaving Waco and will needing a lump sum of $5,000. She points out that it's less than a third of what Stan and Charlie took in the bank robbery. Charlotte refuses to argue, and Stan reminds her that Bud will be a partner in his business and Charlie's ranch when he gets out. She doesn't believe him, and Stan says that it'll take at least a day to get the money from a bank in Dallas. Charlotte gives him a day and leaves, and Stan sends his bartender Sam to Charlie's place--Charlie using the name Bill Judson--to bring him there.

Later, Charlie visits Charlotte and asks her about what she told Sam. He tells her that the only trouble she's caused is by not marrying him, and she should have come to her if she needed money. Charlotte repeats what she's said about how she can't marry Charlie as long as he's associated with Stan. He tells her that Stan wants to kill her, and he's selling his saloon and wants Charlie to sell his ranch. Once Charlotte gets the money, they'll follow Charlotte and kill her. Charlie suggests that they both leave and never come back, and Charlotte agrees to go with him and get married. She tells Charlie that Bud is dead and he gave his name and Stan's to Hoby. Charlotte tells Charlie that Stan doesn't know about Hoby, and says that Stan has to die because he can identify them. When Charlie points out that Hoby will figure it out, she says that they'll have to kill Hoby as well.

The next morning, Hoby goes to Charlotte's shop. She tells him that Charlie is posing as Bill Judson, and Stan died a year ago and gives a dead man's name. Hoby points out that But thought that Stan was still alive, but Charlotte points out that she has no reason to lie. The Ranger apparently accepts her story and leaves.

Hoby goes to Dan's office and Dan confirms that the man Charlotte identified as Dan is dead. The Ranger asks Dan to keep an eye on Charlotte in case she leaves town, and then rides out to Charlie's ranch. Charlie is waiting to ambush him and fires. Hoby falls off of his horse, and Charlie rides back to Waco and gets Charlotte. They break into Stan's office and Charlie opens the safe to get the money they stole.

On the road outside of town, Hoby wakes u, his shoulder bleeding.

Charlotte counts the money, and they wait for Stan to come back.

Hoby finds his horse and rides back to Waco.

Charlie says that he can't kill Stan and won't let Charlotte do it. He figures that they should just take the money and run, and Charlotte apparently agrees. Outside, she draws a gun and shoots Charlie, then rides off. Dan hears the shot and Charlotte shoots at him and misses. The sheriff fires back but Charlotte makes good her escape.

As Hoby comes down the road, he finds Charlotte dead in the dirt.

Stan arrives at his office and sees the light on inside. He draws his gun and goes in, and finds Dan waiting for him. Dan points out Charlie's body and says that he got killed trying to protect his interests. The robber got away with Stan's money, and Stan says that he doesn't have any idea who might have stolen the money. Dan explains that Charlotte's brother was a bank robber serving time, and he escaped and was killed. Charlotte found out about it and was broke up at the news, and Stan quickly escorts Dan out.

Later, Stan breaks into Charlotte's home. Hoby is waiting and tells him that he's under arrest, and shoots Stan in the hand when he goes for his gun. Dan is there as well, and Hoby tells Stan that a lot of people saw his face when he robbed the bank. He explains that Charlotte killed Charlie, and Dan says that he got her. Stan is died and convicted, and died in prison. All of his and Charlie's properties were sold and restitution was made to the bank.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 9, 2017

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