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Revival Recap

Koen's body is zipped up in a body bag.

Jarrod drives through town, Koen's body in the back and the nulla nulla in an evidence bag on the car seat. When Jarrod arrives at his lab, he has McIntyre put on a table. A light fills the bag and the nulla nulla on a nearby table shakes. Jarrod unzips the bag and a falcon flies out and down the hallway.

The falcon flies to the Kora tree and enters it. Koen appears at the base of it and comes back to life. He looks at his shirt covered in bullet holes and remembers the government soldiers attacking and opening fire on the Zone.

A military convoy takes the imprisoned Zone members through the streets. Someone throws a spear into the lead truck's tire, and then kills the guarde when he goes to investigate. A hooded figure kills another man and then attacks and kills the other soldiers. The killer then opens the back of the truck and tells the prisoners to get out. More soldiers arrive and open fire, and the figure takes them down with superhuman strength and speed. Djukara saves Latani and is killed. Nerida gets the sobbing Latani away as Alinta looks on.

The next day, the chief of staff receives word about the attack. He figures that the surviving prisoners are loose in the city along with whoever saved them. The chief says that they need a replacement. since Matthews was killed.

Soon, Marion Firth is called in. She figures that they're setting her up to take the blame, but will have the chance to influence the government. In the chief's office, Marion watches the video of the attack. He tells Marion that as minister, she'll have his full support. Marion figures that he wants a sacrificial lamb, but says that she will do it. However, she warns him that she won't quietly disappear after the election. Marion demands complete oversight of all departments, including the CA, and insists that no one sees the footage.

Jarrod looks on as Charlotte receives an ultrasound. Dr. Mitchell assures her that her baby is fine, even though she collapsed. He suggests that she might have been overdoing it, and Jarrod points out that there was a lot of pressure on her before the collapse. Charlotte insists that the clinic exists, and Mitchell suggests that she need more rest. As Jarrod takes the doctor out, he suggests sedatives and says that they may need to remove the fetus. The doctor says that he'll make a list of the equipment he needs and leaves.

Waruu arrives and tells Jarrod that the plan was to reclaim the land, not wipe out the Zone. Jarrod says that some escaped, and demands Koen. Waruu notices the scars on Jarrod's face, but Jarrod ignores his question and says that men like them have to make sacrifices. His visitor asks what sacrifices Jarrod has made.

Marion reviews the CCTVs of the city as McIntyre comes in. He congratulates her on her promotion, and says that they're letting him go as head of CA. McIntyre points out that he has a great deal of corporate knowledge, but Marion doesn't budge. He starts to go, and Marion asks why his resources weren't set up in the area where the convoy was attacked. She knows that he's not following operational guidelines, and tells her assistant Lucia to redirect all CA units to that area. McIntyre hands in his badge and leaves.

Jarrod calls to say that he's all ready, and insists that they catch the bird. He then says that Jimmy had a house in the city and gives the keys to Waruu. Jarrod knows that Waruu needs a home now, and Waruu insists that he can handle it but figures that he should take the keys as Jimmy's heir. Jarrod asks if Koen is Jimmy's heir for the moment, and says that they should finish what they started. Waruu takes the keys and Jarrod assures him that Jimmy only had the house.

Waruu goes to the expensive home and looks around.

Koen returns to the city.

That night a man, Tim Dolan, hears something outside his house and goes to investigate. He finds an overturned plant and assumes that neighborhood dogs are responsible. As Tim turns around, Nerida knocks him out from behind.

The next morning, Marion watches video of the attack and the figure smashing one of the helmet cams.

A bloody and beaten Tim wakes in his house, tied to a chair with Nerida nearby.

In his bathroom, Jarrod injects himself with more of the serum. He then goes out on his treadmill and runs faster and faster. Jarrod continues exercising to test his superhuman endurance and strength,

Marion tells the press that to ensure public safety, the government has declared a state of emergency. Security forces will be given increased power to deal with the crisis and a curfew will be enforced at sunset. She assures the public that the measures are temporary but necessary, and the government will spare no effort to protect the human way of life.

Koen arrives at a security checkpoint, and the CA soldiers check his ID. They confirm that he's human, check his ID card, and let him through. Koen goes to his bar and finds Aunty Linda there. She admits that she thought Koen was dead, and they embrace. Aunty tells him that the CA soldiers came and killed him, and then took the rest of them away. Koen figures that their people are where the trucks were hit, and figures that Blair can help them. Aunty tells him that Blair attacked the man in the flash suit that killed Koen and went down himself. Koen insists on seeing for himself and walks out.

Nerida asks Tim for his car keys, and he obligingly tells her where they are. He figures that she's from the Zone and warns that the CA will be looking her. Nerida wonders why he cares, and tells Tim not to worry. She then goes to the kitchen where Alinta and Latani are waiting.

McIntyre checks the CCTV footage via the direct feed and shows it to Jarrod. He tracks where Koen went through a checkpoint, and tells Jarrod that no one else knows who Koen is. Jarrod looks at the nulla nulla.

The CA men secure the scene of the attack, and Koen watches it from hiding. He hears someone moving in the brush and tells the person to come out. It's Mungo Hairy from the Zone, who is astonished to see that Koen is alive. He tells Koen that the others sent him to see if anyone survived, and Koen hotwires a nearby car and says that they're going to join the others after a short detour. He then goes to the bar and picks up Aunty.

Koen, Aunty, and Mungo drive to an abandoned building where the Zone survivors are waiting. They've gathered in the shadows, tending to the wound, but they all stare at Koen when they realize who he is.

Jarrod and Waruu visit Marion and she tells Jarrod that her decision to cancel the contract with Slade Industries for CA containment is final. Jarrod shows her a case with portable ID scanners, and explains that a shaved-down Hairy with a fake ID could pass through the checkpoints. He explains that his device scans DNA to confirm who is human and who is Hairy. Five hundred are ready for activation, and any contract requires Waruu's employment. Marion refuses to hire Waruu and makes it clear that she isn't interested in Jarrod's attempts to regain power, but says that she'll take the scanners. Once Marion leaves, Waruu complains that she didn't even look at him.

Waruu goes to a bar and sits alone to drink. he looks at his wedding ring for a moment, and then goes to the bar. A young broker butts in front of him at the bar, and when he challenges Waruu, Waruu walks away. The broker goes to the restroom, and Waruu grabs him and lifts him up with one hand. he drops the broker after a moment and walks away.

At Jimmy's place, Waruu and a woman kiss. As Waruu unzips her dress, he has a sudden spell. He orders the woman to get out, and realizes that hair is growing all over his body from the serum.

As night falls and the curfew begins, Nerida feeds Tim. He asks if one of the girls is her daughter, and wonders if Nerida is scared having Alinta around a Hairy. Latani comes in and Tim asks how old she is. She asks how old he is, and says that Hairies think humans are weird. They could easily hunt down and kill humans, but they don't. The girl walks away and Nerida asks Tim if he wants to ask any more questions.

At the lab, Jarrod removes the containment field from around the nulla nulla and stares at it.

Harry tells Koen that they need medicine for the wounded. Koen says that he'll get them supplies, and Aunty insists on going with him. Afterward, Harry points out to Aunty that the trucks could have been taking them anywhere. Aunty tells him that the humans wouldn't know what to do with them.

The next morning, , Koen and Aunty go back to the bar and load up the alcohol to sell it for cash. Koen goes to change out of his shirt, and afterward they take the bottles to the car. Mungo reveals that he's in the back seat, and says that he just wanted to help. Koen agrees to let him ride with them but tells him to keep his head down.

The figure, Jarli, goes into the forest and puts on his ceremonial garb.

Waruu comes to the lab and tells Jarrod to tell him what he's doing with the Hairies. Jarrod takes him to the next room where scientists are examining three Hairies, including Boondee. the man explains that extreme survivability is wired into the Hairy DNA, but for humans the effects only last a few days. He needs more Hairy DNA, but without access to the CA the three Hairies are the only ones that he has. As they harvest the Hairies' DNA, their hair falls out. Waruu talks to Boondee and says that he was cast aside after he fought for the Hairies. He insists that things are going to change, and Boondee will be the one who changes the lives of his people and Waruu will be the one who makes it happens... and then they will respect him. He then tells Jarrod to get him another meeting with Marion.

Once Koen and Aunty park and go inside, Mungo gets in the front seat and pretends that he's driving. A man, Hendricks, comes up and tells Hairy to get out so that they can "play." Another man, Jeremy Joplin, arrives and Hendricks removes his jacket and uses it to protect his hand so that he can break the car window. They drag Mungo out and beat him, and Mungo slashes Joplin. They continue beating him, just as Koen comes out and yells at them. He grabs Joplin and sees him attacking the convoy as one of the CA soldiers. As Aunty arrives. Koen releases a burst of energy knocking all of them back, and goes to Mungo only to realize that he's dead. He tells him to breath but is unable to bring him back.

Jarli puts on his ceremonial face painting and walks off.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 15, 2017

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