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Viktor Recap

At the laundromat, Viktor's man Nick calls in to say that they have Tulip. He asks for her gun, and Tulip takes it out of her belt and hands it over. They take her to their SUVs and drive off.

The next day, Jesse arrives at Denis' place and Cassidy lets him in. Denis ignores them, and Jesse says that his first night looking for God was interesting. He explains that he helped a woman, and asks where tulip is. Cassidy says that she went out and doesn't know where she is. Jesse says that it's pretty typical and goes to take a nap.

Viktor's men take Tulip to their boss' manor and set her down at his desk. A man screams in the distance, and Tulip's cell phone rings. It's Cassidy, and Tulip starts to text back but then puts the phone away as Viktor comes in. He sits down and finally wonders what he's going to do with her.

In Hell, first Hitler and then the other prisoners emerge from their cells. They figure that the cells were opened for routine maintenance and the guards will soon return. When one prisoner starts picking on a gypsy woman, Eugene tells him to leave her alone. The man, Tyler, stares at Eugene's face and says that it's disgusting. As the others laugh, Hitler tells Tyler that it's enough and Tyler challenges him. As Hitler stares at him, the alarms go off and everyone goes back to their hells. Eugene discovers that his cell door has closed, and Hitler invites him to come into his Hell if he wants. After a moment, Eugene goes into Hitler's cell. Hitler says that it was brave sticking up for the gypsy, and confirms who he is. He admits that he started World War II and did terrible things.

Hitler's hell starts up and he finds himself in a restaurant in Munich 1919. Hitler is working at a table, and a woman, Elsa joins him. A Jewish man comes over and bumps into Hitler, and Hitler stares at him for a moment. The man continues on, and Elsa says that he owns a gallery and Hitler should show him his drawing. As Hitler says that he isn't that talented, they hear gunshots outside. Elsa says that they're Communist scum infiltrating their society, and Hitler agrees.

The setting flickers and disappears, and Eugene finds himself back in the cell with Hitler. Hitler tells him to go back to his cell. As Eugene goes, Hitler asks him what his name is. When Eugene tells him his name, Hitler welcomes him to Hell.

A man tortures Viktor's prisoner and listens to music.

Tulip breaks into tears and apologizes to Viktor, and he hands her a Kleenex. He tells her to stop crying because crying isn't going to fix things, and says that he brought her in and trusted her. Viktor made her part of the family, and in return she made a fool of him. He tells Tulip to think of something to say, because "sorry" isn't going to fix it. The torturer comes in and says that he's conscious again. Viktor tells Tulip to clear her head and come up with a better answer for when he asks again, and goes to see his prisoner. The torturer, Pat, says hello to tulip and she says hi back before he goes

Jesse finds Cassidy and Denis watching Katrina infomercials, and asks if Tulip called. The priest thanks Denis for letting them stay, and Denis starts complaining to Cassidy in French. Jesse says that he still has 117 jazz clubs to check, and tulip is out somewhere being mad at him after they fought. Cassidy says that she didn't say anything about that, and Jesse explains about the secret organization Lara told him about. The vampire hasn't heard of them and thinks that it sounds fake.

A white van drops Hoover off outside of Denis' place, and he radios in that he's in position.

Cassidy continues watching infomercials, and sees God from Jesse's church in an ad talking about how he's homeless and mentally ill. He calls Cassidy, who recognizes the man. Frankie Muniz is doing the infomercial, explaining that they're all actors and the viewers shouldn't forget. Jesse realizes that Fake God is an actor.

The Hell guard, Jennifer, brings in a technician to Jesse's cell to check the equipment. Jennifer asks Eugene if he left the room, and he says that he didn't. She glares at him for a moment, and then tells Eugene to come with her. He goes with her while the technician works.

Jesse and Cassidy go to the acting agency to find out if God hired the actor, Mark Harelik.

Jesse finds Viktor's men playing poker and asks how they've been. They ignore her, attempts to make conversation, and she continues walking around. Everyone ignores her.

As they wait at the agency, Cassidy wonders if Jesse is worried about Tulip. Jesse doesn't see a reason to worry, and Cassidy says that if had a girl like Tulip he'd be worried all time. His friend says that Tulip can look after herself, just as the agent Teddy Gunth comes in. Teddy figures that they want to hire Mark for a job, and insists that they go through him. Cassidy says that it's Game of Thrones, and Teddy starts negotiating his fee. The vampire plays along and Teddy quickly agrees. The agent says that he has no idea where Mark is, and explains that he got Mark a gig as God and then he disappeared. The people that hired Mark refused to send Teddy Mark's audition tape at first. They eventually sent it but teddy didn't watch it. Jesse asks if Teddy has a copy.

Jennifer takes Eugene to her office and checks on a missing prisoner. Once she hangs up, she ells Eugene that they have issues with overcrowding and underfunding. Jennifer says that she's going to put Eugene in holding with the others, and she puts newcomers in the hole when the machines break down. She has her man open the hole in the middle of the room, and assures Eugene that they can make it much worse than his worse memories. Jennifer then says that Eugene seems like a nice young man, and warns that kind of behavior won't be tolerated in Hell. Eugene agrees, and Jennifer tells him to act accordingly... and they'll be watching.

Tulip finds a young girl, Allie, in the dining room. Allie ignores her at first,, and then spits on her and says that she hopes her father kills her.

Jesse and Cassidy watch the copy o Mark's audition tape and his employer explains that his job is to reassure the faithful. The actor gets into character and recites the lies, wrapping up with the "Scary Prophecy." The employer says that it's an open arrangement, and Mark agrees that he's up for the commitment because it's the role of a lifetime. They tell him that he's got the part... and shoot him dead. Jesse realizes that they had to do it to get him to Heaven, and think it's weird that everything is centered on New Orleans. Cassidy wants to call Tulip and find out what's going on, but Jesse figures that he's missing something obvious.

Tulip goes back to Viktor's office and tries to open the safe. Nick comes in and says that Viktor had him change the combination, and Tulip knocks him unconscious. She takes his gun and walks out. Tulip goes upstairs and makes her way to Viktor's bedroom. He's busy picking out clothes, and Tulip puts the gun to his head. She tells him to let her go, and he tells her to blow his brains out because he isn't going to do it. Three men jump Tulip and she drops her phone. Pat comes in and knocks her down, and Viktor says that he'll handle her. Tulip's cellphone rings.

Eugene is taken to holding and Hitler greets him. He asks how Eugene's chat was with Jennifer, and Eugene says that it was fine. Eugene points out that Hitler doesn't seem so bad, and asks if he is. Tyler and his gang come over and Tyler taunts Eugene. When Eugene refuses, Tyler goes for him and Hitler orders him to stop. Tyler asks him what he plans to do, and Hitler tells him to just don't. The other man wonders what happened to Hitler and knocks him down, and beats Hitler. The others join in and Eugene yells at them to wait. They turn to him and he looks up at the cameras... and then joins in.

Jesse watches the audition tape again and figures that if they can magnify the brief shot of the hand and find out who it belongs to. Cassidy says that he thinks Tulip is in trouble, and admits that she told him not to say anything. Furious, Jesse demands to know where Tulip is.

At Viktor's manor, two guards are at the gate and Jesse comes up and uses the Word to get in. He orders the men not to move, and asks where Tulip is, and they say that they don't know. Jesse goes to Viktor's torture room and finds the dead prisoner. Pat hits him with a pipe and admits that sometimes his subjects' hearts give out. When Jesse wakes up, Pat admits that he's curious to know what Jesse did to the men. He turns up his MP player, grabs a sledgehammer, and attacks Jesse. Jesse tries to use the voice but Pat can't hear him over the music. The two men fight and Jesse finally manages to stab him with a machete. He pulls out the earbuds and uses the Voices to find out where Tulip is, and Pat says that she's in the basement.

Jesse goes to the bedroom and kicks in the door, and finds Jesse and Tulip sitting on the bed. Before Tulip can stop him, Jesse punches Viktor and starts choking him. She tells Jesse that he can't kill Viktor because he's her husband.

The Cowboy walks up the highway into New Orleans.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 11, 2017

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