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Whiskey Lullaby Recap

Doc and Dolls are walking down a street when Moody confronts Dolls. Doc draws his gun on him, and Moody lowers his weapon and prefers that they do so as well. When they lower their weapons, Dolls asks what is going on. Moody says that BBD has cut the entire team and the Triangle loose. The powers that be don't want to spend power on a war that can't win He advises Dolls to leave as well, but Dolls says that he hasn't completed his mission. Moody gives him a tablet of BBD files and walks away. as he leaves, he says that Black Badge isn't a government agency and never was.

At a church, the priest finds one of the Widows digging. She grabs him by the crucifix and demands to know who she is. She pulls too hard, breaking his neck, and then feats on his corpse.

Waverly tries to discuss Wynonna's pregnancy with her sister, but Wynonna refuses to discuss it. She says that with all of her other issues, she can't discuss her pregnancy at the moment. They go to the office and Wynonna asks Nicole to give her a case. Nicole doesn't have any, and advises her to take the day off. Waverly gives Wynonna a cup of herbal tea, but Wynonna doesn't want it. Nicole tells Waverly to get Wynonna out, just as a nun comes in, her hands covered in blood, and says that her boss was killed and God is dead.

At the Gardiner house, Mercedes and Beth argue about what to do next. Beth warns that they're not strong enough, and realize that they should go to the manor of Hypnos, the Clockmaker. Mercedes says that they already have a way through his spells.

At Hypnos' manor, Tucker enters Hypnos' manor. Tucker wakes the old man up and threatens his daughter Poppy, and says that the Widows have made him immune to his tricks, and the Widows want time. All of the clocks in the manor chant.

The nun explains that she was in the basement and felt cold, and saw one of the Widows. Wynonna recognizes her description, and explains that she saw the Widow when she killed Earl. Jeremy points out that both sites are consecrated ground, and Wynonna figures that she's looking for Seals. Jeremy tells them that he needs 24 hours to narrow down the location of sacred spits. Dolls comes in and tells Jeremy that he should sit down, just as he collapses.

Dolls explains that they're free agents and there are no areas that are off limits anymore. Wynonna draws Peacemaker and reminds them that there are still demons in the Triangle and she plans to hunt them down and kill them. Jeremy starts to leave to find the seal, and offers to get snacks. Dolls asks to talk to Wynonna privately to discuss something personal, and Waverly agrees for her. He says that he'll meet them at the diner in an hour and leaves. Waverly tells Wynonna that she has to tell both men about the pregnancy, but Wynonna insists that it's her decision and tells Waverly to stop judging her. After a moment, Waverly admits that she hasn't talked to Nicole since she was possessed, and Wynonna advises her to do so.

Jeremy goes over the records and finds what he's looking for. The others are gone, and he runs to find them.

At the homestead, Waverly and Nicole are undressing, and Nicole admits that she doesn't know what's real. Waverly says that it was all her, and she remembers every second that she was with Nicole when the passenger was in in control.

Wynonna goes to the diner and finally sits down with Dolls. He says that he's missed Wynonna so much, just as Mercedes comes in. She sits down and says that tucker is a pain in her ass, and he's driving her to drink. Wynonna offers to be there for her if she needs to talk it out, just as Madison gets a text. She tells them that tucker has taken a hostage and walks off, and Wynonna excuses herself to go to the restroom. She gets to the door and then collapses.

Peacemaker gives off a burst of energy, waking up Wynonna. She wakes up and discovers that everyone else is sleeping, and she's several months pregnant and covered in dust. Wynonna looks around and confirms that the food on the tables has been rotting for months. Peacemaker sparks again, and Wynonna wakes up Dolls. They go outside and find everyone else asleep as well.

Wynonna and Dolls go to the homestead and Wynonna wakes up Waverly. Nicole is getting dressed, and discovers that her phone battery is dead. Dolls figures that they were hit with some kind of curse, and they figure that it will be easier to spot the person responsible if anyone else stays awake. Nicole hands out pharmaceuticals so that they can stay awake, and they head back into Purgatory except Wynonna. She's taken a coat to hide her pregnancy from them, and hesitantly feels her stomach. Nicole comes in and sees her, and asks if Waverly knows. Wynonna says that she's the only one, and thanks her for not saying anything.

At the manor, Hypnos says that he can't keep the humans all asleep. Tucker says that the whole town has been asleep for weeks and he's bored, and wants his prize. Hypnos warns that time is running out and they should accept their fate. Madison threatens to kill Poppy if Hypnos doesn't give them more time, Tucker says that he found something in the salt flats, just as Madison realizes that someone is awake. She tells Hypnos to knock them out, and Hypnos says that he can't because the Heir is too strong. He tells them that they should run while they can, but Madison says that Beth is hungry.

At the office, Dolls figures that they'll find whoever's awake, figure that they're responsible, and shoot them. Wynonna explains that Peacemaker woke her p, and Dolls gives Waverly some adrenaline to stay awake. Once he leaves, Waverly apologizes to Wynonna for preaching to her. She heads to Shorty's and Dolls warns Wynonna that if people stay asleep too long they won't wake up. He asks if she's okay, and Wynonna says that she needs a cup of tea.

As Wynonna gets some tea, she spots his research. The Widows appear, and move in on Wynonna. She fights them off but they easily knock her across the room. They then grab the ledger with Jeremy's research, realizing where the second stage is.

Waverly goes to Shorty's and finds Doc in bed with Waverly. She wakes him up, and warns that Rosita is too young for him. Doc figures that Wynonna and Dolls woke up together, and Waverly insists that it was just coffee. Waverly figures that she needs something more than coffee, and they go to the basement to find Jeremy on the floor. She wakes him up and he says that the second sign is in the bar. He moves some crates and explains that Shorty's sits on what used to be a Masonic Temple. Jeremy reveals a tunnel and reluctantly reaches in to get the seal.

Dolls returns to the office and Wynonna tells him what happened. She wonders why they ran, and Dolls realizes that she's pregnant.

Nicole is outside the Clockworks Mansion in her truck trying to stay awake when she sees when a Widow goes by.

Wynonna tells Dolls that she wanted to tell him, and he warns that everything has changed. Nicole calls in to say what she saw, and Wynonna tells Dolls that she's going to call them. He agrees and they bust in. They find Hypnos and Dolls realizes that he's a Sandman. He warns that if they kill him then everyone will die, sleeping forever until their bodies rot. Nicole passes out, and Dolls admits that Hypnos is right. Wynonna tells Hypnos that she has other ways to bring the pain, and Hypnos agrees to cooperate if they rescue Poppy from Tucker. He explains that the Widows are looking for the second seal, but there are three seals. The Widows have left Jeremy's map behind, and Dolls realizes that the second seal is at Shorty's.

When Wynonna warns the trio at Shorty's, Waverly figures that a widow is already there. They prepare to shoot up the stairs, but the Widows materialize in the basement. The trio opens fire but the bullets have no effect, and they curse Doc and Waverly asleep. Jeremy dozes off as well after a second, and Madison tells Beth to find the seal before she snacks.

Wynonna gives Nicole a shot of adrenaline, and says that she needs to find Tucker. Nicole explains that she's been tracking his phone for weeks, and confirms that he's heading to the homestead. Wynonna tells Dolls that she'll deal with the Widows and she needs him to go with Nicole. After a moment he agrees, kisses Wynonna, says that she's an amazing... agent, and goes.

In the basement, Jeremy wakes up and knocks a can of energy drink on the floor. The widows turn and blast him with a spell, and he collapses.

Nicole drives to the homestead, where tucker is in Waverly's room having Beverly do what Waverly would do. He tells her to dress like Waverly would and get in character. Nicole and Dolls arrive, and Dolls passes out as Nicole hears Poppy scream. She goes in, gun drawn, and Tucker grabs Poppy as a shield and threatens her with a knife. Poppy manages to knock him away, and Nicole shoots Tucker. He tells Nicole that the Widows will kill him if he surrenders and dives out the windows.

The Widows shatter the seal, just as Wynonna arrives. She shoots them but they dodge and disappear. Doc and Waverly manage to wake up, and Wynonna tells Doc that she's pregnant. He doesn't say anything about it, but figures that people will be thirsty when they wake up and walks upstairs.

Wynonna goes back to the manor and confronts Hypnos. He tells her to check her telephone, and it shows the same date that when she fell asleep. Hypnos explains that no one in Purgatory will realize that time has passed, because it hasn't. When Wynonna points out that she's a month pregnant, he says that bodies shouldn't have aged but Wynonna refuses to follow the rules and her offspring is the same. Hypnos says that he wants to he wants to see Poppy and that he is harmless when dormant and will go back into hibernation. Dolls arrives and shoots Hypnos in the shoulder. When Wynonna explains that Hypnos was blackmailed, Dolls points out that he could be used again. He tells Wynonna to do her job, and sends the Sandman to Hell. She tells Dolls that he doesn't have to be that way, and Dolls says that he has to be the boss because there's nothing else to do.

Back at the office, Waverly tells Wynonna that Poppy took off. Wynonna says that Poppy isn't the enemy and walks off. Doc and Dolls want to talk to her, but Waverly says that until her sister is ready, she gets all of the time and space she needs. Doc gives Waverly a note and asks her to give it to Wynonna when she's ready.

Madison and Beth figure that Wynonna will be coming, and the doorbell rings. Drawing knives, they answer the door and find the Stone Witch's severed head on the doorstep. They realize that Tucker killed her, and vow to kill her.

That night, Wynonna is drinking when Waverly comes in and asks if she's okay. Wynonna says that she's furious, and admits that she's a screw-up and the universe has never given her a choice as to whe4ther she wanted to be the Heir or pregnant. She figures that it always comes back to the curse, and says that she can't do it. Waverly says that she's not saying that it's okay, but she's there for Wynonna. She then gives Wynonna Doc's note, which tells her to call him.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 15, 2017

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