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Paternis Recap

A young Cameron is in his bed when his father James comes in and invites him to see some movies. Young Cameron explains that a friend wanted to come over but Cameron's mother wouldn't let him. The boy asks James to let him come over, and James points out that Cameron had heart surgery and he has to take it easy. Cameron wonders how long he has to wit, and James promises him that things will be great someday.


Cameron waits at the prison to meet with James, but he doesn't show up. As Cameron asks the guards what's keeping him, the fire alarm goes off and the guard tells Cameron that he has to leave. Cameron goes to the house where Kirsten is painting and explains what happens. She's surprised that Cameron went to see James after 14 years, and Cameron says that he doesn't know why he wanted to see his father. Kirsten says that the idea could have been anything, just as Maggie calls and says that she needs everyone back. She tells Cameron that James I under lockdown.

At the lab, Maggie tells the team that they have to break protocol. Quincy explains that the victim is Gary Parsons, a veteran officer with the Federal Bureau of Prison. He was killed earlier that day... by James. James claims that Parsons attacked him without provocation and he killed the guard in self-defense, but there's no cameras and no witnesses. Killing a guard gets the death penalty, and Maggie has used her authority to order a stitch into Parsons.

The stitch begins and Kirsten reports that Parsons was friendly with the guards and prisoners. Parsons takes James to his cell and gives him some lasagna as thanks for helping with his and his wife's tax returns. Parsons was out a while with cancer, and James was happy so see him when he came back. Linus finds a hot spot and when Cameron moves Kirsten there, she hears Parsons talking to someone saying that if Bruce tries to get to James, he needs to know right away. At another hot spot, parsons tells James that Cameron is waiting, and James tells the guard to let Cameron go home. In the death memory, Parsons apologies to Jim and then attacks him. Kirsten bounces and says that it was self-defense. She suggests that Bruce knows why Parsons attacked.

After the stitch, Camille asks Quincy to check on Amanda. Quincy tells her to just be herself and handle it herself. Linus is texting to Ivy, and Camille warns him that he's acting like a stalker. He's worried that something happened to her, but admits that sometimes he can come on too strong.


Samir is called to school when a young Linus is called in when he brags about how smart he is. His father tells him that he and his wife have been offered jobs in LA, and Linus will have everything there. Linus wonders if he'll have friends there, and says that he'd be happy with one.


Camille admits that she doesn't really know Ivy, and neither does Linus.

Maggie calls Cameron into his office and figures that he's relieved to learn that James is innocent. She asks why he had Camille run a few of the stitches. Cameron says that he was working through some concerns over Kirsten's safety. He asks about the cabinet and how the cases are picked, and Maggie says that it's classified. Cameron wants to talk to the person responsible, speed up the process, and get Jacqueline out of the cryogenic tank. Maggie asks how long Kirsten has known where her mother is, and Cameron doesn't answer.

Quincy and Linus review the client list that James screwed over, and there's fewer than ten with the name Bruce. The only living suspect is Scott Bruce, and he was divorced twelve years ago after losing everything. Camille reports that Parsons was in remission but had mounds of medical bills. Two days ago, her bills were paid. They go to interrogate Bruce, and Cameron comes through. Linus and Kirsten notice that he's upset, but Cameron says that he should go talk to Bruce. Kirsten tells him that she saw James tell Parsons that he didn't want to see Cameron.

Camille and Quincy go to the trailer park where Bruce lives.


A young Camille is standing next to a broken bike when a woman pulls over and asks if she can help. The woman gives her money to fix it, and the girl nervously goes over and takes it. once the woman drives off, Camille mutters "sucker" and adds the money to the rest that she's collected. A police car drives by and Camille runs back to her trailer. The police are arresting her brother Theo for marijuana distribution,


Camille and Quincy find Bruce working on fishing flies. He says that he owes his life to James, and once James took his money he owned up to his own greed. Bruce got remarried and downsized, and lives a much better life. Quincy figures that Bruce didn't save enough money to pay Parsons' medical bills and leaves with Camille.

Maggie calls Linus in and asks how things are going with Ivy. She is considering letting Ivy work with them once she's vetted, and tells him not to make her regret it. as he goes, Linus texts ivy with the news and Maggie watches him.

As Cameron and Kirsten paint, Kirsten invites Cameron to come along with her to see her mother. He starts to explain how the meeting went with Maggie, but Camille comes in and says that Bruce isn't the Bruce Parsons was talking about. Parsons' billed were paid with an offshore account that she can't source. Camille suggests that Cameron talk to James, and it would make the other prisoners think he was a snitch. Kirsten says that only James' lawyer can speak to James safely, and Camille motions to Cameron.

The next day, Cameron meets with James posing as his lawyer. Cameron tells his father that he works for the government and is there to help him. James tells Cameron that he needs to leave and that it's complicated, and Cameron tells him that he knows about Parsons. He asks who would have paid Parsons to kill James, and James says that they're done. Cameron asks him where James put the $30 million that was never accounted for. James refuses to answer, and says that it's for Cameron's own good. Cameron doesn't believe it.


The Security Exchanges Commission comes to arrest James for fraud. Cameron runs in and the officers hold him back. The officer in charge, Joe Zeiss, tells Cameron that they're calling his mother and a woman from the police will stay with him until she gets there. Cameron wonders if James did something wrong.


Cameron walks out past a guard, who calls someone and says that James' lawyer came. He describes Cameron, and the man at the other end recognizes him.

Camille and Amanda are at the house kissing, and Amanda points out that Camille seems distracted. She asks why Amanda likes her, and points out that she's sarcastic and cynical. Amanda says that she's beautiful and smart and funny and honest, and Camille says that she's not because she hides her feelings. When Amanda wonders if Camille is trying to sabotage their relationship, Camille says that's who she is and Amanda tells her that she's met lots of people like Camille who push people away. Kirsten arrives and Amanda tells Camille to call her if she wants and leaves. Camille tells Kirsten that sometimes she can be stupid, and says that she has an emotional blind spot about killing for people. She wonders why Kirsten isn't more suspicious of Ivy, and tells her that people lie.


Camille tells the officer that Theo was holding the marijuana for her. Theo tells her not to do it, and the officer demands the truth. Camille claims that she found it near the road, and reluctantly releases Theo and says that next time she'll arrest Camille. She tells Theo to look out for Camille and drives away. Once she leaves, Theo laughs and Camille angrily tells him that he screwed up. She says that she's leaving, and Theo tells her that nobody likes her.


Kirsten insists that she's supposed to protect her sister, and Camille tells her that Ivy is an adult and doesn't need her baby sister protecting her.

Linus goes to Cameron's apartment and wonders what to do since Ivy has been ghosting him. he then asks how things went with James. Cameron tells him what happened, and how he's realized how much Linus must miss Samir.


Samir gets called to the school in LA and Linus says that the upperclassmen jumped him for his notes. The boy refuses to give them up like his father advises, and says that he wants friends.


Linus goes to get takeout, and two men barge into Cameron's apartment. They demand to know what James told him, and beat him. Linus comes in and fights them off, and shoves them out the door. Cameron tells them what they asked.

Back at the lab, Cameron tells the others what happened. He wonders how they're connected to Parsons, and Camille and Kirsten argue back and forth. Kirsten finally says that she's not choosing between her friend and her sister, and Linus tells them that Maggie is thinking about giving Ivy a chance. Camille storms off and Kirsten walks off the opposite way. Maggie approaches Cameron and asks if he told Kirsten that Maggie knows about Jacqueline, and says that it's best if he doesn't tell her.

Camille apologizes to Linus because she's having a thing with Kirsten and Amanda, and now with Linus. Linus admits that Ivy is still ghosting him, and Camille admits that Amanda has been ghosting her as well.

The team begins the second stitch, and Kirsten sees Parsons meet a guy in a parking lot. He says that parsons' bill will be paid, and she starts slipping in and out of the stitch due to Parsons' head injury. The man drives off and Kirsten is unable to get the plates. The team switches her to the prison memories, and she sees Parsons calling someone and saying that Bruce is there to see James but James won't see him. He then sets off a fire alarm to make sure that Bruce leaves, and Kirsten bounces.


Cameron asks James if he did something wrong, and Joe tells him that he's being brave. Since Cameron is wearing a Batman shirt, Joe says that he's going to call him Bruce after Bruce Wayne.


Cameron realizes that he's Bruce, and Kirsten figures that the guy who asked Parsons to watch out for Cameron must be Joe. Camille discovers that Joe retired after James' trial, and Kirsten figures that he's the same guy she saw in the stitch meeting with parsons. Maggie suggests that Joe stole the money and then blackmailed James into taking the blame in return for Cameron's safety. Joe is on a business trip and will be back the next day, and Maggie has Quincy bring James in and make sure that he's safe.

Ivy returns home and finds Daniel waiting for her. She angrily tells him to stop contacting her, and Daniel points out that the two of them only have each other. Ivy says that she has a sister and friends, and a brilliant young man who loves her but who she hasn't spoken to because if he finds out Daniel is talking to her then he won't trust her. Daniel figures that Maggie is using Linus to get to Ivy to get to him, and he wants Ivy to make Linus trust him so that they can find out where Jacqueline is. When Ivy reuses, Daniel asks what her friends would think of her if they found out who was responsible for the Young Cameron anomaly. She orders him out, and Daniel finally goes.

The NSA brings James to their holding facility and Cameron visits him. He says that he knows the truth about Joe skimming the $30 million and pinned it on James. Cameron explains that he's going to arrest Joe, and James says that he doesn't know how to stop protecting Cameron. His son says that it could lead the way to a reduced sentence, and James admits that he made some mistakes. James explains that he got in to deep and he didn't want Cameron to see him that way. Cameron tells him that he doesn't deserve to be in jail for what he didn't do, and James takes his hand.

Kirsten goes to the cryogenic tank and discovers that Jacqueline is gone. She goes to Cameron's apartment and tells him what happened. Cameron tells her that it was Maggie, and admits that he let it slip where Jacqueline was. Furious, Kirsten wonders how she betrayed him and goes to be with someone she trusts.

Camille calls Amanda over and apologizes for the other night. Amanda apologizes for walking out, and Camille admits that bearing her soul is new to her. She tells Amanda that she's awesome, and that she's worth taking a shot on. Amanda tells her that she doesn't want to be anyone's shot and walks away.

Kirsten goes to Ivy's place and cries on her shoulder.

The next day, Cameron and Quincy go to Joe's place to arrest him. His son Andrew answers the door, and Joe tells Quincy they can't arrest Joe in front of his son. Cameron tells Andrew that they have the wrong address and the boy closes the door.


Cameron watches the officers take away his father.

Linus meets a girl at his new school.


Ivy sits alone.

Camille goes to her old abandoned home and throws rocks at it, crying.

Linus leaves a message for Ivy saying that he's there for her whenever she needs him to be, and he's her friend.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 11, 2017

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