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The Awesomes Reloaded Recap

The Awesomes are called in to investigate a haunted dumpster and discover that there's a raccoon inside. The man pays and the Awesomes leave in their van marked "The Ooesomes": Mr. Awesome threatened to sue if they used his team's name. Prock defends his father, and when they stop for gas Hotwire apologizes for her teammates being hard on Awesome. Comforted, Prock wonders if Hotwire should be an active superhero when she's pregnant, and Hotwire insists that she isn't going to be sidelined for nine months. Prock notices a family nearby and thinks it would be nice to give up being a superhero and have a family of their own. Hotwire points out that being a superhero is all the two of them ever wanted to do. He figures that their families are screwed up because of superpowers, but Hotwire insists that they turned out okay.

When Prock and the team return home, they discover that Jill has called in a fumigation team. She booked them rooms at the hotel, and they go into get their things. The "exterminator" locks them in and gasses them unconscious... and Catherine wakes up in bed. There's a mounted newspaper about how Sheriff Jeremy proposed to his high school sweetheart. Jeremy comes in and puts on his sheriff's hat, and says that he'll be home by seven. Catherine realizes that she's hugely pregnant, and Jeremy says that they have the best life.

Jeremy drives his patrol car to the library where Concierge is working as a librarian named Connie. He brings her doughnuts and asks for a book on parenting. Connie has dozens of books available and Jeremy takes them all. He then drives to the high school stadium where Coach Frantic is training the track team. Their all-star runner--Tim--quit the team because he discovered girls. Tim tells Jeremy that he already completed all of his finals and drives off through the track.

In the school, Impresario is teaching art and does a lot of portraits of his mother in purple. Jeremy comes by to pick up a painting that Impresario has done of Jeremy, Catherine, and their future child.

At the hospital, Catherine's obstetrician Gadget Gal is checking the baby. Catherine doesn't understand why Gadget Gal's references are so old even though they're the same age. She says that sometimes nothing seems real, and Gadget Gal advises her to start smoking.

At the construction site, Muscleman/Harry meets Jeremy. The sheriff admits that there's no crime in the town, and Harry reminds Jeremy that he wanted to save the world when they were kids. Jeremy jokingly suggests that it's all fake, and Harry figures that they're hooked up to a weird machine and is studying them.

In the real world, the Awesomes are hooked up to a weird machine and Professor Neuromancer is studying them. He reminds his assistant Eric that they have a secret high-end client.

Jeremy returns home with pizza and tells Catherine to relax. She complains that she feels too relaxed, while Neuromancer watches. He points out to Eric that they only have to keep them in the VR world until they download the teams' brainwaves. They leave the house to get lunch, figuring no one would go into a fumigated house. Perfect Man flies by, sees the tent, and figures that it's a party tent.

When he doesn't find the Awesomes, Perfect Man figures that the party is a dud and calls his new team to liven things up. As he talks, Perfect Man wanders into the control room and figures that the monitors are showing an Awesomes video game. He takes control of Larry the Landlord, arms himself with a hammer, and goes to collect the rent. Impresario says that he'll be late and Perfect Man hits him in the head and raises the rent. He starts hammering paintings to collect points, and Impresario quickly hands over the money.

Next, Larry goes to the library and Connie reminds him that it's a public buildings. When he tries to take the books, they fight and Larry hits Connie in the head. When Tim drives by, Larry goes after him to get a car.

Jeremy questions Impresario about his attacker, and wonders why there's suddenly crime in town.

Tim stops at the diner with his girlfriends, impressing them with his intelligence. Larry repossesses his car and drives off with the girls until he realizes they're high school age.

Jeremy checks out the library and tells Connie that he won't carry a gun.

Larry stops at the barber shop and then the construction site, and recognizes Harry. Harry has no idea what he's talking about, and Jeremy arrives. Larry says that it's all in the game, and Perfect Man has him attack Jeremy. Jeremy knocks Larry down, and Perfect Man goes to the bathroom, leaving Larry as a mindless zombie.

Once Perfect Man takes back over, he complains that the game stinks and he's been in a jail cell for an hour. The rest of the New Awesomes arrive and Perfect Man tells them to join him in the game and break him out. They pick characters and weapons.

At the local coffee shop, Neuromancer tells Eric that it's time to go back. Eric figures that nothing can happen to them, and Neuromancer reminds his assistant that if the Awesomes die in the simulation then they'll die for real. That's why all of the guns are locked.

The New Awesomes discover that all of the guns are locked. One of their members, Codebreaker, breaks the code. They break into the sheriff's station and kill the deputy, and Jeremy leaps out the window. The New Awesomes go on a rampage, killing everyone that they find and destroying the town. Perfect Man complains that they won't give him a controller.

Jeremy returns home and finds the other Awesomes there. He wants to leave town, but the others refuse to go. Harry suddenly starts drooling as Muscleman wakes up in the real world and goes to the bathroom. He goes back without anything and hooks himself back up, and Larry comes back to life. Jeremy insists that he's no hero, just as Larry comes in and Perfect Man apologizes for how he was playing the game. He then disconnects as Hot Wing and Perfect Man fight over the controller. Perfect Man finally gets control and tells the Awesomes that the new team doesn't understand what it's like to be part of a community. He wants the Awesomes to win, and addresses them by their hero names. Hotwire remembers her real life and says that they're all heroes, and tells Jeremy to be a hero and a father. The other team members prepare to fight, and Jeremy says that they need to fight. Meanwhile, the New Awesomes tie Perfect Man up, leaving Larry mindless again.

The New Awesomes wonder why they haven't moved on to the next level now that everybody is dead. Jeremy and Catherine watch them, and Jeremy says that he knows about video games. At his apartment, Impresario tells Gadget Gal that he has the perfect Big Boss to take on the invaders. Harry prepares the demolition charge at the construction site where he was working, and Jeremy tells Frantic to lure the invaders to the site. Frantic runs down the street and the New Awesomes chase him into an alley, where Tim has set up holographic decoys. They end up at the construction site where Impresario unrolls a giant black velvet painting of Mama. The New Awesomes move in and Harry hits the detonator... and nothing happens. Jeremy says that he has to go in, kisses Catherine goodbye, and leaves.

Inside, Jeremy finds the unplugged detonator wire. He prepares to plug it in and looks back at Catherine, just as the New Awesomes open fire on his teammates. Realizing what he's about to lose, Jeremy plugs in the wire and the building blows up. In the real world, the New Awesomes complain that the game sucks and Perfect Man has been wasting their time.

Harry frees Jeremy from the rubble and Catherine assures her husband that he did it.

Neuromancer and Eric return to the control room and see Jeremy dying. The villain is forced to release them before Jeremy dies, and the Awesomes wake up in the real world.

Later, Neuromancer and Eric tell Awesome that everything went smoothly. They hand over the team's brain scans, including their weaknesses. Prock's weakness is his father, and he'll do anything if it makes Awesome proud. Laughing, Awesome gets an idea.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 14, 2015

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