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Ten Years Gone Recap

Daniela calls 911 and reports that her child has been taken. She explains that the National Guard Regiment took a number of children, and Abe is following one of their transports. The dispatcher says that they're getting a lot of calls about it, and tells Daniela to go to the Internet and read the President's executive order. Realizing that the dispatcher is reading from a script, Daniela hangs up.

Abe follows the transport to a compound and smashes through the gate. The soldiers order him to move back, and Isaac calls to Abe. They draw their guns on Abe, and Daniela watches from the dashboard cam. Abe asks them if they have children, and the soldier says that he never will unless something changes. He orders Abe to back off, warning that they have orders to use deadly force if Abe doesn't comply. The trucks leave as Abe is forced to watch.

In Portland, Jackson watches a newscast about the quarantine of children under 12. Investigators have linked the explosion in New York to a similar explosion at the refugee camp in Portland. Jackson and Logan are watching, and Jackson points out that his sister Abigail is the person responsible. Logan has had no luck tracing Abigail's call to Jackson, and Tessa overhears them talking. She wonders who Abigail is, and the men avoid saying that she's Jackson's sister. Jackson stares off into the fire, and Tessa asks him if he's okay. He says that he's just tired. Once she leaves, Jackson admits to Logan that he should tell her the truth but he can't make sense of it himself.

The jet flies back over Greenland, and Clementine rehearses what to tell Mitch about her pregnancy. She then goes off to confront her father.

Mitch recaps what has happened based on what Jamie has told him. Clementine comes in and he asks what she'd like to say, and Clementine says that it's probably not the best time. Jamie tells Mitch that a few things have changed since he "died," and Clementine explains that she went to live with her grandfather. Mitch points out that he gave Abe a message for Jamie to raise Clementine, and Jamie explains that Mitch's father served her with a summons seeking custody. She wasn't a blood relative and there was nothing she could do. Mitch suddenly suffers from stroke-like symptoms.

In Ann Arbor, Jonah arrives at Abe and Daniela's house and says that it's his fault. He explains that he helped Reiden by sending them Abe's breakthrough. Abe arrives and demands to know what Jonah is doing there. He grabs Jonah and reminds him that he slept with Daniela. Abe reminds Daniela that they agreed that she would never see Jonah again, and finally lets Jonah go. Jonah says that he had no idea what Reiden would do with Abe's breakthrough, and Daniela says that she gave the research to Jonah.

Mitch tells Jamie and Clementine that there's pressure on the speech center of his brain, and they need to get into his head--literally--to find out what's going on. Jamie gets out a drill, and Mitch agrees that it's what they need.

Jonah offers to help them get Isaac back. His cousin works for Reiden and she may be able to get Isaac out. Daniela agrees to send Isaac's information to Jonah's phone. Once Jonah leaves, Daniela tells Abe that she deserves to die. Abe ignores her and walks away, and Daniela suggests that show Reiden the embryo. Abe points out that the sample is gone, but then gets an idea and goes inside.

Abe calls Jackson and asks if he can get another sample. Abe tells him what happened, and tells Jackson not to come there. He needs Jackson to get him another hybrid so that he can solve the sterilization problem. Jackson promises to do whatever it takes, and Abe warns him that the hybrids communicate at 32 kilohertz and Jackson may be able to send out a summoning signal on that frequency. Once Jackson hangs up, he tells Logan that they need to find the hybrid to help Abe. Logan would rather hunt Abigail, and as they argue Tessa comes in and asks what's going on. Jackson tells her that there's been a change in plans.

Jamie prepares to drill into Mitch's head, and Mitch tells clementine that it will be fine. He suggests that they have a beer when it's all over, and Clementine says that she had beer when she was 14. Mitch's brain locks up, and Jamie realizes that they need to start drilling.

Abe is watching the TV and throws a lamp across the room in anger. He tells Daniela that after she had the affair, he couldn't look at her. Abe focused on Isaac and tried to see Daniela as a mother. That got him through it, but now Isaac is gone. Abe admits that he doesn't know how to look at Daniela, and she tells him that he has to try. As she helps with his wounded arm, Abe admits that he left to help Jackson and that was when Daniela turned to Jonah. Jonah calls and says that his cousin found Isaac and they're arranging a transfer.

Jamie puts a probe into Mitch's brain, and he directs her to the proper spots. He has a memory of being operated on, and says that whatever is in his brain is artificial and has a live current. They don't know what kind of brain damage will happen if they extracted it. Mitch tells her to land the plane and get her a car battery, commercial-grade Velcro, a lollipop, and a pig.

Abe, Daniela, and Jonah go to a rendezvous and a Reiden courier brings a boy out. It's not Isaac, but the identification bracelet on his wrist says that he is.

Once Jamie gets the items Mitch requested, Mitch explains that since pigs have a brain similar to humans, they can connect it to Mitch's brain, flash the device, and make the device safe for removal. The lollipops are for Mitch afterward. As Jamie goes gets some sedatives, Clementine explains that Jamie heard Clementine talking about a keg party and offered to host it so she could keep an eye on them. She insists that Jamie and Logan did an amazing job raising her, and so did Grandpa afterward. Mitch points out that no one did what he preferred, and Clementine reminds him that he and her mother died within a month of each other and Mitch doesn't get a say in how she was raised.

Jackson, Logan, and Tessa follow the signal Abe gave him, and Logan taps into an IADG surveillance satellite. If it's like a normal rhino, it will sleep under heavy brush. They pick up a heat signature and pull to a stop, and the ground shakes. A vulture-like hybrid smashes out of the ground in front of them,

Abe tells the boy, Gus Miller, that he'll be okay. The courier says that some lady in Admin paid him to bring the kid there. Gus says that he and the other children were locked up in a large room and they weren't allowed to talk to each other. He recognizes Gus from a photo, and Daniella tells the courier that they'll take Gus back to his parents.

Jamie hooks up the cables to the battery, and the current exposes the drive. She realizes that it's a bio-drive created by the Shepherds, and she put the man who created it behind bars. Jamie warns that any tech they created is dangerous, and she knows who to ask.

Jackson gets out and shoots at the hybrid. The bullets anger it, and it knocks over their truck and drags it toward the nearby cliff. Jackson manages to break open the rear window and they get out just in time as the truck goes over the edge.

Abe and Daniela call Gus' parents, Malcolm and Olivia, and have them meet her at their home.

Jamie asks the captive Mansdale what the bio drive is. He says that he needs access to a Shepherd server, and he has to do it in person.

Back at their base, Logan tracks the hybrid's flight path to Mexico. Jackson has Logan zoom in on the footage and spots Abigail near where they found the hybrid. He figures that Abigail is involved, and Logan says that if Tessa is going to risk her life with them then she deserves to know all the facts.

Jamie takes Mansdale up to examine the bio drive. As he works, Jamie tells Mitch that Clementine grew up in a world filled with bleakness, and he's worrying about her first beer. She says that the world went wrong and Clementine turned out okay. Mansdale says that the bio drive was designed to network human thoughts into a collective consciousness. If Jamie releases him then he'll tell her why it failed. Jamie drives a scalpel into Mansdale's hand and says that if she gets it out in the next eight minutes, it won't cause neural damage.

Mansdale reveals that all of the test subjects died after three months. Jamie demands answers, and Mansdale says that the program was shut down 13 years ago. Mitch asks him about Blue Diaspora, and Mansdale tells them that it was the name of the project that created the hybrids. Jamie pulls the scalpel out, and Mitch figures that Blue Diaspora is why the bio drive is still in his head.

Matthew and Olivia offer their condolences about Isaac and thank Abe and Daniela for returning their son to them. Abe tells them to keep Gus safe and head east, while they find another way to get Isaac back. As the Millers drive off, Reiden soldiers arrive and take the Millers into custody.

In the house, Abe jokingly says that he feels like shooting their way into the Reiden facility. Daniela takes him seriously, just as the soldiers bust in and order them to stand down. Leanne comes in and introduces herself, and says that they should talk.

Jackson prepares to tell Tessa the truth, and she's already realized that he's hiding something from him. He says that his real name is Jackson Oz, and Tessa brings up the photo of the fake Jackson. Jackson explains that a friend of his created a virus that spread the doctored image. He insists that he tried to stop Robert, but nobody wants to believe that. The Shepherd Hunters almost caught him, so finally Jackson moved west to avoid them. Jackson assures her that she made him see a future with her, and explains that Abigail is his sister. He hopes to stop his sister and he needs Tessa to help him. Tessa slaps him and says that everything they had was built on a lie, says goodbye, and walks away.

Mitch apologizes to Clementine for what he said earlier, and explains that if her life was so great then she didn't need him. Clementine tells him that her life wasn't great, and knowing that her father was Mitch Morgan got her through her darkest days. The monitors hooked up to his brain go off, and Mitch tells her that she needs to leave. The induction ammeter will spike if he gets too emotional, so he needs Clementine to leave. Jamie tells Mitch that every bio drive that was pulled out caused total memory loss. If they leave it in then it will kill Mitch.

Leanne tells Abe and Daniela that one of her department heads told her that he learned of a courier sneaking a boy out of one of their facilities. She assures them that the Millers are fine, and she recognized Isaac's last name. Leanne offers to get Isaac back and shows them video of the boy, and wants to talk about Clementine. She says that Clementine stole intellectual property and she needs it back. If they bring her Clementine then she'll give them Isaac.

Mitch manages to put the bio drive in sleep mode using Mansdale's schematics. He's chosen to live the bio drive in rather than lose his memories. Mitch promises clementine that they will find out who did it and get the bio drive out of his head, and tells Jamie to patch him up. He then asks Clementine to tell him about everything that he missed. When Mitch wonders what she wanted to tell him earlier, Clementine says that she just wanted to tell him that she loved him and is glad that he's back. As Jamie patches Mitch up, he has another memory flash of someone operating on him. He says that he knows where he was when they put the bio drive in his head, and they have to go there.

Jackson and Logan arrive in Yucatan, and follow the signal to a cabin. They move in, unaware that they're being monitored. The two men search the cabin and find Mitch there. Mitch says that he knows the place but he's never been there. Jamie and Clementine come in, and Clementine sees a disc in the case. Jackson explains that it's the disc Abigail left in Portland, just as Abigail calls. He promises to find and stop her, and Abigail tells him to start worrying about himself. The device in the box activates, summoning the vulture hybrids. The creatures dive into the ground beneath the cabin.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 14, 2017

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